Season 17 Episodes for Cops
Episode 1 - Mardi Gras 2004 Pt 1
(720 PM Roll Call) Sgt. Al Miller gives the rules about flashing. A man dressed as a pirate flashes his penis and gets arrested. A female impersonator is caught showing its breasts in front of the club it works at. Dave claims a woman stole 100 from him for beers and started fighting. It takes five cops to arrest him and he is bleeding profusely from his head. (1043 PM Lewd Conduct) A drunk couple is caught having sex in the street. The guy is from Chicago, so doesnt know better. (1058 PM Assault Call) A girl spit on a doorman and gets arrested. She did it because she says he was rude and mean to her and cant believe she is going to jail. (1134 PM Plainclothes Operations) A big fat black guy is caught running a three card monty table. He tries to run and gets caught and lies that he didnt know it was illegal, even though he had a lookout who is also busted. (1209 AM) A Mexican man with blinking earrings is arrested for peeing in the street. He says he knows his rights. His friend is busted too. 5 15 04

Episode 2 - Mardi Gras 2004 Pt 2
(1023 PM Fight in Progress) 8th District Officer Patrick Rose and Leon Benoit III patrol looking for pick pockets, drunks and lewd conduct. Watch out for fights and hopefully no one gets hurt.. Two guys are arrested for fighting. One is cut loose and the other is drunk and was just looking for a fight. (1051 PM Task Force Street Patrol) A guy says a man was trying to grab his sister and he pushed him away. The guy gets arrested for battery since he touched her without permission. A guy from Canada is also arrested for showing his ass. (1131 PM Fight in Progress) Three guys are fighting in a tiny bar. One guy stuck his hand up a girls skirt and then hit her boyfriend and his friend started pounding him. They are arrested for assault & battery plus lewd conduct. Before they finish a big black guy started a fight in the club right next to them and gets arrested outside. (1119 PM Suspicious Activity) A drunk white guy tries to put pills in girls drinks and then get them back to his hotel. (1152 PM Fight in Progress) A crazy black guy is arrested and starts spitting in cops faces after being thrown out of a bar and banks his head against the walls. (1201 AM) The crew of blue cleans the streets.

Episode 3 - Coast to Coast 67
(New Orleans, LA 922 PM Disturbance Call) 8th District Officer Patrick Rose and Leon Benoit III say there is great camaraderie especially when backup is needed. God forbid a 108 officer down, comes in, but youll see great support. They respond to the call of drunk, violent guy at a bar on Decatur St. A black guy is sitting at a table in a Bob Marley Exodus shirt grooving to the music and being crazy. He wont listen to the police so they spray him in the face with tons of mace to no avail. Officer Blake Munster helps out and make the man drop his glass. He then goes into the bathroom and does karate moves. They spray him again and again and he only gets crazier. Six officers jump him and knock him into a wall, cutting his head open. Officers are choking from the mace as they wash the suspects face with water, cuff him and take him to a charity hospital. Jacksonville Zone 5 Officer Jaime Eason thrives on chasing people, never knows whats next and because of that loves coming to work. (932 PM Assistance Call) A guy is driving with his girlfriend and her mom Becky. Mom wants the 40 she owes her and they get out. Becky tries to back up and run them over and chases them into a ditch. Officer George Haake points out skid marks down the road. Becky says she just drove next to her daughter to talk to her. They put Becky in the back of the police car and she is arrested for domestic aggravated assault. Riverside County CA Jurupa Valley Station Deputy Chris Barajas says the most important thing is self evaluation. (1141 PM Fight Call) A father hit his daughter. Ray says some guy came into his yard and tried to slug him so he hit him hard. Chris checks him for weapons and puts him in his car. Mom says Ray attacked her daughter and her neighbor Robin called it in. She is at house #4254 and they go to see her 20 year old daughter. She says she was drinking and Ray attacked her when she went to his house to get some weed. He then pulled her into the house by her hair, tried to give her speed and rape her. She hit him and ran out claiming doesnt do speed and has a three year old son. Deputy Richard Birmingham arrests him. 17th Season Opener. AKA Funny Side of COPS Special Edition.

Episode 4 - Coast to Coast 68
(Jacksonville, FL 318 PM Narcotic Sting Briefing) Narcotics Unit Sgt. Randy White talks about a buy bust operation and they call up a dealer whom Detective Linda Morgan has his number from a previous deal. They meet in a park in a blue truck with an ATV in the back. They jump the two black dealers who know nothing about any drugs. One guy starts swallowing the drugs and they get him to spit it out. They call another guy in a red Lumina for crack. He notices the police and drives off, but they block him in after he rams them twice. 812 PM Linda calls another guy and meets him at a liquor store parking lot. The black dealer runs and gets a huge lead across the road and they have to catch him by car. They take his picture and he wont say a word after selling them 100 worth of crack for 80. Passaic County NJ (451 Traffic Stop) Sheriffs Dept. Cpl. Anthony Damiano tells about the area he covers. He heads to a project to see what is going on. He pulls over a car for missing a stop sign. The white driver says excuse me to Anthony, gets out, has no ID, but has two bags of crack. Hes 29 and from Garfield and has been smoking it for two weeks and just got out of rehab. He been stressed out because of his girlfriend hounding him, his one year old kid, having a crappy job and a bad accident at work today. He is charged with only simple possession and says his girlfriend will kick him out. Jacksonville FL Zone 4 Officer Brett Futch says his kids dont worry about him. He keeps a journal for his daughter who thinks the stories from his job are cool. (922 PM Domestic Violence Call) 15 year old Nicole beat up her mom. She wanted to go to a birthday party, but instead was sneaking out with her boyfriend Anthony. She was punching, kicking and biting as her mom tried to get the phone away from her. She called her mom a bitch, slut, tramp and a whore an has marks on her from the struggle. Officer Michelle Terry arrests the daughter, which causes her to cry and say she wasnt the first one to attack. Nicole says she pushed her down on the bed and wouldnt let her get up. Brett says her mom has the right to discipline her. Mom says Nicole needs help. AKA Damiano Buy Bust

Episode 5 - Coast to Coast 69
(New Orleans, LA 655 PM Suspicious Activity) 6th District Task Force Officers Bryan Lewis and Melvin Williams like being in the task force because its different. They see three black men on a corner including Larry who are dealing drugs in front of a store. They catch them and Larry struggles and has a crack pipe on him even though he just got out of jail. (813 PM Possible Drug Activity) They spot a guy with drugs in his mouth. When they grab him the black guy screams, wails, fights and goes down saying he aint got nothin bro again and again. Melvin says he should take his links when they find clear capsules filled with heroin. He just did five years in jail for coke and is on probation. Jacksonville FL Zone 3 Sgt. Elizabeth Kenny says her favorite part of the job is finding stolen cars and returning them. (122 AM Domestic Violence Call) Sammy, a Russian man, came home and went to the bathroom and his girlfriend was sleeping with their baby. He tells Officer Bill Nelson he turned the fan off and she attacked him for trying to turn it off. Hes lived in apartment 262 for three years and they talk to the girl and says they have a kid. She says she was drunk and she hit him. They give the baby to her sister to take to her moms house. Riverside County CA Jurupa Valley Station Deputy Chris Barajas says its the most funnest job playing cops and robbers for real. (927 PM Suspicious Vehicle) He saw a blue Chevy go off road through a dirt path, over hills and across a canyon. He finally catches up to the Mexican driver Marco who has no shoes and is fidgety. He finds a crack pipe and lots of womens underwear on the seat. He says it is from all the girls hes been with and wears them because hes gay. They find a bag of meth, so hes going back to jail. Hes crying because hes been fighting with his wife and that is why hes out there.

