Season 5 Episodes for Squidbillies
Episode 1 - Need for Weed
The discovery of Lils secret drug operation brings widespread panic to Dougal County.

Episode 2 - The Many Loves of Early Cuyler
Early starts his own cult and marries a bunch of women in a Jim Jones like manner.

Episode 3 - Dead Squid Walking
Rusty receives a treasure map from his great grandfather in a prison. By the end it is discovered that Ga Ga Pee Pap Cuyler got em again.

Episode 4 - Young, Dumb and Full of Gums
Dan Halen tells the citizens of Dougal Country about Obama sneaking fluoride and other mind bending drugs in to the drinking water to indoctrinate them with Socialist propaganda.

Episode 5 - Holodeck Redneck
The Sheriff shows Granny, Early and Rusty the cube house of the hologram to use their imaginations. Billie Reaves as Mammy (Dave Willis real life grandmother), Jonathan Katz as the Holodeck Therapist (Uncredited)

Episode 6 - Frivolacious Squidigation
Early sues Dan Halen after Granny gets hurt on one of the rides at the fair.

Episode 7 - Fatal Distraction
Earlys GPS unit develops a Bromance with him and tries to kill off Granny and Rusty so it and Early can be together. Featuring Paul Stanley of Kiss as himself.

Episode 8 - Clowny Freaks
Rusty gets interested in a white trash rap band and the fever catches Early as they both become Clowny Freaks. Rusty eventually loses interest but not Early.

Episode 9 - Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine
Rusty discovers that he is one of the greatest football players around and this affords him a chance to go to college, but Early is against it and does all he can to stop it from happening.

Episode 10 - America Why I Love Her
A very special Squidbillies musical in which Early and the rest of the group sing about how much they love the USA. First half hour episode.