A time traveller help people in trouble by going back in time.

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Categories: Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-09-25
Runtime: 45 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1202
Total Visits: 2501
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Kevin McKidd - Dan Vasser
   Gretchen Egolf - Katie Vasser
   Moon Bloodgood - Livia Beale
   Reed Diamond - Jack Vasser
   Brian Howe - Hugh Skillen
   Charles Henry Wyson - Zack Vasser
   Julia Farsadi - Hughs Secretary
   Lisa Sheridan - Dr. Theresa Sanchez
   Tom Everett - Elliot Langley
   Paul Schulze - Agent Richard Garrity
   Jenifer Cononico - Journalist
   Gabriel Tigerman - Jessie
   Patrick Falls - Terrance
   Joel Gretsch - Frank Vasser
   Don Franklin - Ed Macklin
   Melinda McGraw - Annette Barron
   Raphael Sbarge - Aeden Bennett
   Alyson Reed - Nancy Stokes
   George Wyner - Columnist
   Aaron Himelstein - Partygoer
   Alain Uy - Martin Fenner
   Asante Jones - Officer Burke
   Chelsey Crisp - Maggie
   Evan Lai - Liquor Store Manager
   Jessica Anderson - Sexy Vixen
   Cass Asher - Matthew Burton
   Lu Johnson - Impatient Man

Review: Journeyman

The main character in this series is a traveler, but not the kind of traveler that goes from one town to another or from one country to another, but the kind of traveler that goes from one time to another; a time traveler.

The main character, Dan Vasser is portrayed by Kevin McKidd you might be familiar with from the excellent TV series Rome. Journeyman is all about Dan, a time traveler and his adventures. At one point, Dan is literally dragged into the past in familiar or not so familiar situations. Danís relationship with his wife Katie and family gets complicated as he starts traveling to past times and he even meets Livia, his great love that he thought dead in an accident. It proves Livia did not die in the accident as everyone thought, but she actually is a time traveler herself, and that their love story only happened because she somehow was stuck in that time when thy had the affair but that she was actually living in the 40s. She is now traveling in the same times Dan visits, and she offers him guidance and help.

Dan's biggest problem once he starts time traveling is to convince his wife and friends that he is not making all of this up and that he is not crazy when he tells them that he had traveled in the past. He manages to sound convincing after hiding things in the past only to show them he can find them in present times.


Journeyman is not particularly original when it comes to the subject or special effects. However, it is an entertaining time traveling series with a solid script and enjoyable characters. I recommend the series to action and Sci Fi TV series seekers.

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