Episode 6 - Resisting Arrest 3
Special Edition (Fort Worth, TX 1007 PM Suspicious Vehicle) East Division Officer Sara Stratten likes working there. Its fish in a barrel, you dont have to look far to find a crook. She spots a car packed on the wrong side of the street with its hi beams on probably is stolen. He then drives off and pulls over. The driver gets out, back in, has no license, the passenger has no license either and tries to creep into a nearby house holding a shirt. He eventually comes back, but wont listen. When she goes to cuff him he runs and is tackled with the help of the cameraman. Backup arrives and puts him in his car. The driver claims he was looking for a house, but couldnt find it. Sgt. John Ost says the passenger is a parole violator. He explains he doesnt like being told what to do and when she lifted his shirt up he couldnt breathe. The driver also is a parole violator. Las Vegas Downtown Area Command (1018 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Ray Spencer is called to a fight at a wedding chapel. He says there are lots of problems lately with people getting married and ten limos are outside fighting for business when the couple come out. Cheryl is the owner and says a couple from a competing chapel threatened her. A bike cop finds the male suspect, Thomas. He claims his wife is eight months pregnant and people were cursing at them and one punched his wife last week. A BMW was following them so the police stop it and Craig the driver comes out says the suspect made bomb threats to his chapel and has warrants. Thomas is arrested for 440 unpaid traffic tickets and petty larceny. Ray says feuding wedding chapels fighting for business have gotten out and has been going on for nine months. Jacksonville FL Zone 1 Officer Farand Lockett did a ride along and got bit by the bug. It is exciting and loves it and would do it for free. (1101 PM Officer Assistance Call) Police chase someone behind a building and says the second suspect escaped in a white tank top. Farand cant find the other cops, but finds the suspect. The suspect says he 18 and has ID in his back pocket. He was meeting his friend Ernie and two girls for a booty call. Officer Lisa Coggin says she saw him run from the building and he is all sweaty and his heart is racing. He says he wasnt in there, well he was in there, but not long. The guy he was meeting is his best friend, the other guy he doesnt know.

Episode 7 - Tazed & Confused Special Edition
COPS in Norwood and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Pierce County, Washington. Stories include an Officer needs assistance call, a domestic dispute in a bar resulting in a tazing, and a warrant is served on a man with a loaded gun, drugs and police equipment in his car.

Episode 8 - Grand Theft Auto 2 Special Edition
(Pierce County WA 1028 PM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood Officer Monti Minion and partner Officer Dave Butts pull over and wait for the pursuit of a mini van to pass them. Stop sticks are put out on the freeway, so he exits, turns around, gets a flat and bails out on Union & Mills. A K 9 is called to find the white guy in a white shirt. They go through bushes, a field and yard. K 9 catches him in a bush, he screams, is pulled out, cuffed and mirandized. He wants to talk to an attorney, wants his shoe, is mad the dog bit him, screams hes innocent and denies stealing the van. He only ran because the dog was chasing him. They explain that the dog tracked his scent from the van to here. He thinks thats amazing and has been arrested before for stealing a car. He says the van belongs to his parents, but his dads on coke and his moms on heroin so they cant contact them. Las Vegas, NV Downtown Area Command (438 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Officer Ray Spencer was in Reno and when they had a great call theyd talk about it for 3 days. In Vegas they get calls like that every day. He spots a car with a loose license plate that comes back stolen. The guy pulls over and gets out without incident. Officer Todd Humphrey cuffs and questions him. The ignition is punched out and on the floor with a rag covering the steering wheel. He hasnt been arrested in 7 years, the car is his buddy Steves and he was just borrowing it to go to the store. He only had the car 30 minutes after picking it up at a 7 11 in the back. His friend traded crack for the car, its a rock rental, he didnt steal it. At the police station in interview room 3 he says he went to the Peppertree where guys hang out and asked to use the car. The guy told him it was stolen and he used a nail file to start it. He bought chicken and the cop gives it to him and he eats it fast. They have enough evidence to bust him. Pierce County WA South Hill Precinct (213 AM Stolen Vehicle) Officer Theron Hardesty works graveyard from 9pm to 7am. It starts fast, gets slow then allows you to be proactive which is what they are meant to do. He spots a red Porsche on the hot sheet and pulls him over. An ancient long gray bearded biker comes out. He refuses to lie on the dirt and wants to know whats going on. He gets on all fours and another cop is brought in to jump on and cuff him. They put him in the back and ask where he got the car. He got it from J.P. who is selling it to him on payments. He put 1000 down yesterday, but has no receipt. Theron says the Porsche is worth more than 30,000 as its almost new. He has no title and it was stolen last night. The owner is brought to the scene to ID the guy, but doesnt know him and will gladly testify against him in court. (Fox mistakenly calls this Grand Theft Auto)

Episode 9 - Bad Girls 6 Special Edition
(Fort Worth, TX 856 PM Officer Assistance Call) East Division Officer Brett Mills goes to where a woman in a red van is stopped in a parking lot. She is told to get out and she keeps saying, What did I do The van is stolen and she says Ty owns it and he brought it to her to drive it for him. She got out of court today for prostitution, evading arrest and trespassing. They find a crack pipe inside and the male passenger doesnt know anything. She freaks out, bangs her head against the trunk and says she cant breathe. They hog tie her and she says, Im not going down for this. Then she screams, Im being choked Officer Amy Rodriguez ties her hands in the back, she slams her head, says her wrists are bleeding and is taken to jail. Jacksonville, FL Zone 1 (226 AM Burglary in Progress) Officer Terrence Hightower says martial arts keeps him focused. He finds a black guy in the street whose lady stabbed him in the arm. It turns out his lady is Travis a man who admits he has a penis. They were fighting, hes a stroller, not a prostitute. He came home and they were doing coke, the guy went to the store, came back and Travis stabbed him. He has scars on his back and both of them are HIV. The victim says they live together, he went outside to change a tire and keep it real. He then rambles incoherently. He came home at 2am and Travis said he wasnt going to take it any more and stabbed him. Hes charged with battery. Pierce County WA (141 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct Deputy Theron Hardesty loves graveyard because he gets to be proactive. He stops a car with no lights on, asks the woman for her license and she says she doesnt have it. She cries, claims shes running from her boyfriend, doesnt know where she is, isnt from around here and the car isnt hers its Christinas. The car was stolen yesterday so he makes her get out and arrests her. She pretends to cry, is scared, claims she loaned her the car 2 days ago, she just came from her sisters house and isnt lying. She wants to call her. She is a suspect in the original theft, Christina is her roommate and she took the car to score some meth. She keeps saying, I had the car two days. She stays with her sister in a nearby trailer park and they can check. (Aired instead of #1709. Fox Mistakenly Lists this as Bad Girls 3) #1724.

Episode 10 - Coast to Coast 70
(Fort Worth, TX 133 AM Shots Fired Call) East Division Crime Response Team Officer Jamey Pinkston and Officer Brett Mills take the call of a man leaving the scene with an AK 47 in a red Ford Expedition. They pull up and the Hispanic man in white jumps out of the rolling vehicle. He runs through back alleys until hes caught and says, I didnt shoot at anyone. He ran because everyone gets scared by the police. His truck kept going until it crashed into a tree and the gun was loaded. People called the police because they saw him fire 3 4 shots. He says the magazine holds 40 and there are at least 38 bullets inside. Officer Scott McGraw goes to the witness who says the guy shot at him, shot out his cousins tire and positively IDs him. Pierce County WA (1042 PM Traffic Stop) Lakewood Officer Joe Kolp says decisions are left up to them to make in the field. He pulls over a car with no headlights. The driver tries to get out, his radio is too loud, he panics and freaks that he didnt turn the headlights on because he has no switch. Officer John Henterly backs him up. His license is suspended, hes sorry, cries and doesnt want to go to jail. They cuff and mirandize him since he is so crazy. There are many cereal boxes in the car and he says he was at the game, wasnt drinking, doesnt do drugs and has nothing illegal in the car. They give him a field sobriety test following a pen with his eyes. He claims he has a lazy eye and hes arrested for the suspended license. Philadelphia, PA (702 PM Surveillance Sting) 24th District Sgt. Scott Bradley says drug areas have popped up and they will have officers undercover to catch the buyers. Officer Hayden Smith pulls over a white van and the driver doesnt understand why. They take him and his passenger out and cuff them. Officer Kenyatta Lee backs him up. They claim they just left work, but find bags of pot on him. He says the stuff in the van is from the job they were working. The guy in back is a dealer, the front 2 are users. The white guy says hes innocent. They find 2 guys walking away and Miguel and Officer Ronald Scott catch them, but are out of cuffs. Officer Richard Everhart was undercover and bought from them and they swallowed the drugs. The dealer has pants with a special pocket to hide the drugs, but wont say if he made the pants himself. Supposed to be Trannys Gone Wild A Florida sheriffs deputy responds to a call and finds a transgender stabbing victim who had been working as a stroll girl. Even in reruns its listed, but this episode always plays instead, so Trannys doesnt exist.

