Face the Nation

A political news show with Q&A's sessions with people currently in the news.

Available on networks: CBS

Categories: News, Talk-Show
Countries: USA
First Run: 1954-11-01
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1082
Total Visits: 2671
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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Bob Schieffer - Himself - Host
   John Dickerson - Himself - Political Panel
   Norah ODonnell - Herself - Political Panel
   Chuck Schumer - Himself
   Lindsey Graham - Himself
   Newt Gingrich - Himself
   Lara Logan - Herself
   Condoleezza Rice - Herself
   John McCain - Himself
   Howard Dean - Himself
   Jan Crawford - Herself - Chief Legal Correspondent
   Joe Biden - Himself
   Jeff Sessions - Himself
   Arlen Specter - Himself
   Mitch McConnell - Himself
   Elisabeth Bumiller - Herself
   Thomas Friedman - Himself
   Dan Balz - Himself
   Haley Barbour - Himself
   David Martin - Himself - National Security Correspondent
   Ron Paul - Himself
   Stephen Hadley - Himself
   Jane Harman - Herself
   John Murtha - Himself
   Richard Lugar - Himself
   David Brooks - Himself
   Carl Levin - Himself
   Chris Dodd - Himself
   Joe Lieberman - Himself
   Karen Tumulty - Herself
   Patrick Leahy - Himself
   Tom Coburn - Himself
   Major Garret - Himself - Political Panelist
   Paul Ryan - Himself
   Antonio Villaraigosa - Himself
   Bill Frist - Himself
   Elizabeth Palmer - Herself
   Howard K. Smith - Himself - Host
   James Sensenbrenner - Himself
   Barbara Boxer - Herself
   Doyle McManus - Himself
   Stuart Rothenberg - Himself
   John Wilcox - Announcer
   Gloria Borger - Herself
   Ted Kennedy - Himself
   John Harris - Himself
   Mark Strassmann - Himself
   Dick Durbin - Himself
   Dianne Feinstein - Herself
   David Ignatius - Himself
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