The Killing

Three distinct interlocking stories all based around a murder. Showing the affected families, the detectives and the suspects.

Available on networks: AMC, FOXlife, FXNetworks, Fox Crime, NETFLIX

Categories: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Countries: USA,Canada
First Run: 2007-01-07
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 839
Total Visits: 3943
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Mireille Enos - Sarah Linden
   Joel Kinnaman - Stephen Holder
   Liam James - Jack Linden
   Billy Campbell - Darren Richmond
   Michelle Forbes - Mitch Larsen
   Brent Sexton - Stan Larsen
   Kristin Lehman - Gwen Eaton
   Eric Ladin - Jamie Wright
   Jamie Anne Allman - Terry Marek
   Evan Bird - Tom Larsen
   Seth Isaac Johnson - Denny Larsen
   Tom Butler - Mayor Lesley Adams
   Brendan Sexton III - Belko Royce
   Annie Corley - Regi Darnell
   Garry Chalk - Lt. Michael Oakes
   Katie Findlay - Rosie Larsen
   Jennifer Evans - Campaign Staff
   Brandon Jay McLaren - Bennet Ahmed
   Colin Lawrence - Benjamin Abani
   Claudia Ferri - Nicole Jackson
   Mark Moses - Lt. Erik Carlson
   Brian Markinson - Gil Sloane
   Patti Kim - Roberta Drays
   Callum Keith Rennie - Rick Felder
   Ashley Johnson - Amber Ahmed
   Kerry Sandomirsky - Principal Meyers
   Kacey Rohl - Sterling Fitch
   Don Thompson - Janek Kovarsky
   Randal Edwards - Ray
   Barclay Hope - Michael Ames
   Richard Harmon - Jasper Ames
   Shawn Fowler - Campaign Staff
   Alan Dale - Senator Eaton
   Lee Garlington - Ruth Yitanes
   Tyler Johnston - Alexi Giffords
   Tim Henry - Tad Marek
   Peter Sarsgaard - Tom Seward
   Patrick Gilmore - Tom Drexler
   Tasha Simms - Helen Marek
   Andrew Airlie - Dr. Andrew Madigan
   Patti Allan - Bev Royce
   Maria Marlow - Monica Krol
   Gharrett Patrick Paon - Kris Echols
   Chelsea Ricketts - Tina
   Robert Parent - Duncan
   Peter Benson - Nathan Patrick
   Dawn Chubai - Reporter 1
   Lynn Colliar - Reporter 2
   Christine Reade - Lily Richmond
   Brodie Marples - James
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