Episode 11 - Las Vegas Heat #1 Part 1
Note this episode looks nothing like any episode before. It has completely different fonts for the calls, doesnt list the times and they start small and expand outward. (Homicide Investigation) The daytime bartender from Odyssey Pizza calls in that the 70 year old graveyard bartender was found dead when she came to work and the place was robbed. Detective Shelia Huggins takes the case. Crime Scene Investigator Joseph Matvay says he found a herringbone footprint on the victims back and a matching footprint in the bathroom. (Street Patrol) Officer Paul Gasca loves Vegas because it is open 24 hours. His partner Officer Gerard Bello says they are going after a stolen vehicle and are going to get ahead of the pursuit. They find him coming down a curb and give pursuit westbound on Tropicana. then north on Cobolt. They jump out at the MGM and run into the parking garage. The passenger stays with the car, the driver runs through the garage and down the street before Paul catches him. He says not to disrespect him when they cuff him. Officer Larry Symonette kept up with him too. Paul asks him why he ran. He says he was minding his own business coming from a pizza place and they harassed him. He gives him a fake name, so they say theyll give him John Doe and hell sit in jail for 2 months. His partner gave him up hes wanted by LAPD for homicide, 1.5 million bail. Back at the homicide investigation Lt. Tom Monahan talks to the press about the homicide. Detective Larry Hanna briefs about the suspect, he has been seen before. Detective Todd Hendrix and Sgt. Mike Thomason are also there. The suspects left behind two beers they brought and a prescription bottle filled the day before. Todd calls the pharmacy so they can come and see the surveillance video. (Homicide Investigation) the pharmacy knows the guy, saw him on the video and have his name and an address. Hes a skateboarder with bleach blonde hair. The bartender says a guy named Mario called and Randy AKA Crazy came along with him. They sat at the bar, he was wearing a red shirt and was dirty. Only 3 people were left at closing. (Street Patrol) Paul says people come there from everywhere, the cities reputation is amazing. They take the call about a guy who crashed into a dry cleaners and left the car running. They find the car and pull them out at gunpoint. The driver says his friend picked him up and he sat in the car because it was cool. He wasnt driving and didnt steal it. Then he says he was driving it, was asked to picked up the car, but is not sure where he got the car. He was told it was stolen and was supposed to get 150 to drive it to Tuscany. He didnt know it was a big deal even though it was a Mercedes. The owner is called and comes to get the car. The thief asks the owner how he is doing. He is amazed he is asking him and says hell cut his balls off and to get out of his face. The thief apologizes and wants him to know he wasnt the one who took it. Homicide Investigation (Interview Person of Interest) They talk to the blonde guy. He says he was going to skate around town and guys hit him up for money. Then they attacked him when he didnt have any and was knocked out all night. His mom picked him up at 4am. Shelia says she doesnt believe his story. He yells for his mom to verify his story. He says he didnt kill anyone, is gay and picks up the phone to call his attorney because they are rude to him. She says if he calls he is a suspect. The witnesses saw tattoos. Mom says Joseph gave the other guy his credit card to a black guy to get food. The black guy bought food and came back. They want to find out where the credit was used. (Homicide Investigation Autopsy) Shelia says the body is a piece of evidence, itll give a time and cause of death. Severe bruising on both hands shows he fought back, there was a major struggle and he took a massive beating. Todd finds out where they used the card and they go look at the video of it. Officer David Miller is going undercover on robbery decoy detail. Officer Misty Pence watches from above across the street. Officer Nathan Boss is in a car on the street. David is dressed up like a painter, in a messy outfit, with cigarettes, money and acting like hes a drunk Russian. A black guy comes up to him to hit him up for cigarettes, then pickpockets his money. Walking down the street he dumps the money when he spots the cops coming. Misty gives the play by play. Officer Scott Olson makes the arrest, says he has a big rap sheet of theft and battery. (Homicide Investigation) they go to a convenience store and watch a video of the black haired suspect coming in with a skateboard and using the credit card. (Street Patrol) Sgt. Tom TJ Jenkins is on foot patrol so he can get closer to the action. He spots a woman squatting, pissing against a crane. She is with a friend and they are both drunk. He says everything they did is on camera, but just gives them a warning. They say theyll go back to the hotel and wont be out again till tomorrow. (Crime Stoppers Hotline Homicide Investigation) A man called Todd that he knows where Crazy is so he goes to meet him at a diner. The guy says he just met him last night. Crazy admitted he got some pool sticks because he killed a bartender a couple nights ago and stole them. His name is David and hell give a statement. He says he met him through his friend Randy. They go to where he is and find a guy named Kevin sitting on the curb. They pick him up and he screams that his arms hurt and they are infected as he was just going to the hospital. He lives with Crazy Randy. He just shot up heroin a few minutes ago. Cops ask him where he got the pool cues. He said he found 4 sticks in the alley behind the apartment. He lives in room 20. They go to the room and get Randy, he says he has a big dog inside. They pull him out and his arms are all bloody. Kevin is from Virginia Beach and stole the pills. His shoes match the crime scene, but he is in such bad shape that they have to ambulance him out. (Street Patrol) Tom wants to get the message out to jaywalkers because 60 80 people die a year walking in the street. He spots a drunk guy in the median and goes to check him out before he goes into traffic. He has a beer in each hand. Tom tells him to drop them, but he keeps drinking them. He also has a pile of clothes, some are womens and they still have the hangers on them. He says they arent stolen, he just has a fetish for womens clothes. He picked up Tom for jaywalking yesterday and arrested him last week too. He is sweating as they find a 16 oz bottle of Bud in his sock. He also has one stuffed in his crotch thats freezing him. (Homicide Investigation) Shelia found out the killers are hustlers and took advantage of the older man at the bar. (Warrant Search) they go to the apartment and find a bloody tank top, the skateboard, pool cue & case and a red shirt in the trash the one worn during the crime. (Suspect Booking) They take Kevins mug shot with a computer. (Warrant Search) back at HQ they go through the belongings. Crime Scene Analyst Stephanie Smith finds the victims wallet in Kevins backpack with his SS card. (Epilogue) At Kevins court hearing the judge reads the charges against him. He pleads not guilty, so does Randy. Prosecutors ask for the death penalty. Originally to air 11 19 04 and be called Las Vegas Metro 04

Episode 12 - Las Vegas Heat #1 Part 2

Episode 13 - Ho Ho Ho 2
COPS in Nevada, Ohio and California. When Santa Ana, CA, Police Officer Jose Gonzales questions a known prostitute, the woman insists that she is doing nothing wrong and claims that she was only escorting her disabled male acquaintance to a nearby fast food restaurant. Another segment features Deputy Steve Sabers and Corporal Brian Shepard of the Hamilton County, OH, Sheriffs Office, responding to a domestic disturbance. At the scene, a man explains that his ex wife plans to marry a man she recently met on the internet and move their children out of state.

Episode 14 - Maui Wowie Special Edition
COPS in Las Vegas, NV, Jacksonville, FL, and Maui, Hawaii. Stories include the passenger of a stolen car is tossed out on the street, a driver with a suspended license wont stop for police until he gets home, and in Hawaii, officers spot fields of marijuana from a helicopter.

Episode 15 - Got A Habit Special Edition
COPS in Texas, Ohio and California Stories include using stop sticks to bring a drunks high speed chase to an end, a car is pulled over and the passenger arrested for drug possesion and a warrant, and a uniformed officer works together with an undercover unit during a traffic stop involving a vehicle involved in suspected drug activity.

