The Borgias

The Borgias is drama based in Renaissance period, 15th century and shows the true story of the most corrupt and powerful family in all of Italy. When Patriarch Rodrigo Borgia, who hails from a family of crime, becomes Pope, he continues to sin and commit crime to gain more wealth and power for his family, who are also corrupt and take after their father.

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Categories: Crime, Drama, History
Countries: Canada,Ireland,Hungary
First Run: 2011-04-04
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 792
Total Visits: 2446
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Aidan Alexander - Joffre Borgia
   Colm Feore - Giuliano Della Rovere
   David Oakes - Juan Borgia
   Derek Jacobi - Cardinal Orsini
   Elyes Gabel - Djem
   Francois Arnaud - Cesare Borgia
   Holly Grainger - Lucrezia Borgia
   Jeremy Irons - Rodrigo Borgia
   Joanne Whalley - Vanossa
   Lotte Verbeek - Giulia Farnese
   Ruta Gedmintas - Ursula Bonadeo

Review: The Borgias

A fascinating series that tells the story of the most infamous family in Italy, which is actually of Catalan and Aragonese origins of the Xativa (today Jativa) town, in Valencia, and with deep roots in Borja (Borch, a small town in the province of Zaragoza and residence of Aragon community) hence the name of the Italian Borgia.

The series illustrates a historical drama about murder and absolute power, sex, fornication, betrayal, greed, pride. Most of the action takes place around the Vatican, and everything takes place in a setting of an undisputed glitter, the costumes are shimmering, the characters are well developed and well played. The interpretation and performance of the actors capture your attention, giving you the impression that you are there, and you actually watch their most trivial gestures; Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnaud, David Oakes, Holly Grainger and Ronan Vibert create a whole.

One of the writers (Michael Hirst) and one of the directors (Jeremy Podeswa) also worked for the charming series about the reign of Henry the VIII. The Borgias could be considered even a prequel of The Tudors. Pope Alexander the VI (Rodrigo Borgia) died just six years before Henry's accession to the throne of England. So the two series are biographies of the two powerful historical figures of the Renaissance. Highly successful portraits of powerful men: The Pope, Sforza, Carol. The cardinals are depicted as they were: cynical and hungry for power.

There is one point of comparison though the Spanish version of the story (Los Borgia, 2006), of a higher intensity and more inspired chosen characters (in particular, the role of Cesare).


Congratulations to the director and writer who came up with a balanced perspective and a great script. The Borgia's were men of their times, no different from others in that society and in no way monsters. Their habits, the debauchery, paid assassins, the crimes that were on a daily agenda, chime perfectly with the described period. It has a well documented script adjusted by a good scenography. Great show!

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