Upstairs, Downstairs

This epic series spans the years between 1903-1930 and follows the lives of the people living in 165 Eaton Place, London. The rich Bellamy family live upstairs in luxury while the servants live downstairs.

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Categories: Drama
Countries: UK
First Run: 1971-10-10
Runtime: 50 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 789
Total Visits: 1607
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   David Langton - Richard Pemberton Bellamy Viscount Bellamy of Haversham
   Jean Marsh - Rose Buck
   Angela Baddeley - Mrs Kate Bridges
   Christopher Beeny - Mr Edward Barnes
   Gareth Hunt -
   Gordon Jackson -
   Hannah Gordon - Lady Virginia Hamilton Bellamy Viscountess Bellamy of Haversham
   Ian Ogilvy -
   Jacqueline Tong - Daisy Peel Barnes
   Jenny Tomasin - Ruby Finch
   Joan Benham -
   John Alderton -
   Karen Dotrice -
   LesleyAnne Down -
   Meg Wynn Owen -
   Nicola Pagett - Elizabeth Bellamy Wallace Kirbridge
   Patsy Smart - Miss Maude Roberts
   Pauline Collins -
   Rachel Gurney - Lady Marjorie Helen Sybil TalbotCarey Bellamy
   Raymond Huntley - Sir Geoffrey Dillon
   Simon Williams - Major James Rupert Bellamy MC
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