Season 4 Episodes for Cops
Episode 1 - Kansas City 1
Officer Kevin Tempel responds to a drive by shooting where one of the victims says five women in a blue Malibu followed and shot them with a 12 gauge shotgun. Officer Scott Caron arrests two men after loss prevention staff at a supermarket catches them on video stealing cartons of Camel cigarettes. Officers climb onto the roof of a house to arrest a man after he destroyed everything inside.

Episode 2 - Kansas City 2
Officer Zane Schuberger joins a pursuit of a truck loaded with stolen tools from a car dealership. A drunk driver claims to be a former police officer and admits to being under the influence of alcohol. A sting operation catches a drug dealer and police intend to tow and hold as evidence the blue Chevy Cavalier convertible he was driving.

Episode 3 - Kansas City 3
Officer Randy Poletis responds to an incident at a restaurant where they meet a uncooperative male who quickly becomes aggressive and resists arrest before he can even be questioned. Officer Scott Caron responds to a domestic disturbance which turns out to be a food fight, and decides to leave because no physical contact occurred. While responding to a burglary in progress call, Officer Richard Keith meets a woman who gave forty dollars to help someone get a tow truck, but wants the money back.

Episode 4 - Kansas City 4
A drunk man confronts his wife when he catches her with another man. Officer Mike Cook transports the man away from the scene back to his house, but later gets arrested after returning with a knife. Officers Karen Lewis and Craig Schultz are dispatched to a stabbing call, and locate the man collapsed under a bridge with the help of his brother. Multiple officers respond to a call where a woman attempts to shoot her boyfriend, but accidentally shoots her brother.

Episode 5 - Pittsburgh, PA 1
Detective Eddie Brown injures his hand tackling a suspect during an arrest, and gets rushed to the hospital. Officer Philip Mercurio and his K9 follow a car with a broken window that turns out to be stolen. Officers Jimmy McGee and Pat Logan take four children away from their residence which has no heat, no electricity, and no food in the refrigerator.

Episode 6 - Kansas City 5
Kansas City Officers Kevin Temple and Julie Van Doren attempt to arrest a suspect for 20 first degree burglaries, but he resists and his four brothers and many more police get involved. A female ex convict complains her neighbor is a racist and wants something done. The Kansas City Score Unit serves a search warrant which results in four weapons being found.

Episode 7 - Kansas City 6
Officer Jim Brinkley is slashed with a knife and the perpetrator gets away. A man gets ready to swing a chair at Officer Zan Schuberger until he draws his pistol and threatens to shoot him. A woman demands that Officer Richard Keith charge a man with trespassing. A woman ties up her husband with their telephone cord until she can flag down the police. Officer Scott Caron protects a woman openly cheating on her husband.

Episode 8 - Kansas City 7
The Kansas City Metro Tactical Unit reassures a young boy that he wont go to jail after they serve a warrant at his parents house. Officer Mike Cook returns to a house several times before recovering a ladys stolen dog. Officer Scott Caron apprehends a juvenile with warrants for his arrest.

Episode 9 - Pittsburgh, PA 2
Officer Michelle McCants get called to a domestic violence incident at a bar and arrests both the man and the woman when they dont cooperate. Officers Jimmy McGee and Pat Logan apprehend two men that break into an abandoned funeral home. The Pittsburgh Narcotics Task Force executes a search warrant on a house.

Episode 10 - Pittsburgh, PA 3
Detective Eddie Brown assists other officers to catch two drug dealers. Officer Deborah Germany and Officer James Rohm mediate between a group of men waiting twelve hours to move into an apartment and the former tenant who is slowly moving out. Officer Edward Eckle and Officer Thomas DeTemple are flagged down while on street patrol by victims of a hit and run accident caused by a drunk driver.

Episode 11 - Boston, MA 1
Officers Mike Stratton and Greg Brown catch a man observed buying cocaine, but he manages to swallow it before they can force him to spit it out. Officer Mike Lopriore brings toys and and childrens clothing to a mother after the father sold his childrens clothing to buy crack. Officers Tito Whittington and Robert Rogers of the Ant Gang & Violence Unit assist in an arrest after a stabbing.

