Season 2 Episodes for Cops
Episode 1 - Portland, OR 1
(North Precinct Street Patrol) Officer Harry Jackson says this time of the year people come from all parts of the country, the Navy brings in a bunch of ships and prostitutes come from all across the country because business is up. He spots a young girl, Samantha Wilson, on the corner he knows and sees a guy pick her up. Harry asks where shes coming from and she says it was Union, doesnt know the cross street. He says she should know the cross street by now. Its Jessup, she remembers. He sees money in her bra and she says its her boobs, then admits its 65. She says she knows the guy, he was giving her a ride and has known him for 6 7 months. Then she admits he was giving her 25 for a BJ, hes a regular on Sundays. Today is Sunday, hes usually off, but is sneaky and is working today. He goes over and questions Mr. Larkin to see what he says. He mirandizes him and says he knows shes doing business. He says he has the right to remain silent and its his moms car. Hes 26, still living at home and has no registration, so Harry will call his parents to see if they know what hes up to. Larkin says hes known her six months, they met in January. He hasnt arrested Sam before, but has given her a hard time though. Larkin has never taken her home because his parents are always there. Harry says he has no problem doing it on the streets and cant take a nice lady home. Then he tells Sam to tell him what she told him. Harry says he went to school 2 blocks from there, hes lived there 45 years and wants to clean up the community. Harry says hell throw money at her, but wont take her home to mom. (915 AM) Multnomah Co. Narcotics Task Force Briefing Sgt. John Bunnell says its going to be a long day, search warrant for heroin , 4 cars, Pat will do photos, Danny will do evidence and to suit up. There is a calendar on the wall with womens butts in bathing suits. They run up to the house, John says they are too far away. The old woman asks what the hell are the doing there, wheres the search warrant, its not here. They tell her it is. John talks to Ron, he says he wants to make it easy, there is no heroin, just what hes using. He gets the heroin from Mike Williams. John says he knows where he gets it. He used to get it from Jerry, but hes in Las Vegas, on vacation. John calls Celeste in and arranges for Ron to call Mike to make a deal. He calls him from his car phone in the Camero to make a deal for 2 oclock. (202 PM) Mike is an older white guy who walks up with his two kids, they bust him and he says not to scare his children. The boy says he goes to school half day, the girl says all day. Mikes been dealing 5 6 days, but never sold it before. Hes shaking and John says they arent playing games, answer the questions and sign the papers. Mike says hell take them to it and give it to them. He lost his wife 2 years ago and wants them to tell the kids hes OK. He buys from Miguel in Hillsboro. They want him to call Miguel and set up a deal, but he doesnt want to lose his kids. The girl says her mom died when she was 33 and is up with the angels now. John says sometimes thats a better place. They are going to Mikes house to get the heroin and have him call Miguel and start the game all over again. (415 PM) John says they can take everything of Mikes his cars, house, everything. The car doesnt interest them though, it doesnt meet their requirements. Its a nice old colonial house though. Mike limps around, says he lived there 11 years and is going to have to sell it. He takes him to the safe where the combo is right 3 times to 73. John opens it and asks, it wont blow up in my face will it There is a bunch of money, some rocks, not much. Mike calls Jose to make a deal. John says he has to make a decision to take his kids to a foster home and is it the best things for the kids They just lost their mom, maybe theyll take the kids for a little while to wake him up. John is upset and cant even count the money. Its a tough call. Its not the normal house of a heroin dealer. John asks Max the neighbor to watch the children while Mike is in jail for a few hours. (809 PM) John draws a diagram of the house where the main dealer is. They want to get everyone secured fast and then search the place. There are a couple Mexican guys who dont speak English and they find 2 guns. They also find a .30 caliber rifle and a gun under the mattress. The guy admits the dope is his and has a notebook with phone numbers and Mike is in it. They charge him with drugs, dealing and call immigration.

Episode 2 - Portland, OR 2
(1147 AM Warrant Served) Multnomah County Narcotics Task Force Briefing. Cops are in a parking lot and Sgt. John Bunnell says hell knock and announce and Bob will use the shotgun because the suspect is armed. They pull up to the yellow house with the blue Chevelle in the driveway with Bunnell driving. They are going in fast and slam the door open and run in. Mike is taken down on a bed with a giant Harley flag on the wall. He makes lots of woo woo noises. They tell him to rest his head on the door panel, he doesnt want to tell them anything. They tear up his bed and pillows and find crystal meth and lots of .357 bullets. The meth tests positive. They finds tons of stolen property there. Bunnell wishes people would etch their license or social security number on their items to make them easy to ID. The garage is full of stolen VCRs, stereo equipment, cameras, car radios & cable boxes. (215 PM Stolen Property Returned) They found a mans name on some tools and call him. He arrives and says the tool drawer is his and he had 2 antique gold watches in there. Bunnell says they have bags of watches. One man shows up with serial numbers for his power saws. One man finds his stolen gun, but the holster isnt his. The guys mom pulls up and wonders what is going on. She says she knows nothing about what Mike did. Bunnell says its hard to believe since it is all over the house. She doesnt know about the drugs either. Inside she says he paid for all this stuff. They found no paperwork and he didnt turn any over. Central District Foot Patrol. Two officers walk through an area under an overpass and say they found body parts there and lots of people trying to hide. (945 AM) they go in to remove the homeless people who are doing drugs. Officer Barry Cook finds two Mexican guys living in a hole under a concrete slab. He has black tar heroin and they only speak Spanish and the one guy is all smiling and goofy. They arrest him and have arrested him before at least 10 times. He says the jacket hes wearing isnt his. Barry searches him and gets stuck with a needle. He frantically tries to push the blood out as fast as possible hoping he doesnt have AIDS. He puts the guy in his car and gets the first aid kit out of the trunk. He wipes down and cleans up with hand sanitizer. The other guy is booked on criminal trespass. Barry says hell have to worry about it for the next 10 years. Back at the station he calls the clinic for information on the needle prick. They tell him the changes of getting AIDS are a couple 100 to 1, hes got a better chance of getting hepatitis, but hes gotten shots for that. Its an officers worst nightmare. Rose Festival Fun Center Foot Patrol two officers patrol at a carnival. They say that the less crime, the more likely people are to show up. Officer Mark Murawski spots a metalhead dancing idiotically with a bottle in his hand. He grabs the bottle and him and leads him away. No alcohol is allowed so he pours it out. Officers spot a black man with a large knife. They are ejecting him from the park and find two other knives on him. Officer Rick Hegrenes spots a mullet head with a Budweiser hiding in his Coke cup, he also gets banned from the park. They have to make an example of him. Back to the black guy, James, they find pot residue on him. He denies having enough to make residue, not even sure what it is. The officer laughs and just bans him from the park. Officer Frank Klejmont says theyve had the fair since 1970 and people go nuts and act stupid. They exclude people from the park and they come back and get charged with trespassing. Officer Norman Sharp questions a guy with a concealed knife. The guy says he just came there for fun. Hes not allowed there because hes drunk and has a weapon. They search another guy who wont tell them his last name and starts to get loud. They tell him to quiet down or else therell be a problem. They stopped him because a bulge in his clothes mightve been a gun. Two guys are drunk and fighting and a bunch of cops jump and arrest them. A third guy is busted for interference. He mouths off in the back of the paddy wagon and they pull them out and cuff him and he screams and bang the walls.

Episode 3 - Portland, OR 3
(945 PM Warrant Served) Multnomah County Sheriffs Dept. Narcotics Task Force warrant briefing. Sgt. John Bunnell has a map of a house interior drawn on a dry board. The neighborhood is in an uproar so they are going to show the flag. They are going to go in and do a normal entry since they bought drugs there before. They have testimony from CRI and Officer Biles that hes a belligerent weightlifter type, so they are going to take appropriate action. Bob will do the back bedroom and hell follow with a key to get in whatever is locked. The job when they get upstairs is to grab people. Bunnell clears the upstairs and they find the old man who is the owner downstairs who fights them and wont go down. During the struggle his toupee comes off. There are 4 kids inside. Deputy Jerry Hill reads him the warrant that they have the right to search. Other officers wait outside to see if anyone else shows up. One of the kids inside is 16 and says hes visiting. Outside Bunnell stops a car with 17 year olds. The driver says he was just turning around. Bunnell says its a lie and hell take him in. He admits he was coming to the house to see who was there. The owner inside says he only served alcohol to his kids. There is alcohol out, but his kids arent even there. He says his son is at the doctor. All the kids are 16 and just visiting. He says he wouldnt if he were them and they shouldnt be there. Jerry says this goes on every weekend. He says he was just off from work this night, it never happened before. Outside they pull a man out of a red truck at gunpoint. Hes holding a bag and says it isnt his house. Deputy Lane Sawyer questions him inside and tells him that giving beer to minors is just as bad as giving them drugs and the neighborhood parents are upset. The son says he wont let anyone in from now on. If anyone else buys after tonight they are all going down. At the end cops tell a group of metal heads if they can run all the way off the street in 10 seconds they wont get busted. One kid has a Danzig shirt as they make a mad dash. A man calls 911 who says that the next time his female neighbor, Lynn, sees him talking to a cop shell burn his house down. They go out to his house where the man repeats the story and has his two daughters there as witnesses. She cursed him out and fought with her boyfriend. The officer knows the woman, they know she has a drug problem. He wont have to go to court if he needs to avoid a problem. They go to a nearby bar and find the woman. Shes a tiny, skinny skank who denies making threats. He says the first person theyll look for is her if they have a problem with him. He says they are tired of her. She says shes sick of them. He says hes never talked to her before, but arrested her when she was driving drunk doing 75mph down the road. She doesnt remember it because she was drunk. He says next time theyll just arrest her. She goes back in saying its fine. (1012 PM Return Call) A neighbor saw her back at the house with a Molotov cocktail. The man and the kids saw her. Cops say they need to sign a complaint and its time to stop with the games, they need to arrest her. One of the girls cries. The man says hes going to have to move. The cop says hell be out there 5 days a week for the next 7 years so hell take care of it. Two female witnesses saw her too, they say shes dangerous and there are kids around. They find the woman walking down the road in a red bathing suit and arrest her for attempted arson. She mouths off and says shell talk to the judge. They say to also charge her with reckless endangerment and trespassing to keep her in jail longer. She curses them out. He asks if she knows how serious this is. She says she isnt going to start fires and she didnt go over there. Shes drunk again and they says thats the problem. The man wants to know how long shell stay in jail, he has to think of his daughters. He wonders if shell get her drug friends to come after him. The cop cant guarantee that wont happen, but hes going to arrest her every time. Bureau of Police. North Precinct Street Patrol Officer Harry Jackson questions some girls, then stops. (430 PM) he talks to a black girl Dominica, on the corner and asks her why she was getting in the car. She says she needed a ride. Harry asks her where she was going. She doesnt give a real answer. They question the old white male driver about what happened. He says she was hitchhiking and needed a ride. She asked him if he was a cop and wanted him to turn around and go a different way. He said no and wanted her to get out and she grabbed the keys. Harry says hes been working this area for the last 2 1 2 years and what she does is have them go around back, get their pants off and her boyfriend jumps out of the bushes with a gun and robs them. (510 PM) He stops and talks to a white girl on the corner. Harry says she has a different pimp. She says Kevin is the same guy. Hes a black guy and he walks away and pulls his pants off. He says they rode around before with her after the guy got her pregnant and beat her. She had her chance to get out of the life, but has come back. He tried to help her and now will arrest her. She says she is still there because her mom wont take her baby and he doesnt want it. Harry says hell take the kid if she stays there. She says shell prove him wrong. He says the baby cant make the choice. (516 PM) She is walking with Kevin and he stops him for pulling his pants down before. He says he didnt do it and doesnt want to go to jail, he was pulling his pants up. He apologizes and says the girl is his wife, she says no. He says soon to be and they are going to his moms house. Harry didnt see him pull his pants down so he lets them go, next time if he sees it hell arrest him. Its a hard life, nobody says it would be easy.

Episode 4 - Portland, OR 4
4 (1220 PM) Multnomah Co Sheriffs Dept Deputy Lane Sawyer and Sgt. John Bunnell drive and explain about surveillance they have on a business in the southeast. They have a warrant on the business and the house and have Bob now on a traffic stop in a blue Camero. John says he wont cooperate. They talk to Bob Park, who has his kid with him. Lane tells him he works narcotics and has been watching him sell coke. He can say nothing if he wants, but Lane can go full bore on him, if he finds enough he can go federal and Bob can get 10 years. Bob says he isnt the guy, they should know who he is getting it from. Lane says he might know who he is, but needs his cooperation. They check his trunk, its filled up by a large speaker. They find a shotgun inside and he says it doesnt work and is old. There is a handgun in the front, but no dope in the car. He has a wad of cash on him. (115 PM) They take him back to a hotel and have him make a call to his buyer. He wants a half and tells her to be careful. John tells him they will set the call up for 1pm tomorrow. If he doesnt show up he promises that hell come down hard on him. He didnt show up and a warrant issued for his arrest. (1100 AM Next Day) Deputy Dennis Fitz says a package came by UPS and it was IDd for drugs. (Narcotics Task Force Briefing) They have the package and want to deliver to the house and arrest who accepts it (1210 PM) They go to the house and there are two women inside. Deanna says the package is for her. John tells her to be very cooperative. She says she will. John says if she is truthful she can stay home, if she jerks them around, shell be going to jail. In the back they find a drug scale and bags of coke. The women says they are not heavily involved in coke sales, the maximum she sells to is to 10 people a day, not 1000s a day. John asks where she got the coke. She says a guy named Mike. John asks what would happen if she called him. She calls to make a meet for an ounce. John sets up a meeting it never ends.(227 PM) John says the guy is en route. When he shows up, grab them both and hell meet with Lane. The guy shows up in blue and black shorts. He and a woman go up to the house. Once they go inside the cops run to the house. The girl has a cigarette in a death grip as they cuff her and take her out. They ask Mike where he gets it from. He says the guy they busted, Bob Park. Lane asks where he is. He says he doesnt know directly, but hell make a deal (945 PM) They set up a meeting with Bob at a car wash. They jump him and he growls and says OK. John yells at him that they told him not to screw around and he learned his lesson. He has a bag of dope and a couple bags in the van. Bob gets a bloody lip in the struggle. John says he wants to search his van and apartment. Bob says there is nothing, same as last time, he wants to talk to his lawyer, then says to go ahead and look. The van is gross, covered in filth. John says its 230 AM, it took 12 hours and 2 arrests later they are still going. Johns favorite saying is, You gotta be tough to live out west. (Street Patrol) Portland North Precinct Officer Becky Wooten takes the call of a stolen bike that comes in to 911. She says a neighborhood boy stole it yesterday, she got it back, but now she doesnt want to mess with. She goes to the house, talks to the mom, says he did it before, but doesnt know the house where the bike belongs to. Becky has been there before and says if he comes back to call them and theyll take it. Call even if he doesnt have the bike. Kevin is a young black kid in a Nike soccer shirt who comes walking up. She cuffs him, says hes going to jail and he cries. She mirandizes him and puts him in the back of the police car until he calms down. She says she talked to his mom, she knows. He says Milton told him to take it. He cant take stuff because people tell him to. Hell be the one that goes to jail.. She tells him shell think about taking the cuffs off. She closes the door on h m and leaves him there. Becky tells the mom she doesnt want him to know there isnt much that they can do to him. She keeps him back there and drives to a house looking for Milton. Becky goes to Miltons house on 18th, says he stole 2 bikes and took them apart. Mom goes in and finds Milton, he says Kevin isnt a close friend and tells him he doesnt want to hang around with him or go to his house anymore. They dare each other to steal. Becky says if they hang out together shell arrest them both for whatever crime the one does. Milton asks if hes going to the judge and hell be good. Becky says she isnt unarresting him, just giving him to the custody of his mom and the paperwork is on its way. She takes him home and if it works, thats one less 7 year old off the street.

Episode 5 - Portland, OR 5
(Bureau of Police) Officer Harry Jackson is #578 and patrols an area with prostitutes. He stops to talk to two of them on Stafford and Union. The young girl says she is 18, Harry says no. She says her birthday is 8 26 and that he knows her. The older woman tells her to shut up and answer the questions and shes going to get a 40, some Taco Bell and going home to eat. He asks why was she talking to a man in a car then. She claims it was her boyfriend and he doesnt buy it. The young girl turns out to be 15 years old and again says he knows her. He says he talks to 25 girls a night and doesnt remember their names unless he arrests them a bunch of time. She curses a few times so he arrests her. She says her mom is dead and the older one tells her to shut up. Harry wants to see her shoes and see if the older one has warrants. She just met her, didnt know she was 15, was with a friend and he can ask her. The 15 year old tries to get out the other side of his police car and he puts her back in. The older says she was with a retarded dude and is going to get him some tacos because he has nothing to eat. He asks if she is going to be back on the street. She says hell no, itll take 15 minutes. He checks the 15 year olds purse, finds condoms and wants to contact her parents to see if they know what shes doing out there everyday. He calls for a female officer because she crawls out of the car, up on the roof, her dress goes up and she curses out the cameraman for 10 seconds street. Shes totally high and it takes a few cops to calm her down. Harry gives her to a female to transport her to juvenile. She fights, rolls, struggles, screams, says get off of me and they throw her in the back of car where she yells at them. Harry cant believe how strong she is. (Narcotics Task Force Buy Bust Briefing) Multnomah County Sheriffs Dept Sgt. John Bunnell says they are going to a hotel in the area with Hispanics fresh up from Mexico they want to get rid of. Special Agent Celeste Cowan is going in and he tells her to be calm, like she wants to party. Talk if you must, ask for coca or cheva. If they want to take them somewhere, take off across from the Bomber. The girls use a red corvette to make the buy as John watches from across the street hoping they can do this in one shot. The guys see them and approach and the girls make a buy for 200. Its their second buy of black tar. Its a lot of dope. Theyll follow up tomorrow. (1116 AM Next Day) John wants them to flash a lot and has 17,000 cash. He wants them to ask for a pound, but to pay for half of it now, half later. Dont front the money, it doesnt leave the car or else theyll be working parking patrol in Butte Montana and they laugh. Celeste goes up to the house smoking as kids are around. John hopes she doesnt give the bust signal because he needs to see more of it. She asks to see a pound. John gets nervous she is going to blow it. The drugs are at the sisters unit where the little girl is, shes the drug runner. She counts it out, thats the bust signal. Undercover and uniformed cops pour into the first unit. John says he wont take the kids if she shows them where the rest of the dope is. If she wont tell then kids are gone. The woman agrees and leads them around back and the kids try to go in too. She goes into the room and then acts like she doesnt know what they want. They explain its drugs and guns. John finds a sack with 10 big bags of black tar, 250,000 300,000 worth. John tells Celeste she did a good job, but he was worried. Sgt. Loren Caddy goes to a bad accident. Traffic is blocked off everywhere, fire department has the jaws of life, EMS arrives, life flight takes one off and the second person is dead. There is also a young girl in the crash., she is 6, going by ambulance. There were four women in car, the driver is DOA and her feet were pinned under gas pedals. There is a set of teeth on the dash. A witness says he was behind the brown Toyota that got hit. It stopped at the stop sign and the second guy broadsided them doing 50mph. The husband shows up and says it was his wife, sister in law and two kids. He asks if his wife made it and Loren doesnt want to tell him. He says he doesnt knowdid he see the cars The 6 year old and 12 year old are OK, they need you more. The 12 year old was taken first, before they got there, they called, she is OK. They were out garage sale shopping and found clothes in the car. Loren asks him if he has someone to drive him or needs a ride. He says he can do it. Hes not a doctor, but the guy needs some help to deal with it. Anything he can do, let him know and gives him his card. He has a friend in the truck and Loren wants the friend to drive. Jennys in one hospital and the other kid is in another hospital. His friend Bud says to park his truck and hell take him to the hospital in his truck. They all go to the hospital with Bud where they tell him his wife was fatally injured in the accident, it was instant. To encourage the use of seatbelts the husband allowed the footage in the segment to be shown.

