MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives

A Canadian ice-hockey team called The Mustangs stars Trevor Lemonde, its young new star player.

Available on networks: CBC, Screen Door, SoapNet

Categories: Comedy, Family, Sport
Countries: Canada,USA
First Run: 2008-01-12
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1444
Total Visits: 3005
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kristin Booth - Connie
   Lucas Bryant - Gabe McCall
   Dillon Casey - Trevor Lemonde
   Natalie Krill - Molly McBride
   Peter Miller - Damon Trebuchet
   Deborah Odell - Evelyn McBride
   Anastasia Phillips - Tabbi
   Matthew Bennett - Malcolm LeBlanc
   Amanda Brugel - Megan Chandler
   Alec McClure - Owen Chandler
   Charlotte Sullivan - Mandy
   Steven Yaffee - Donald
   Kay Hawtrey - Nan
   Joe Silvaggio - Ernie
   Helene Joy - Doc
   Louise Pitre - Taff Baron
   Janine Theriault - Cindy Trebuchet
   Sarah Allen - Wanda Gilford
   John Robinson - Chuck Morgan
   Mac Fyfe - Mustangs player
   Deanna Dezmari - Katrina
   Olivia Waldriff - Grace Morris
   Louis Philippe Dandenault - Coach Boucher
   Janet-Laine Green - Carla
   Megan Fahlenbock - Lisa
   Sherry White - Diane
   Jaiden Dockery - Noah Chambers
   Art Hindle - Timothy Stern
   Kris Holden-Ried - Aleksei Protopopov
   Leah Renee - Frances
   Philip Craig - George Jenkins
   Melody Johnson - Paula
   Chick Roberts - Browne
   Maxim Roy - Margot St-Simone
   Inga Cadranel - Zita
   Hugh Thompson - Joe
   Sally Gifford - Tanya
   Robert Thomas - Security Guard 1
   Jefferson Brown - Chase James
   Aidan Devine - Adam McBride
   Jessica Heafey - Sophie Paquet-Boucher
   Booth Savage -
   Shirley Cheechoo - Mrs. Lemonde
   Angelo Celeste - Jorge
   Michael Bodnar - Russian Man
   Vijay Mehta - Mr. Rajeed
   Jacqueline MacInnes Wood - Ava
   Ted Ludzik - Security Guard 2
   Michelle Moffat - Bank Employee
   Kathy Maloney - Elise
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