Season 25 Episodes for Cops
Episode 1 - Odd Arrests
The 25th season kicks off with officers responding to a domestic disturbance call in Toledo. Also Sacramento cops work with an animal trainer to contain a feral zebra thats running loose in the city a disturbance call in Portland, Ore., involves a suspect chasing a man along a highway overpass.

Episode 2 - Ho Ho Ho #10 Special Editon
In Portland, Ore., police catch a couple engaging in lewd activity in a car a prostitution sting is discovered during an undercover investigation in Alameda County, Cal. Also a confrontation with an underage prostitute in Las Vegas.

Episode 3 - Street Arrests #3
In Alamenda County, California., police chase an uncooperative person on a bike Newport, Virginia a suspecious car in investigated in a carpark. Also responding to a domestic disturbance call in Chattanooga.

Episode 4 - Chasesand Cars #2
In Kansas City, Mo., a suspect in a stolen vehicle abandons the car and takes off into the woods and a man is taken into custody after being accused of threatening a resident with a gun. Also A driver with alcohol in his car hits a pedestrian.

Episode 5 - Liar Liar #6
A suspect flees Atlanta police, and when they investigate further, they learn that the suspects vehicle was stolen in Kansas, police confront two teens carrying concealed weapons officers from the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Florida find a suspicious amount of prescription pills in a car.

Episode 6 - Busted #2
In Newport News, Va., police catch a cyclist carrying a concealed weapon officers from the Broward County Sheriffs Office in Florida respond to a burglary a Palm Beach, Fla., man is taken into custody after a domestic disturbance call.

Episode 7 - Wild and Crazy #2
A Las Vegas woman refuses to pay taxi fare police in Portland, Ore., investigate a knife fight a tourist chases after a man who allegedly stole his gold necklace in Broward County, Fla.

Episode 8 - Caught in a Lie
Kansas police investigate a car crash and find drugs and a gun in one of the vehicles a physical fight erupts between two roommates in North Las Vegas and in Chattanooga, cops stop two men leaving a drug dealers residence.

Episode 9 - Street Patrol #3
Portland, Ore., police chase a suspect who runs from a traffic stop and also pursue a naked bicycle rider officers respond to a call concerning a man being chased by a knife wielding suspect.

Episode 10 - Dazed & Confused #5
Alameda County, Cal., police pursue a man who runs when they try to question him Newport News, Va., officers search a car when drugs are seen inside Chattanooga, Tenn., cops respond to a domestic disturbance call.

Episode 11 - Stupid Behaviors #5
An elderly man crashes his car, escapes on foot and then collapses. Elsewhere, Las Vegas cops find potentially stolen items and crystal meth in a suspects pocket and officers from Californias Rialto Police Department respond to a domestic disturbance.

Episode 12 - Morons On Parade #6
Sacramento police officers are witnesses to an unexpected proposal after they haul in a suspect and his girlfriend a burglary is stopped and a domestic disturbance is broken up in Amarillo, Texas.

Episode 13 - Taken Into Custody #3
Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved in prostitution Chattanooga cops respond to a physical altercation between a father and his son officers chase after a suspect who goes on the run.

Episode 14 - Coast to Coast 183

Episode 15 - Fight Night

Episode 16 - Busted #3