Episode 6 - Portland, OR 6
6 (911 Call Domestic Violence) Multnomah, Co 1114 AM Deputy Chris Peterson takes a call from a mother who says her 16 year old son is pushing her around and no weapons are involved. He gets there and talks to a couple of guys on the street who say the kid is over there under a car. Then Chris drives as they stand on the car two blocks looking for the kid. Mom says she has no idea why hes like this. Chris asks if hes on drugs. She says no, he flipped out ever since his dad went to jail. (922 PM) Hes still chasing the kid and wants to arrest him for assault for beating up his mom. They finally catch him and a bunch of cops grab him. He has a long mullet and says they are hurting him and calls for his mom. His mom is right there and doesnt want them to arrest him. Chris yells at her not to call the police if she doesnt want their help. In jail he says he didnt run, didnt resist arrest and didnt know he was under arrest. He asks why do they think they were chasing him. (Neighborhood Dispute) Dennis says his kids saw a boy named Mike shooting a BB gun last week and then today the window on his truck was shot out. Chris goes over there and the dad says no one saw him do it. Mike says he has a BB gun and shoots it in the backyard, not at his house. He mightve shot a tree, it bounced off and broke his window. Dad offered to pay for it and went to talk to him. The wife says he refused to pay for it and its not true, thats why the police are here. He tried to plead with Dennis to pay for it and he declined. Its the wife. Chris says Mike admitted breaking it and they should pay. He says he tried. Dennis says he wants them to take the BB gun away. Chris says they are all nice about it and Mike has probably learned his lesson. Its going to be a long, hot summer and they need to get along. (Tactical Detail 645 AM) Det Sgt. Tom Seipert says the car is the deal today, V1 is primary, V2 is stolen and has been gone a few days. They have mugshots of James E. Whipple. He was arrested for burglary a week ago and drives like crazy. If they corner him hell get spooked and dump the car, rob 2 3 houses and has no fear of getting caught. They watch him get in a brown car, go into a pawn shop and come back with beer. (835 AM) Detective Pat McGuire calls a judge and wants to file a search warrant for James. He has seen him today, is an active residential burglar, has been arrested recently, hes seen him drive 2 cars, another guy drives the van for him, both cars are stolen and wants a search warrant to arrest them. (1037 AM) They suit up to get him and all go in a van except for Tony & Gary who will go around the back. Its a drug house, so expect drugs and weapons, he might be armed, be careful. They smash the door in and get two guys and a girl on the floor. James is in the basement. He says he wont make any moves and has no weapons. Then they find another guy and take James outside to search him. He gets unauthorized use of a vehicle, two counts of auto theft and two counts against Stanley. He says they followed him around a couple days, so why did they allow him to continue, if he was breaking the law So they could get him with bigger crimes. He says yes, but he makes it sound like he encouraged him to break the law. He didnt suggest he break the laws, he did it on his own. North Precinct Street Patrol Officer Becky Wooten goes to a call of a guy with felony warrants running through a lot. She goes through huge bushes to get to the guy. Hes a wild looking black guy with no shirt, says its police brutality, its not cool and to get his mother at 308 and to have her follow him. They say his moms in jail and to get in the car. He asks why, because hes a chump They have to clean up because of the bushes and the guy does drugs. (911 Call Domestic Violence) A woman calls that a man has a deep wound and hangs up. They go into the house since the door is open and a black mom says her son stabbed him. The mom says they arent getting nothing until they see how Willies doing. So does another woman. He has blood all over him and says Willie is her dad. Hes about ready to pass out so they walk him outside and a girl runs by them and the two women flip out. Becky says he was the ambulance driver. The girl in blue is the daughter, she cant talk and cries. The one in yellow is the mom, she holds her and tells her she has to let go. Hes the one who hurt her and they all got hurt in the long run. She says the kid is only 14, thats teenagers these days.

Episode 7 - Portland, OR 7
(1248 AM Traffic Stop) Multnomah County Sheriffs Department District 30 Street Patrol Deputy John Blackman pulls over a car for not signaling and the car wont stop. He runs all over, turns his lights off, pulls into a driveway and bails out. He is caught in a field and says he hasnt been in jail for a long time. His license was suspended and says he could be the Green River Killer. He is paranoid and was just trying to go over the Railroad Tracks and not bottom out that is why he was driving screwy. Sgt. John Bunnell hides a bag of heroin in a room to test a new K9 who is with Deputy Lee Houston. The dog finds it and is given a ball reward. Narcotics Task Force Briefing (800 AM Makes a Call to Middleman) Deputy Lane Sawyer tapes it. At 9 AM he takes 17,000 to make a buy. He meets with a guy and a girl in a truck to make the deal later. (1145 AM Drug Buy) They meet for the buy and bust two Mexican guys at 125th and Division with a kilo of coke. (1215 PM Middleman Arrest) They go back to the trailer to get the dirty, bearded man. He is pissed they arrested him in front of his kids. (1022 PM 911 Call) A young boy comes out to meet Sgt. Loren Caddy to say his dad Bob pushed his mom. The woman is on the floor and not breathing and Loren gives CPR then one of the Cops grew gives CPR again and again until paramedics take over. They take her top off and defribulate. The husband is freaking out about being cuffed. He says she was drunk and came at him with a knife and he kicked her in the chest. Paramedics load her into an ambulance and see no wounds on her. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Episode 8 - Portland, OR 8
(911 Call Domestic Violence) Multnomah, Co Deputy John Blackman goes to a house at night next to a school and walks up to knock on the door, but it is open. They find blood on the doorstep and a woman crying who says hes in the back bedroom. They arrest a man who said he didnt do anything. They say his wife is bloody and crying. She wants to press charges then he wants to press charges. He says it looks like she was screwing the neighbor to him. John yanks him out the door and the suspect says hes twisting his arm. He says after what he did to his wife he doesnt really care. He says he didnt do it. John supposes she fell down. The fire department arrives to check her out and she has lots of swelling, might have a concussion. She asks how bad she looks and wants to go over and slap him because he knows what he did to her. They says she cant, but he does know what he did. She cries and gets loaded into the ambulance. John says she needs to file a restraining order, get a divorce, its assault and to take care of it on Monday. (One Week Later) They are going back to the same place. John asks what happened this time. She says the same thing as last week and asks if hes the same cop as before. He is. The suspect is hiding outside. He says hell go look for him and finds him hiding in the weeds. Hes arrested , says he wants to press charges and has blood on his face. John dumps him over the fence and he crashes hard and moans. He told him to roll over, but he didnt listen. When he sees his wife he goes for her and they have to push him away and are tired of playing games with him. He says he wants a minute and they are getting involved in something they shouldnt be. She comes along crying and wanting to talk. A female cop tells her to get back in the house and has to lead her away. They put the guy in the car and he says maybe he can talk to her after. He still wants to talk to his wife. He ripped Johns shirt and tried to kick him. He hit his face on the door running out when Officer Van Dyke arrived. They tell her she needs to file paperwork on him, maybe that way hell get counseling, he needs it, he also needs to dry out. Officer Harry Jackson talks to a black prostitute. She says shes going to a friends. He wants a note from the friend. She hasnt been arrested, but has been out on the streets a long time. (North Precinct Street Patrol) He goes around the corner and finds the girl standing there. Hes mad she lied that she was going home and shes just standing there. Victor the pimp comes walking up and Harry knows him, hes looking for his lady. He just came jumping out of the bushes. He says he sent Arlene home. She says she doesnt know him. Harry then spots Michael the pimp hiding in a doorway across the street. He knows him too. She says shes with him. He waves at Harry and Harry calls him over. He asks Michael if he made her work and shes all smiles. Victor takes off and Mike says she is her girlfriend. Harry wants to know why he lets her stand on the corner while he watches. He says shes making money. Harry asks why doesnt he go work and make money. He says he works. Harry says hes a jealous type that wouldnt want his lady doing freaky things with strangers. He asks how he could do that to do her. He says he cant force her, she does what she wants. Harry says shes been out there 4 5 months and he hasnt arrested her, shes overdue. He feels bad about it. Mike wants to know when hes not working. Harry says everyone asks him that and he sends them away. Homicide Division Murder Investigation (940 PM Sunday) A victim tried to run away and was shot, then another victim was shot. They talked to the unit manager and they went to University hospitals. Detective Ed Herbert talks to a female witness whose face and voice are hidden who says they were on a patio telling jokes and Preston came out, pulled a gun and shot Paul through the head and blood came out both sides of his head. She then cries. Ed tells her to take a break. She smokes and says she thinks Preston said, youre next you son of a bitch and pointed it at Gene. Genes chair went back on the gravel, he tried to get away. Everything went in slow motion and she turned, didnt know what to do, she was scared. Ed draws a circle of the table next to Everett street and wants her to draw where everyone was. She says Paul was here and he came over with the gun and shot him. They go back to the crime scene and say everything is the way it was. Pauls body is still in the chair. They check his head wound. Its a smoking gun, only thing that wouldve been simpler was to find the suspect standing over the body. Good eyewitnesses, got the suspect, its not the what, its the why. Murder Suspect Police tape Preston is an old white man with glasses who says Paul came in the laundry room and talking about him and it was a big lie. He threatened to beat his face in and told everyone he did it and was the aggressor. It caused him to come back later that night with his gun in his hat. He told him to take back his lies and he wouldnt. He looked at him like you go to hell. He had the gun, but he cant say for sure if he squeezed the trigger, hes thought about it in his mind, but he just doesnt know. Detective Kent Perry makes a call to the hospital about a shooting victim named Gene Wilbur who was brought in. They say hes getting ready for surgery, he was shot in the arm and the bullet went through his chest. Hes a paralyzed, the best hell be in a paraplegic. (1105 AM Wednesday) They go to him in the hospital and ask if he had problems with Preston in the past. Everyone has, he was being evicted, he was too much trouble. He never threatened him before, but he threatened Paul saying he was going to shoot him. He doesnt own a gun, never has, never told Preston he owned a gun. Why would he say that He doesnt know. He asks if Preston killed anyone. They pause and finally say yeah. He says thats too bad. Then it goes to a KATU Ch 2 news clip of Jeff Gianola who says a 62 year old man just died who was shot on June 25. It was Gene Wilbur of 2041 NW Everett. They were sitting outside when both were shot by a man who lived in their apartment.

Episode 9 - Portland, OR 9
(745 PM Gang Violence) North Precinct Roll Call Officer Harry Jackson is with a group in the gym who is told if the press confronts them about the National Guard, dont say a word, refer them to the chiefs office. They leave and Harry goes to a call of a fight where someone is bloody. John has a bloody face and is wearing a Van Halen 1980 ringer tour shirt. His wife says guys grabbed bats and sticks and beat him. His brother was there too, he said they told him, dont f k with the Crips Their car is destroyed, all the windows are smashed and there is blood on the roof. A group of kids got in front of him and when they stopped they were attacked. The older brother has bad bruises on his back. The one that got it the worst rode up on his bike to help. The wife and her 10 year old were in the car. Harry drives to a known gang area and there are a bunch of guys in the street fighting. He asks whats going on, but they says nothing. A big black guy with a backwards hat wants to know why. Harry says he matches a description from the assault. He says he didnt do anything and wants to go see the guy. They bring the victims to ID him and the woman says thats him. He swears he didnt do it and wasnt there. (850 PM) At Emmanuel Hospital they go to the male victim who is on the table in a brace. He says bring him in and hell ID him, he wants him to hang. He says he was running on Skidmore and a citizen stopped, pulled a gun and all the guys chasing him ran and saved his ass. They bring in a younger thinner black guy for him to ID. The victim says nothing until he leaves and says it was definitely him. Afterwards the suspect was charged with two counts of racial intimidation and assault in the 2nd degree. Multnomah County Sheriffs Dept Sgt. John Bunnell says he has a search warrant for a pot growing operation, the kilowatt usage is really high for the residence, there is no one home and the warrant expires tomorrow. They are going to gently force their way in and not make a big production. (Narcotics Unit Task Force Warrant Served) In the basement there are tarps up, behind them are a bunch of plants that are starters. In another room there are a bunch of huge plants. Deputy Kevin Peterson breaks the lock off the garage and finds a classic red Corvette inside. John find a locker with scales and a bunch of guns including a .44 Magnum with a laser site. Kevin says hes their kind of guy and he wants the gun and the Vette. They also find a generator and a converter box in the basement. Kevin says the back door was unlocked, so they just walked in. There is also a huge reflector light. They load up a wagon with the bag of plants and tow the Vette away. John makes a phone call to the answering machine at the house. He says, This is John Bunnell, Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, we just stopped by to say hello, if you have any questions concerning our visit, please call me 255 3600, oh by the way we took your guns, we took your marijuana and your car just so you dont think a burglar did it, but the police have it, bye. (720 PM Accident Investigation) East Precinct Street Patrol Officer Lon Sweeney is at 87 and Ellis. A brown firebird hit a big postal mailbox and ran. He checks it out and finds a needle. It turns out the front of the car hit a telephone poll. Witnesses say he ran through the hedges and might be right there. His license plate is 299 CAR. They call a K 9 and ask a man in his yard if he saw anyone and he says absolutely no one. They find Raymond shirtless hiding under a car. He comes squirming out like an alligator and is cuffed. Lon asks him why he did that, he says he doesnt know, but didnt do it on purpose. He says please dont let the dog get me. It keeps barking, but doesnt make a sound. He tells him it has laryngitis. Ray left the car because he got scared. EMS arrives to look at him and he says his ribs hurt, not sure what you call it, he jumped out of the car while it was still moving and the door it him, he hasnt drankbut took meth, injected it, less than 1 4 of a gram. He starts hyperventilating and they pull him out and take the cuffs off. Lon says not to do anything stupid if he thinks hes in pain now. They load him into an ambulance and he says help me. (845 PM Man with a Gun Call) Lon asks 2 little girls if they saw a guy carrying an orange bag and they say no. He drives through a park to cut him off and finds three guys sitting at a picnic table. He says the guy with the gun told him he was going to stay home, he just wanted to come out for a while and the gun is home. The guy wont get up so Lon twists his arm and he howls, screams and he has to throw him down and finds a gun on him. He says its a cap gun. They yell at him not to walk around the park and threaten people, they warned him about him an hour ago. Hes upset because he just found out his brother died of a heroin overdose. Lon says he will die of a lead overdose.

Episode 10 - Portland, OR 10
(810 PM Armed Suspect Call) Multnomah County Sheriffs Dept Sgt. Loren Caddy takes a call and goes to his car. Officer Lon Sweeny gets his supplies and goes to his car. Both respond to a kid seen with a shotgun in a blue bag. Lon gets there first and hops a couple of fences along with a state trooper. Hes at 3537, but cant see him. Loren spots him on Bush and pulls in a driveway and goes over two fences with his gun drawn. Lon tells people to go inside. Loren catches the 15 year old white kid, Stacey, in aquamarine pants after he dumped the gun. Lon goes back with some other officers and finds a sawed off shotgun in a duffel bag with a butane torch. It is loaded and he jammed it. He is questioned and says he didnt run away from home, but he did run away from a boys home two weeks ago. Hes been arrested for robbery 2, theft 1. They say you usually dont find kids with shotguns. Because it is Remington if you dont know how to use it, it jams. He says hell shoot a cop if he has to. They are glad he said where the gun was so a kid didnt get hurt to keep that flame going. (Narcotics Task Force Informant Briefing) Deputy Jerry Hill talks to Lane about what hes comfortable with to catch a dealer friend of his. He says he hasnt dealt with him for a while and drinks out of a Batman cup. (545 PM) The man makes a call asking for 4 and they record it. He says a young punk kid will make the delivery. He says if white is too hard, hell get 3 brown. If you ask for over 4 they think its the cops because its too much money. (730 PM) Sgt. John Bunnell pulls up in a truck to a Burger King for the deal. Its supposed to be a young Hispanic in a sports car. The signal is the guy left his money in the car and hell go back for it and take off his shirt. Bunnell spots a white car where Lynn is as he gets out into his black Camero. Jenny is a tall blond in a black dress who exits and comes back. Two cars drive in front and back to box them in behind a movie theater and pull them out at gunpoint. The woman is taken away and the man has shorts and no shoes. He has something big wrapped in his pocket and says he doesnt know what it is, he was just told to bring it there. Bunnell opens it up and its a quarter pound of black tar heroin. A female is brought over to inspect the woman. She finds a wad of money in her purse and she says its his and she doesnt know where he got it. She is all cooperative, he is not, so they stop talking to him and say he just fell in a hole with a deep bottom. (Armed Robbery Warrant) Columbia Villa District Deputy Mark Romanaggi has information that a wanted felon is inside one of these apartments. Officer Craig Major knows his grandmother and they are going to search her house #8627 first. (730 PM) She answers the door with a baby in her arms. She hasnt seen Bill since the last time they were there. She doesnt want them to let him go if they catch him, but she doesnt want him to get killed. (445 PM Sisters Apartment) She says there is no one else there, but there is a baby crying. They find cigarettes and she doesnt smoke. She then admits he was just there and ran out. (1020 PM Girlfriends Apartment) Linda says there is no one there. She gives consent to search and doesnt care. They find 900 in cash in her purse. They say its either counterfeit or from drug sales. They find bullets and Craig calls that they have 5 robbery charges to hold him with to get the bail up so he cant get out. (1136 PM) They hear hes the Crown Motel on interstate and union. (1151 PM) They go over to the hotel and spot him leaning in a car on the street and jump out and grab him. He says hes down and didnt do anything wrong as they cuff him. They find a gun in his jacket and he isnt happy. It looks like a .44 and they are happy. He has cigarettes and he says its peppermint, but its bullets. He is wearing a Summer Olympics 84 shirt and says his friend loaned him the gun. They say to save it until hes mirandized.