Episode 12 - Boston, MA 2
Officer Mike Lopriore and Officer Peter Fontanez arrest two suspects during drug sweeps, and notice one of the men is choking, which reveals bags of cocaine hidden in his mouth. Officers Robert Anthony and Ralph Amoroso get called to a pharmacy where a woman is suspected of passing a phoney prescription for Vicodin. A search warrant is executed against the home of a seventy year old man to look for his sons cocaine, and police discover hes an illegal bookie.

Episode 13 - Boston, MA 3
A man jumps off the roof of a building after setting fire to his neighbours apartment. Officers Brian McMasters and Ralph Amoroso go to a disturbance in a restaurant caused by a man who didnt like the way his Boston Clams were cooked. A group of officers arrest a drunk man when his wife is afraid to come home. Officer John Ridge arrests a robber responding to a disturbance call at a food market.

Episode 14 - Kansas City 8
Officer Bob Lane questions a man that shot an intruder after he threatened to beat his wife with a hammer. Officers Mike Cook and Scott Caron respond to a disturbance where they find a couple sleeping on a mattress in the basement, and learn the man has outstanding warrants for his arrest. Officer Gale Halll is flagged down by a bar owner thats having problems with one of his patrons. As the patron is being questioned, the mans brother in law walks up and assaults him in front of the officer.

Episode 15 - Boston, MA 4
(452 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Guy bleeding from fight from being stabbed and claims to have AIDS Guy ate a banana without paying Drug surveillance buying crack. violent drug arrest

Episode 16 - Boston, MA 5
(837 PM Warrant Briefing) East Boston Officer Robert Anthony listens as the detective talks about a house dealing coke out of it. Theyll take a sledgehammer if needed and there is a woman there. They all load up and enter the apartment building, run down the hallway and knock and enter. There are two people downstairs, and three upstairs. On 11 7 they sold to an undercover cop so they know they have drugs. If Donald cooperates only he and his wife will go down, not everyone. Detective Joe Mugnano makes a drug deal on the phone with the delivery guy saying the woman is in the bathroom. He tells them to come up and ring the bell twice. The guy comes up with the coke and they jump him. They pull him in fast and get bags of rocks off him. They put the owners in cuffs and lead them out. (1027 PM) At the station they talk about beeping a Spanish drug dealer to see if hell show up. They drive down to because hes supposed to have an ounce of coke. The dealer is driving right at them and they cut him off. They pull him out, check his mouth for drugs and find wads of money on him. They dont want to tie up the street so they bring him back to the station to thoroughly check the car. (1142 PM) They tear the car up at the station and find bags of rocks in the dash. (910 PM Investigation Call) Officer Bill Reynolds and his partner Officer John Ridge are heading to the 560 block. Jackie is on a blind date and called her father screaming. They are supposed to be in apartment 1208 and they check with security at the building and run up there. They knock and no one answers. They go back down to security to get there parking space number. They check it and the car is gone. They are in a black Saab and spot them on the road and chase them down. They pull them out and the woman is shaken, she has no idea what is going on. She says everything is fine, it must be a joke and theyve only been out 2 hours. Bill tells her to call her dad. Jackie calls her brother Joe to ask whats going on. It turns out she said she was having an emergency, but all she needed was hair gel and that they are weird. John talks to the brother on the phone. She was getting ready and left a message on her sisters machine that it was an emergency. The sister called the father who called them. Its a date shell never forget. (902 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Edward Tansey says Lynn is a beautiful city, has the biggest reservation and is right outside of Boston. Officer Charles Griffin is his partner. They are going to a house where a Tammy threatened to set her house on fire. Theyve been there before, its off the road. They go in and a woman says its a drug deal gone bad. She gave him 40 and they ripped her off. There are three men two Dominicans and a Puerto Rico inside man who dont speak English. One of them has a large knife. They say Jose is the dealer and isnt there. Tammy has bought from him before, but says shes Vanessa. Hes there illegally and she is mad because last night they bought from him and it was baking soda so she called the police. Sgt. Robert ONeil talks to the girlfriend of the manager Bob McDenna who says the three guys dont belong there. The renter was evicted yesterday and the place is supposed to be empty. The woman was assaulted trying to buy coke. They put the money under the door for coke, but got nothing back. She says she smokes, not snorts and only spends 40 a day so its not a bad habit.

Episode 17 - Pittsburgh, PA 4
(858 PM Narcotics Task Force Briefing) Eddie Brown jokes that the officer in the Cincinnati Reds hat eating a salad is what heroes are made of. Detective Damien Wiles says the guy they are looking for is Erwin Earl in he lives in an apartment at the bottom.

