Season 5 Episodes for Cops
Episode 1 - Philadelphia, PA 1

Episode 2 - Philadelphia, PA 2

Episode 3 - Philadelphia, PA 3

Episode 4 - Philadelphia, PA 4

Episode 5 - Philadelphia, PA 5

Episode 6 - Pierce County, WA 5
(1101 PM Shooting Call) Sheriffs Dept Deputy Bruce Larson goes to a shooting at a local bar behind a Subway restaurant (547 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Suspected gang member shoots man pregnant woman fears drunken boyfriend

Episode 7 - Pierce County, WA 6

Episode 8 - Pierce County, WA 4
(1107 PM Suspicious Person Call) Sheriffs Dept Deputy Bruce Larson talks about how he thought a lot about being a cop and how great it is. It is all he ever wanted, loves being there and helping. He used to be a journalist which had a lot of success and excitement, but always knew one day hed have to be a cop. Arrest of a suspected thief witness to a battery theft.

Episode 9 - Philadelphia, PA 6

Episode 10 - Philadelphia, PA 7

Episode 11 - Denver, CO 1

Episode 12 - Homicide USA Special Edition

Episode 13 - Denver, CO 2

Episode 14 - Denver, CO 3

Episode 15 - Pierce County, WA 7

Episode 16 - Pierce County, WA 8

Episode 17 - Pierce County, WA 9

Episode 18 - Denver, CO 4

Episode 19 - Denver, CO 5

Episode 20 - Denver, CO 6

Episode 21 - Denver, CO 7

Episode 22 - Fort Worth, TX 1

Episode 23 - Fort Worth, TX 2

Episode 24 - Fort Worth, TX 3

Episode 25 - Fort Worth, TX 4

Episode 26 - Denver, CO 8

Episode 27 - Fort Worth, TX 5

Episode 28 - Fort Worth, TX 6

Episode 29 - Fort Worth, TX 7

Episode 30 - Denver, CO 9

Episode 31 - Fort Worth, TX 8

Episode 32 - Fort Worth, TX 9

Episode 33 - Phoenix, AZ 1

Episode 34 - Phoenix, AZ 2

Episode 35 - Fort Worth, TX 10

Episode 36 - Fort Worth, TX 11

Episode 37 - Fort Worth, TX 12
(636 PM Shooting Call) Officer Matt Weber grew up in a little farm town in central IL. They didnt even have a stop light. Hes been there 6 years and nothing could prepare him for working on the streets. The call is that the guy is supposed to have a rifle. He gets out and there is a bunch of black guys who say the man ran away while there are two guys shot on the ground. He drives off with another unit to where they said the guy went. They pull the guy out off his house. Officer Steve Benjamin mirandizes him. He says he stashed the gun at Walker street. The 2 guys jumped him with pistols and he shot them. Hes been shot before and lifts his shirt to show a bullet wound and a huge amount of cut and stitch marks. He lost a kidney and doesnt want to get shot anymore. They were selling dope in front of his mothers house and he was tired of it so he shot them. He stops before they get back to the crime scene where things are heating up and they dont want to bring the guy. They find two rifles in the bushes including a large Marlin 30 30. They have lots of heated arguments in the area that used to be fist fights, now they grab guns and arent afraid. (945 PM Suspicious Activity Call) West Sector Officer Don Hanlon goes by a cleaners and the door is open and there are no lights inside, its probably a robbery. Sgt. Tim Ellis joins him and they go up to the door. Don throws his lit flashlight inside and nothing happens. It is very crowded and hard to search. They get to the front and find nothing, but the front door is locked. Out back a witness says he saw 2 guys hiding behind a dumpster. They go to talk to them and they run. Eventually they catch two white guys who claim they were just watching the thieves. Don asks them why they ran, they say because they didnt know what they would do to them. The witness says he saw them loading stuff into a white car by the 7 11. One kid says he was driving his friend home and they saw the police and wanted to see what was going on. It doesnt explain why they ran. The owner arrives and says it has been broken into many times before. It turns out the kids story was true, but they were stupid and will get resisting arrest. (1134 PM Assault Call) Officer Bob Abbott doesnt do it for the money, he likes doing it. You have to like doing it to work graveyard. Some people dread going to work and he doesnt understand it, he loves his job. A man was beating on his girlfriend when cops arrived. He goes to back them up. The guy ran off into a field and a helicopter is looking for him. He can hear noises and a barking dog. Officer Brian Levy arrives and searches by car. The guy is spotted and they run off with directions from the helicopter. They run through a yard, jump a fence and find him hiding there. He has a couple of knives on him. Hes a young, skinny black guy in a red shirt and they have to flip him over the fence to get him out. The helicopter heard barking dogs. Officer D.L. Flores went back there with Levy to check the area on foot and found him. Officer Bryan Newell was also there.

Episode 38 - United States Special Edition

Episode 39 - Phoenix, AZ 3

Episode 40 - Phoenix, AZ 4

Episode 41 - DEA Special Edition

Episode 42 - San Bernardino, CA 1

Episode 43 - San Bernardino, CA 2

Episode 44 - San Bernardino, CA 3

Episode 45 - San Bernardino, CA 4

Episode 46 - San Bernardino, CA 5