Episode 11 - Portland, OR 11
(911 Call) Multnomah County Sheriffs Department A man in a truck makes a call of not seeing a gun, but three people were shot. Deputy Chris Peterson says its a confusing call, a Hispanic man left the scene westbound on Holgate in red shorts and EMS is on the scene. Inside they give CPR to one victim as Life Flight arrives. Chris goes into the ambulance to talk to a victim. He says 25 year old Alvarado Alvarosa shot him. A woman is brought out on a stretcher. Deputy John Blackman heads to the scene to help with the perimeter. A woman says Sergio is a witness, not the shooter and they are looking for him. They go through a yard and find a bunch of pot plants. A woman says Sergio is inside sitting on the couch, hes her boyfriend who was running, doesnt know what he was doing and wasnt outside. They go in and its totally dark except for the TV. They say he was seen running and to come with them and no one knows who the shooter is yet. Sergio says he heard the sirens and someone yelling Amigo, amigo, shoot me. He went and hid behind a fence to not get shot and it turns out hes innocent. (Witness Interrogation Sheriffs Office) Sergio was to be the fourth victim, but he hauled ass out of there. Sergio speaks in Spanish and says Alvarado came to the apartment, didnt know the girl was living there and asked why he and his friend were there. The girl was dating his friend and he starting shooting 3 4 minutes after he came in. They show him a picture and he says thats him. Hes still at large and all three victims died at the scene. Sergio is scared to death hes going to get him. (911 Call Shoplifter) Sgt. Loren Caddy goes to a Safeway supermarket where two employees are sitting on a bald man. He stole cigarettes and the employees recognized him from another store. He has a basket full of Camels and was caught 6 weeks ago stealing steaks. Hes gone to trail, but it hasnt completed. Hes a junkie, shoots heroin, has five charges against him including being a habitual offender. If he fought in any way its robbery. Hes sweating and says hes been shooting up for 20 years, tried to quit a few times and was off it for a week. He works to support it, has a big habit and no family because they left a long time ago. Hes going through withdrawal and desperately wants a cigarette. Hes 41, never went to jail and started hustling in the last year. He went to work and had no energy, so he would leave at 2pm to get well. The boss doesnt understand. Loren says they want him there to work and he should ask the judge for help. He has a 7 year old kid he wants to get back, but she deserves better. Hes been doing it for 26 years and has to steal to support his habit. (435 PM) Narcotics Task Force Drug Sting Operation Sgt. John Bunnell says they are going down the street 30 blocks where the dope is. Once they get there theyll have to improvise since they dont know what to expect. He sets up in a lot and two women walk up that they want to arrest. (600 PM) John tells Blinky that they are getting on the bus with their mother. He pulls up on the curb next to the bus and grabs Gina when she exits. She wants to know why shes under arrest. They say she has warrants, is that good enough She says shes about to pee in her pants now, the money she has isnt hers, Robbie gave it to her to buy drugs, but took off. Gina says she can call Robbie on his beeper and ask him to meet her. She cries, shes going to set him up. (715 PM) She can have 600 on her. Special Agent Ed Fisher says if she doesnt get a 1 4 pound shes going to jail. He says Brenda just went to jail from being snitched on. She wants to make a deal and says shes got the money on her. Rocky doesnt have that much, but Joe his runner has it. Hell call her back at that the number. (832 PM) She says hes in either a blue B210 or a silver 1988. They go to the deal point and spot a car. She makes a deal, gives the signal, they surround the dealer and arrest him. He is Cuban and says his fingerprints wont be on the bag full of drugs. He says its not his, even though it was right next to him. He faces charges with no bond, theyll hold him in a federal prison, then ship him back to Cuba. John asks, Jesus, does it ever end

Episode 12 - Portland, OR 12
12 (340 PM Street Patrol) East Precinct. People call because they think have a rattlesnake in their yard. Officer Lon Sweeney says it is a bull snake and uses a stick to toss it over their fence. (535 PM Racial Harassment Call) Cops go to a skinheads house to arrest guys who attacked some blacks with baseball bats. A white girl comes home and freaks out that they wont let her in since she lives there. A bunch of skins are brought to jail. (941 PM Traffic Stop) Lon pulls over a motorcycle. Bobby stops and then does a U turn and takes off. He gets caught in the dirt and Lon jumps out and pushes him over and arrests him. He knows who Bobby is, but not why he ran. (911 Call Auto Theft) A couple of teenage guys try to hot wire a 280 Z and get caught by the owner. The owner punches the 17 year old thief wearing a Judas Priest in the nose making it a bloody mess. The second thief is Justin Swackhammer who is 15 and is wearing an Ozzy shirt. He stands down the road giving them the finger and egging them on. They catch him and the bloody guy spits on the victim and almost gets punched again. The 15 year old is drunk, spitting, cursing and frothing. (240 PM Domestic Call) Ed is a 20 year old man who sniffs paint. He is hiding in his moms shed with a knife. His sister just died from paint sniffing because she drove over a cliff. They try to help him, but he doesnt want any help. Mom wants him to hurt her so they will arrest him. There is nothing they can do, so they leave. Three weeks later he kills himself.

Episode 13 - Portland, OR 13
(230 PM Traffic Stop) Multnomah Co. Sheriffs Dept Sgt. Loren Caddy says another officer has a potential DWI under arrest and he needs Loren to breathalize him. A car hat hit a bunch of mailboxes and they went over to check it out and found open containers and Buds on ice in the back. They guy wouldnt talk, struggled and then passed out in the back of the police car. Back at the station the shirtless man wont give his name. He wants the cuffs off, wants to make a phone call and if they treat him like a piece of dog s t, hes going to act like a piece of s t. He wont say who he wants to call and already knows his rights. Loren says he has different rights and reads to him about DWI. The guy says they beat him up. He gives him the phone number as 749 and wants the cuffs off. Loren asks him if its long distance. Its in Salem, he doesnt know where he is. He wants the cuffs off, knows a lot of local people who will reverse the charges, theyll accept it. Loren calls for him and the guy says his name is Zoom Zoom Zim Zam, theyll accept it. He says to arrest him, Loren says hes already under arrest. He asks whats for He tells him DWI, but he doesnt accept that. He calls Loren a piece of s t. They say he can have the cuffs off if he goes in the cage, but he doesnt want to go in there. He says he has no address, wont say his weight or anything. Loren tells him to back off, his breast stinks, he has enough and puts him in the cell cuffed. Tammy arrives to ID him. She says his name is Scott, he lives with her and they let him go with her. He warns her of his dinosaur breath, he says he doesnt have a Social Security number, to ask his mother. He is lucky they dont put him in detox. She asks if hes been obnoxious, Scott says no. After he leaves Loren says, What a jerk. (Narcotics Task Force Warrant Briefing) Sgt. John Bunnell is going to meet the rest of the crew and have a chalk talk. There is a report of five suspects in the house, including R Lu, the female they are looking for. Hes going to grind it to a halt in front of the house. They get the battering ram ready with John. (1215 PM Warrant Served) It takes four hits to ram the door open. John yells to get down and they cuff everyone. She an old woman who says she has a problem with her shoulder and doesnt sell coke, but they find a big baggie of it. Shes asked if she works and John says to put refused to answer. (410 PM 2nd Warrant Briefing) Detective Doug Ross says they are growing 300 400 pot plants. Theyll go in nice at first and smash their way in if they have to. (521 PM Warrant Served) A barking dog gets in Johns face and he threatens to shoot it if they dont pull it off. They find two huge rooms full of pot plants growing to the ceiling. There is also a calendar going back to January with his growing schedule. They seize 8,000 worth of pot. The suspect says he read how to grow it in a book. Its the first time hes grown it, doesnt know any sellers. John says to just arrest him, hes not helping them any. Portland North Precinct (Street Patrol) Officer Harry Jackson says he wants to see if he knows a whore on the street. (320 PM) He knows Mrs. Lynn, who says she doesnt live there and is going to a house to see an old friend. She knocks at the door and asks if they remember her. They dont. She says her mom lives down the street and she used to lay out in the yard last Summer. The wife says we dont know her. She lives on Alameda, but has a friend down the street. She wants to use the phone, shes going to Vancouver street and says, With you around Jackson, who needs the national Guard. (435 PM) He spots Alexandra McConnell AKA Buffy walking and checks her. He asks what shes doing, if she has rubbers and shes playing Russian Roulette with her life. She says shell live her life the way she wants, if god wants to take her now, he will. He asks is that how it is Then asks about the night her nose got rearranged, did she like that No. He says well he thought it was all right, she thought it was wrong. You may think whoring is right, but other people think its wrong. She doesnt understand about having crack babies. He says shell go right around the corner and jump in the first car. Hes known her for years, arrested her, got her treatment, testified for her court, everything. She wont answer, has the right to remain silent. She thanked him since he was the only one who showed up in court, not even her mom did. (647 PM) He spots Laura and says hes glad she looks so good because he thought he would lose her. She says shes working legit and used to work this corner. He asks what changed her. She says you did, he got her off the streets. He says he better not catch her outside, she says she knows she was a hard head, thanks him and gives him a hug and a kiss.

Episode 14 - San Diego, CA 1
(Academy Graduation) Sheriff John F. Duffy is at the podium and makes the police cadets repeat, I solemnly swear that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties Im about to enter. He congratulates them and gives their first order take that badge off that envelope and pin it on your chest. Then they all cheer. Deputy Bob Frausto says it is a unique place to be proactive in their job, the size is about the state of CT 43,000 square miles from metropolitan policing to mountains and deserts. Helicopter patrol is a good way to cover rural and metro areas. Astrea Division Air Support (652 PM Fugitive Search) They are looking for a 5150, Dave, a psychotic violent subject who was hit with a taser and it didnt stop him. The Marshals went to arrest him, pulled the tasers out and took off. They lost him. Deputy Marshall Scott Hill says they hit him with two fully charged tasers and he fell back, ripped them out, laughed and ran back to his car. Hes a white man, blonde, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. A helicopter spots him near a backyard pool after a woman in the house saw him. Cops pour into the yard to look for him. They catch him and he keeps fighting them. Dave says his shoelace is untied, he didnt try to kick them and tries to close the door. They says hes outnumbered and its time to give it up. They hobble him and he sticks his tongue out at the camera. Hes going to mental health. Deputy Marshall Joe Sprecco says he was supposed to go to mental health for evaluation, he didnt show up and they came to get him. Northern Division Station House Deputy Bill Hubler watches cops go through fancy drug paraphernalia they confiscated. He signs in and they show how to use a colossal skull bong and a two pipe bong that doesnt need hands to smoke it. Bill takes his cooler and leaves. (247 PM Street Patrol) He goes to a call of a distraught mom who locked her 6 month old baby in the car. They are trying to open the door with coat hangers, the back window is open and the boy in the back is hysterical. They are in the shade, so its not as bad. Bill works a Slim Jim down the door and gets it open. She pulls him out and the kid stops crying as a crowd of people look on. (735 PM Stolen Car Call) A plumber went to a liquor store, left his keys inside his work van and someone took it while he went inside. Real smart. The guy took off on Santa Fe and Deputy Brian Sheets caught him. The driver says he has no registration, but its his van. He keeps asking whats wrong, says he has no ID, but a guy over there will ID the van as his. His name is Shawn Griffen and he just bought the van. Bill finds Coke cans with drugs in the back. He says hes not suing drugs, but they find meth on him which he says is not his. They go to cuff him and he fights hard. They choke him, he screams like a demon and they tell him to shut up. He tried to destroy the meth, a second offense. Brain asks Bill if he believes this guy. Shawn huffs, puffs, moans, groans and says he cant believe they set him up like this. Bill says he might have more dope in his sock. He keeps moaning and says theyre hurting him, but they are only taking his shoe off. Whats it all about He claims hes got a broken left foot, though he walked fine before. Bill says they can testify to how much powder they saw. Brian uses a credit card to scrape it up on the hood of his car and collects it. The guy tried to jam it down the backseat of the car. He asks if its his why wouldnt he hide it, they said hes stupid that why. He wants someone to pick up his car. They say theyll impound it and hell never get it back. His real name is Walter Bradsure, Bills arrested him 4 5 times before, but he didnt even recognize him until now. Walt says theyve harassed him enough. Bill says hes caught him buying drugs before. (911 Call Stabbing) Northern Division Street Patrol Sgt. Derek Clark calls Vista paramedics, they have a person down. A woman says someone was stabbed. A mom says a woman stabbed her daughter in the eye, she wont calm down, shes dying and shell kick her guts out. She gets hysterical and they rush away the suspect. EMS arrives as they tie off the crime scene and her mother goes crazy. The victim stepped in between a fight and got stabbed in the face and the hand by Constance. They have to seal her house off because thats where it happened. The mom says she was crazy, came at her like the guy in Psycho, said she was not her daughter, smashed her in the face with a frying pan which didnt stop her, kicked her while she was down and she still came at her. Theyll get her medication and lock up her apartment. She says she just wanted to talk to someone. Deputy Victoria Reden says she got stabbed and didnt pull it out, jammed it back and forth and got cut from eye to mouth. The woman has a ton of medication and drinks constantly. The bathroom is covered with blood and they find the knife there totally cleaned off, but broken.

Episode 15 - San Diego, CA 2
2 (Eastern Division Street Patrol) Sheriffs Dept Deputy Bob Frausto says they are going to a shooting call where a girl was screaming on the phone. Astrea Division Air Support helicopter flies over. Bob runs to the house with another cop and finds a woman crying hysterically. She says she accidentally shot her boyfriend in the gut while playing with a gun. Fire and Rescue comes in and ambulances him off. Deputy Jon Shellhammer lands his helicopter so they can airlift him out. The girl says she was being taught how to shoot the gun and it went off. The bullet missed an artery by an inch. (345 PM Traffic Stop) Bob pulls over Dennis, a Hells Angel Biker. He tells him to get off the bike and he wont. Bob asks to see his license and he just holds it up and tells him he knows he has one. He says the Sgt. told him he had a license. Bob says he has been suspended since 8 17, but the computer says it is valid. Dennis says he will beat him up any time, anywhere. (837 PM Family Disturbance) A man is trying to get into his house, but his wife wont let him in. He was supposed to pick her up for lunch, but didnt and she was embarrassed. She yelled at him, took his keys and stabbed him with a pencil through the window. Cops get his keys back so he can leave. Northern Division Street Patrol Deputy Bill Hubler takes the call of a Mexican man holding a kid at knife point. (305 PM Attempted Kidnapping) They talk to the young girl who said he held a knife to her throat when he grabbed her from behind and covered her eyes. He said if she screams hell cut her head off so she kneed him in the private spot and ran. She didnt see his face though. She takes him to Beaumont where she was walking home from school and shows Bill where he dragged her through the bushes. They find no evidence and since they have no description all they can do is step up patrols in that area. (922 PM Restaurant Disturbance) A woman doesnt want the pizza she bought because it was supposed to be 12 slices and it was only 8 and since they touched it when they cut it she doesnt want it. The owner says the pizza is the same size no matter how he cuts it. He winds up refunding her money to get rid of her.

Episode 16 - San Diego, CA 3
3 (Northern Division Roll Call) Sgt. Derek Clark says the activity is still hot and heavy at 228, if anything goes on please stop, park in the driveway if you arent busy, make them miserable. Robert who lives nearby has a radio tower and can listen to the police so he knows whats going on. When they go by let him know and hell come out and throw rocks at the car they are chasing, hes not kidding. (911 Call Gunfire) They pull up and catch a white guy in the dark with a USA shirt. He says hes on his personal property and not doing anything so why are they bothering him They explain the neighbors heard shots. He says to talk to them instead of him. The stop sign in front of his house has three holes in it and they found spend casings. He says he fired two shots, realized he did something wrong and went back in and stuffed it in the woodpile. They find the large handgun so he is cuffed. His girlfriend asks why they have to do this. Its felony in CA to discharge a weapon in an area where people can get killed or injured. (903 PM Traffic Stop) Derek pulls behind a car that sits through a couple of traffic light changes and pulls her over. Kimberly says she was going to a friends apartment. He says theyve raided it a few times, its a drug house. Everyone they pull out of there has drugs, they want to run them all at of the town, they are useless and should be swept out. She looks like a young Samantha Fox, heavily made up with lots of jewelry. She has a warrant for providing false info to the police. She swears to god she went to all her court hearings and cries. They find a bag of crystal meth, a pipe and a wad of cash in the car. She is cuffed and wants to know where they are going to take her. He says to the station. She wants to know where shell go from there, shes scared, her family doesnt know where she is. He says to a womens facility. She says she didnt do anything, its in her car. They talk to Ralph who arrives and says someone told him they saw his car getting stopped. She has no license, so they tow her car. He asks the cops if she said the drugs were hers. He says no, but he didnt ask her. They know the drugs are his and hes letting Kimberly take the fall. Kim asks how could he walk away and freaks out cursing him, calling him a jerk and god damn him. Derek says he has no doubt the drugs are his. (1140 AM Rural Patrol) Deputy John Sheiferth says they are resident deputy sheriffs, they live in the community the serve. There are six other deputies in the rule enforcement program covering 200 square miles. They serve as detectives, an ambulance, whatever needed. (128 PM Domestic Call) He goes past Julians Caf to a house where a man has had problems with a guy being drunk and violent. He calls his partner to back him up. The windows on the house are broken out and a neighbor says the guy went nuts, ran off and his wife and kids are gone. They find him out back shirtless and bearded. He says he did it because he was pissed off at his wife. He says hes been there before, why dont they separate Hes been there 30 years, doesnt want to give it up, has been with her since he was 13 and he was 45 yesterday. Hell die with that witch, but he should leave her. They arrest him for being under the influence. At jail they read him his rights. (350 PM Traffic Stop) The guy says he has 3 deadly diseases asthma, pneumonia and emphysema. Hes like an older, grosser, dirty Charlie Manson who lives out of his car. Hes trying to get some sleep, trying to get some rest and is tired and sick. His car is filled with junk. He doesnt go to the hospital because he cant afford it. John says he should take up opportunities with the state for help instead of sleeping out there where tourists go. Its an old green car with a truck camper on the roof. He gets the car started and drives off. John says some people get stranded there with no money and they help them as best as they can. (Northern Division Street Patrol) Deputy Bill Hubler says they are going to have computers put in all the cars and will cut down paperwork by 50%. He is told not to take the car past 5gs. He says that would be 500mph and he would die, but his computer would survive. He drinks 7 11 coffee on the run. (312 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) A man had his truck stolen a week ago and a friend found it by the railroad tracks. He called the cops to go over there. Its totally stripped, the wheels are gone, the bed of the truck was removed and is in a yard, plus the stereo and seats are gone. They go over and the hood it up, but the plates are still on it. They go up to the house and Maureen Masonette comes out. She says her son lives there with her, she was just cooking and they surprised her. Rajee the son comes out and says Greg from down the street was driving it got stuck in the mud and left it there. He doesnt know Gregs last name. Bill says he better think fast. They stripped it and he took the bed off because the guy wanted the bed for his truck. Bill asks if he thinks a 1988 Toyota truck would get stuck and left there forever. He says he doesnt have any way to contact the police. Hes arrested for possession of stolen property. They tell the owner the guy was the one tearing the stuff off his truck and he has no theft insurance. (548 PM) Bill talks to Rajee at the station. He wants the truth on everything or he will go to juvenile hall and his mom wont come and get him. They let him go and the mom says thanks, Bill suggests a major change in friends. The owner says its disappointing and tires to salvage what he can.

