Totally Spies

Totally Spies is an cartoon action show that follows three girls and theire daily doings.

Available on networks: ABC Family, Canal+, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, FOX, Jetix, TF1, Nickelodeon

Categories: Animation, Comedy, Action, Mystery
Countries: USA,France
First Run: 2001-11-03
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 2467
Total Visits: 4730
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jennifer Hale - Sam
   Andrea Baker - Clover
   Katie Leigh - Alex
   Jess Harnell - Jerry
   Adrian Truss - Jerry
   Scott Beaudin - Trent
   Darryl Kurylo - David
   Dee Bradley Baker - Lumiere
   Kath Soucie - Stella
   Jim Ward - Sebastian
   Michael Gough - Tim Scam
   Dwayne Hill - Jazz Hands
   Katie Griffin - Alex
   John Stocker - Bedhead
   Lauren Tom - Keiko
   Maurice LaMarche - Chewbaccastan Ambassador
   Grey DeLisle - Alice
   Joshua Seth - Arnold
   Matt Charles - Terence
   Greg Cipes - Dean
   Gary Krawford -
   Jonathan Wilson -
   Kath Griffin -
   Kevin Michael Richardson - B Gebe
   Jeff Bennett - Auctioneer
   John Kassir - Madman
   Adrienne Barbeau - Helga Von Guggen
   Simon Templeman - Dr. Gilee
   Frank Welker - Lion
   Ian James Corlett - B.O.B.
   Tom Kane - C.H.A.D.
   Len Carlson - Major Snell Bad Guy
   Lindsay Ridgeway - Britney
   David Sparrow - The Evil Dentist
   Lauren Collins - Gazella - Super Model
   Stevie Vallance -
   Martin Villafana - Gus Jr
   Sara Ballantine - Additional Voices
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