The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show gets its comedy from recent news, political folk, media companies, and parts of the show itself. The show usually opens up with a monologue from Jon Stewart relating to recent news headlines.

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Categories: Comedy, News, Talk-Show
Countries: USA
First Run: 1996-09-02
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1019
Total Visits: 3452
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jon Stewart - Himself - Host
   Stephen Colbert - Himself - Correspondent
   Craig Kilborn - Himself - Host
   Lewis Black - Himself - Commentator
   John Oliver - Himself - Correspondent
   Steve Carell - Himself - Correspondent
   Samantha Bee - Herself - Correspondent
   Rob Corddry - Himself - Correspondent
   Jason Jones - Himself - Correspondent
   Ed Helms - Himself - Correspondent
   Mo Rocca - Himself - Correspondent
   Ginny Winstead - Herself - Trivial Compromise Announcer
   Beth Littleford - Herself - Correspondent
   Aasif Mandvi - Himself - Correspondent
   Vance DeGeneres - Himself - Correspondent
   Wyatt Cenac - Himself - Correspondent
   A. Whitney Brown - Himself - Correspondent
   Brian Unger - Himself - Correspondent
   Wilbur Winstead - Himself - Trivial Compromise Announcer
   Frank DeCaro - Himself - Contributor Out at the Movies
   John Bloom - Himself - Contributor God Stuff
   Nancy Carell - Herself - Correspondent
   Rob Riggle - Himself - Correspondent
   Michael Blieden - Himself - Contributor
   Larry Wilmore - Himself - Correspondent
   John Hodgman - Himself - Resident Expert
   Stacey Grenrock-Woods - Herself - Correspondent
   Lizz Winstead - Herself - Commentator
   Matt Walsh - Himself - Correspondent
   Dan Bakkedahl - Himself - Correspondent
   Lauren Weedman - Herself - Correspondent
   Rich Brown - Himself - Contributor Public Excess
   Brian Williams - Himself
   Bob Wiltfong - Himself - Correspondent
   Dave Attell - Himself - Contributor Ugly American
   Denis Leary - Himself
   Kristen Schaal - Herself - Commentator
   John McCain - Himself
   Fareed Zakaria - Himself
   Olivia Munn - Herself - Correspondent
   Richard Lewis - Himself
   Al Madrigal - Himself - Correspondent
   Paul Rudd - Himself
   Miriam Tolan - Herself - Correspondent
   Jessica Williams - Herself - Correspondent
   Paul Mecurio - Himself - Correspondent
   Demetri Martin - Himself - Contributor Trendspotting
   Will Ferrell - Himself
   Tom Shillue - Himself - Contributor This Week in Hate
   David Cross - Himself
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