Episode 17 - San Diego, CA 4
(Northern Division Street Patrol) Sheriffs Dept Deputy Bill Hubler goes in his trunk for cuffs and a clipboard, then puts the cuffs on the shotgun inside. (245 PM Traffic Stop) He pulls over a black Z28 with license plate LE WEEZ. The driver Mrs. Anderson has over 9000 worth of traffic warrants and her license is suspend. The passenger Mr. Burton is sucking a lollipop and has no license either. She is pulled out and has no pockets to search and says she knows why shes getting arrested then yells What really loud. He says the tape case and magazines are his and wants to know why they got pulled over. No front license plate. She starts crying in the back. He is free to go so he grabs his stuff and walks away. Bill finds an exacto knife kit in a wooden box, a vial of meth inside, a butane pencil torch and a glass crack pipe. She used to be a model and they find a folder of glamour shots of her posing in lingerie. Bill says she used to be a pretty good looking and shes not anymore. Central Jail Sgt. Grant Burnett says the advisory committee on adult detentions will be inspecting them, so make sure they polished their shoes, get a haircut and are squared away. He reads off the assignment list for search, P&R, etc. and they head out. (340 PM) Deputy Gene Bursch is assigned to gate duty. The first guy gets one chance to go along with the program. Theyll take the cuffs off and if he sits in the room for 4 6 hours hell get no charges, if not he gets a padded room for 12 hours. They hand out bags to put possessions in. (445 PM) They ask the guy if he ever wanted to kill himself, he says yes, but not tonight. Hes been charged with oral copulation and sodomy, 60,000 bail. Hell get a chance to post it, but most likely wont be able to. (620 PM) A man says they picked him up at the YWCA and they tell him to be quiet and hell get out in a few hours. He wants to know something. They tell them they dont know anything. He says they are the f king police, they should know. He and his pregnant old lady have been all over the US with no problem. They say he should stay out of San Diego. They search a guy on crystal meth. They can get violent, paranoid and attack because they think people are out to get them, especially the druggies. He says he slammed and shows where he did it. He sticks it in the breasts of a woman on a tattoo. His heart rate is 104 bpm, he says hes not using though. Its instant exercise. They look in the drunk tank and people are whooping it up. One guy spits on the door. Another guy, Wayne, says he hasnt done meth in a week. They say hes tweaking and lying. They put him in a padded room and he says Why me They smell pot and a small Mexican and a black guy in the drunk tank are smoking it. They pull them out and search them. The joys of alcohol, a typical Friday night. (738 PM) Eddie the transvestite is brought in, hes a regular and is wearing a tube top, white hat and looks like a cross between Vince Neil and Cher. He is charged with possession. They check his arms and he has a huge scar where he shot up at 3pm. He says hell be out in a few hours, maybe more since he looks so cute. They show guys inspected naked in the shower. William is brought in for being drunk. Hes down on the floor and says he can get up. Hes the Duncan Man and not turn his arm and hurt. Gene tells him to shut up. He wont open his mouth or follow the program. Gene says hes not going to make it. Eddie is fingerprinted. An old black drunk is let out, free again. He says maybe he drinks too much and maybe he belongs in jail. They say theyll see him tomorrow, he says maybe later tonight. Bill says all he had was a couple of beers. He has a bloody fat lip and was beat up. They go to inspect him and he fights and goes down. Three cops are on him and he starts screaming like a girl. They tell him hes heading for the rubber room. He keeps howling and says hell cooperate. He leaves a big bloody spot on the wall. He says the cuffs are hurting him, but they cant take them off because hes fighting. He says he isnt fighting. (907 PM) A guy in solitary tried to kill himself by wrapping toilet paper around his chest and setting on fire. Gene asks why he did that. He says so he could get pain killers. Gene says itll hurt twice as much with the burns. A Mexican drunk is brought in and wants to go home. Gene says to click his heels together three times and say, theres no place like home. They guy actually does it and Gene says drunks are so funny. They say goodbye to Eddie and theyll see him next week. Welcome to County jail gentlemen, step on inside.

Episode 18 - San Diego, CA 5
(505 PM Child Abuse Unit) County Sheriffs Dept Northern Division Warrant Briefing Detective Mike Radovich says the people across the hallway in #40 are their victims, 2 girls 6 7, thought the suspect was a little weird. He babysat them a couple months, then he started molesting him. She could always smell ether coming out of his apartment and he tried to show her XXX movies, but she wasnt into it. They could smell bottles cooking. They are looking for naked playing cards he showed them, a movie showing a foursome and adult magazine. They are taking everything. Deputy Bill Hubler goes along. (600 PM) They pull up with a vanload of people. Inside they tell the people to get facedown. There is a young girl there. Phyllis says they are looking for Mike, she doesnt know where he is or when hes coming home. Theres a knife on the couch along with VHS pornos. Theres a stolen car in the garage plus a meth kit loaded with needles and some have blood in them. They find the magazines too. If he was there hed be arrested. (745 PM Subject Located) They pull him out of his car at gunpoint. There is also a male passenger in the car. Both are cuffed. Hes wanted for sodomy. (Northern Division Street Patrol) Deputy Bill Hubler goes to Fox Point apartments around the back and meets Deputy Victoria Reden there. They go up to apartment #23 and a naked woman opens the door, says her boyfriend John is in the bathroom, doesnt know his last name because she just met him. She puts a red robe on. They have a warrant for John Nickalopolous. He asks what he did now and he doesnt have a gun, so they look for it. Then Bill finds a guy drinking in the closet that looks Jim Martin from Faith No More. Hes pissed and glad he wasnt armed, or Vietcong or hed be dead. John says the gun is in the closet where the guy was, so Bill feels really stupid. The woman points to where it is and he finds it. She says shes sorry and is innocent. Everything went well, it was a 9mm, good thing he wasnt a killer or hed be dead. God watches over fools and cops. (911 Call Female with a Gun) Someone saw a person hand a gun to a woman who stuck it in her clothes. They grab a guy in a leather jacket and a Motorhead shirt. The girl is dressed like Debbie Gibson in a flannel shirt, gray jean vest and black felt hat. She has a black plastic Uzi toy on her. She says its her sons as the guy eats an ice cream bar. Bill calls to a cop across the street and asks if hed shoot him over it. He says yes. The woman says she bought it as a gift for her son. They take the toy away from her, the guy says he guesses he learned his lesson. Astrea Division Air Support Deputy Ron Cowan is the pilot. They fly to a field in the middle of nowhere and there is a truck there. (520 PM Patrol Stop) The truck starts moving and they drop the helicopter down. Deputy Jon Shellhammer goes over and talks to the driver. He has no shirt on, there are 2 tires in the back that he says are his friends and belong to a Nissan. His paperwork is in order so he lets him go. (811PM) Back up Call Drug Investigation they go to watch the ground units because its a bad neighborhood. They find one suspect in the bushes. The cops approach him and he runs. They follow him through yards, around in a circle and K 9 gets him until police arrive. It might be an off duty cop the dog belonged to.

Episode 19 - Los Angeles, CA 1
(1220 PM Homicide Investigation) Sheriffs Dept Homicide Bureau A call comes from a man who hasnt heard from a neighbor in a while and went in with the key and found him dead. They find him on the floor next to the bed with a pillow over his face. He was last heard from on Saturday. Hes in his 50s and was known to pick up young boys for gay sex. Detective Mike Bumcrot checks around and finds gay video tapes. His friend was worried, called the realtor, got the key and came in. The say it must be someone he knew because she cant get in the building. They find his hands are cuffed and they cut them out. Later an 18 year old is caught in Las Vegas using his credit card. His Mercedes was stolen along with his wallet. They want them to arrest him. He says the 23 year old brother was driving the car. (720 PM Homicide Bureau) Detective Mark Cleaves is told the son confessed to his mom, but she wont say what he told her. He went home with the guy and smoked crack, hopes he isnt dead and if he is he wants to kill himself. (312 AM Garden Grove Police Briefing) He said he wanted to turn himself in at the Crystal Cathedral in Vegas. (430 AM Suspect Arrested) They go and get him. The pastor says he came in wanting to give himself up and he did it. The pastor says goodbye to him and tells him to tell the truth. They were going to go to Reno to get him, but they are glad he came back and its over. West Hollywood Sheriffs Station (Training Evaluation) Deputy Sean Collinsworth talks to Deputy Paul Terrusa about his second month evaluation. His total score is 2.8, better than last time, but some areas werent. His broadcast skills are good, but when answering the calls hes not listening. Hes the closest unit and he doesnt hear it. The armed robber he took down 2 weeks ago was superb. Uniform and attitude are excellent, his saving grace. If it wasnt for his attitude he wouldve shot him a long time ago. (911 Man with Gun) The suspect was there before and the victim saw a gun, left and came back. They play a video tape dated 10 19 89 and it shows the guy coming into the tow yard and when he turns to leave they see the gun in his back. They wait outside for the guy to come back and they go in with guns drawn. There are four Asian guys inside and they ask the guy in the white shirt where the gun is. The other three arent with him, so they let them out. Paul checks him out. The guy says it was a pipe, not a gun. He was pissed because they towed his car. He came out and his car was gone and he looked for it for an hour. He says he threw the pipe out. Sean wants to look in his van. He says OK, but its not his van. A second guy says he has a BB gun in his car. They find it and it looks like a .45 caliber. The first guy wants to tell his point of view. Sean says his point is mute. They say a fake gun will get him killed. LA County Sheriffs Dept West Hollywood Deputy Brian Nelson says he gets a lot of support from his family. They get excited when he gets certain jobs, but they worry too. Hes brought his fianc out with him to see what he does. She puts a lot of faith in him and trusts him because hes got good training. (1149 PM Assistance Call) A call of 6 male blacks trying to beat up a transvestite comes in. He instead goes to a call of three men detained. Joshua is 19 and has a wool hat over his eyes. They want to see if they are the ones causing trouble. Deputy Brian Hickey is on the scene. His American Express Card says James. He says that was a card he just found a minute ago and was going to throw it away. Brian asks him why he would do that and not turn it in. They call in to find out if it is stolen. He says he didnt use it, but its a misdemeanor to have it. They check him to see if he has others. Josh wants to know if hell get in trouble for finding it. He says no, you should call it in or give it to the police. Common sense says he would try to get it back to the owner. Josh is on probation for second degree robbery, he did his time and is that going to be a problem Josh is arrested for receiving stolen property and theyll contact his probation officer. Another Case solved. Dedicated to the memory of Deputy Jack Murphy 1954 1988.

Episode 20 - Los Angeles, CA 2
(900 PM Male Prostitution Stings) West Hollywood Sheriffs Station Special Problems Unit Deputy Aldo Iturriaga says you know why we are all out here. The city, the gay and business community asked them to come out to arrest hustlers because of the crimes associated with them. Theyll only make right turns and the signal is to put the blinker on. They are going to do it different then before by using a limo. Inside the signal will be to pick up the phone and say, Lets go to the hotel. Deputy Jim Campbell says to give him time to play the guys as hell have to string them along longer than normal. Aldo says once you do the passby turn your radio off and say, You are going to try to go for it. They have to stay off Santa Monica and use Fountain until they get something to do it that way. (930 PM) Justin walks up asks whats going on. He says hes a man of the world, would you like to see a lot of it and get in. He does and says hes from Sicily. Jim says he comes and goes as he feels as they go on Detroit. He says hes a working man, charges 60 and can get anything he wants for that. Jim asks what he likes. Justin likes BJs and giving it in the ass. He asks if he likes hotels, motels or the back seat of the car. He says this is good. Jim says hell call his driver and they stop, run out and bust him. Justin asks doesnt he have to have money to be busted The second guy is a young Hispanic who asks Jim if hes a cop. Jim says does this look like a cop car. He asks to prove it. How can he prove it Let him in. He goes to kiss Jim and he freaks out and the hustler knows he is a cop. He tries to get out Jim asks is that a game you lay, hes a man who moves a lot of money, he doesnt give kisses, hes bewildered by it. Do you usually do that, jumping in the car looking for a kiss Does he always do that No. He says he looks for something quick, not kissing. He says he finds him attractive. Jim says he hoped he would. He asks about a price and the guy says hes not interested and gets out. Jim says to send any of his friends over that might be. Then he says this guy is good. (1138 PM) A guy walks up and gets in. he says hes Steve and shakes his hand. Jim says he wants to get to the nitty gritty, time is money, youve got places to go and things. What are you hustling for He says he gets different amounts like 50. Jim says what does he get for that. Then a guy comes over to the car and asks if anyone famous is in there. Jim says one at a time. The guy says he likes to give BJs and he doesnt have a hotel to go to. They go north on Orange to Lexiginton. Jim asks about him. He says hes 20 and from Ohio. He wanted to come out and get into acting, but he got strung out on drugs. He wants to save up for AA to get off drugs. Then hell have his pictures done and get an agent. They pull him out and Aldo says Fred Hennicker says they busted him before. Jim wants the guy who went to kiss him (1152 PM) Eric DAngelo gets in dressed in drag. He is from Mexico and tired of it. He keeps talking, then cops bust him and he just stares. Jim says hes probably a guy. He says he has nothing on him, no weapons, no ID. Do you have a penis Yes. (1215 AM) An old guy gets in, says his name is Snake. Jim thinks hes Steve. He asks his first name and he says Clint. He asks if Jim is heat. He says does it look like it. He says they try anything. Jim asks whats on the menu. He says for 50 hell do anything but S&M. Jim says anything for 50. Then he picks up the phone and says its not a good spot. The cops bust him and say he has coke on him, they know him, hes Earl Jackson, he was just released from jail an hour ago after doing 6 months. They laugh at him and tell him to pick another line of work, hes not good at this. Its the 14th time hes been busted for it. Will he get a bullet, a year this time It doesnt matter, as soon as he gets out hell be back doing it again. Beverly Hills Municipal Court (905 AM Two Weeks Later) Deputy Jim Campbell is called to speak in the case against Earl. His job is for West Hollywood Sheriffs Department, been there 24 years. On 10 21 89 he was working a project for male hustlers. What does that mean Deputy District Attorney Lisa Hart questions him. She asks what that mean. He says he picks up makes for sex. She asks if he was plain clothes, in a limo. Sgt. Powell was the driver. He picked him up on the corner. He asked him what is he doing and asked to get in. He moved over, didnt come in and came around the other side and he told him he surprised him. He asked if he was out hustling, hes a businessman. He charges 50 and will do whatever you want. Chief Medical Officer John H. Clark gets up next. Hes from the LA County sheriffs dept. They ask him about drawing blood for HIV analysis. He says Mr. Tribble is HIV. Public Defender Michael Masterson asks if the test can be assumed from the results alone that the patient has AIDS. He says that is correct. Can he assume from the Smith Klein test that he will get AIDS. He can say for certain, but everything they know says it is a great chance he will get full blown AIDS. Det. Brown is next up. He first saw him in the West Hollywood jail and interviewed him there. Did AIDS come up He initiated it. He told him what happened on the arrest and he asked him if he had AIDS. He said he knew 6 weeks ago he had AIDS. He asked him why he was still soliciting if he knew this. He doesnt care about anyone else and hopes they will all get it. As a result of the preliminary hearing the suspect was charged with felony prostitution. The case was later dismissed by a superior court on a technicality.

Episode 21 - Los Angeles, CA 3
(Baton Training) LA County West Hollywood Sheriffs Station Deputy Sean Collingsworth rides a bicycle to work is in a biking outfit. They are going to do an all out assault on the bag 1 at time for 15 seconds. Deputy Paul Terrusa is up first. They egg him on, saying its a 200 pound thief trying to take his gun away. Sean says it was good. Sean is next and wails harder than Paul and pokes with the baton. They yell to give it a good pop, take it seriously, jab it, hes making fun of your balls. There are all posters of pin up girls on the walls. (1238 AM Man with a Gun Call) Sean drives up, a boy flags them down and they run over on foot. They cuff Joseph, a long haired guy in a denim jacket and NASCAR shirt on the ground who says he doesnt have a gun and they woke him up trying to steal his stuff. He says he doesnt have a knife. The park custodian says the guy threatened him, said hed stab him. They go back to Joseph and he admits he threw the knife somewhere. He asks what he did and whys he being arrested. Sean says hes getting assault with a deadly weapon, work with it. Joe says he didnt assault anyone. They go to take Joe away and he freaks out so they throw him against a fence, down on the ground, he screams wildly that they tried to rob him, they woke him up, whys he being arrested. He keeps screaming and yelling Why They find a Bowie type knife. He asks if the knife is illegal. Sean says no, its illegal to point it at someone. (112 AM) They take him to jail, tell him to take his socks off and sit him in a holding cell. (440 PM Street Patrol) South East County Sheriffs Station Deputy David Halm gets his shotgun out of the trunk, loads it, puts it up front and locks it in place. He says he gets the one gun that doesnt fit. (911 Call Domestic Violence) 527pm. Hes on Bellflower and Flower. A guy beat up his girl and he went down the street. She got away and is calling from the 7 11 down the road. He pulls in and asks who called. A guy says shes in the van. She says her husband, they dont live together. He lives on passage. She went to his house, buzzed him at the gate and had three bags for the baby. He didnt have his key, got mad, hit her in the chest and tried to pull her wedding ring off. David says theyll have to go back since its the city of Paramount and get a cop from there. Shes working two jobs to take care of the kid, hes not giving her any help and is being a rudie poo. She went to drop the kid off because its his turn for visitation and she needs to go to work. They go to the Todds house and yell to open up or theyll bring the K 9 up. He doesnt answer. David kicks at the door over and over, but the dead bolt holds it. They yell for Todd to come out. They let Chubby kick it a while. Eventually they get in and the dog goes through, but they dont find him. The paramedics are called for her because her arm is swelling up, her ribs might be broken and shes thrilled. They cart her off and say hes arrestible now. (617 PM) They get a call from Todd asking why his door was kicked in so they go back to his place. There are a few people inside and they ask where Todd Weiss is. He says he didnt touch his wife, never in his life. They have to go with the evidence they have and see. Bail is 5,000 since its a felony if his friends want to bail him out. Theyve arrested him for it before. The law is that if there is any signs of injury they have to arrest and everyone is happy, except for him. Temple City Sheriffs Station (911 Call Domestic Violence) Deputy Patrick Martinez gets ready for work at the station. He says he and Rice are working out the schedule for some reasonable hours. Deputy Ann Brannan goes to a locker and grabs a shotgun. (720 PM) She goes to a call at 3642 North Delta of a mother vs. daughter. The daughter says mom has been drinking all day, has no right to, passed out on the couch, she called her aunt and they kicked her out. She went to grandmas, kept drinking, punched her sister and bit her breast. She doesnt want to prosecute and her little daughter is crying. There are four of them living there. She has a black eye from mom, wishes she would go to jail, when is she going to stop drinking If she wants to prosecute, they both have injuries so shell have to make a citizens arrest, theyll both go to jail and theyll have to take the kids. Mom went to AA, but Ann says she cant solve family drinking problems. She asks the girl if she has a place to go with her kid. Mom says she bit her chest and Ann looks. The little girl is cold and Ann checks her for bruises. She says they all need counseling or they can go to jail.