Episode 18 - Pittsburgh, PA 5
(1206 AM Shooting Call) Officer Pat Logan and Officer Jimmy McGee head to a call of two people shot In the legs. In the last 5 days 9 people have been shot of drugs. Rival drugs dealers on the edge of town. Suspect with cop killing bullets in gun officers help confused senior.

Episode 19 - Memphis, TN 1
(Narcotics Unit Briefing) Detective Leo Hampton says there is a 65 & 63 year old white couple selling pot out of their house and he wants to get them all in one room. They bought from the woman before and she is supposed to have 4 or 5 pounds of marijuana there. 1007 PM they head out and he says she is known to carry a .22 and is not afraid to use it. (1017 PM Warrant Served) Elderly couple distributed narcotics assault.

Episode 20 - Memphis, TN 2
(1122 PM Street Patrol) Shelby Co. Sheriffs Station Lt. Mike McEachren congratulates the group on last nights pursuit. It started gloomy, but there was no damage and they all survived. They pull over a car for having no license plate and a bulb out. It is a white and silver Pontiac Bonneville that refuses to stop and crosses over into Mississippi and are cutoff and captured. The black driver is Tony Johnson with a female Mexican passenger, Amanda Mars. Deputy Vernon Pollahite Jr. read them their rights. She says Tony had no license, so he wouldnt stop. He crossed the border because hes rather go to a Mississippi jail since they are better. Officers Grayland King and Mike Fleming of Olive Branch MS take them to their jail. Deputy Mike Tulley says he likes to help people and catch bad guys. He sees a lot of bad, but also sees the good. (1222 AM Domestic Disturbance) Gene says his wife Vanessa was supposed to be home by 10pm and she came home at 11. She tried to drive off and he held on so she drove with him on the hood. She wants to leave with the kids, but he wont let he. After being married for five years he threatened to beat her. He tries to get her to stay, but she leaves. Sheriffs Dept. Deputy Nick Hazelrig dreamt of dope coming from Texas to his town. (854 AM Assistance Call) A car from Texas is stopped and they find a little pot that the male driver has. Deputy Mark Kellerman searches the car with his wife and two kids in the back. He shows him a baggie in the trunk and a joint in his eyeglass case. The wife is hysterical and is glad he got caught. She calls him an ass and cant believe he did this on the way to his fathers funeral. They make him dump all the pot out and cut him loose.

Episode 21 - Memphis, TN 3
(1058 PM Armed Robbery Call) Officer Jeff Clark drives to the scene of a crime, unknown who is responsible, shots fired, victim is D.O.A. A 60 year old white man was who was a volunteer probation officer got robbed and shot five times and is dead. A black man in a black jacket was seen fleeing the scene and is apprehended down the street. robbery investigation yields murder victim disturbance call.

Episode 22 - Memphis, TN 4
(513 PM Shooting Call) Officer Matt Pugh responds to a call on the 600 block and arrives to find a black woman who took a shotgun blast to the chest and blows her finger off. She says Danny, her ex, did it and he fled with the sawed off after they had a fight on the porch over the gun and it went off. A neighbor says the woman owns the gun. Cops go back in and ask her two kids where the guns are. The boy pulls a rifle out of the closet and the shotgun from under the mattress where his mom hid it. Shelby County (108 PM) Backup comes to a traffic stop and Guadalupe the driver is wearing a Zappa shirt, is all nervous, and wont consent to have his car searched. K9 is brought in and a suitcase full of pot is found in the trunk. They take them back to interdiction HQ and weigh the dope and take their money. Guadalupe loses his car, 1350 and the drugs. Detective Steve Culley says its nice to be thanked. (931 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) The caller says a father is beating his son in the front yard of his house. They talk to the witness outside and find his 16 year old son Time wanted to bring a shirt to his friends house and his dad stopped him. The son pushed him off and his dad pushed and slapped him because he is a pacifist, but he isnt scared to stay there. They take the father outside and says he disciplined his son like what was done to him. They arrest him because he hit him Tim in the face and was drinking.

Episode 23 - U.S. Marshals Service Special
(Washington D.C.) Mobile Command Center Red October. Sunrise is located in 5 cities DC, Baltimore, Miami.