Episode 16 - Busts Special Edition
(Forth Worth, TX 1049 PM Warrant Briefing) East Division Officer G.W. Hull says they are serving a warrant on Eisenhower and have been there 3 tomes for crack. They load up and go and use a stealth approach so they dont destroy evidence. Inside there is junk everywhere and no room to move. Officer Quilla Barnett finds an open window where they threw out their crack rocks. They find 547 in cash with nothing bigger than a 20 and both suspects say they dont sell or use drugs. Three weeks ago they caught them selling and a week later they were still selling. Their mom comes home and has no idea whats going on with her son Rufus. Hamilton County OH (1110 PM Fight Call) Corporal Pete Enderle has been a full time deputy for 8 years and sued to work at the post office with cops who hooked him up. He spots a car with four people driving on the grass. He pulls the 19 year old driver out who says he and his cousin John were arguing and he was just leaving and doesnt know where they went. Backup arrives and they go to 21 year old Johns house. His face and eye is all bloody. He says his cousin did at a party and he lives next door, but doesnt want to press charges. They were arguing, but he doesnt know why or what about. He just walked over and socked him. The guy in the yard was parked there at the time. John cut his knuckles on Petes teeth. They go to Pete and he says John got drunk and was running his mouth off and his mom doesnt like him. They were just drinking and playing horseshoes at his party. They shake hands and hug. They go to shake Petes hand, but he doesnt want to touch them. Forth Worth, TX East Division Crime Response Team Officer Brett Mills and Jamey Pinkson have to be extra careful on shots fired calls, you never know. (939 PM Suspicious Vehicle) They stop a car and the driver tears it up looking for his insurance and cant find it. He says he recently moved to Arlington and was looking for his homeboy JJ to go drinking with. Hes been arrested before for being in the wrong place at the wrong time for marijuana possession. He is pulled out, frisked and they find a blue bag in his mouth and grab his throat so he cant swallow it. He was just chewing on the bag, didnt buy it, it was given to him, he doesnt use. Jamey gets burned by a cigarette ash and the guy wants one more cigarette before he goes to jail. The bag is filled with coke, they saw it while he was talking. He says he wasnt doing anything wrong, was going to chew it all up and didnt want to throw it out and have kids find it. He started on cocaine when he was 15 and now hes 22. He got out of jail when he was 20 and says coke doesnt affect him. He is booked and goes to jail.

Episode 17 - Resisting Arrest 4 Special Edition
(Pierce County WA 1202 AM Armed Robbery Call) Officer Joe Kolp goes to set up a containment area. Officer Russ Martin is on the scene. A man has his bosses truck from work and a guy broke in and stole tools including a nail gun. K 9 Officer Chris Karl from Tacoma is brought in and they go through the wood and find the guy on the other side of a fence sleeping under a blanket. Joe pulls the blanket off and the guy pulls it back up and fights them. He gets tased three times and screams and fights. His nose gets bloody, says there is no other guy, he doesnt know whats going on and didnt fight anyone. He is cuffed and led off. The Lakewood Fire Dept cleans up his wound. The second guy is spotted in a rundown house so they go to get him. There are two people in the living room and the man is found hiding in a bed and wont come out. After the dog is brought in he complies, gets out and is cuffed. They found the stolen property too. Little Rock, AR (1252 AM Pursuit in Progress) FTO John Comeau spots a stolen vehicle and positions himself on the freeway. The black guy passes and then takes off through a field and back onto a side road, then runs on foot into the woods. He goes into a drainage pipe and wont come out so they follow him. He is caught and brought out all wet. His pants are off and his knees are cut. He ran because hes high on coke. The car is his partners who lives on Johnson St. He had no clue what he was doing and didnt know if hed get away after his silver jeep blew a tire and got stuck. Officer Mischa Fulton runs him and finds out hes a major thief. Forth Worth, TX (105 PM Felony Warrant Call) North Division Officer Steve Groppi has a lot of fun at work, especially catching criminals. Its like hide and seek. Officer Robert Guerrero goes with him to pick up Javier at his girlfriends house. Evette answers with a small, fat child and says she was asleep and Javier isnt there. The door is smashed up and the window is broken. She calls the cops on him The place is a disaster and eventually he is found under a mattress. She says his brothers are looking for him, he abused her and she filed a restraining order on him. He is shirtless, heavily tattooed and wont say why he was hiding. He wants to put his clothes on, but they tell him no. There is also a second child there and she is told she can go to jail for lying. Javier is on felony probation for assault so he is going back to jail.

Episode 18 - High Crimes Special Edition
(Pierce County WA 143 AM Public Disturbance Call) South Hill Precinct Deputy Patrick Davidson works the eat area where theres not many cops, but lots of tweakers and dopeheads. He goes to a hotel on the call of Tim who is really wasted in Apt 21. When Pat arrives Tim takes off and is caught around back. Deputy Eugene Abaun assists. Tim ran because he thought they were trying to hit him, so he threw everything. He was high on coke and was going out to score. Hes been awake for 4 5 days, is barefoot, cant walk because he has football feet. Hes not on probation, on bond. Hes done coke all day since he was 26 years old. He doesnt deal, lost his pipe and is bi polar. The landlord wants him out. Christine can drive him away because its not a crime to be high. So they let him go. The owner says he was wandering up and down knocking on doors last night. He told him to stay inside and wants him out tomorrow. He throws his stuff in a garbage bag and leaves. Santa Ana, CA Officer Garry Caruso grew up around police since his dad was a cop. He saw it, heard stories and it sounded like fun. He wasnt pushed into it. (138 AM Street Patrol) They drive an unmarked car into a known gang alley where they go to do and sell drugs. They go after a white El Camino with guys inside and catch them. The driver, Kevin, is an old white guy. The passenger is a young Hispanic. They go to pull the young guy out and he tries to swallow the drugs and they choke it out of him and cuff him. Officer Mary Campuzano was first on the scene. Kevin is on parole for a possession charge in 1998. He was going to pick up a girl named Shasta and the young guy just got in his car because he needed a ride. He saw he had drugs and he told him to get rid of them. Both go to jail. Las Vegas South East Area Command Officer Gibron Smith loves Vegas, but it gets hot over 110 degrees and stays like that for months. It gets real hot on 4 hours of calls outside of your car. Sgt. Kelly White says they can get dehydrated. They go to a gas station where a guy is pumping gas for 4 hours. The guy says he was looking for his keys for 10 minutes. He left home at 830 am and now its 930. They tell him its really 1145. They find prescription drugs on him with the labels removed. He says they are his moms, but the label wasnt hers. He mixed the bottles to consolidate the pills for her to help her pain. He is a musician, classically trained, but his mom got hurt and hes taking care of her. His face is all made up, but he claims hes not wearing make up. He says his lips are chapped. He was shopping, but bought nothing and didnt get gas. The cashier says she watched him there for hours. He came in to buy stuff, forget his credit card and went back to his car and spent 30 minutes looking for it. His keys he couldnt find were on the roof the whole time.

Episode 19 - Bad Girls 7 Special Edition
(Fresno, CA 1246 PM Suspicious Person) Southwest Policing District Officer Joey Perez grew up in the small town of Reedly, no drugs or gangs a good, small community. His dad was a cop and taught him moral character which no one teaches people that in this town and that is the problem. He spots a woman walking who headed the other way when she saw him coming. He asks if she has anything. Barbara is a fat, heavy white woman who says just a compact, then a lighter, makeup and cigarettes. Then she admits she has 2 crack pipes, but they are his, not hers. A train comes right by them and she starts bawling like a baby, doesnt want to go to jail and admits she smoked crack an hour ago. She freaks out, because cops make her nervous. Then she tries to run and Joey jumps on her. He threatens to taser her if she doesnt behave so she stops and is cuffed. A big chunk of crack fell out of her compact when she threw it. They also find dope she threw. Then she wont tell her name, she didnt resist, is 17 years old, pregnant and wants to see Sgt. Pat Jackson. Pat says she doesnt look pregnant. She says she hasnt had her period in 4 months, but no doctor confirmed it. She doesnt care about the kid, wants to die, kill herself, is 17 weeks pregnant and her arm and leg hurts. Pat says they have had contact with her before and she is always combative and sarcastic. When they pick up her crack pipe a cockroach leg falls out. Pierce County WA Lakewood (1047 PM Vehicle Crash) Officer Joe Kolp says its a business area, few taverns, really busy, bars are full. A car went through the back of a 7 11 into the office. Vivian the fat Mexican woman who owns the car says she was in the club and doesnt know what happened. The witness said the car sped through the lot, hit a man and then crashed. They say it was a female driver, but didnt see her. He was hit hard enough to flip through the air, they drove away so they went in and told the store owner. They admit after they are told they could be held for obstruction if the Mexican woman was driving. Officer Rodger Leach questions her. Vivian cries and wont admit she was driving, then finally admits she drove the car and hit her boyfriend who left. She wasnt drinking. He jumped out of the car when they were arguing. She put the car in reverse and hit him by hitting the gas by mistake. She was scared, has two kids at home and is arrested for obstruction by lying at first and now is in a heap of trouble. San Bernardino County CA Rancho Cucamonga PD. Deputy Joe Braaten has been with Sheriffs Dept for over 6 years and wanted a career that was challenging and different every day. Other jobs didnt do it for him. He did a couple ride alongs with buddies and liked it. (1232 AM Traffic Stop) He pulls over a car that has month old expired tags. Angela the driver says its in the mail and has a pot pipe right in plain sight. He asks her how much weed she smoked tonight. She says none. He says she is lying. She says she doesnt have any pot in the car and wasnt smoking it. He checks her eyes and shes stoned. The pipe is next to a bag of cookies and there is a meth pipe too. She says there is nothing else that she knows off. He keeps looking and finds a speed straw. Deputy Scott Gould backs him up. She admits to him she used it a few hours ago. It was her first time in a while. He arrests her to wake her up since she has no previous arrests, no job and still lives at home. He tells her this stuff will destroy her and she seems like a nice person. She cries.

