Mad About You

TV comedy that focuses around Paul and Jaime Buchman, a married couple in New York.

Available on networks: ABC1, Comedy Central, Cool TV, NBC, NICK, Poen, RTL, Sorozat

Categories: Comedy, Romance
Countries: USA
First Run: 1992-09-23
Runtime: 25 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1391
Total Visits: 3411
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Paul Reiser - Paul Buchman
   Helen Hunt - Jamie Stemple Buchman
   Maui - Murray
   John Pankow - Ira Buchman
   Anne Ramsay - Lisa Stemple
   Leila Kenzle - Fran Devanow
   Cynthia Harris - Sylvia Buchman
   Louis Zorich - Burt Buchman
   Richard Kind - Dr. Mark Devanow
   Judy Geeson - Maggie Conway
   Robin Bartlett - Debbie Buchman
   Lisa Kudrow - Ursula Buffay
   Suzie Plakson - Dr. Joan Golfinos
   Hank Azaria - Nat Ostertag
   Jeff Garlin - Marvin
   Mo Gaffney - Dr. Sheila Kleinman
   Jerry Adler - Mr. Wicker
   George Petrie - Sid
   Carol Burnett - Theresa Stemple
   Tommy Hinkley - Jay Selby
   Paxton Whitehead - Hal Conway
   Jim Piddock - Hal Conway
   Eric Stoltz - Alan Tofsky
   Bradley White - Doug Berkus
   Cyndi Lauper - Marianne Lugasso
   Fred Willard - Henry Vincent
   Meg Wyllie - Aunt Lolly Stemple
   Larry Miller - Lou Bonaparte
   Steven Wright - Warren Mermelman
   David Strickland - Hollis
   Patrick Bristow - Troy
   Anne Bobby - Susannah
   Mel Brooks - Uncle Phil
   Carroll OConnor - Gus Stemple
   Marva Hicks - Remy
   Penny Fuller - Theresa Stemple
   Spencer Klein - Ryan Devanow
   David Steinberg - Neighbor
   Randl Ask - Jonathan
   Gates McFadden - Allison Rourke
   Alan Ruck - Lance Brockwell
   Harry Groener - Brockwell
   Jean Louisa Kelly - Diane
   John Karlen - Gus Stemple
   Steve Paymer - Dutch
   Judyann Elder - Nurse
   Lyle Lovett - Lenny
   Tyrees Allen - Bobby
   Ralph Manza - Saul
   Billy Morrissette - Sanford Klarik

Review: Mad About You

The series Mad About You presents the lives of documentary producer Paul Buchman, and Jamie Stemple Buchman, a public relations specialists. Although the series stopped airing in 1999, after about eight consecutive years, this is not at all an outdated show. The topics it addresses are most likely very similar to what you are facing in your life when starting a marriage.
This is the newly married couple that offers us a fun ride through everyday situations faced by the two lovers. The fun part comes mainly from their quarrels and the ridiculous contradictions between Jamie and Paul, on one hand, and their relationships with other characters, friends and relatives, on the other.
Furthermore, the series spawning seven seasons shows how the two main characters evolve from newly weds to becoming parents and this is also something that hasnít changed from 1999. So when you want to start watching a new entertaining TV series with your wife, Mad About You should be on your list. Considering the fact that Helen Hunt as Jamie Buchman does a terrific job and that you will have the chance to see Phoebe from friends before she was in friends, and lots more good acting, then Mad About You should be on top of your list. Of course, it s also great to start watching a series thatís seven seasons long as you can always choose to watch a couple of episodes if you feel like it one day.

Although the action takes place more than a decade a go in NY and things have changed in so many ways since then, Mad About You speaks to newly weds just as well as a fresh series. The acting is great, and each episode is fun, so I say this is a well worth watching TV series.

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