The Walking Dead

Zombies are on the loose as Policeman Rick Grimes takes charge of the survivors trying to avoid, kill or cure the zombies.

Available on networks: AMC, Channel 5, FOXlife, FXNetworks, FOX, NETFLIX, RTE One, RTL2

Categories: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2010-11-01
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 4482
Total Visits: 33845
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Andrew Lincoln - Rick Grimes
   Sarah Wayne Callies - Lori Grimes
   Laurie Holden - Andrea
   Steven Yeun - Glenn Rhee
   Chandler Riggs - Carl Grimes
   Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon
   Melissa McBride - Carol Peletier
   Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene
   Scott Wilson - Hershel Greene
   Emily Kinney - Beth Greene
   Jon Bernthal - Shane Walsh
   IronE Singleton - Theodore T-Dog Douglas
   Jeffrey DeMunn - Dale Horvath
   Michael Rooker - Merle Dixon
   Danai Gurira - Michonne
   David Morrissey - The Governor
   Jane McNeill - Patricia
   Dallas Roberts - Milton Mamet
   James Allen McCune - Jimmy
   Lew Temple - Axel
   Madison Lintz - Sophia Peletier
   Jose Pablo Cantillo - Caesar Martinez
   Lauren Henneberg - Walker
   Vincent M. Ward - Oscar
   Chad L. Coleman - Tyreese
   Travis Love - Bowman
   Emma Bell - Amy
   Jeryl Prescott - Jacqui
   Chance Bartels - Walker
   Andrew Rothenberg - Jim
   Frances Cobb - Unnamed Camp Survivor
   Charles Casey - Walker
   Sonya Thompson - Walker
   Stephen M. Phillips - Walker
   Juan Gabriel Pareja - Morales
   Michael Zegen - Randall
   Adam Minarovich - Ed Peletier
   Sonequa Martin-Green - Sasha
   Melissa Ponzio - Karen
   Alexyz Danine Kemp - Walker
   Derrick McLeod - Walker
   Demetrice Jackson - Walker
   Don Teems - Walker
   Alexa Nikolas - Haley
   Markice Moore - Andrew
   Maddie Lomax - Eliza Morales
   Lawrence Kao - Tim
   Tyler Chase - Ben
   Daniel Thomas May - Allen
   Lennie James - Morgan Jones

Review: The Walking Dead - A TV Series All Romero Fans Should Watch


Already having completed several seasons, The Walking Dead proves zombie fans were expecting for this TV Series for some time. Although many complained that the series seem to move slowly in the beginning, by now all those who stick to this series are pleased with the action and plot twists.

AMC's The Walking Dead is created by Frank Darabont and is based on Robert Kirkman's comic book with the same title. Robert Kirkman developed the comic series together with Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Kirkman's TV series follows the action of these comic books. Centered on the life of Rick Grimes, a deputy sheriff that wakes from a coma only to discover the whole world has gone crazy, infected by a deadly virus that turns people into zombies The Walking Dead delivers the horror and thrills of a well-directed zombie movie each episode.

Rick Grimes, a role that suits actor Andrew Lincoln very well, wakes up from a coma in a George Romero kind of world, a world where zombies attack relentlessly the few remaining humans that live the earth. Grimes gets back on his feet immediately and starts looking for his family, his wife and his son, whom he desperately believes are still alive. As the series unfolds, Grimes finds his family and a group of friends and they all start looking for shelter.


Group dynamics and the constant fighting with the zombies make for a very entertaining TV Series that has received good reviews so far. With a third season on its way, The Walking Dead is sure to bring more zombie action to our screens for at least one more year.

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Reviews and shouts for The Walking Dead - Total Reviews 5
Reviewer: Jaz - location: US - Date Added: 2013-04-11 03:48:52
Rating: (4.5) - 48 35
Summary: I love zombies. Heres my review
Review: Review: The Walking Dead This series, created by Frank Darabont (\"The Shawshank Redemption\", \"The Green Mile\", \"The Mist\"), is based on the comic series which has the same title, by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. \"The Walking Dead\" made its debut in the US on October 31, on Halloween day, hoping to attract the zombie-story amateur public. The scenario is centered on a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse that has swept the United States. The main protagonist is a sheriff\'s deputy from a small town in Georgia. Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, wakes from a coma in an abandoned hospital that is filled with corpses and hungry zombies. The man goes home to his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies, from \"Prison Break\") and son (Chandler Riggs) but discovers a deserted city. Aided by two survivors, a father and his kid, he then goes to Atlanta where he hopes to find salvation. The series impresses by the approach brought to the classic zombie tale: we have the same slow monsters, but which together constitute a real threat that can only be destroyed by shooting them in the head or by decapitation; they transmit the \"disease\" through bites or scratches. But the scenario focuses on the human types of survivors, on the well written jokes, the great orchestrated action scenes and on the frightening special effects. Verdict: \"The Walking Dead,\" brings to TV the thrilling story of the world following a zombie apocalypse. It follows the terrifying undertakings of a few survivors wandering across the United States in search of a safe place secured from the zombies. The series focuses on a group of survivors headed by Rick Grimes, a former police officer. As the situation becomes more desperate, the group is forced to do anything to stay alive.

Reviewer: Steve - location: Essex, England - Date Added: 2012-11-29 15:29:21
Rating: (4.5) - 46 12
Summary: Lovin it.....
Review: Im an avid fan having read all the comics books. The show The Walking Dead is a big hit for me. Season 1 pretty faithfully (in parts) runs the story from Rick waking a coma until the zombie attack on camp. Where they have made changes, they just plain work and make the show a great addition to the books. Great acting from a lot of unknowns and a must for all zombie fans and people that just love great shows.

Reviewer: sarah - location: new york - Date Added: 2012-10-03 05:07:14
Rating: (0.5) - 49 27
Summary: walking dead is best serial on amc. It has improved amc visitors a lot.
Review: I have started to watch walking dead from 5th episode. It attracts me so much I could not help watching its first 4 episodes on internet at The play plot was well formed but in beginning it ran slow then it become suddenly fast with some horror and action scenes.

Reviewer: J - location: U.S. - Date Added: 2012-07-12 08:45:23
Rating: (4.0) - 50 23
Summary: NO longer on AMC
Review: Love Zombie action in Walking Dead but it cannot be seen on AMC anymore. Where do i find it????

Reviewer: Steve - location: London UK - Date Added: 2012-05-10 12:11:30
Rating: (4.0) - 50 30
Summary: Brains
Review: I love zombie movies and grew up watching movies like Day of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead. This is the first TV show that captures that zombie essence... Bring on season 3
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