Two and a Half Men

A happy jingle writer called Charlie Harper has it all, he is a bachelor living in a house by the beach.

Available on networks: 2BE, CBS, CTV, Kabel 1, Kanal 2, Nine Network, ORF, ProSieben, Super Drama TV, VTM, Veronica, Viasat 3

Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2003-09-02
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 4120
Total Visits: 16229
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jon Cryer - Alan Harper
   Angus T. Jones - Jake Harper
   Charlie Sheen - Charlie Harper
   Conchata Ferrell - Berta
   Holland Taylor - Evelyn Harper
   Marin Hinkle - Judith Harper
   Melanie Lynskey - Rose
   Ashton Kutcher - Walden Schmidt
   Jennifer Taylor - Chelsea
   Courtney Thorne-Smith - Lyndsey Mackelroy
   Ryan Stiles - Dr. Herb Melnick
   Graham Patrick Martin - Eldridge Mackelroy
   Sophie Winkleman - Zoey
   April Bowlby - Kandi
   Jane Lynch - Dr. Linda Freeman
   Judy Greer - Bridget Schmidt
   Emmanuelle Vaugier - Mia
   Robert Clotworthy - TV Announcer
   Kelly Stables - Melissa
   J.D. Walsh - Gordon
   Jenny McCarthy - Courtney
   Rebecca McFarland - Leanne
   James Edson - Bobby
   Martin Mull - Russell
   Brooke DOrsay - Kate
   Robert Wagner - Teddy Leopold
   Ming-Na Wen - Linda Harris
   Talyan Wright - Ava
   Joel Murray - Nick
   Patton Oswalt - Billy Stanhope
   Stacy Keach - Tom
   Macey Cruthird - Megan
   Katherine LaNasa - Lydia
   Liz Vassey - Michelle
   Jodi Lyn OKeefe - Isabella
   Mimi Rogers - Robin
   Jenna Elfman - Frankie
   Kris Iyer - Dr. Prajneep
   Tricia Helfer - Gail
   John Amos - Ed
   Tinashe Kachingwe - Celeste
   Jeri Ryan - Sherri
   Rachel Cannon - Chloe
   Vernee Watson-Johnson - Nurse
   Katy Mixon - Betsy
   Missi Pyle - Delores Pasternak
   Denise Richards - Lisa
   Wayne Wilderson - Dad
   Frankie J. Allison - Rodney
   Eddie Gorodetsky - Doug

Review: Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper is a very wealthy forty year old bachelor, who enjoys all the advantages of a comfortable existence. Charlie is brilliantly portrayed by Charlie Sheen for the most part of the Two and a Half Men. Charlie’s career as a writer of jingles is very successful, he lives in a beautiful villa in Malibu, and the fact that it happens to be with another woman every night helps him avoid the monotony of his existence. However, Charlie does not get to enjoy his cozy life, because his brother Alan (played by Jon Cryer) gets into a bit of trouble: after twelve years of marriage, his wife Judith wants to divorce.

The real problems begin when Alan and his son Jake, ten years old, move in with Charlie. And now, in Charlie’s house live two mature guys and one child, but in fact no one is adult and the situation can not be controlled. The two brothers soon realize they have a common purpose in life and that is to make a home where Jake to live happy. Still, in their case, to live happy means to step on each other's nerves every second.

Charlie’s life as a bachelor and a successful writer of jingles comes to an end. His days living alone in a residence near the ocean in Malibu, California and leading a life of pleasure are gone and This is all thanks to his brother Alan which divorces and moves in with Charlie.  He and his son Jake, a very lazy 10 years old, move in with Charlie. At this point Charlie's comfortable existence is shattered and in a house where no one is really an adult, funny situations keep delighting the viewer. The two brothers have very little in common, in fact they seem to hate each other, but nevertheless they learn to make their relationship work for the sake of Jake.

This masterpiece teaches us to be happy and to laugh at life's disappointments! It teaches us to handle the pressure in the moments when we encounter problems. Charlie, Alan and Jake, are an excellent trio which managed to lead this sitcom to the heights of glory.


Two and a Half Men is definitely quality humor. Its humor, the irony, the sarcasm and the weird and funny situations involving the characters that we often meet in the series, make it one of the best at the moment.

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