Episode 24 - Memphis, TN 5
(1252 AM Street Patrol) Officer Gene Hulley has been there 3 years. Its all he ever wanted to do, all he could think about doing in high school, cant imagine doing anything else. Hes got a seat on the front row of life and is enjoying it. His family thinks hes crazy for doing it, knows he could get shot, but most families are like that. officers wife barricades herself in bathroom against intruder.

Episode 25 - Miami, FL 1
(1017 PM Disturbance Call) Sgt. Jose Fernandez says they are losing Officer Anthony Magrino to homicide. Jose asks him if he wants to say a few words, but he doesnt. Officer Robert Borgmann says hes a long lanky fellow and they chipped in and got him a gift since they like him and he backs them up. It is a cake that reads good luck in homicide they figure he needs to put on some weight. He goes to the call of a black woman and a man fighting in front of a store with another man on the NW corner of 133rd. Anthony jumps out , breaks it up, stops the man with a bloody mouth and cuffs him. She is there with a new boyfriend, he is an old boyfriend. The new guy says he came over to the house and cursed out her momma and he got up to get rid of him and the old guy said he would shoot him. The old guy says why cant I talk to my girl He called his sister and the new guy followed him to the store while he was on the phone and 3 guys jumped him and punched him in the face. He was cuffed because he was hitting her in front of cops. He says he knows he has to go down for this, but asks if he has to. Anthony says hes not going to miss things like that. Its like people know its his last night. (1032 PM Shooting Call) Metro Dade PD Communications Center A call comes in about a man who has been shot, possibly killed. Officer Robert Borgmann arrives and EMS is on the scene. The man is on the driveway with a bullet wound to the chest and there is a large blood stain on the ground. Rob says its a high drug area. A woman says she saw the victim running and fall right there. He was shot on the corner and ran there. A drunk man says the victim was making a deal with a fat guy on the bicycle. They left and the guy on the bike probably shot him. He said, oh lord, Im hit, Im hit and he dropped. The ambulance takes the victim to a LZ and a helicopter picks him up to take him to Jackson Memorial. Itll take 4 minutes instead of 20 minutes by car. He is in critical condition, lost a massive amount a blood and they tried to vacuum out internal bleeding from his stomach. The chopper takes off and hopefully hell make it. (PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) Metro Dade PD an undercover officer says they are going to buy a large amount of narcotics. Sgt. Fred Silber is there. Once the source is there they are going to execute the warrant. They have suitcases full of drugs they are selling him. Fred says the guy stays outside a lot and wanders around. (752 PM Special Response Team) Sgt. Steve Mesa says itll be a slow search. They have pictures of the house and says it is worth over 1 million and they filmed Scarface there. (801 PM) The UC arrives and an ambulance pulls up and cops spill out. A flash grenade is shot inside, windows are smashed in and traffic is cut off. There is only one older man inside who is cuffed on the floor. He is told the house is being used for drug shipments and is concealed and they are going to search for it. They find an altar with a shrine that has handcuffs in wax on a plate its to protect him from the police. There is a sign that reads Remember the golden rule he who has the gold, makes the rules. The find a tech 9 assault weapon, a package of hollow point bullets, a silencer, a tape of The Godfather Complete Epic and a tape called Whispering Death secrets of improved and state of the art silencers. He has a boat port and an expensive boat and pool out back. They board up the door and have a table of money and guns with silencers. He was a major player taken off the street.

