True Blood

A telepathic waitress, discovers a world of creatures when she gets to know a vampire.

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Categories: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Horror
Countries: USA
First Run: 2008-09-08
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1354
Total Visits: 7514
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Anna Paquin - Sookie Stackhouse
   Stephen Moyer - Bill Compton
   Sam Trammell - Sam Merlotte
   Ryan Kwanten - Jason Stackhouse
   Rutina Wesley - Tara Thornton
   Chris Bauer - Andy Bellefleur
   Nelsan Ellis - Lafayette Reynolds
   Jim Parrack - Hoyt Fortenberry
   Carrie Preston - Arlene Fowler
   Alexander Skarsgrd - Eric Northman
   Todd Lowe - Terry Bellefleur
   Deborah Ann Woll - Jessica Hamby
   Kristin Bauer van Straten - Pam De Beaufort
   William Sanderson - Sheriff Bud Dearborne
   Joe Manganiello - Alcide Herveaux
   Lauren Bowles - Holly Cleary
   Michael McMillian - Steve Newlin
   Kevin Alejandro - Jesus Velasquez
   Janina Gavankar - Luna Garza
   Marshall Allman - Tommy Mickens
   Jessica Tuck - Nan Flanagan
   Adina Porter - Lettie Mae Thornton
   Denis OHare - Russell Edgington
   Dale Raoul - Maxine Fortenberry
   John Billingsley - Mike Spencer
   Michelle Forbes - Maryann Forrester
   Michael Raymond-James - Rene Lenier
   Lindsay Pulsipher - Crystal Norris
   Brit Morgan - Debbie Pelt
   Mehcad Brooks - Eggs
   Mariana Klaveno - Lorena Krasiki
   Scott Foley - Patrick Devins
   Tanya Wright - Deputy Kenya Jones
   John Rezig - Deputy Kevin Ellis
   Tara Buck - Ginger
   Lucy Griffiths - Nora Gainesborough
   Fiona Shaw - Marnie Stonebrook
   Valentina Cervi - Salome Agrippa
   Patricia Bethune - Jane Bodehouse
   Alec Gray - Coby Fowler
   Laurel Weber - Lisa Fowler
   Anna Camp - Sarah Newlin
   Adam Leadbeater - Karl
   Lois Smith - Adele Stackhouse
   J. Smith-Cameron - Melinda Mickens
   Chloe Noelle - Emma Garza
   Christopher Meloni - Roman Zimojic
   Ashley Jones - Daphne Landry
   Allan Hyde - Godric
   James Harvey Ward - Felton Norris

Review: True Blood - Truly the Bloodiest TV Show So Far

If you are anything like me, you sure know how to enjoy a good zombie flick or the occasional bloody-gory horror movie to enter the scene. However, if you are not familiar with HBO's True Blood TV series you are in for a treat, that's for sure.

Producer Alan Ball does an excellent job bringing to life the magical world Charlaine Harris depicts in her book series 'The Southern Vampire Mysteries'. Centered on Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress portrayed by actress Anna Paquin, the series keeps introducing supernatural elements right from the beginning and up to the last episode aired so far. Sookie Stackhouse is not your regular waitress as right from the start we learn she has the ability to read minds, an ability at times annoying even to her. Yet Sookie is even more than a telepath, as we later find out she is half-human half-fairy, and fairies do make for an excellent vampire snack.

True blood is all about vampires in the end. Sookie's love affairs, for example, her relationship with Bill Compton, a vampire portrayed by Stephen Moyer, do play a major role in the plot of the series. As does her quest of finding out what exactly is her origin and what are her powers. However, True Blood is essentially all about vampires living among humans, and constantly refraining themselves from taking over the entire humanity as their food source.

From fairies to vampires and shape shifters, True Blood has it all. Thise looking for a TV series that will keep their blood thirst satisfied each and every episode, look no further: True Blood is the series you need to watch. Get your dose of True Blood from HBO and put an end to those cravings!
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