Episode 22 - Los Angeles, CA 4
4 (745 PM Shooting Call) Sheriffs Dept. Homicide Bureau Sgt. Ray Verdugo says they are seeing a lot of homicides, a vast increase. Last year was a record breaking year in the entire county and this year they are ahead of last year. There seems to be an underlying sense of frustration and anger unleashing real rapidly, people seem to have a shorter fuse and are more angry about lesser things. The wrong look will kill you. He often sees it as fame or infamy. If you cant be famous, be infamous try to assassinate the president. Be known in your own crowd as the meanest guy or the guy who shot and killed someone. Its a tragedy. If he had the job and the education maybe he could give you the answer why. On patrol he says it is a warm, beautiful night, very comfortable, one of those unfortunate things that brings people to southern California. There is a murder in the Fireside station on Hopper in South Central. Detective Dave Castillo and Deputy Tanya Edwards are on scene. She says the guy and his 6 buddies were dancing and having a ball with their shirts off. Then 8 guys came up to them and told them to put their shirts back on which they refused and a fight ensued between all 14 of them. One guy pulled out a semi automatic, then another came out. One is DOA and there are 7 injured. The mans body is in the street and they take pictures. His sister IDs the body. Several witnesses come forward to talk to them including people involved and hopefully the suspect, but its a pipe dream. Hes an 18 19 year old youthful looking guy shot dead in the street for no reason. He took off his shirt, was dancing at a party and someone took offense and shot him dead. Its ludicrous, but a sign of the times. A guy at the station says the shooter fired 3 4 shots at Marco. Another witness says in Mexico quite often they take a stand of revenge. If someone kills a good person, they seek revenge to kill them. He is only 15, but would kill him if he had a gun. A man is killed and a cousin will hunt them down. They dont judge, but if they apply customs from another land, this person will get justice if they dont get him first. Some friend or relative will get him. If he goes back to Mexico, they will kill him. (245 PM) South East County Sheriffs Station (911 Call Choking Child) Deputy David Halm takes the call of a baby having a seizure inside a supermarket. An employee has her, but doesnt know what to do. He takes the girl and puts her on the ground. Emily is breathing, thats good. He tells her to stay awake, dont close your eyes. Fire rescue arrives. Her heart is beating, no pupil reaction and shes been sick. They give her oxygen, the mom is crying and they tell her to be calm so the girl doesnt see her and freakout. They put her on a stretcher. (520 PM Warrant Briefing) LA County Detective Armando Rea says its a who dunnit case. A man was on his roof and saw a neighbor at 2163 Briarcrest with his power tools that were stolen. (535 PM Warrant Served) They go to the house and pull out two men, a woman and two girls. The girl says her dad Mike went to a storage yard. In the garage they find a bicycle, weed eater, two heaters, an American toolbox and Christmas lights that were stolen. The victim arrives and carts his stuff out never thinking he would get it back. His grandma gave him the lights. He was in San Diego while his house was being fumigated and he was robbed. The wife has no idea whats going on, no idea about any stolen equipment. Then Mike pulls up and she screams like shes being killed and yells No They pull out guns and make him stop. He surrenders and is cuffed. They got them all, it was a good stop. West Hollywood Sheriffs Station Deputy Sean Collinsworth goes to a cleaner during a full moon wearing a large nose and glasses for Halloween. The cleaning will be ready Friday. He says the glasses tickle. (1217 AM Street Patrol) Sean wants to get a picture of Deputy Paul Terrusa with a guy dressed as a zombie in the street. They both get pictures with a man as a silver robot. A man as a French maid cleans them. They get shows by scantily clad women to the delight of the crowd (911 Suicide Attempt) A guy tried to kill himself. They arrive and a woman says he just went downthe elevator. She has blood on her arm from him. They go downstairs and she runs out the door barefoot. They come around the corner to a shirtless, white long haired guy who cut his wrist. He has no knife and says hes unhappy. Sean asks about anything particular. They call the Fire Dept saying hes on first floor in the back. Sean eats an apple while talking to him and is totally unphased. The guy has dozens of bracelets on and wants to go home, but they have to take him to the hospital. He says they have other business and should leave. He gets a little bit bummed out in life like they all do. (220 AM 911 Call Man with a Gun) They go to Jeff who says he overheard on the intercom that they were coming in from all corners Sean asks Jeff if hes on medication or under treatment. He says no. They dont see anyone coming at him. He says a woman walked out of her apartment with her dog. There was a figure in the front corner of the apartment, he has his left arm up right now. His finger was pointing at them, he had a gun and they zoomed in on all fours. He heard the man call in, he said homosexuality had to be stopped at all costs. It was pretty aggressive. Sean says it all looks normal to him. He says they split right before they came in a car. Theres nothing they can do now, call us again if you see them.

Episode 23 - Los Angeles, CA 5
5 (1120 PM Sheriffs Homicide Bureau) A call comes in for two units to respond to a multiple murder shooting of three people at Direct Liquor. A witness says four people got shot. He just waited on the victims, they are dead face down in the street. Hes been working there since 1965 and this is the worst thing hes ever seen. Sgt. Rey Verdguo arrives and Deputy Dana Villander explains what happened. Two kids came up, words were exchanged and the shooting started. A guy and a girl went down outside and were DOA. All the shots were fired outside. Two Mexicans were hit inside, probably dead, now removed. The witness was working there behind the counter and couldnt hear outside, but everyone started leaving and he saw what was happening. The guy inside said, Piru and they asked why he said that. He went outside, was hit, came back in and fell down. Its a gang fight between B13 and G13 Gardena 13 gangs. Two Mexicans pulled up and they told him they dont bang. They got shot at and two customers were hit on the way out. (156 AM Homicide Bureau) Detective Jerry Jensen questions Sherry, a black woman with a huge afro. She was walking out, they were walking in and they bumped into her boy and he asked what was going on. A guy pulled a gun, he called him blood and that was it, he had blood in his eyes. She is trying to remember how he looked, he had a baby face, possibly a thin mustache and thinks she can ID him. Lennox Sheriffs Station Rey says this is a definite hit from a guy in the South Los Gang. (312 PM Homicide Investigation) Three out of the four have now died. They went to the location looking for a Gardena 13 gang member. Its what the one guy said that caused them to open up. What they do know is to talk to kids congregating and see what they heard. (Field Investigation) Two guys say Little Wolfie died and his brother Wolfie went back for justice. They dont know who this guy is. (402 PM Crime Lab) They remove a large slug from the dead black female. They have two bullets they want analyzed from a Rossi Revolver, Astra, Colt, or Dan Wesson. (1011 Monday) They went to the house and retrieved some guns. (125 PM Ballistic Lab) One of the guns is a Wesson. They say the gun has no prints, but ballisticaly it matches up. They went to the G13 gang and they said Osvaldo Renrossos AKA Little Wolfie did it in retaliation for his brothers death. Ignacio Morina was only 13 and was going to join the gang and idolized Little Wolfie. They got photos and took it to their three witnesses. The woman IDs him right away and so does another witness. A member of B13 said that night he saw the shooter. He wasnt going to help him and off the record he said it was Wolfie. (One Month Later Suspect Arrested) They pulled by his house, saw his car there, went up to his mother and got him with no problems. In the station there is a Robocop poster on the wall. Rey tells the guy he has rights. He says he didnt do it, but knows about it. Rey said they will verify his story one way of the other and they want to be sure of a murder filing. Its multiple murders with the death penalty attached. He denies it, but all the witnesses say he did it. Its him beyond a reasonable doubt. Narcotic Bureau Temple City Station (815 AM Warrant Briefing) Deputy David Busk says they are looking for the same girl from July, red hair, green eyes with 19 & 20 year old sons who are crazy bikers. The drugs and scales should be right inside. Its on Lelee and Pamono. Deputy Art Belmontes says shes been up all night. (830 AM Warrant Served) They go up to the white adobe house and the door is open so they dont have to smash it. Penny is still in bed, the sons are up front. She wants to put her glasses on. There is a shirtless man fidgeting there. They are cuffed and she says she only has a little bit of drugs for herself and doesnt sell. They dont believe her since they found baggies. She is 38, but she looks 45, the speed is aging her fast. The find two sheriffs patches in the bedroom and they laugh. They ask her why they deal with meth, why do bikers like it He wants a quote for his book. She doesnt know and doesnt want to be quoted. (1148 PM) She is taken in and bail is 100,000. In memory of Officer Anthony J. Gardner 1970 1989

Episode 24 - Los Angeles, CA 6
(915 PM 911 Call Heart Attack) South East County Sheriffs Station Deputy David Halm says a woman isnt breathing on Compton Blvd. Its trailer #2. EMS arrives, but they cant get in the door. They hear someone screaming inside. David slams the sliding glass door with his Billy club and a woman screams. He tells her to open the door, its the police and is someone is having a heart attack. She says she is now. Hes glad the glass didnt break. The old white woman says she didnt call. She was watching TV until 9pm and went to bed. EMS checks her out, 140 100 blood pressure. She asks if thats high. They say considering, its pretty good. It seems a kid called it in, so it was a just cruel joke. She thanks them. (911 Call Drunk and Disorderly) They stop a white guy in a cowboy hat next to a white car. He says he has a license and shows it to Davids partner. The guy says he has had something to drink and thinks about it a bottle of beer and 3 mixed drinks. He has a Budweiser shirt and sounds totally drunk. Where is he headed Hes not sure, hes going to his basement apartment around the corner. He says he wasnt going to drive. They tell him he better not. He says it wont happen. He was inside a fast food place and was drunk. No one saw him drive, he says he wasnt driving, so there is nothing they can do. Minutes later they swing around after getting a call that he drove away. If they find him theyll arrest him. They spot his car around the corner swerving down the road. He hits a curb and stops. Dan told him not to drive. He pulls him out, says he has no weapons and gives him a field sobriety test. The guy says he doesnt know if he can, the ground isnt level. They take him to a paved lot and have him walk a straight line, which he cant do. They arrest him, take him to the station and give him a breath test. It comes out .202 double the legal limit. They put him in a cell. The breath is always lower than the blood would be so he probably has a .22 or .23. (720 AM Warrant Briefing) Antelope Valley Narcotic Bureau Deputy Dennis Ingersoll says they want a lightweight meth dealer, male white, 30 years old and the informant says he carries 9mm. Tony takes the back, Carl takes the bolt cutters incase the gate is locked. (737 AM Warrant Served) They knock and announce, then bash the door in. There are four people sleeping on the floor of the living room. Carol says she is going to faint, starts to shake and doesnt live there. The guy with her behind the couch gets up and puts his pants on. Wayne, the owner of the house is cuffed. They have a search warrant. They cuff the other guy too. One cop finds a bunch of grams of meth wrapped in papers. They bring the guy with no shirt into the kitchen. They hear hes dealing and he was found sleeping next to it. He says its not his. They bring Wayne in the kitchen and ask where the stash is so they dont have to tear the house apart. He says he doesnt have a stash and doesnt deal. Hes told an undercover bought from him personally two days ago. Now he wants to lie to him, he didnt just fall of the turnip truck. Wayne says he doesnt want his house torn up, but he has no stash. Theyll tear up every inch of the place until they find it, how are they supposed to trust him In a womans purse they find an 8 ball, crank and a syringe. The phone rings and Dennis answers it. He says Wayne is tied up right now. Its his boss, hes late for work. He tells him its the sheriffs department, hes under arrest. He can come over and secure the house for him if he wants. He doesnt. Wayne isnt coming into work today. Lennox Sheriffs Station Sgt. Robin Sawyer says Detective Holbrook has info that the Buchannon family ripped off some Columbians on a dope deal and they are going to even the score. The Buchannons are arming themselves with automatic weapons and will be carrying them when they go out. If they arent familiar with the family talk to Holbrook. (329 PM Drive by Shooting) They leave and head to a street under construction where a black man in a blue shirt is down and a crowd is around. The fire department arrives and a woman says hes her brother, doesnt know who shot him or why, he just got home from work. EMS works on him, gives him oxygen and hes not happy about getting a needle. They say he was just shot, a needle is the least of his worries. Deputy Bruce Vallerand talks to a witness. The guy says it looked like .32s. One was a .38 and the passenger shot him. They are a couple of drug dealers. The big guy got shot twice, the skinny guy shot once, neither are going to die, but its definitely gang related. (437 PM Disturbance Call) They go to a Korean grocer and the woman says youll shoot me. The guy says he wanted to buy a hat, he told her it was 10 and got mad. They talk to the black guy. He says he didnt want any trouble, he just wanted to change the hat. He goes to Cal State, bought a bunch of stuff, went to wear the hat to the basketball game, took it out and saw it was all worn. He came to get his money back and she said no, its been worn. The cop says to give him another hat and they can all leave. They want to give him the money back, but he doesnt want it, he wants the Chicago Bulls hat. They pull it down from a display and he says its fine. Robin says they come over to this country and try to make a living. The only way they can survive it to keep it open 20 hours a day from 6am to 2am. There was a communication breakdown and they think they are getting ripped off, its a couple hours pay to them. To us its not big deal.

Episode 25 - Los Angeles, CA 7
(950 AM Narcotics Bureau Warrant Briefing) Santa Clarita Sheriffs Station They are after Chilo, a Mexican male, 55, 19 years old with long modern hair style butched on the sides. He sells ounces of cocaine and carries a mean looking sawed off shotgun. He carries it for two reasons drug rip offs and cops. He has a floor plan of his house drawn on a chalk board. John is the ram man, Bobby is the #2 man. If a shooting occurs the paramedics can take him wherever. If they get hit theyll got to Kaiser. Sgt. Art Reddy listens. Hes kinda wired, so be careful (1003 AM Warrant Served) The front gated door is open so they run right in yelling, Freeze or Ill kill you They hear someone go out the back and give chase. There is a storage building in the back that is open and they check it. There is a lot of garbage in the back and a large brick wall he mightve jumped. They find the sawed off fully loaded in the closet. They like the gun and it has lots of shells. They also find a bunch of aerosol cans including one Fix a Flat that they unscrew the bottom off and its full of three bags of coke. They saw the same thing at their last raid, hell be hurting missing all those drugs. The woman there isnt very helpful. She says shes the aunt and is afraid because her three year old nephew is with him. (1122 AM) They cuff her and take her with them to point out where he is. They find him in a small car with two other guys, make a felony stop and cuff him, same with the other two. Then the kid comes out of the car crying and runs to the woman. Caesar in the back is from Mission Hills. They get their paperwork together and go to book him whistling, Hi Ho Hi Ho. (1210 AM Roll Call) West Hollywood Sheriffs Station. Steve says the way to the future is community oriented police. Deputy Sean Collinsworth agrees and theyll use that as a ruse so they wont go to jail. Two people were walking their dogs and saw the public forum and decided to drop in. They heard several people in the yard and saw the police and K 9s in their yard and asked whats going on and they yell at them to stay inside and shut the damn door. Deputy Paul Terrusa says hes been there before yelling in the heat of the moment and later he goes and apologizes. Sean says thats all they want, its amazing how far sorry goes, so they wouldnt be at the meeting. (120 AM Traffic Stop) Sean tells the driver to turn the car off and get out. The driver gets out and is very drunk, he doesnt listen well and wont interlace his fingers. He says he had only two beers. Sean takes him over for a field sobriety test. He has trouble closing his eyes and putting his head back. Then he has him count and lift one foot and he cant do that. Sean asks if he has any medical problems. He tries the other foot and cant lift it for more than a second. He says its the first time hes done this. Sean then demonstrates the heel to toe straight line and he messes up the count. The guy says hes the cop, he can let him do it over. The guy cant even put his heels together. Sean says he passed the last test, hes under arrest and cuffs him. They find a huge machete in the car and the guy wants it, but they say no. The passenger is also drunk and Sean tells him to start walking home. He keeps mouthing off, says he knows his rights and wants to know where his friend is going. They keep telling him to take off, but he wont listen, so they cuff him. (720 PM 911 Call Shooting) South East County Sheriffs Station Deputy Joe Villanueva parks and his partner get in their car. He takes the call, 245 gunshot victim, hes 30 seconds away. When it starts this early itll go on all night long. Chris says they have a traffic accident and a 245, but they are the same call. He almost hit someone, the other guy stopped, he crawled out the passenger side and was rolling on the ground saying he was shot. There is a bullet hole through the windshield. The side is covered in blood, no witnesses, nothing else they know. Its a head wound, Cruz and Jeff can handle it, theyll go to the hospital. He looks too old to be a gang member (812 PM) They arrive at the hospital, he was hit twice, once in the head and the bullet is still in the skull. They show the x rays. The victim says he was driving east on Rosecrantz, he heard a shot and was hit once. He didnt see anyone and crawled out the side. Joe asks if hes OK. They picked up his wife and child and brought them. She comes in to see him and is hysterical. Sgt. Cole Hughes arrives. Hes not a gang member, not involved in drugs, its just a freak thing, hes a lucky man to survive.

Episode 26 - Los Angeles, CA 8
(710 PM Baby with a Seizure) South East County Sheriffs Station Deputy David Halm races to the Mexican hovel. It is a. asks the sex of the child who cant breath. It is a boy, so he goes to get a blanket,. They put him on the blanket and he cries. He is 5 months old and they think he ODd on penicillin medication because hes been sick. David says when they get too hot they can have a seizure to fight the heat. They take the babys clothes off. EMS arrives and the mother says she started giving the baby penicillin on her own. They say she shouldnt do that. David assures them this is normal for a baby. He thanks them and leaves. (933 PM Domestic Dispute) David knows the guy, hes on parole and has dealt with him before. The guy tries to go inside and David makes him comes back. They live behind a fenced gas station convenience store and their fence is covered with beer ads. The guy says Tina took all his stuff, his car and furniture. She says she wants to get her bed and kitchen table and has a friend with her that has a truck to haul it out. She doesnt want a fight, but he keeps yelling and carrying on. He says shes leaving him with an empty house. Tina says her sister is getting married so she has to do it know. He wants her to get it on Friday and not to leave him with an empty house. The cops let her go in and take her stuff. Hes worried hes going to jail and says they took the glass to his coffee table. They stop the truck and the glass is between the mattresses. They say they dont want the glass and cops bring it back. (Narcotics Unit Warrant Briefing) Temple City Sheriffs Station They have a drawing and a deputy asks if there is a dog there. Its a house on Pear Blossom Hwy, which is drawn on the board. (418 PM Warrant Served) Its 50 off the road. They run out, open a large gate then spread out. There are a bunch of sheds and camper tops from trailers and they find a guy and a woman in a wooden box. Another guy comes out and they give her the warrant to search the place. There is a sign that reads Attack cat on duty. The only way to get into their house is a wooden corridor connecting the trailers that is filled with trash. The woman gets up and they make her sit down, she says its probably her husbands brother and her son Mike beat her up. They say it is such a mess that they want her to show them where the drugs are. He cant go back in there because it smells so bad, the worst hes ever found. They find bags, boxes and cups full of drugs. She says shes tried to clean it, but only has one day off a week. There is garbage and boxes piled up all over and they hate it. (1047 Fight at Club) West Hollywood Sheriffs Station Deputy Sean Collingsworth finds a group of people surrounding a man on the ground with bandages. A woman says has 25 witnesses who saw a man jump the guy and beat him up. They say his girl went in the club with his ticket and he went to get her and they jumped him. A guy pushes his way up and Sean cuffs him. A guy in a big hat and fringe jacket says Red threw the first punch and hes the one they cuffed. Sean calls for backup and says it was the bouncers who did this, the second one is inside. Fire rescue arrives. The guy is totally bloody and they beat him when he was down. Sean looks for people to go inside to ID the other guy. The victim says they kicked him in the face and he can barely keep his head up. They ask him where it hurts, he says his head. People cheer when they bring the other guy out in cuffs. The bouncers stopped the guy from going in and the manager is the one who started kicking. The Sgt. says the manager is responsible. The witnesses say he only kicked him once. They pull Red out and ask him what happened. He says the victim was thrown out and he came back in looking for his girlfriend. He told him to leave and they fought. He held him down and they victim tried to kick and punch him and the other guys. He hit him and didnt see anyone kick him. So he is arrested too.