Episode 26 - Miami, FL 2
(247 PM) Broward Co. FL Sheriffs Department Sgt. Ralph Capone is on his way to wire an undercover informant to buy an ounce of coke for 850. The signal is to put his hand through his hair and say Bobs gonna love it. It should be quick, dont see any problems, but always ready. Dealers couldnt come up with any really weight, but an ounce still gets you 3 years, shut them down before they get bigger. (316 PM) They get the signal and drive over in a Kmart parking lot, stop a guy in a red car, block her in, pull her out and cuff her. When they tell her shes getting 3 years she cries and hits her head on the car. They read her the rights and she starts struggling. She doesnt want to answer so they need a female to search her. The car is a 1991 Trans Am Amelia & Carmen on the vanity plate. The coke looks really good, like from a kilo. The girl on the plate used to be her lover, the cars not hers, but has a key ring for it. There is a Bandit IV and a Say no to drugs sticker on thr side. They find a coconut head inside. Ralph says sometimes people get upset and dont understand, get agitated and get rough. Theres always someone out there who doesnt get it. Miami Beach (709 Domestic Disturbance Call) Officer Henry Doce says a child called that her sister was beaten up by her boyfriend and is pregnant. They arrive and EMT is there. They spotted a guy walking away that they think is the boyfriend. He is a tall Spanish guy with a black mullet and says she isnt showing him respect. She is out all day and his food isnt ready when he comes home from work. He doesnt deserve that and its not acceptable in his country. They live together, but are not married. Hes leaving, but is getting arrested instead. Sgt. Bob Dorigo assists. He tries to smoke a cigar, but is cuffed and put in a car. Bob goes back in and she says he deserves it, he gets away with it and hell keep doing it and she went through it before. She says all women should do something about it or else hell keep doing it and youll go to jail for killing the guy. She is putting all his stuff outside and doesnt want him back. If he comes back shell hit him, shes 4 months pregnant with twins. Her friend has been married 11 years and been beat for 8 years because her mother says once you are married, that is it. He kicked her when she was pregnant so her daughter called the cops. She is 10 years old, wants him out, and cries. Bob is glad she is getting tough with him. (1042 PM Accident Call) Communications Center a woman calls and Deputy Scott Weinberger goes, 2 cars crashed, t boning in the intersection at 21st and 6th. Deputy Darin Dowes car was hit while he was inside. They were hit right in the door and knocked off the road. The female driver in the other vehicle might be drunk since it was such a hard crash. The driver is given a neckbrace and put in the ambulance. The most frequent injury to cops is traffic because they spend 8 hours a day on the road. The passenger comes out and smells of alcohol. Investigator Baron Phillipson and Deputy Al Hernandez say to Lt. Robert Baton it is now a criminal investigation because she is drunk and the officer is injured. Darin will be in hospital for 48 hours of observation in case of internal injuries. The women is given the roadside test and can barely stand, so she fails completely and plays dumb the whole time. This is why they are so critical when it comes to DUI. When you are impaired, tragedy can occur.

Episode 27 - Miami, FL 3
(701 PM Shooting Call) Officer Angel Calzadilla & Emilio Canciobello arrive at a crazy old mans house that is filled with rotting packs of dripping meat and the windowsill is buried in dead flies. man is unable to care for himself overturned truck.

Episode 28 - South Florida 1
(Narcotics Unit Briefing) Key West Sgt. Steve Hammers is undercover and has a drawing of the area of Terry La. and Petron St. where they are working. Hell be in the blue van the taping and control center. Detective Jeff Meyers is in charge of arrests and slammin is the key word. Officer Kyle Murphy laughs at that and he is going to be the dealer and is given a bag of marked crack. Drug busts store owner apprehends shoplifting suspect.

Episode 29 - Boston, MA 6
(738 PM Drug Buy Calls) Officer Mike Lopriore calls a dealers beeper and then has to go to another phone on Chelsea to they know it is set. His partner is Officer Peter Fontantez Selling drugs out a window Roll call weapons check Fire call Arson suspect in station.

Episode 30 - Miami, FL 4
(Weapons Inspection) Metro Dade Police Department Corporal Ronald Dignazio is the inspector and tells the officers to line up, draw their weapons, eject their cartridges to the floor and present their weapons for inspection. Another officer checks them. Officer Federico Chacon says he doesnt take sides, make problems personal and just tries to make the best decision. (724 PM Street Patrol) A car chase man assaults friend drug bust.

Episode 31 - Boston, MA 7
(828 PM Buy Bust Operation) Officer Mike Lopriore says a guy on probation is part of the we deliver network. he goes to drug meetings and then delivers coke all night. He beeped all his customers to meet in a parking lot an some undercover detectives are going in to bust buyers and sellers. Drug sting at gas station Roll call treat everyone like they are armed Stabbing of husband by his drunk, drugged wife Shooting by armed gang Booking of suspect.

Episode 32 - South Florida 2
(640 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) Metro Dade Department Sgt. Fred Silber says Moes CI from the 50K reverse drug buy was compromised when he owed 40,000 and Columbian leg breaker enforcers were hired to get his family. Theyll wire Moe and if he is threatened theyll bust the Columbians. Suspects threaten informant and family suspected drunken driver.

Episode 33 - Miami, FL 5
(559 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) drug sting suspect motorist prostitution sweep

Episode 34 - Miami, FL 6
(517 PM Roll Call) Lt. Noel Rojas announces that Officer Emilo Cancibello is officer of the month. Capture of armed suspects arrests for lewd behavior.