Episode 20 - Coast to Coast 71
COPS in Fort Worth, Tx, Las Vegas, Nv and New Orleans. Stories include a man with warrants refusing to stop his truck, a domestic involving broken glass and disorderly conduct, and a theft sting operation using a bicycle.

Episode 21 - Coast to Coast 75
(Pierce County WA 1234 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood Officer Trent Stephens joins the chase of 2 occupants driving back and forth across the city from Pierce to Tacoma. He gets out and lays stop sticks at 5th. The guy sees him and cuts through a 7 11 parking lot. Units from 5 cities are now chasing him. He gets out again and drops the stop sticks after clearing traffic. The car hits them fast, stops a few blocks later and bails. He and the passenger are surrounded and cuffed. The passenger says the driver was going to sell him dope and then cops got behind him and he took off. He wasnt able to get out, he wouldnt let him and he kept asking where to go and he said he was lost. The driver lies on the ground drooling and moaning. Deputy Roger Fuller was leading the chase. The driver has a felony warrant plus will be charged with evasion. The trunk has meth in it. Officer Mike Phipps assists. The passenger has a black eye and says driver would only let him out if he jumped and he thought the way they took the winding turns he would kill them. North Little Rock, AR (103 AM Traffic Stop) Officer Kenny Livingston spots a possibly stolen suburban, pulls it over and asks for backup. He makes them put their hands on the roof and the driver has switched seats. They pulls 3 black men out of the back, but the passenger is passed out. K 9 arrives and 3 guys, 1 girl are cuffed. No one wants to say who was driving. They find crack in the front and the girl says she knows nothing about the crack and John nor Curtis wasnt driving. It was Bobby. John says the drugs arent his and didnt know the SUV was stolen. Curtis was passed out and doesnt know nothing. Bobby says he wasnt driving, Casper the ghost was. The tag was stolen from another stolen car, so its two counts of theft. Hamilton Co, OH (1146 PM Disturbance Call) Sheriffs Office Cpl Greg Raubanus & Deputy Steve Sabers teach at the police academy. Because they see the same things over and over they get lackadaisical. They get a call to a hotel where a man backed his pickup over a wall. The manager says owner has been cussing her out up and down. She just wanted him to fix the wall, but he refused and cursed her out. She wants him out. He is in Apt 121, says he didnt call, has no problem and they are upset because he is upset. They turned the phone off because he owes them 70 cents. He has a suspended license, says he wasnt driving, it was Chad. Its his truck, he didnt hit anything, if he did he didnt mean to. Chad is his nephew who lives with him, but he took off. The trucks back bumper is damaged. The bricks are broken in half. Russell is drunk and picks them up and puts them the wrong way then says he wont do it. He keeps trying and trying and says to put him in jail. He keeps at it until he gets it right with Steves help. A cab is called because the manager wants him out. Russell says hes not an idiot. Greg tells him if he sees or hears from again tonight hes going to jail.

Episode 22 - Coast to Coast 73

Episode 23 - High Times Special Edition
(Pierce Co, WA 1207 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood PD Officer Matt Brown is going to assist in a pursuit of a stolen white Honda SR V heading their way in the rain. Officer Mike Phipps is driving. The suspect blows a light at Tyler and they get permission to PIT. He blows a light turning through head on traffic, hits the stop sticks, loses a tire, but the cops also hit the sticks and lose a tire. South Hill Precinct Deputy Kristi Estes now takes the lead. The suspect cuts his lights, is pitted on a turn and goes into the lot of an industrial complex. They have to yank Jeremy out through the window, his pants fall down and he screams the whole time about his leg. He is cuffed and so is the passenger. A gun is found on the floor and Jeremy wont look at Kristi when she reads him his rights. They also find packages of dope ready to sell and a bag of money. Jeremy has a warrant and is on probation. Fort Worth, TX (945 PM Suspicious Activity) North Division Officer M.L. Simon says one of his goals is making it to the SWAT team if possible or the gang unit or narcotics. Hes keeping his options open. He goes to a call of gang activity, Hispanic males stripping down a 1989 maroon Chevy GMC truck on the street. They run when he pulls up, the first one is caught by M.L. and says he didnt do nothing. He has no answer to why he ran, is cuffed and taken back to the car. He asks what the problem is, doesnt know whose truck it is he was by, he just pulled up, doesnt know what is going on was just the wrong place at the wrong time. He knows the column was punched, but didnt do it, he wasnt in the truck. The second guy is caught and brought back by Officer Domingo Martinez. Officer Daniel Gonzalez says the 2nd guy gave up the 1st. He says its a lie and the third guy he only knows as Shorty. Hes on probation for burglary. The truck has the radio missing, tools and speakers out of the back. They find the radio and speakers in the guys car. The owner Josh shows up with his parents. Josh had his wallet in the truck they took too. Norwood, OH (631 PM Sting Operations) Police Division Task Force Sgt. Tom Fallon tells Detective Harry Schlie they are doing a buy bust for crack. Harry is covered with a mask and sunglasses. The guy has a priors for guns, assault, drug trafficking, B&E, resisting arrest and robbery. The deal is set up for 190 for a quarter ounce. Josh is set for the guy to show up with the drugs. He pulls up in a small silver car next to the detective in an SUV with a female passenger. He leaves and they surround him a block away. He tries to swallow the drugs and they tell him to spit it out and try to choke it out of him. Then they taser him and he screams. Bobby and another cop saw him eat the coke. He keeps screaming and wont answer. The girl cries, says she doesnt know the man, she was waiting for the bus and he gave her a ride and has been arrested for bad checks before. She says shes waiting to get back to her kids. He is charged with 3 4 counts of trafficking. He confirms her story in the station. He is put in a cell until the paperwork is done then hell be taken to the justice center. He had 1200 on him.