Episode 27 - Los Angeles, CA 9
(758 PM Suspicious Person) LA County, Malibu Sheriffs Station Deputy Gary Spencer says Malibu is different than lots of locations because of the greater distance, sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes to get to a call. People are people whether they are criminals or car thieves, it doesnt matter where you work, theres law enforcement to be done. He stops a car and Brian the driver says hes never been arrested before. Gary says he has two kinds of weed on him. Deputy Daniel McCann tells him hes in trouble and he swears its not his and can show the keys. (1050 PM Drug Investigation) They have Brian call in to make a deal with his buyer. (1127 PM) They have him, its Saturday night, time to go to jail. The dealer is an obese white guy with a mullet in a fancy white pickup truck. Hes so big they need 2 handcuffs and might even need 3. They find a wad of cash and high quality cocaine off a kilo brick. The size and type leads them to believe he is a dealer and they write up a search warrant, present it to Judge Lawrence Mira and go to his house. (145 AM) They arrive at the judges house, he signs it and Gary swears on it. (240 AM Warrant Served) They bang on the door and get no answer, so they kick it in. They find an ounce of coke in the closet, a shotgun and shells in the bedroom. They started their shift at 5pm and now its over at 4am. Theyll file the paperwork and hopefully be done at 630am, get home and start again tomorrow. (440 PM Roll Call) South East County Sheriffs Station The captain says for shoplifting if they are going for a felony to file burglary and theft with a prior and they can get them for 16 months on a first offense. Let them know they are going to state prison so they wont go out and rip off cars. Deputy David Halm listens. (540 PM Traffic Stop) David spots a car with no registration. He pulls out Robert the driver who knows his headlights are out. He says he has no guns or drugs, he just forgot to put the lights on. He wasnt putting anything under the seat where they saw him digging, but they find a pellet gun there. He likes to target shoot. They find black face makeup in the trunk. He says its from Halloween, he doesnt clean his car out much. Dave asks if hes doing any robbery. He says no, but has been in jail seven times. He was arrested for meth, but hasnt done it since the last time he was in jail. He has a massive key ring with hotel keys. He says he just picked them up and collects them. He claims he owned seven cars at one time, but there is more than seven sets of keys. They had a robbery a couple weeks ago by a man in black face. They dont know all the details, so theyll take him in to run him. He claims the makeup is for his kids costume. (715 PM Robbery Investigation) They go to the supermarket that was robbed a couple weeks ago. They find a bagger who was there that night. He said the guy had a painted face and a gun. He didnt see the gun and he also had a fake beard. A woman says he showed the gun in his jacket. It sounds like their suspect so they go back to the station and read the report. The guy left on foot, was wearing makeup, possibly a white male. They are going to book him for robbery. (811 PM Multiple Shooting) They are looking for suspects wearing masks who had AK 47s. They picked the suspects out and executed them. David pulls up to a body shop and there is blood and guts on the street. Deputy Eric Stewart was first on the scene. One guys leg was blown off, another guy was shot in the gut and his intestines came out. Deputy Fred Bertsche talks to one guy. They were watching Star Search, working on their cars, putting a radio in and then the shooting started and he split. EMS comes in and treats people. EMS says the first guy was across the street with an ankle wound, two guys were by the Pepsi machine with one with a head wound and the other was eviscerated, a guy was by the car with his stomach shot open and the fifth victim got over the fence and cut his foot open. Sgt. Cole Hughes says they chased the people through the parking lot and fired at them. They found a 308 shell, a large round. A woman was on the phone calling the police and heard someone yell, Wheres the money Get on the floor One had a red rag in their pocket so it seems gang related. They had a gang shooting two weeks ago where kids shot at cops with AK 47s. They think they know where the guys are. Its ironic that up on the wall is a Crimestoppers security alarms sign. They install them in cars, but not on their own door.

Episode 28 - Los Angeles, CA 10
(506 PM Domestic Violence) LA County Temple City Sheriffs Station Deputy Ann Brannan goes to the call of a husband, Carlos, beating his wife. He says she fell. Claudia is Spanish and says he beat her in front of their baby, threw her against a wall, punched her in the face and back. He is in the back with the baby, is searched for weapons and says they cant get along, she scratched and bit him and he doesnt want anything to do with her. They explain he cant hit her like they do in Latino countries and is arrested on a 275 spousal abuse. They put him in a holding cell at the jail and remove the cuffs. He wants to take pictures of her at the hospital. (905 PM Hotel Disturbance) West Hollywood Sheriffs Station Deputy Paul Terrusa and Deputy Sean Collinsworth go to the call of a drunk at the Sunset Hyatt House on the 9th floor where a guy is throwing chairs from a balcony. A long haired blonde guy, another guy and a short girl come out. The girl is crying, says she almost got killed. Their room is completely trashed, stuff is everywhere. The blonde guy says there was a knock at the door for Steve and he said he wasnt there. They kept knocking and 3 black guys rushed him, came in, tied them up and robbed them of their money and drugs. Sean asks why they didnt say that at first He says they were scared, the last time they opened the door they were robbed. Their stories dont match and the management wants them out, plus people saw them throwing stuff. (1117 PM Shots Fired) South East County Sheriffs Station Deputy David Halm goes to a hotel and finds two shirtless black guys at a car saying 2 white guys attacked them and said Niggers get out and one hit them with a bat. One swung a golf club at them. David says there is an armed man inside when Deputy Brent Becker arrives. Two guys attacked a Mexican and locked him out of his room. The manager fired at them and cops go inside to get his gun. The man thought he was going to get robbed and they threatened to kill him. Then he says they can stay since the rent is paid. Cops go back to the car and let the black guys go. (1155 PM Man with a Gun) He stops a car and finds 2 guns in the trunk that were from the hotel in the last call. The black guys got the gun from their car, were going back to the hotel to get the other guys plus two women. Cops find a .357 that belongs to Glover and Tyson. They called their friends to bring the guns so they could kill the manager.

Episode 29 - Los Angeles, CA 11
(911 Call Possible Assault) Los Angeles County Malibu Sheriffs Station Deputy Gary Spencer leaves the station with a gun and loads it into his car. A call comes in about a man outside bothering a woman. Hes at the door with a jacket and a Walkman on. She wants to know how long itll take to get there, 5 10 minutes. Its a possible 5150. The man rang the bell, makes loud complaints and curses. They spot the guy walking with a red bag and they go out to talk to him and he fights so three cops jump him and hold him against the car and cuff him. He says, Ow Ow My little animals, there are little animals in the red case. They look dead, but theyre alive. Ow Ow Ow I am a cripblood, I am a god. They laugh at him. He has a long coat, white scarf, orange shirt and a brown turtleneck. He screams they are hurting him so bad, his animals are alive, dont let them take his butterfly and little hummingbird by these pig bastards. He swears to god. He can remain silent, they would prefer it. The butterfly has a number on its wing Mail to entomology, natural history museum, Los Angeles, CA. Gary tells him they look like they are doing a good job of playing dead. His name is Robert and hes on medication. What kind Anything he wants. His lawyers name is ouch. They transport him to the hospital for a 72 hour mental evaluation since he is a danger to himself. (610 PM Arson Investigation) West Hollywood Sheriffs Station Deputy Sean Collingsworth says 93 to 95 Tom1 hes taking over the call. Deputy Jeffrey Fine is on the scene. Hes training a rookie partner, Deputy Paul Terrusa, so he wants him to take it. Jeff had them all get outside calmly, the fire is contained to the east side of the building and is almost out. Paul talks to the man who runs the building. He thinks its electrical from the kitchen. He needs to fill it out like a 39. The fire department talks to one of the female workers who says one of the shelves with the cookbooks was on fire. She thought they could put it out, but it just erupted. She takes them into the burned out room to point out the books that were stacked up and on fire. They are to call immediately to say its possible arson. (740 PM Narcotics Investigation) They look for a black guy named Tree and find him on the street. Paul checks and cuffs him. Sean finds some little baggies on him and the suspect says he collects stamps and thats what theyre for, also for jewelry. There is meth in the bags, but he says he just found them. Hes arrested for a 2020. (850 PM) They take him to jail for a strip search. A snitch told them he was a speed dealer. He says hes used and shows his arms. They find a bag taped to the inside of his shirt that has speed baggies in it. This is what they expected. (150 AM) Sean says this is Pauls last evaluation. Hes rated competent. Hes made lots of improvements with codes, rules and procedures, its his first 3.0, tremendous improvement in all facets of his training. Field performance is excellent, its good because hes coming inside next month as the watch deputy so hell be watching him. Congratulations and best of luck. (431 PM Patrol Stop) Lennox Sheriffs Station Sgt. Robin Sawyer tries to stay out there and monitor all the calls for service and make sure they are answered in a reasonable amount of time. He waits for the hot calls and rolls on those, evaluates the deputies on performance and doesnt want them to take unnecessary risks. Out there they do a real good job, everybody enjoys working there. He stops and talks to prostitute who has been beat, robbed and shot. She says no ones done that. He asks if they dont pay is it rape. She says no, she always discusses payments in advance. Shes on a crutch and her left foot is in a cast. They shot her and robbed her of 1100, then the next time they took 400. She didnt know she was shot, she heard that a bullet wound doesnt hurt, but it hurt. There was a hole in her shoe, it went through the first and second toe, went up and broke it in 3 pieces. Shes got someone to rough him up. She wont call the cops because the girls will beat him up. He says let them take care of it. She says they hate her. He asks her if she wants to get off the street. She says yeah, but how He says to work with him and arrest this guy, get the SOB off the street. She says to talk to her tomorrow. Shes going home to change because no one will pick her up since she looks like shes handicapped. They just wont do the right thing. Robin went to his 30th high school reunion and everythings changed. They took all the trophies out of the display case and replaced them with tributes to the murdered students. (801 PM Suspicious Juveniles) Deputy Bruce Vallerand caught a 12 year old black kid with a gun. He says he doesnt have a gun, but they saw him throw it. Hes in 7th grade. They ask him his homeroom teachers name, but he doesnt know since he just got there. They ask his old homeroom teachers name and he doesnt know that either. They find cocaine in a wrapped up paper. That way they can drop it and no one will know. They are 20 rocks. They saw him toss the gun into the bushes when he pulled up. There are three kids getting into guns and drugs and gangs already two lives lost.

Episode 30 - Los Angeles, CA 12
(1120 AM Saturday) LA County Sheriffs Department Homicide Investigation George calls the police to say his wife is lying on the floor it looks like someone broke into his house and stabbed her. He didnt check the body to see if shes breathing. The dispatcher tells him to check. Shes dead in a large pool of blood. He called into Lakewood Station at 833am, said he woke up and found her. Lt. Joe Brown investigates, talks on the phone and has a theory about it. They check the closets and the fridge, but there is no alcohol in the house. They talk to the neighbor. Hes known them for years, they have no problems and he saw them a few days ago to pay the rent. He has no idea why someone would want to kill her. They check the stab wound and see it was a large wound that mustve been 12 inch knife. They roll her over and to take pictures. They load the body up and the blood is leaking through the sheets. They find the murder weapon and there is nothing stolen, nothing ransacked. The husband was home when they got there. They are going to talk to the husband and stepson at the station. (238 PM Homicide Bureau) They ask George his story. He usually sleeps late, but he woke up early. She was already up, so he decided to get up. Hes slow to get dressed and took five minutes. He opened up the door and she was lying there in a pool of blood. They say there is a problem, something happened this morning. They all know he murdered his wife and he cant face up to the fact that he did it. Something happened to make him mad. How did the blood get on the top of his shoes He says he doesnt know what it was, it was there for days. He thought it was her paint or Crayolas. (446 PM Homicide Bureau) They ask if he washed his hands after finding her. They take samples from between his fingers to see if he has blood stains. If its positive itll change to purple or pink and it wont matter if he washed his hands. His hands are very sweaty and he says its from his medication. She continues to swab his hands. Its not a specific blood test, its presumptive to allow them to investigate further. They pull out his shoes that have red on them as well as hair and possible brain matter. They talk to the stepson and ask if George is capable of harming his mother. He doesnt know, she met him when he was 5 and hes 18 now. Hes never seen him get mad, he raised his voice once in a great while and hes a soft mellow person. He wants to know if someone else besides George stabbed her. They dont know. He wants to know where she is. They say at the coroners office. (110 PM Tuesday) Crime Lab It turns out she wasnt stabbed, she was shot in the back of the head and it shattered. They want the shoe analyzed for brain matter. He told them that he approached he wife from behind between her legs and touched her from the back, but the pool of blood was by her head. She analyzes the Reebok tennis shoe in a lab. There was no exit wound. She puts the shoe on a microscope and they wonder about the power. She says the red is clear like strawberry jam, certainly not blood. His story is going to stand, maybe she let someone in. Theyll have to get prints from the knife, maybe she stabbed the suspect and he stabbed her. She brought a knife to a gunfight. (230 PM Friday) There are no prints on the knife and no motive for the husband. It couldve been a rapist or an opportunist. George says when he went to call 911 the phone was unplugged. He had to plug it back in. Its always plugged in because he has a recorder for the rental properties he owns. Maybe someone got in with a phone company uniform. Temple City Sheriffs Station (911 Call Assault with a Deadly Weapon) A woman calls about an attack from a man in a green Jeep with a white top. He just got on the freeway and they go to look for it. They spot a pickup truck heading west with a bunch of junk in the back with a tarp over it. There are three people in the truck, one child. Its heavy traffic so they cant make a stop. (511 PM Felony Stop) They pull him over on Rosemeade Blvd. Hes an older Mexican guy in a cowboy hat. They pull him out at gunpoint and tell him its not a joke. Then they call the younger Mexican guy out and tell him to put his hands out the window, but he doesnt listen. The white male passenger tries to get out to, and they yell at him to get back in. He finally gets out and is filthy. The suspect is Jessie Barber wanted in the murder of Georges wife, but this guys not the one. Deputy Patrick Martinez says to cut them loose and explain what happened. Deputy Ann Brannon has to explain. There was a serious crime down the street that matched the description. He thought he was the one blasting the radio in front of him. They just did an excavation site and scared the crap out of them. They let them go.

Episode 31 - New Orleans Mardi Gras
(858 PM Friday) New Orleans Police Department Officer Desiree Gaudet says her job is mainly walking the beat on Bourbon street, a lot more crowd during Mardi Gras, works more hours than normal. Her karate classes are a way of relieving stress, you take it out on your partner, not at work. Shes shown at class doing moves with an instructor. A man with a stun gun the questioning of a man who allegedly struck a police horse and parade crowd control. A skinhead is arrested for shoplifting a disorderly celebrant strikes an officer.

Episode 32 - New Orleans Mardi Gras 2

Season 20 Episode 1 - Coast to Coast #133
COPS starts it 20th season with stories from Kansas City Missouri, Lee County, Florida and Rialto, California. Stories include a stolen vehicle pursuit involving shots fired a domestic violence call involving drugs and a man with windshield glass sticking out of his head, denying he was in a nearby car accident.

Season 20 Episode 2 - Evidence...What evidence #1
Part two of the COPS 20th season premiere continues with stories from Pittsburg Brevard Country, Florida and Rialto, California. Stories include K 9 and other officers in the assist of the arrest of a known narcotics user seen with a gun a woman with a suspended license is stopped and arrested for DUI and the robbery of a restaurant leads to a trailer park and the arrest of suspects.

Season 20 Episode 3 - Coast to Coast #130
COPS from Rialto, California Brevard and Lee counties in Florida. Stories include a naive young man who buys drugs a woman is arrested for domestic violence though it was she who called the police and a minor is arrested for gun possession.

Season 20 Episode 4 - Coast to Coast #131
COPS from Brevard County, Florida Lee County, Florida and Rialto, California. This episodes stories include a Brevard Deputy whom gets in a foot chase after a car stop a Lee County Sheriffs deputy stops a juvenile driving a golf cart down the road and a Rialto PD officer assists convenience store employees who have been assaulted after several men try to steal beer.

Season 20 Episode 5 - 20 Years Caught on Tape Part 1
This one hour special will feature classic COPS car chases, super inebriated suspects, sizzling Tasers, disheartening domestics, problematic perps and gutsy officers from coast to coast. Highlights include Officers in Fresno, CA, question a stony suspect claiming hes not driving under the influence despite the joint visibly tucked behind his ear. In Albuquerque, NM, a male cross dresser wearing a leopard one piece is questioned. In Buffalo, NY, officers wrestle with a massive and hungry python hiding inside a residence. A suspect in Kansas City, MO, is so intoxicated when gets out from behind the wheel, he stumbles and lands a painful face plant. In a heroic rescue in Passaic County, NJ, officers save a man from danger in a raging river.

Season 20 Episode 6 - 20 Years Caught on Tape Part 2

Season 20 Episode 7 - Coast to Coast #132
A Brevard County, Fla., officer pursues a drug suspect who attempts to flee on foot during a traffic stop a Riverside County, Cal., deputy responds to a domestic disturbance call. searching for a suspect hiding in a yard and Las Vegas Metro Officers sort out a domestic violence incident.

Season 20 Episode 8 - Coast to Coast #134
COPS from Las Vegas, Lee County and Rialto. This weeks stories include Las Vegas officers who wrestle a fleeing suspect on the Las Vegas Strip a Lee County Deputy visits a house known for its drug activity and Rialto Police Officers are called to a burglary in progress at an apartment complex.

Season 20 Episode 9 - Crimes In Progress Special Edition
COPS from California and Florida. This weeks episode includes Rialto Police chasing a suspect that eventually crashes into oncoming traffic Hillsborough County Deputies capture a suspect that fled into the woods and Fresno Police respond to a home invasion in progress.

Season 20 Episode 10 - 700th Milestone Episode
COPS Coast To Coast, featuring their 700th episode. This weeks stories include Rialto Police chasing a stolen vehicle Brevard County Sheriffs Deputies find a shotgun during a traffic stop and a Sergeant in Lee County watches two suspects toss dope out of a car window during a traffic stop.

Season 20 Episode 11 - Police Pullovers Special Edition #3
COPS from Indio PD, Rialto PD and Las Vegas Metro. This weeks episode includes the pursuit of a stolen vehicle which becomes a foot pursuit a vehicle with no plates is pulled over only to reveal lots of drugs in the backseat and a car stop for questionable driving is the scene for another accident that happens at the same place.

Season 20 Episode 12 - Stupid Criminals Special Edition #2
COPS from Rialto, Brevard County and Pittsburg. This weeks stories include a stolen car takes off from a Detective, only to suddenly stop causing the officer to hit him a routine patrol in a high drug area yields a man with a crack pipe and a man is tazed, revealing bags of heroin in his pockets.

Season 20 Episode 13 - Coast to Coast #135
COPS Coast To Coast from Sacramento, Las Vegas and Brevard County. This episodes stories include a search warrant served becomes a K 9 search a car stop turns up a couple wanted on multiple warrants and an erratic driver is pulled over and becomes combatant with officers.

Season 20 Episode 14 - Family Feuds Special Edition
COPS Coast To Coast from Portland, Las Vegas and Leon County, Florida. This weeks episode includes a man in a stolen car hiding from officers another man flees police and hides in the bushes and brothers in Florida duke it out.

Season 20 Episode 15 - Coast to Coast #136
COPS Coast To Coast from Kansas City, Mo Rialto, Ca and Las Vegas, Nv. This weeks stories include officers who confront a group of shirtless men hanging around in a known drug area police engage in a foot pursuit of a man who tossed a bag of drugs when confronted and patrolmen in Las Vegas head to the Mirage Resort, where they find a man who has stolen change from the fountain...twice in the same night.

Season 20 Episode 16 - Coast to Coast #137
Coast to Coast in California and Kansas.This weeks stories include a suspect who rams a police car during a chase in Rialto and is tased officers in Kansas City respond to a violent argument between roommates and a desperate man in Sacramento attempts to elude officers

Season 20 Episode 17 - Stupid Behavior #1
This weeks stories include a car chase involving a police chief and a parole a suspicious vehicle is spotted in a park after dark and the occupants cant identify themselves and a man is questioned and a search reveals his wallet, and someone elses.

Season 20 Episode 17 - Stupid Behavior #1
This weeks stories include a car chase involving a police chief and a parole a suspicious vehicle is spotted in a park after dark and the occupants cant identify themselves and a man is questioned and a search reveals his wallet, and someone elses.

Season 20 Episode 18 - Wild Chases Special Edition
This weeks stories include the pursuit of a stolen truck leads to a police vehicle catching fire copper thieves are apprehended after being spotted on security cameras and a burglary suspect is spike stripped and the car comes to a crashing stop.

Season 20 Episode 18 - Wild Chases Special Edition
This weeks stories include the pursuit of a stolen truck leads to a police vehicle catching fire copper thieves are apprehended after being spotted on security cameras and a burglary suspect is spike stripped and the car comes to a crashing stop.

Season 20 Episode 19 - Chases and Takedowns Special Edition
This weeks stories include a drug dealer who just got out of jail is arrested for drug sales an officer is assisted by neighbors in detaining a prowler who has an outstanding warrant and a Deputy spots a stolen vehicle and with a K 9 unit, locates the suspect who bailed into the woods.

Season 20 Episode 20 - Bad Girls #11
This weeks stories include a woman with a felony warrant resists arrest a prostitute steals a johns truck and a transvestite with an outstanding warrant is arrested while in possession of a stolen car.