Episode 35 - Miami, FL 7
(705 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) Metro Dade Sgt. Fred Silber explains how undercover cops confiscated vases full of drugs from the runners who rolled over and were supposed to get 1000 each for them and now will meet the buyers to bust them. The must be done by 9pm. 732 they arrive at the meeting place a Win Dixie. Two men go over to the car with a shopping cart and take the boxes and are arrested by Lt. Robert Diers. They get consent from one of the men to search his house. 807 they arrive and find two people there who show them where another kilo of coke is hidden. Sgt. Michael Roy also finds 6000 in cash. Palm Beach (707 PM Communications Center) A man calls 911 about a deaf girl who wants to kill herself. Deputy Charles Hicks goes to the house where 15 year old Kathy cut her wrists. She doesnt want to go to the hospital and officers jump her and her dog so she cant get away. Deputy Kevin Clapp talks to her and she freaks out. Seven days earlier she cut herself and tried to stab a deputy. Her sister Cheryl cant believe they let her out and wants her put in jail. They say its up to the psychiatrist and they need to talk to him. She keeps doing this over and over. Miami Sgt. Debra Dozier talks about a reward of 72,000 for a guy who killed a cop. (522 PM Disturbance Call) Cpl. Glenn Stolzenberg is called to a cock fighting ring. There are cages and cages of roosters, a ring and scales. Officer Carlos Garcia translated for the owner who says they are just training them. Glenn finds a half dead rooster in a garbage can and the worker pulls it out and cleans it up and gives it a shot. They say they train them humanely and dont harm them even though fights are every Thursday. The owner says animals killed the dead roosters, they didnt die during cock fights. He welcomes them to come back and check.

Episode 36 - Miami, FL 8
(1147 PM Street Patrol) Sheriffs Office Deputy Charles Hicks spots car making a dope deal and hunts it down after losing sight of it. bank robbery arrest public disturbance hit and run.

Episode 37 - Memphis, TN 6
(911 PM Shooting Call) Officer Gene Hulley says they need clothes for the dirty patients who come in to the hospital and to donate any sex or size. His partner is C.D. Hawkins. A black drug dealer goes to a house to collect money a woman owes him and when she doesnt havent he shoots her in the ass. They go looking for him and find he has shot another woman. Her sister is in the yard screaming she saw him shoot her sister. domestic disturbance child endangerment.

Episode 38 - Miami, FL 9
(822 PM) Ft. Lauderdale Broward Co. Deputy Robert Lahiff is off to set up a checkpoint. As long as they stop either the first, second or third cars and remain consistent itll work. He tries to stop a suspect, a black guy in a white shirt red shorts walking down the street. When he sees the cops he runs and tosses the dope he was carrying. He hides in an apartment and K9s are brought in to find him. The female apartment manager is brought in to unlock his door. The guy says cops didnt see him do anything. Next cops set up a fence operation and put the word out they are looking for heavy equipment. In the safe house they shows boats and cars they have bought. They have spent 61,000 to recover 1.8 million worth of stolen goods. Two brothers sell a grater, a 65 year old dancer runs a prostitution ring and dances on her head for the cops. A guy sells plastic explosives and comes in with Jack Daniels. (736 PM Briefing) They go and pick up all the people who sold them the stolen items from before. The explosives guy is barefoot. The 65 year old lives in a house so full of junk they can barely walk in it. Newspapers are stacked to the ceiling. They also return a stolen camera to a lady and a watch at the end of their 12 month sting.

Episode 39 - Miami, FL 10
(126 AM Crime Suppression Unit) Beach Police Department Officer Bill Guillem and his partner Officer Tony Sammarco says they work residential areas, hot spots where burglaries are and try to catch prowlers before they strike. They go to a business where the window was broken out and watch the area to make sure no one robs it until the emergency board up team arrives. A looter car stuck on train tracks drunken driver arrested.

Episode 40 - Pierce County, WA 1
(822 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Cops arrive and the family points to the woods where the man has run after beating his wife. They chase him with a K9 through the neighborhood, catch him and hog tie him since he is insane. He has a cruelty to animals warrant and in the police bathroom goes insane, but is just kidding. (957 PM Fight Call) Ronald Morrison, a black man in a yellow shirt, attacks a man in a bar with a baseball bat and beats him 25 times because 6 days earlier the guy shot at him 3 times. (1042 PM 911 Call) Christopher Jones, an 18 year old man assaults a woman and leaves with a shotgun and goes home. The police surround the home and call him out and he is only wearing small blue underwear.