Episode 24 - Coast to Coast 74
(Pierce County WA 102 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood Officer Matt Brown is en route to the east side after a vehicle with stolen plates that wont stop. Josh sets up stop sticks and the white truck hits them and keeps going. He loses his tires, goes into an apartment complex and bails out on foot. He is caught right away and tazered, but he howls and continues to fight. Officer Mike Phipps assists. There are two more in the truck brought out at gunpoint. Deputy Kris Nordstrom helps get them out. The third guy howls that his arm is popping out of the socket as they cuff him. The driver is mirandized and put in the back of a cruiser. The third guy has a needle on him. Deputy Mario Carey talks to the woman passenger. She says she didnt know the driver, her friend got out and peed, didnt know the truck stolen and the guy just jumped out while it was rolling. (103 AM Vehicle Stop) Officer Dave Shaffer pulls up behind a stolen gold vehicle that fell off the hot sheet. An unmarked car was following it and called Dave. Jason pulls over, gets out and is told to lift his shirt up and walk backwards to the cops and is cuffed. There is a women passenger, Gabby, a dog in the back, the ignition is punched and the stereo is missing. Gabby says Jason bought the car today and didnt know it was stolen. Officer Andy Guerrero is backup. She says he works from time to time, but doesnt have much money, doesnt know where hed get any money and sometimes people give him money for helping them, but doesnt know who. Hes in the back crying, says he doesnt want the girl to get in trouble since theyre only together for 2 weeks. He traded a gram of meth to borrow the vehicle. Later she admits she knew it was stolen because he wouldnt tell her where he got it and needed a screwdriver to start it. He says he has a foster kid in California. They let the girl go with her dog. Hamilton County, OH (855 PM Traffic Stop) Sheriffs Office District 1 Cpl Pete Enderle says his kids always ask if he caught any bad guys today. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes nothing happens. He goes to stop a car with no headlight and on Glenaire at the 3000 block he pulls over. Has a temporary tag, no tail lights and no license. He reaches in his pocket for money and gets in trouble for that. He says he has no weed on him and its the first time he drove the car. Then he admits there is weed in the front bucket. They find the pot where Jeff said it would be. Hes 18 and has a warrant. They find coke in the trunk in a jewelry box. He is arrested, says its not coke, its powdered sugar and came with the car. Then why it is wrapped up in a little baggie He wont explain why its there. He got 800 worth of tickets last week, has a kid, his heads up his ass, needs a way to pay the bills. Hes arrested for pot, warrant and fake coke.

Episode 25 - 600th Milestone Episode
(Cincinnati, OH 924 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Michael Winslow says its a full moon, lots of officers believe the myth that it makes more crime. He hasnt seen that. Cameras capture a fleeing suspect domestic disturbance a family disturbance that threatens to separate children from their father. Covington, KY Hamilton Co, OH .

Episode 26 - Coast to Coast 76
(Pierce County WA 417 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct Deputy Mark Berry loves the northwest if you like doing things outdoors theres Mt. Rainer and Puget Sound. Hes a big fan of hot coffee with all the rain. He spots a car with an expired registration, goes to pull them over and they take off. They go through residential areas, down alleyways, down J st., west on 53rd, north on I, east on 52nd then they suddenly stop and run. Mark catches the soaked, Spanish, shoeless male driver with some help. He goes back to the car and finds it rolled into a parked car. Deputy Darrin Rayner assists. The driver is 23 and ran because he had a gun pointed at him and he lost his sandals. Mark asks why he kept running when the passenger ran in the other direction with the gun. He says he stopped, even though he was hiding. It turns out he has 48,000 in warrants for distributing and possession of drugs. Covington, KY (120 AM Fight in Progress) Officer Derek Uhl is en route to a large fight with people throwing beer bottles and rocks and possibly a gun. A woman is screaming for help saying a guy broke through her window and is in the back. A man points the way, they run to the back and more people point the way. Officer Mark Richardson assists in catching a shirtless, heavily tattooed guy a couple blocks later. They spot another two shirtless guys a block and away and run over and cuff them. They say they didnt do anything. One guy says he had a beef with a guy he didnt know for trying to kiss his sister. The other guy backs up the story saying the guy is 26, fresh out of prison and fondled his sister. They find the sister who says a guy grabbed her, kissed her and she told her brother. He got his friends and went over there to fight. The talk to the guy and he says a girl named Jerica sat on his lap and kissed him. Then he was sitting outside eating when the brother came over wanting to fight. He says a whole bunch of them came over throwing stuff, breaking windows and knocked down the gate. The fence was smashed, a chair was thrown into a window and a door is knocked off the hinges. He show them inside and Derek says to stay away from those young girls. Cincinnati, OH (217 PM Suspicious Vehicle) District 1 Officer Robin Williams works with a partner because its better to have one in a high crime and drug area with lots of violence. Officer Jody Dillinger is his partner. They spot a red and white pick up truck stopping, starting and acting erratic. They stop the two young guys. The driver has an ID card that he thinks its a license. He says hes on his dads insurance, but has no card. His license plate is obstructed and will get a ticket for that. They pull them out, search them and find heroin on the driver. He says there is nothing in the car. The passenger says he has Xanax on him, its loose in his pocket. His friend gave him some pills, he doesnt know what they are and is supposed to give them back. The driver went to rehab for smoking weed, says he doesnt do heroin, he drove a girl up here for 30, doesnt know her and its hers. She is a crackhead. He was going to circle around while she scored and came back, but they got him first. He still is arrested for possession, but they are glad he was honest.

Episode 27 - Coast to Coast 77
(Hamilton County, OH 355 PM Hit and Run Call) Sheriffs Office Corporal Pete Enderle says its satisfying to help someone with a particular problem. They thank you, its genuine from the heart and makes it all worth while. Thats why you do it for the thanks, not for the glory. He knows the black male driver Lawrence, has dealt with him before and drives by his house. He spots the car, gets out and sees the suspect run inside. He runs out the back, Pete chases him and gets tasered. Lawrence has Coolio hair and asks what did he do. Its because he hit someone on Niagara and is mirandized. He jumped out the window because he saw all the cops and doesnt have time for all this. He says a kid ran right into his car, thought he was OK and left because they said they were going to mess him up. It turns out he didnt have a license or a cell phone and didnt know if the police were coming. He didnt think anything was wrong and he really needed a cigarette, thats why he climbed out the window, but wouldve come back. He wouldve only gotten a ticket if he stuck around, now he gets resisting and driving while suspended. Even worse is he wasnt at fault for the accident, but hes still going to jail. Fresno, CA (901 PM Suspicious Activity) Southwest Policing District CST Officer Paul Cervantes says they are doubled up working with the suppression team on the hotel area looking for prostitutes and drugs. His partner Officer David Miramontes spots a car with a prostitute and they pull them over. Charlene is really a he. Arthur the driver says he saw the woman on the bridge, picked her up and gave her a ride to her sisters. Charlene is a manly Mexican guy with heavy makeup. Arthur insists he didnt ask for sex, but thought he couldve been a prostitute. They arrest Charlene and the driver says he has a joint in the car. They find a tub with pot, a pipe and rolling papers. Sgt. Mike Doyle backs them up. Charlene has a steak knife in his purse. Recently someone was killed when they thought they picked up a woman and it was man so David asks Arthur if he wouldve gotten violent if he learned it was a guy. He says no. David says not to come back and hopes he learned his lesson. Pierce Co, WA (1035 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Mike Phipps has been working Lakewood Graveyard for 5 couple years. Officer Matt Brown has worked every shift and graveyard is the best good fun, camaraderie, partnership and lots of joking. Mike spots a motorcycle speeding he stops him a parking lot and when they get out he takes off. He blows a stop light at 100th and then hits a truck that pulling out of a 7 11. The bike skids down the street in a sea of sparks and he is thrown. The trucks front bumper is ripped off, the fender and smashed and the tire is destroyed. Officer Monti Minion and Officer Andrew ONeill back them up. The biker isnt breathing, but EMS arrives and is able to revive him. The motorcycle is wrecked from the 100mph crash, his helmet is cracked in half and he skidded and wrapped his leg around himself. Officer Jason Smith says he has three traffic warrants and the hospital is only 5 blocks away.