Season 20 Episode 21 - War On Drugs #3
Uncooperative drug suspects are apprehended by officers in Las Vegas, NV., Kansas City, MO. and Rialto, CA.

Season 20 Episode 22 - Stupid Criminals #3
Officers give chase to a homicide suspect in Kansas City, Mo. The police in Rialto, CA., take charge in a domestic violence case. Plus, an intoxicated driver in Sacramento, CA., is pursued by a K 9 unit

Season 20 Episode 23 - Takedowns Special Edition
From Rialto, CA, An intoxicated suspect is chased by officers on foot. In Las Vegas, a car thief is chased by police through a casino parking lot. And, officers are summoned to a domestic dispute in Wichita, KS.

Season 20 Episode 24 - Coast To Coast #138
The officers of Leon County, FL., make a DUI bust the street crime unit of Portland, OR., stop a drug deal in a city park, and a fight is broken up by the officers of Cincinnati.

Season 20 Episode 25 - Strange Behavior #1
An elderly parolee engages the officers in a high speed chase in Kansas City, two transsexuals cause Las Vegas cops to break up a fight, and a stolen car is involved in an accident in Rialto, Cal.

Season 20 Episode 26 - Coast To Coast #139
A response to a shooting at a hotel ends with a high speed car chase in Las Vegas. The Spokane police department are called in for an assault with a baseball bat. An informant flags a vehicle as a carrier for drugs, which is spotted and stopped by the Portland Police Bureau.

Season 20 Episode 27 - Coast To Coast #140
The Las Vegas Metro Police assist in a high speed pursuit for a stolen vehicle by dropping down spike strips to deflate the suspects tires. The Leon County Sheriffs Office investigate a parked vehicle with a man and women inside, in an area which has been burglarized recently. Then, the Lansing Police Department make a return trip to a home with known domestic disputes have occurred, finding that a man has beaten two children belonging to his girlfriends sister.

Season 20 Episode 28 - In Denial Special Edition
In Portland, OR. a K 9 unit is called in to sniff out possible drug possession inside a vehicle. Officers in Kansas City, MO. respond to a shots fired call. In Las Vegas, police officers are called for a domestic dispute which involves the possession and retrieval of a bed.

Season 20 Episode 29 - Caught in the Act #3
A man suspected of armed robbery is arrested by the officers in Las Vegas. Then, a man is questioned by the Brevard County, FL. officers after being caught stealing a security camera. Lastly, officers of the Kansas City police force converge on a home known for meth trafficking.

Season 20 Episode 30 - Stupid Criminals #4
A routine vehicle stop by the Portland Police Bureau finds a bag of Ecstasy pills on the front seat. The stories from the driver and passenger differ on how they obtained the pills. Then, a call to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has them investigating a stabbing at an apartment complex, and that the assailant may be hiding in the laundry room. Lastly, a foot pursuit occurs with the K9 unit of the Sacramento Police Department after a car is reported missing.

Season 20 Episode 31 - Coast To Coast #141
The officers of the Portland Police Bureau apprehend a female who appears to be selling crack as she tries swallowing the evidence. Next, the Martin County Sheriffs Office makes a routine traffic stop which uncovers possible stolen items inside the vehicle, which the female driver quickly blames the male passenger for the theft. Lastly, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigates a shooting at a tattoo parlor in which a 24 year old male claims a Latino gang attempted to shoot him in the head.

Season 20 Episode 32 - What Were They Thinking #1
Officers in Portland, WA. are called out for a hit and run accident, in which a K 9 crew searches down the suspect. A car crash occurs in Las Vegas while a policeman is questioning a bicyclist, who flees the scene after the accident. The driver of a suspicious vehicle is questioned by deputies in Leon County, FL. which uncovers an unexpected discovery.

Season 20 Episode 33 - What Were They Thinking # 2
An officer of the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office and a K 9 unit search for an armed robbery suspect who had taken cover in the woods. Then, an officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is called to a womens residence where she has received calls from her ex boyfriend saying he is waiting inside for her with a shotgun. Lastly, a detective of the Rialto Police Department responds to a call of a man selling drugs from a truck

Season 20 Episode 34 - Stupid Behavior #2
An officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is dispatched to a call for a stolen truck. As he catches up with the missing vehicle he discovers that the victim of the crime and his brother are also in pursuit and have crashed into the thief. The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office are suspicious of a vehicle with tinted windows in a parking lot. An investigation reveals a smell of marijuana, but a further search uncovers more drugs. Once again, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is summoned for a stolen vehicle, which results in a foot chase. The suspect claims the whole thing was just a joke on the car owner.

Season 20 Episode 35 - Coast To Coast #142
A Martin County Sheriffs Deputy apprehend a pair of suspects who are seen running from a flea market which has been burglarized many times before. Then, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer makes a routine traffic stop where the driver ends up being a ex felon who is in possession of drugs and a gun. Lastly, a Palm Beach County Sheriff Officer discovers drugs and paraphernalia inside a car during a traffic stop, in which the driver had lied about ever having been arrested before.

Season 20 Episode 36 - Coast to Coast #143
A Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy makes a routine traffic stop only to find an antsy driver. Once asked to remove his shoes, the suspect takes off on foot while tossing bags of crack along the way. A Portland Police Officer stops a vehicle which has no license plate. The overly friendly driver explains that he doesnt own the car and and has no idea of what the owners name is. A quick check reveals the car is on the hot sheet for stolen vehicles. Lastly, a Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy stops a vehicle when he spots someone rolling a marijuana cigarette. An investigation finds needles and a bottle of Oxycotin, both which the driver denies any knowledge of.

Season 20 Episode 37 - Coast To Coast #144
The K 9 unit of the Pomona Police Department are called in to investigate a break in at a taco stand which has a broken window and a damaged cash register. Almost immediately a suspect is located and claims he was just looking for beer. Next, a vehicle is stopped by a Martin County Sheriffs Officer after noticing a broken tail light and discovers the driver has no license and has prescription drugs hidden in the glove box. His female passenger is pregnant and complaining of a pain in her leg. The officer allows her to head to the hospital in a friends car. Further investigation unveils that the drug bottle has a worn off label, leading to an admission from the driver that he crushes the pills and snorts them. Lastly, the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office Vice Unit head to a possible drug house. The landlord is upset that the tenants that she had helped would be selling drugs from her building. An investigation uncovers that they are awaiting a delivery of new drugs from their contact.

Season 20 Episode 38 - Police Pullovers #4
A traffic stop by a Palm Beach County Sheriffs Deputy turns into a foot race when the driver dashes off for a few blocks, tossing crack along the way. Then, a suspicious vehicle roaming a bad area four times raises the attention of a Rialto Police Officer. A search of the mans vehicle reveals that not only has he been drinking, but has packs of marijuana which seem to be ready for sale. Next, a Riverside County Sheriff Deputy responds to a call of a suicidal man. Upon arrival a man is seen sitting in his truck holding a knife. Once cuffed, the suspect claims he was only looking for attention

Season 21 Episode 1 - Back to Broward Special Edition
The beginning of season 21 finds the series back where it began, with the Broward Sheriffs Office. First up, the officers chase down a hit and run driver. A long run ends with a ramming, followed by an investigation of the vehicle which uncovers a machete. Next, a known drug area finds a man on a bicycle who tries to flee. A search reveals cocaine on a man who is on probation. Lastly, officers are responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle near a business. The driver begins to flee as officers arrive. An investigation uncovers a bleary eyed man behind the wheel who claims to be sleeping, yet a bag of white powder gives the officers another idea.

Season 21 Episode 2 - What a Sap Special Edition
Palm Beach County Sheriffs witness a speeding car in a drug infested area. Having stopped them in a pursuit, the driver angrily exits his vehicle to ask why he was stopped. He jumps back in his car and speeds off beginning a new chase in which a passenger bails out. The female is the drivers boyfriend which is only discovered after a long inquiry. She reveals he has a vial of crack inside the car. Next, a Spokane Police officer is called to a possible domestic call on the street. Looking up and down the road the officers discover a man standing under a tree in which a female is up in the tree. They find out that the woman often climbs the tree when upset with family problems. Then, a Rialto Police officer spots a drug transaction taking place. The men claim they are construction workers headed to purchase supplies, but a bag of crack on the floor has the officer in doubt.

Season 21 Episode 3 - Stupid Behavior #3
The Palm Beach County Sheriff Officers vice unit have set up a sting operation, using a pair of undercover officers in a pickup truck as buyers. The first seller takes the officers straight to a drug house to sell their crack. The suspect is quickly arrested after lighting up his crack on the way home. The second deal happens when a young man offers to sell the officers crack and asks them to join him for a smoke behind a gas station. Then, an officer in Las Vegas is summoned when a restaurant claims a man refused to pay his 400 bill. He is trapped by the manager and a waiter. The suspect first claims his friend paid the tab and then changes his story and says he paid the bill himself. The man is arrested when its discovered he has warrants and now can add the unpaid bill to the charges. Lastly, an officer in Palm Beach has stopped a car for a tint violation. Lowering his window, a cloud of marijuana smoke billows out from the car and a small amount of crack and cocaine is also discovered.

Season 21 Episode 4 - Resisting Arrest #4
A pair of Broward County Sheriffs pat down a couple of guys who are hanging out in front of a store. One man becomes agitated and pulls away as drug paraphernalia is discovered on him and are forced to subdue him with a taser. Then, as a North Las Vegas Police officer arrives for a call concerning a fight between two men, the suspects flee in opposite directions. One officer misses with a taser shot, but the suspect gives up anyways. The other officer has also subdued him man. Lastly, a Rancho Cucamonga Police deputy chases a car which looses control. The passenger explains that the driver is his boyfriend and they were arguing inside the car about infidelities, which was the cause of the erratic driving.

Season 21 Episode 5 - Black & Blue & White
A North Las Vegas Police officer is sent to a home in which they have visited before for domestic disturbance. The crowd outside the home inform the officer that a man is beating up his wife. The man is tackled and taken into custody, admitting the fight was caused by rent issues. Then, a Broward County Sheriffs detective takes part in stopping a vehicle believed to have been involved in a drug deal. The woman inside the car has a gun and half a pound of marijuana in her purse. Lastly, a Pomona Police officer rolls up to a home where several windows have been smashed. The victim states that the female passenger from his vehicle smashed the windows in his truck with a pipe. She claims to have had racial slurs thrown at her.

Season 21 Episode 6 - Coast to Coast
An informant has the Broward Sheriffs deputies tracking down a male suspect believed to be selling drugs. Rancho Cucamonga Police officers are sent to a bank robbery and the suspects have unknowingly left behind enough clues to locate them. A call regarding domestic abuse sends the San Diego County Sheriffs officers to a familiar home.

Season 21 Episode 7 - What Who Me
A group of suspect run off when a pair of Broward County Sheriff Deputies spot a bunch of people gambling. Next, a San Diego County Sheriff Deputy stops a vehicle which was involved in a burglary in the previous week. Then, a pair of Rancho Cucamonga Police Deputies assist on a traffic stop. A routine stop becomes a full arrest when the information for the vehicle doesnt match that given by the driver.

Season 21 Episode 8 - Morons on Parade
A Rancho Cucamonga Police Officer responds to a call in which a man is shooting his gun off in his yard. Next, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is sent to a domestic call for a lovers quarrel. Lastly, a San Diego County Sheriffs Deputy responds to a code cover call to help detain an armed subject.

Season 21 Episode 9 - Anger Management
A North Las Vegas Police Officer is called to assist when another officer captures a suspect wanted for a hit and run which occurred earlier in the day. Next, a Rancho Cucamonga Police Officer responds to a domestic call in which the intoxicated husband has fled the residence on foot. Lastly, the North Las Vegas Police Department is needed when a domestic call is received.

Season 21 Episode 10 - Liar Liar Special Edition #2
A routine vehicle stop by a Broward County Sheriff Officer ends up a bit more complicated after the driver dumps some evidence. Next, a North Las Vegas Police Officer responds to a domestic call which turns out to involve a love triangle. Lastly, a San Diego County Sheriff Officer stops a vehicle which had expired tags and receives a bunch of lies as excuses.

Season 21 Episode 11 - Evidence What Evidence #2
A Rancho Cucamonga Police Officer responds to a shoplifting call at the mall, and wind up finding a suspicious substance on the suspect. Then, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is called to an apartment where shots are being fired and discover overwhelming but questionable evidence at the scene. Lastly, a Broward County Sheriff pulls over a car which is showing erratic driving by the operator.

Season 21 Episode 12 - Coast to Coast
A pair of Broward County Sheriff Officers are summoned to a residence to take down an ecstasy dealer. Then, a Pomona Police Officer is dispatched to an incomplete 911 call which ends up involving a domestic violence situation. Later, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is called in to a disturbance at a bus stop which involves a married couple.

Season 21 Episode 13 - Ho Ho Ho #6
An officer in Minneapolis sets up the groundwork for a prostitution sting, and in the process pick up a number of working women. Then, a County Sheriffs Officer spots two men and women milling around at a truck stop. Lastly, a Snohomish County Sheriffs Officer is called in to a disturbance at a pub.

Season 21 Episode 14 - Coast to Coast #147
Cops from the Fondren Division Tactical Unit at Houstons PD chase a guy suspected of murder. Then some cops from North Las Vegas PD bust a guy for domestic battery and finally some Californian cops from San Bernardino bust a guy for X possession.

Season 21 Episode 15 - Coast to Coast
A Harris County Sheriffs deputy chases down a flatbed truck which is overloaded with golf carts. Then, a North Las Vegas Police officer spots a mini van driving around a parking lot with its lights shut down. Lastly, a Rialto Police officer pulls up after seeing a collision between an SUV and a semi truck.

Season 21 Episode 16 - Coast to Coast
A Rialto Police Officer chases down a man who is using his wifes car as a battering ram in knocking a car off the road. Then, a Harris County Sheriffs Officer is dispatched to check a car which is believed to be containing a rifle aboard. Lastly, the Rancho Cucamonga Police Deputies check out a man and his parked car in a neighborhood which is not his.

Season 21 Episode 17 - Coast to Coast
Deputies in Harris County, Texas, respond to a domestic violence call that escalates into a high speed pursuit detectives in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., deal with a physical altercation between neighbors and Las Vegas police detain shoplifters.

Season 21 Episode 18 - Upon Further Investigation
A suspicious person call in Harris County, Texas, turns into a case of narcotics possession a motorcyclist is taken in on a DUI charge in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal. sheriffs in San Diego County, Cal., investigate a grocery store theft.

Season 21 Episode 19 - Neighborhood Busts
Broward County, Fla., sheriffs go undercover for a drug sting Harris County, Texas, deputies break up a physical altercation between a father and son and Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., police stop a drunken man from riding a bicycle.

Season 21 Episode 20 - In Denial #2
Officers in Sacramento apprehend a suspect driving a stolen vehicle but he claims he didnt know it was stolen. Also Minneapolis police respond to a suspicious person call and find someone lurking in an alley and deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., arrest a woman who admits to smoking pot but lies about her true identity.

Season 21 Episode 21 - Liar Liar No. 3
Cleveland, OH Division of Police Officer Kevin Coleman and Officer Bruce Garner roll to assist in the pursuit of a vehicle reported stolen. Hillsborough County, FL Sheriffs Office Deputy Brad Hickory spots two men parked in a truck around midnight. Sacramento, CA Police Department Officer Michael Harbison stops a suspicious pedestrian and questions the man.

Season 21 Episode 22 - On the Run
Officers in Sacramento pursue a carjacker, which progresses from a car chase to a foot pursuit. A Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputy is called in for a theft in progress. Lastly, Houston Police officers go on a drug sweep.

Season 21 Episode 23 - 750th Milestone Episode
An officer in Sacramento, CA. stops a driver who hands his passenger his illegal substances. Next, a King County, WA police helicopter is in search for a suspect who has threatened to kill his girlfriend. Lastly, a Florida officer questions a suspect who was caught siphoning gas from a car and was also snorting cocaine.

Season 21 Episode 24 - Bad Girls No. 12
Texas deputies assist in a felony arrest warrant. Next, Pomona, CA. officers answer a call for a domestic disturbance when a daughter tells her mother about her Las Vegas wedding. Lastly, police officers in Minnesota break up a fight between two women.

Season 21 Episode 25 - Dazed and Confused
A King County Sheriffs deputy responds to a call for a disturbance at a local eatery. Then, a pair of Minneapolis Police Officers are called for a man assaults a woman and must use a Taser to bring him down. Next, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is called in when a man beats up a woman as she tried to retrieve her mothers possessions.

Season 21 Episode 26 - High Crimes No. 4
Officers from the Minneapolis Police Department go on a high speed chase which ends badly. Next, a Harris County Sheriffs Deputy is dispatched for a family disturbance where a man, possibly holding scissors, is tearing up a trailer. Then, the King County Sheriffs Officers make a traffic stop.

Season 21 Episode 27 - Coast to Coast
A pair of police dogs give the officers a hand in chasing down a suspect in Sacramento who has fled on foot. Then, a King County Sheriffs deputy stops a vehicle which is found to have the wrong license plates and is in possession of illicit materials. Lastly, a pair of Minneapolis Police officers respond to a call of a man firing off a gun in an alley.

Season 21 Episode 28 - Police Pullovers No. 5
A Las Vegas police officer pulls over a man for a traffic violation and admits to possessing a blunt. Then, officers in Cleveland chase down an assault suspect who may have changed his clothes. Next, a detective in King County, WA, pulls over an emotional suspect who is driving around in an area known for drug sales.

Season 21 Episode 29 - From Bad to Worse
A Sacramento officer spots a vehicle which he believes was connected to an armed robbery. Next, Seattle policemen use a Taser on a known offender who was running towards a crowd with a bottle in his hand. Lastly, the Cleveland officers chase a vehicle containing a suspect who is trying to hide his crack.

Season 21 Episode 30 - Coast to Coast #152
In Las Vegas, officers respond to a call about a violent domestic disturbance where a female is screaming and waving around a gun. When a hostage mediator and officers arrive on the scene, a beanbag gun is used to diffuse the situation. In Cleveland, OH, officers respond to a domestic dispute, and an officer in Sacramento, CA, pulls over a suspected stolen vehicle.

Season 21 Episode 31 - Odd Arrests
Officers in Broward County, FL, chase a suspect into a canal, where he is arrested for grand theft auto and obstruction. In Las Vegas, officers respond to a disturbance call where roommates are being verbally abusive and to an unknown trouble call where three women are alleging assault.

Season 21 Episode 32 - Coast to Coast
When a deputy in Pierce County, WA, conducts a routine traffic stop for suspended license, something illegal accidentally falls out of the suspects pants during the investigation. In San Bernadino, CA, deputies investigate a domestic dispute triggered by one of the combatants spitting in anothers face

Season 21 Episode 33 - Coast to Coast #153
The Rialto Police officers chase down a motorcyclist after observing him weaving in and out of traffic, and having a missing license plate. Next, a Pierce County Sheriffs Deputy stops a vehicle for a broken light on the license plate, only to discover drugs and broken glass inside the car. Lastly, the Sacramento Police officers investigate a possible domestic violence case which seems to have started a day earlier.

Season 21 Episode 34 - Coast to Coast #154
A pair of Broward County Sheriffs Officers set up a sting to apprehend a drug dealer, but turns into a foot race when the suspect flees. Then, a Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy pulls over a vehicle for committing a traffic violation. Lastly, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer check out a claim that a woman was abused and kidnapped by her boyfriend.

Season 21 Episode 35 - Coast to Coast #155
Deputies from the Broward County Sheriffs Office receive a news from the set up by the undercover narcotics unit that a drug deal going down. Next, a Rancho Cucamonga Police officer makes a routine traffic stop which leads to an arrest. Lastly, a Rialto Police officer responds to a domestic abuse call, and are led on a foot pursuit.