Episode 41 - Miami, FL 11
(1057 PM Narcotics Unit Operation) Miami Beach Metro Dade Sgt. Fred Silber says they got a call from customs that there is a 50 100 pound package of pot, 100,000 worth, stuffed into fish on Air Jamaica Express from Kingston, Jamaica. He drives to general aviation and Special Agent Thomas Trotto from U.S. Customs is there to brief them. The plane is a DC 7, is 57 years old and is the only one left. The people called to get the fish, so they are letting them come to pick it up and will bust them. (1219 AM) They are loading it up the fish and the cops drive up and arrest him at gunpoint. The fish is frozen on the top and the pot is wrapped up underneath. There is one lone black illegal alien picking it up and Fred says hell go to jail then get deported. He doesnt deny knowing whats going on, but wont cough up his boss. (739 PM) Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office Deputy Charles Hicks says s kid named Edwin called that a man with a knife is trying to get in his house. He arrives with Sgt. Louis Sessa, knocks on the door and the kid says hell sick the dog on them. The police have him come out and give a description of the guy. The father comes up, doesnt speak much English, admits his son has mental problems and is on medication. Charles goes in and talks to Edwin. He wants to know if the story is a lie. The kid cries and says no one believes him and a guy tried to kidnap him before. No one believe him because hes in a stupid handicapped class. Charles says the neighbors were outside for 45 minutes and saw nothing so it sounds like Peter and the Wolf. The kid finally admits seeing things like devils & shadows and he has to pray to make them go away. He thinks if he kills himself it will make the demons go away. Charles says they have to take the kid to be mentally evaluated because he doesnt want it to come back and haunt him later. (242 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Ft. Lauderdale Broward County Sheriffs Dept Deputy Tincu Taranu says you see a lot of weird things out there like one time he saw a guy turn over a 30,000 car to score only 30 worth of crack. He pulls a car over and the driver, Russ. says he picked up a guy hitch hiking. He was just giving him a ride to Victoria. Tincu pulls the young black kid called Shorty out of the car and he says the driver is a good friend of his moms. Deputy Glenn Tchou and Officer Edward Jackson question him about lying. The driver is down from New York and says the kid had some pot and stuck it under the seat. They find a crack pipe and can charge him with a felony, but if he tells them where Shorty has the drugs theyll cut him loose. He says the kid has 6 rocks in a Nuprin bottle. They find the bottle on Shorty and he says he swears its the drivers. Tincu says Russ has a drug problem and needs to get some help. Shorty is arrested, but why should he get a job when he make 100s dealingits amazing to see.

Episode 42 - Washington State 1
(731 PM Person with a Weapon Call) King Co. Officer Sydney Jackson pulls over a blue car. confusing weapons call teen threatens mother. AKA Seattle Tacoma.

Episode 43 - Pierce County, WA 2
(1224 AM 911 Call) (641 PM Structure Fire Call) (637 PM Child Endangerment Call) Cops buy groceries for a man and his kids living in a hotel room.

Episode 44 - Pierce County, WA 3
(137 AM Shooting Call) A black man shot and killed his wife white Alicia at an apartment complex, his two year old daughter Andrea and then himself in the head. A neighbor thought it was fireworks and ran inside. Shane the ex boyfriend was there and there was a restraining order on the man. (802 PM Domestic Call) Behind a 7 22 a man tries to leave with his son Terry and his wife went nuts on him. He is white and she is Korean. He says she stays out all night every night, hit his son and he couldnt take it anymore. She gets arrested for domestic. (905 PM Accident Call) A motorcycle with two riders hit a car doing 65mph and they were thrown into the grass. The woman has open fractures and the mans helmet landed 120 feet away. The driver of the car was DUI and charged with two counts of vehicular assault. The girl is only 15 and had to have a leg amputated.

Episode 45 - Washington State 2
(557 PM Felony Warrant Assistance) Pierce Co. Sheriffs Dept. Deputy Shawn McDonald likes working there because his dad worked there as a deputy for 30 years. Theres lots of good people, sometimes you run into bad guys, nice place to work, a close knit group thats real fun to work with. Felony suspect is arrested hysterical shoplifting suspect. King Co.