Episode 28 - Caught in the Act Special Edition
(Fresno, CA 1002 PM Street Patrol) SW Policing District CST Officer Paul Cervantes & Officer David Miramontes are the district suppression team to respond to violent calls as a primary strikes force. Their primary target is to focus on drug dealers and junkies out of line. They drive up on two men fighting in a parking lot on Palm & Olive. One is on top of the other and slaps him. They pull over, jump out and cuff them. Charlie is on parole and says he was walking, the guy cursed at him, got violent, pushed him on the ground and he only had one beer. The other guy says Charlie started it. He punched him, pushed him, he had 2 beers and lives nearby. Charlie doesnt remember what address will be on his parole record because he has amnesia and doesnt remember what he said. Charlie was asking for money, but is not sure if it was a robbery. Officer Maria Flores backs them up. The other guy says he gave him some change, it wasnt enough and he tried to push him. They cut him loose and arrest Charlie. Charlie wants them to remove the cuffs so he can go beat him. Las Vegas, NV (1219 AM Possible Disturbance) SE Area Command Officer Shaun Woodard has been in town since 1986. He moved from Boston, likes the weather and claims lots of people come here for the weather and gambling. He sees a 417, a man choking a woman and goes back. His partner is Officer Bill Van Cleef. Tanya says they were playing, are lesbians, her girlfriend Dawn wanted to walk home, but she wanted to drive them home. They werent fighting, just arguing, but she did a lot for Dawn and took her in. Dawn says they were in a bar and another woman was looking at her and Tanya got jealous. In the truck Tanya put her in a choke hold. It is a mandatory arrest for domestic violence battery. She wants her car keys since last time she didnt get them. Dawn comes over and cries, Tanya says its OK, she wouldnt hurt her. Dawn says she choked her before and almost killed her. Fresno, CA (932 PM Officer Assistance Call) SE Policing District Officer Brent Willey says he feels like hes living the American dream. Hes a 4th generation cop and his dad says if you get something for nothing you dont earn it. When you earn it, you love it and that makes it beautiful. He responds to a call for backup at an assault with a deadly weapon. It is raining and there is a man with a bloody face. He says two men jumped him and beat him. Detective Jacky Parks is there. They catch one of the suspects and the man IDs him. Sgt. Eddie Barrios says a call came about the first guy who was hiding in the dumpster. The guy says he wasnt hiding in the dumpster, nothing is going on, hes homeless, didnt do nothing, they dont have him on camera, he was just chilling in the dumpster and doesnt know what he did. He has one felony strike and just got out of jail today. In the 7 11 they watch the security tape and talk to the employee who saw it. Two guys start beating the man and they pull the victim inside and they both come in and attack him. Two employees fight back and then a third man comes and fights. They left blood on the ice cream cabinet, its an open and shut case.

Episode 29 - Grand Theft Auto 3
(Pierce County WA 1242 AM Stolen Vehicle Pursuit) South Hill Precinct Deputy Kris Nordstrom chases Derrick, a white guy in a stolen Honda Prelude on the freeway. He goes 70mph through a red light, blows a stop sign, goes eastbound on Pacific, dodges stop sticks, west on 72nd, swerves to avoid a PIT, speeds up, heads down 116 th st, rear ends a car and loses it. He jumps out to run but another police car cuts him off against a fence. He goes to jump on the hood, doesnt make it, surrenders and they jump on him and cuff him. Deputy Roger Fuller checks the victim that was hit and his face is all bloody. He lost a tooth and probably broke his nose. Sgt. Brian Witt checks the damage. Derrick says he didnt know the cops were behind him at first, complains about his leg and they ambulance him off. Little Rock, AR (901 PM Stolen Vehicle) Downtown Patrol Division Officer Ryan Hudson says the blue car is on the local list and the subject is supposed to be armed. Hes on MLK and pulls over without incident. They draw their guns and pull him out, but he wont drop his soda. He is a young black guy who is incoherent saying he did nothing wrong and has no gun or drugs. A woman let him use the car, she has his ID, but he doesnt know her name. He says he can take the car to the drug house at 28th on Harrison where she is. They bring Barbara, the cars owner, to the scene who says last Friday he jumped in the back seat at a gas station, pulled a out a gun and forced her to drive him around for 2 hours. She told him to take the car since it isnt worth much. He gave her his ID, said hed bring it back in a few days and not to call the police or hed kill her. He says he traded crack for the car and didnt know it was stolen. He has warrants. They take Barbara to the station to ID the driver. Detective Ashley Helton shows her a paper with 6 pictures and she picks out #2 right away. Pierce County WA (740 PM Stolen Vehicle) Sheriffs Dept. Mountain Detachment Deputy Pete Turner spots a Bronco with one headlight and no taillights that is stolen. Josh the white male driver pulls over with no problem and comes out. Hes wearing his hat backwards and has an Auburn #24 basketball shirt. Deputy Jennifer Eldridge backs him up. He says he got the truck from Tony, didnt know it was stolen and doesnt know where Tony is. Hes been busted before for driving a stolen car. The back window is gone and the key is shaved. He says he didnt steal it, he just borrowed it and it was like that. He just started working again and put in 10 days straight. They ask him why he was busted before for this. He says hes on work release with the owner and he does exist.

Episode 30 - Armed & Dangerous Special Edition
(Santa Ana, CA 915 PM Robbery in Progress) Officer Chuck Elms was born and raised there, went away to school and came back with the intentions of being a cop. Its good to be back where he grew up. The call is for backup at a KFC restaurant. A witness says he was at the drive thru getting his drinks and saw a Hispanic man inside with a gun. They go inside and watch the surveillance tape of a guy in a blue shirt holding a gun and another guy in a white shirt with black gloves hopping the counter and empting the register. Someone got the license plate, but it turns out to be stolen. It is the third robbery they committed. They go to a donut shop that they robbed next. A shot was fired and it went through the kitchen. They check the tape and its the same guys robbing the register. They get a call that one is caught and the other is being chased on foot. Sgt. Mark Strouhan is heading up the search with dozens of cops around. Officer David Schwacher caught one and Sgt. Ernie Conde caught the other. It turns out there were three of them, one is a third strike parolee. The guy in blue turns in the gun and a bulletproof vest. One got away, but was IDd. Little Rock, AR (320 PM Street Patrol) Officer Tim Stankevitz always wanted to be a cop and got hired at 27, a late start. He loves it, its a good bunch of people, enjoys working the streets and it gets exciting. A man calls about a problem with homeless people camping out at his building. A black man with a Called in sick t shirt says the man in the blue shirt has a gun. They go around behind the building and find the guy. He is holding the gun and wont drop it. He finally drops it, but wont listen and is pulled down hard and cuffed. Another guy shows up and Officer Ryan Hudson takes him down. The man called 8 Ball keeps saying he shouldve killed the other guy, talks nonsense, the guy beat him with a 2x4 and he was going to take care of him. Hes mad at himself for not killing him, it wouldve been less trouble and he shouldve killed him. He beat him over a 2 rock of coke and says if the cops didnt come he wouldve killed him. He thought he was going back home to jail. The other guy says he doesnt even know the guy, he must think hes someone else. Hes been arrested for drugs in 1997 though. The gun is a .22 and has 2 bullets. Officer Joe Miller checks it out and says it looks like it misfired. San Bernardino, CA (701 PM Shooting Call) Sheriffs Dept Officer Mike Martinez says a good day is taking a couple hardcore criminals off the street and going home at night. Officer Joe Silva says a man shot himself by mistake, but it mightve been a gun battle. They go around back with a helicopter is overhead. They cut the lock on the fence, come up to the house and there is blood all the way up the front. There is a crusty old biker on the floor bleeding from a bullet wound on his leg who says a guy came after him for money and he pulled his .44 Magnum to get rid of him and it went off. Sgt. Ernie Kopasz checks the gun. Greg threw a trailer ball at him. They find him and hes bald with a big bloody bruise under his eye. Deputy John Walker questions him and he says he was hit by a steel bar, ran out after the gun went off and locked the gate on the way out, but his son says no. He says he mightve hopped the fence. They were in business together and he owed him 1,000 and he came to collect. They are both charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Episode 31 - Bizarre Calls Special Edition
(Las Vegas, NV 134 AM Vandalism Call) Metropolitan PD Southeast Area Command. 911 Communications Center A woman calls in about kids in her driveway messing with their cars and she is taping it. They caught one and we can hear a car speeding off and she says her husband is attached to the car. Officer Mike Souder takes the call. Casey says he was toilet papering his tree and a Glen came out and punched him in the face. So he drove off and Glen jumped in and broke off his gearshift. He says he stopped smoking weed, but they find some weed in the car. Glen has no shirt on and says he grabbed the drive and put it in park. He started to pull away while he was hanging inside. The kid tried to crash him into a truck and he punched him in the face and broke the drive shaft. The woman says they peed on her truck, but the kids deny it. They have surveillance cameras on the outside of their house so the cops go inside to check the tape. The son was inside asleep. The driver is seen peeing on the car tire while the girl toilet papers the truck. They go back out and Casey finally admits he peed and the drugs were his. He gets charged with battery, possession and urinating in public. Sgt. Loren Napier says he couldve killed Glen. Mike tells him it was bad idea to grab on the guys truck because they have it on tape. Little Rock, AR (704 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Jeff Holt is going to backup another cop at a disturbance and doesnt know what is going on. Officer Matt Murski goes up to the house and they can hear screaming outside. A 50 year old lady says her 90 year old friend stabbed her because she has the devil in her. The woman has a cut on her arm for no reason. The 90 year old says the 50 year old got mad, started with her, she was defending herself and stabbed her before she could stab her first. The 90 year old says the woman keeps carrying on about her punk son. Sgt. Heath Helton arrives. They both were probably drinking and the 90 year old is arrested for battery. She wants the 50 year old out and cant find the key so they have to call the housing authority. The wound wasnt deep. Las Vegas, NV (850 AM Stolen Vehicle) Metropolitan PD South East Area Command Officer Gibron Smith takes the call of a lady who observed her stolen vehicle and is following them now. They catch up to them in a Walgreens parking lot and pull them out at gunpoint. Its a guy and a tattooed girl, both wearing backwards baseball hats. The guy has no shoes on and feet are dirty. The girl says the owner Brian is a friend of hers. The owner arrives and says the guy stole her car at a hotel. He offered her 200 to take dirty pictures of him and after he jumped in the car and took off. The guy says they met at a casino, went to her room to party, drink and do drugs. He doesnt know anything about pictures. Suddenly he remembers the pictures and says there are ones of him and her and he threw the camera away. She admits sort of going to his room for drugs.