Season 21 Episode 36 - Coast to Coast #156
A simple broken taillight turns into a possession of drugs charge after a driver is stopped in San Diego. Then, a bloody brawl is broken up in Las Vegas by the police officers.

Season 22 Episode 1 - Odd Arrests #2
The COPS Season 22 opener includes a Las Vegas Metro police officer and the Las Vegas fire department trying to deal with a suspect who resists arrest, and a suspicious driver refuses to pull over.

Season 22 Episode 2 - Liar, Liar #4
Continuing the hour long opener of season 22 for COPS, officers in California pursue a subject wanted for domestic violence and Las Vegas metro police respond to a call that has been reported to them as a domestic violence incident.

Season 22 Episode 3 - Domestic Disturbances
The San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department Apple Valley Station are summoned to a possible break in of a home of a recently deceased owner. Next, an officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department head to a report of a shooting. Lastly, the deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department are called in for a fight between two brothers.

Season 22 Episode 4 - Dazed & Confused #2
A Las Vegas officer is called in to a fast food restaurant for a disturbance call. Next, a Palm Beach Deputy checks the welfare of person inside a parked vehicle. Lastly, a San Bernardino County Deputy responds to a domestic call in which the fight is in the street.

Season 22 Episode 5 - Family Ties #2
COPS Coast To Coast this week features stories from Nevada, Florida and California. Las Vegas Metro Police officer Scott Nastase spots a man jaywalking which turns into a foot pursuit. Martin County Florida Sheriffs Deputy Sgt. Bill Dowdy gets behind a vehicle with a tag that has expired, driven by a driver with an expired license, who has a stash. From Rialto, CA, a woman identifies a purse snatcher and gets her hand bag back.

Season 22 Episode 6 - Neighborhood Busts #2
A Bravard County Sheriffs Deputy assists a Corporal in serving a warrant for failure to pay back child support. Then, the Minneapolis Police Dept. sends an officer and an FTO agent to a luring, which means a person has made contact with and followed a minor with possible criminal intent. Lastly, a Victorville deputy believes a speeding driver is attempting to flee from the police.

Season 22 Episode 7 - In Denial #3

Season 22 Episode 8 - Dangerous Arrests #4

Season 22 Episode 9 - Stupid Behavior #4

Season 22 Episode 10 - Slacker Crimes Special Edition

Season 22 Episode 11 - Coast to Coast #158

Season 22 Episode 12 - Coast to Coast #159
COPS from Las Vegas, Nevada and Palm Beach County, Florida. Stories include The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrives at a house with a man who thinks the cops are out to kill him. The narcotics department from the Palm Beach County Sherrifs Department goes undercover to catch a woman selling drugs.

Season 22 Episode 13 - Ho Ho Ho #7
COPS from Portland, Oregon and Amarillo, Texas. Stories include Officers Josh Howery and Erica Hurley with Oregons Portland Police Bureau respond to a call that a 14 year old girl and an adult male were observed by a security guard having sex in a car, only to find that the girl is actually an 18 year old prostitute. Amarillo Texas Police Officer Johnny Bermea stops a vehicle in which he finds a female prostitute and a male driver in possession of drugs. Officer Brandon Clarkson interviews a suspicious female hanging around a parking lot known for picking up prostitutes.

Season 22 Episode 14 - Bad Girls #13
COPS from California, Florida, and Nevada. This weeks stories include San Bernadino County, California, Sheriffs Deputy Jason Whitsell responds to a domestic disturbance call between an out of control woman and her mother. Brevard County, Florida, Sheriffs Deputy Juan Vargas discovers a woman who says she has a late night meeting with her physician, only he finds out she planned a burglary of a random house. Las Vegas Metro Police Field Training Officer Tullio Pandullo takes a burglary call involving a woman thief.

Season 22 Episode 15 - Coast to Coast #160
COPS from Oklahoma, California, and Florida. This weeks stories include Tulsa County Deputy Ryan Ayers investigates a vehicle that is stopped in the middle of a highway. San Bernardino County Deputy Eddie Bachman spots two suspects that were wanted for another crime. Boynton Beach Officer Justin Harris stops a car making a u turn in front of a known drug house.

Season 22 Episode 16 - Coast to Coast #161

Season 22 Episode 17 - Coast to Coast #162

Season 22 Episode 18 - Chases, Stings & Rescues
Florida officers head up an undercover drug sting Texas officers try to save a dog from a flipped car.

Season 22 Episode 19 - War on Drugs No. 3
Officers detain a driver who tries to flee from a known drug area the Las Vegas Police Department investigates suspicious behavior outside an abandoned apartment building.

Season 22 Episode 20 - Drugs & Driving

Season 22 Episode 21 - Coast to Coast #163

Season 22 Episode 22 - Coast to Coast #164

Season 22 Episode 23 - Coast to Coast #165

Season 22 Episode 24 - Coast to Coast #166

Season 22 Episode 25 - Street Patrol Special Edition

Season 22 Episode 26 - Coast to Coast #167

Season 22 Episode 27 - Police Pullovers No. 6

Season 22 Episode 28 - Resisting Arrest No. 5

Season 22 Episode 29 - Coast to Coast #168

Season 22 Episode 30 - Coast to Coast #169

Season 22 Episode 31 - Coast to Coast #170

Season 22 Episode 32 - Coast to Coast #171

Season 22 Episode 33 - Morons On Parade #2

Season 22 Episode 34 - Coast to Coast #172

Season 22 Episode 35 - Coast to Coast #173

Season 22 Episode 36 - Coast to Coast #174

Season 23 Episode 1 - 800th Episode Milestone
On the 23rd season premiere, COPS celebrates a monumental 800th episode milestone with all the action indicative to the long running series, including a chase, drug busts and more. An officer from the Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida chases a man fleeing his car by foot only to find what the suspect failed to hide. Another officer from Boynton Beach receives a call about a boa constrictor spotted in a residential area. Meanwhile, officers from the Harris County Sherriffs Office in Texas stop a victim for a routine traffic violation that ends in a drug bust and a charge of grand theft auto

Season 23 Episode 2 - California Border Patrol Special Edition
Officers from the Rio Grande City Customs and Border Protection in Texas engage in a sting operation to catch undocumented aliens crossing the border and wind up busting some for more than anticipated. Later, members of the border patrol in Nogales, AZ, arrest illegal immigrants trying to pass through the city by way of cargo trains.

Season 23 Episode 3 - Roadside Crimes Special Edition
Officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police break up a fist fight over a financial discrepancy that leads to a juvenile heading to a detention center. Meanwhile, the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon arrests suspects in a stolen vehicle, and sheriffs in Florida make a drug bust in a strip mall parking lot.

Season 23 Episode 4 - Couples in Crime Special Edition
Officers from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas respond to a domestic violence call and end up being faced with a challenging detainment. Later, officers with the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon attempt to track down a suspect in a hit and run and find a bystander taking the blame. Finally, the Brevard County Sheriffs Department in Florida responds to a battery case involving a roommate, a hammer, a sandwich and a big misunderstanding.

Season 23 Episode 5 - Weapons Drawn #2
Officers from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas respond to shots fired call and team up to detain a suspect barricaded inside his house with a gun.

Season 23 Episode 6 - U. S. Marshals
A member of the United States Marshals Service, Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, briefs the local police on a kidnapping case involving a 4 year old boy and two Hispanic men in suspect who demanded 100,000 ransom for the child. Another investigator from the same Task Force recruits the local police to arrest a fugitive suspicious of possession of drugs

Season 23 Episode 7 - Probable Cause
During a routine traffic stop, officers from the Nye County Sheriffs Office in Pahrump, NV, pull over a vehicle for a missing headlight and end up busting the suspect for possession after the discovery of a marijuana plant and other illegal substances. Meanwhile, officers in Amarillo, TX, report to a major vehicle crash on a busy highway to eventually make an arrest for a DUI

Season 23 Episode 8 - Morons on Parade #3
The Nye County Sheriffs Office in Pahrump, NV, is forced to lay down spikes in the road to detain a suspicious vehicle failing to yield at first siren. While officers of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Tampa, FL, call for back up units to help break up a fight between neighbors involving aggravated battery and gunfire

Season 23 Episode 9 - Coast To Coast
The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Florida engages in an undercover operation to cease the illegal selling of pills at pain management clinics. The Amarillo Police Department in Texas responds to a call regarding a major traffic accident between a motorcycle and a vehicle where the driver flees the scene.

Season 23 Episode 10 - Ho Ho Ho #8
When an officer from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas approaches a woman on the street about her suspicious late night behavior, the interaction turns into a chase on foot. Meanwhile, in Hillsborough County, Florida, officers on the late night patrol team up to respond to a call regarding a hand to hand transaction at a local motel

Season 23 Episode 11 - Coast to Coast
The Pierce County Sheriffs Department in Washington responds to a call about a belligerent tow truck operator. Members of the Amarillo Police Department in Texas respond to a call with location information about a subject with a probation violation warrant, who is subsequently arrested for narcotics possession. Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department respond to a call for backup on a not so routine traffic violation

Season 23 Episode 12 - Taken Into Custody
Officers chase a driver who refuses to stop after a hit and run a belligerent drunk argues with guests in a hotel lobby.

Season 23 Episode 13 - Street Patrol No. 1
A suspect on a bike tries to flee while being questioned by officers a woman with a warrant out for her arrest claims she was assaulted a man claims a neighbor chased him with a knife.

Season 23 Episode 14 - Street Patrol No. 2
A rock throwing neighbor is assaulted cops chase a suspected cell phone thief officers respond to a road rage incident.

Season 23 Episode 15 - Dazed And Confused

Season 23 Episode 16 - Morons On Parade #4

Season 23 Episode 17 - Coast to Coast #178

Season 23 Episode 18 - Odd Arrests #3

Season 23 Episode 19 - Home Assaults Special Edition

Season 23 Episode 20 - Coast To Coast #179

Season 23 Episode 21 - Coast to Coast #180

Season 23 Episode 22 - Coast to Coast #181

Season 24 Episode 1 - Arrests with a Twist
In the 24th season opener, undercover cops are held at gunpoint in Las Vegas. Also Narcotics and a concealed weapon are found in a car in Tampa and police in Lafayette, La., check out a suspicious car and make arrests for solicitation and prostitution.

Season 24 Episode 2 - Chases and Stings
A car pulls away from a known drug house and wont stop for police in Corpus Christi an undercover cops work leads to the arrests of two pimps and a prostitute in Las Vegas an officer in Tampa witnesses a driver make several traffic violations.

Season 24 Episode 3 - Smooth Criminal
The Boynton Beach, FL, Police Department conducts an undercover operation involving a woman who has allegedly hired a hit man to kill her husband. While posing as the hit man, an undercover officer has a candid conversation during which the woman details the situation. Following the conversation, the police department sets up a mock crime scene so that when the suspect arrives home, she will think that her plan has been completed. To her surprise, she is taken into custody by the police and eventually arrested for solicitation of first degree murder

Season 24 Episode 4 - Evading Arrest
Police in Savannah find a recently released convict in possession of marijuana officers in Sacramento County, Cal., assist in the pursuit of a domestic violence suspect a cop in Lafayette, La., pulls over a traffic violator who admits to taking drugs.

Season 24 Episode 5 - Street Arrests Special Edition
Police pursue a shooting suspect with two warrants in Hillsborough County, Fla. in Corpus Christi, a patrol officer happens upon a woman with a warrant for terroristic threats, while fellow officers catch kids spray painting an electrical box.

Season 24 Episode 6 - Domestic Disputes
The Lafayette Police Department in Louisiana responds to a disturbance call from a woman who said a man was threatening her with a gun. When police arrive, the suspect threatens the officers. Again, in Lafayette, the police department investigates a case where twin sisters allege that their other sisters boyfriend choked her in a dispute over five dollars. Finally, a deputy of the Hillsborough County, FL, Sheriffs Department responds to a car crash where a visibly drunk suspect ran into a pole, knocked it over and then fled the scene on foot

Season 24 Episode 7 - Liar Liar #5 Special Editon
Officers of the Springfield, MO, Police Department respond to a DWI disturbance call in which a victim claims he was assaulted, but may have been the one doing the assaulting. Next, an officer of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department in Georgia stops a girl for jaywalking. As the officers question her, drugs fall out of her pocket. Finally, a deputy of the Hillsborough County, FL, Sheriffs Department responds to a reckless driving call in which the suspect stole the car while the owner was attempting to change the car battery

Season 24 Episode 8 - Busted Special Edition

Season 24 Episode 9 - Morons on Parade #5 Special Edition
A police officer in Des Moines, IA, performs a routine traffic stop on a vehicle registered to a person who doesnt have a valid drivers license. When the suspect fails to present ID, and then attempts to flee, officers tackle him and find marijuana in his possession. Then, officers of the Springfield Police Department in Springfield, MO, pull over a vehicle for running a stop sign. The driver admits to smoking marijuana, while a passenger is in possession of marijuana and mushrooms. Finally, a deputy of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Florida responds to a knife robbery call from a cell phone store, where the victim is also a suspect

Season 24 Episode 10 - Coast to Coast

Season 24 Episode 11 - Ho Ho Ho #9 Special Editon

Season 24 Episode 12 - Odd Arrests #4 Special Edition
Spokane police must evict a homeless man from a stores handicapped parking spot and disperse a couple engaging in lewd behavior on a strangers lawn officers in Des Moines, Iowa, question a man who may have used a pocket knife to threaten someone.

Season 24 Episode 13 - Taken Into Custody #2 Special Edition
A high speed chase in Springfield, Mo., ends with police pulling people out of a burning car a Spokane officer responds to a lewd conduct call a cop breaks up a violent altercation between a father and son in Corpus Christi

Season 24 Episode 14 - Wild & Crazy Special Edition
Spokane police chase a suspect by car and then on foot before making an arrest for theft and assault a sheriff in Hillsborough County, Fla., deals with a domestic abuse situation involving a BB gun Corpus Christi police pull over a swerving vehicle.

Season 24 Episode 15 - Off Campus Arrests Special Edition
Two men are hauled in for vandalizing a fence in Des Moines, Iowa Savannah police go undercover to catch a drug dealer and a man asks to be arrested while lying naked on the street in Springfield, Mo.

Season 24 Episode 16 - A Crash, An Arrest & A Baby Special Edition
An SUV flips over during a high speed chase in Springfield, Mo. a driver tries to eat his supply of marijuana before the police find it in Chattanooga and a man threatens his wife and infant with a gun in Hillsborough County, Fla.

Season 24 Episode 17 - Caught in the Act #3 Special Edition
A suspect runs from a traffic stop in Las Vegas police in Des Moines, Iowa, hear contradictory stories about a drug related assault a prostitution bust escalates in Spokane.

Season 24 Episode 18 - Chases, Guns and Cars Special Editon
New Orleans police pursue a car with no license plates a dispute between neighbors in Spokane County, Wash., results in a gun being fired Las Vegas cops question a suspect about a stolen luxury vehicle and then find drugs on the suspect.

Season 24 Episode 19 - Street Arrests #2 Special Editon
A Springfield, MO, police officer tasers a suspect and retrieves a stolen wallet after the subject makes a run for it at a traffic stop. Then, a man is arrested by an officer of the New Orleans, LA, Police Department for hiding thirty seven pieces of crack cocaine in his soda cup. Finally, a senior officer of the Corpus Christi, TX, Police Department responds to a call after two men are caught arguing over racial issues at a bus stop

Season 24 Episode 20 - Dazed and Confused #4 Special Editon
In New Orleans, a paranoid man who is high on drugs gets arrested on several charges and a hit and run suspect is found with artificial marijuana in Alameda County, Cal., a large amount of marijuana is found in a vehicles trunk.

Season 24 Episode 21 - Arrests with a Twist #2

Season 24 Episode 22 - First Respond
A shots fired call leads two New Orleans policemen on a heated race.officers take a couple into custody after finding drugs an officer questions a male suspect involved in a domestic dispute.

Season 25 Episode 1 - Odd Arrests
The 25th season kicks off with officers responding to a domestic disturbance call in Toledo. Also Sacramento cops work with an animal trainer to contain a feral zebra thats running loose in the city a disturbance call in Portland, Ore., involves a suspect chasing a man along a highway overpass.

Season 25 Episode 2 - Ho Ho Ho #10 Special Editon
In Portland, Ore., police catch a couple engaging in lewd activity in a car a prostitution sting is discovered during an undercover investigation in Alameda County, Cal. Also a confrontation with an underage prostitute in Las Vegas.

Season 25 Episode 3 - Street Arrests #3
In Alamenda County, California., police chase an uncooperative person on a bike Newport, Virginia a suspecious car in investigated in a carpark. Also responding to a domestic disturbance call in Chattanooga.

Season 25 Episode 4 - Chasesand Cars #2
In Kansas City, Mo., a suspect in a stolen vehicle abandons the car and takes off into the woods and a man is taken into custody after being accused of threatening a resident with a gun. Also A driver with alcohol in his car hits a pedestrian.

Season 25 Episode 5 - Liar Liar #6
A suspect flees Atlanta police, and when they investigate further, they learn that the suspects vehicle was stolen in Kansas, police confront two teens carrying concealed weapons officers from the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Florida find a suspicious amount of prescription pills in a car.

Season 25 Episode 6 - Busted #2
In Newport News, Va., police catch a cyclist carrying a concealed weapon officers from the Broward County Sheriffs Office in Florida respond to a burglary a Palm Beach, Fla., man is taken into custody after a domestic disturbance call.

Season 25 Episode 7 - Wild and Crazy #2
A Las Vegas woman refuses to pay taxi fare police in Portland, Ore., investigate a knife fight a tourist chases after a man who allegedly stole his gold necklace in Broward County, Fla.

Season 25 Episode 8 - Caught in a Lie
Kansas police investigate a car crash and find drugs and a gun in one of the vehicles a physical fight erupts between two roommates in North Las Vegas and in Chattanooga, cops stop two men leaving a drug dealers residence.

Season 25 Episode 9 - Street Patrol #3
Portland, Ore., police chase a suspect who runs from a traffic stop and also pursue a naked bicycle rider officers respond to a call concerning a man being chased by a knife wielding suspect.

Season 25 Episode 10 - Dazed & Confused #5
Alameda County, Cal., police pursue a man who runs when they try to question him Newport News, Va., officers search a car when drugs are seen inside Chattanooga, Tenn., cops respond to a domestic disturbance call.

Season 25 Episode 11 - Stupid Behaviors #5
An elderly man crashes his car, escapes on foot and then collapses. Elsewhere, Las Vegas cops find potentially stolen items and crystal meth in a suspects pocket and officers from Californias Rialto Police Department respond to a domestic disturbance.

Season 25 Episode 12 - Morons On Parade #6
Sacramento police officers are witnesses to an unexpected proposal after they haul in a suspect and his girlfriend a burglary is stopped and a domestic disturbance is broken up in Amarillo, Texas.

Season 25 Episode 13 - Taken Into Custody #3
Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved in prostitution Chattanooga cops respond to a physical altercation between a father and his son officers chase after a suspect who goes on the run.

Season 25 Episode 14 - Coast to Coast 183

Season 25 Episode 15 - Fight Night

Season 25 Episode 16 - Busted #3

Season 26 Episode 1 - Fight and Flight

Season 26 Episode 2 - Who Let The Dogs Out

Season 26 Episode 3 - Dead Man Flushing

Season 26 Episode 4 - Pistol Packin Families

Season 26 Episode 5 - Grown Men Gone Wild

Season 26 Episode 6 - Kill em With Kindness