Episode 32 - Coast to Coast 78
(Pierce County WA 709 PM Traffic Stop) Lakewood PD Officer Joe Kolp has been there 6 years, 5 in Lakewood. He is in the reserves and went to Iraq for a year. He brought a flag with him and when he got back he gave it to the chief who hung it up. He spots guy who gave them a fake name last time, so they are getting him again. They pull him over in a B&I parking lot and Joe pulls him out of the truck and cuffs him. Officer John Henterly talks to the female passenger who has no idea whats going on. David says they think he is his twin brother Darren, but hes really Darren. They pull up a picture of him on the computer and match it. He knew he had a felony warrant thats why he lied. They take the woman out and cuff her. There is a purse on the seat, but she says it isnt hers. She admits there is a rig in there and they find a needle with blood, two IDs with the same picture, but with different info. Then they find a paper with 5 more different IDs on them. She tries to say its a joke and doesnt all the IDs, then she admits she has a warrant for BTC meth, that none of the IDs are hers and she failed her final drug treatment. Both are going to jail for a while. Hamilton County OH (802 PM Animal Complaint) Sheriffs Office Cpl Pete Enderle says a woman found a snake in her closet. He goes in her house and shes on the phone with her mom and freaking out. She says its in the hall closet, its black with orange marks and it is a baby. He tears apart the closet and doesnt find it. She says she was cleaning and running around and saw it go into the closet. He finds it behind the baseboard so Pete pulls it off with a hammer and screwdriver. She says god love you. He hacks the wall apart with her permission and cant get it. They go in the basement and she freaks thinking she saw it, but it was just a wire. He cant find it and goes back upstairs and she says she feels better now and gives him a hug and thanks him. He goes out to his car and then she screams to come back. She unlocks the door and lets him in. The snake is on the floor and he grabs it and wraps it around a board and takes it outside. It looks like a baby rattler. She is so happy and thanks and hugs him again. Fort Worth, TX (937 PM Burglary in Progress) East Division Crime Response Team Officer Chad Mills says he likes working there and busting felons, drug dealers, gang bangers who are responsible for all the crimes. They dont have to take calls either. Officer Curtis Miller is his partner who spots a broken down truck and people are trying to strip it. They jump out and catch they black guys, one is a wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, and cuff them. Officer Matt Moore also caught one. They find the tires in their car. Kobe says a guy told him he would pay 500 for the rims. He doesnt know the guy, never saw him, he just talked him into it. He says he doesnt need the money, works hard from 9 5 and just bought the car. Now its a felony and they can seize his car. Hes covered with sweat and says he worked hard for the car and paid 1000 for it. Hell be in front of a judge, in jail and on 15,000 bail. The second guy says Kobe sang like a bird and he wont say nothing. The other guy rolled the 4th tire behind a house as insurance. They go back and find it.

Episode 33 - Coast to Coast 79
(Fresno, CA 1109 PM Man with a Knife Call) Central Policing District Officer James Rosetti is going to Belmont & Fulton. His partner Officer Bryan Craft drives, pulls up, spots a dazed looking woman and ask her if there was a stabbing in the alley. Bryan stops, gets out and grabs her. Sgt. Greg Noll pulls up and she says she has the knifes in her pocket and is all bloody. She says she took it away from him and that he has AIDS. They get the knife away and let her go. They race around back and there is a guy on the ground with no shirt on, stab wounds and blood all over his face. His face is swollen and hes covered with bad jailhouse tattoos. He gets up and keeps mouthing off at the cops. They tell him to stay down and he asks them what are they going to do and tells them all to f k off. EMT arrives, they cuff him, load him on a stretcher and tie him down. Sgt. Eddie Barrios says she took the knife away from him. They go back to her and she says he was flailing the knife around at George and his son who hit him with a shovel to get it away from him. They go speak to 18 year old George Jr. at his house and he says the guy came to the door screaming he was going to stab his dad. His mom was screaming, his niece was there, so he grabbed a shovel and hit him. He thought he was trying to kill his dad, but doesnt know why. Eddie says he wouldnt listen and they had to taze him. Pierce County WA (1041 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Sheriffs Dept South Hill Precinct Deputy Mario Careys wife is also a deputy in the department, he met her on a call. He pulls up to a trailer where a bunch of young guys are hanging out. He cuffs the one guy who is a problem until he can figure out what happened. Bobby comes up and says his brother Dominick choked him and ripped up his shirt. He says he loves his brother, but he attacked him, he has no wounds and there was no knife involved. Dom was staying with him, he was scared for his life because he brought a girl over he didnt like, he flipped out and pushed him into the wall. Dom says they were watching TV, relaxing and then Lee started tripping and got in his face about the people there and she pushed him, so her pushed him back. The step brother backs up Bobbys story. Dom ran outside and Bobby threw his stuff out in the yard and locked the door. Dom is put under arrest for domestic violence 4th degree and they search him. Mario explains that they need to get a restraining order if they want to keep him away. Bobby cries and thanks Mario. Hamilton Co, OH (848 PM Assistance Call) Sheriffs Office District 1 Cpl Peter Enderle gets the call of a man in a gorilla suit who locked himself out of his car. Kyle is wearing the suit when they pull up. He was Halloween shopping, wanted to surprise his friends and was in such a hurry he locked his keys in the car and doesnt seem to care who is next to him. Pete slim jims the door open since the keys are in the ignition. He takes the mask off as they leave. (932 PM Juvenile Disturbance Call) He goes to the call of a white boy waving a gun around. It is in the same area where a girl was robbed of her cell phone at gunpoint. They pull up and question Tobias, a 15 year old kid, who has the gun in his waistband. They pull it off him and he says he found it down the street. Deputy Michael Robbins puts him in his car. He admits the gun is his brothers and he took it. Deputy Tom Lang says Tobias was the one that had the gun and stole a cell phone from someone earlier. They pull another kid out and who admits his brother gave him the gun and he robbed a cell phone from a girl. He was there when he did it. He is under arrest for disorderly conduct. They take him back to his mom and show the gun to his brother and he says he never saw it before. The kid now says the gun is Tobiass. He will be cited and has to appear in juvenile court.

Episode 34 - Coast to Coast 80
(Fort Worth, TX 410 PM Flagged Down) East Division Officer Jeff Garwacki says the thing he likes the most is when he had a ride along and the guy said nothing but good things. This is a cow town with lots of cowboy hats. A man says someone just ran off with beer from a 7 11. They come up on a black man being chased by an old white guy running down the road under an overpass. The man from the store told him to stop, but he says he wouldnt. A woman saw him take two 18 packs and thats when the man ran out and flagged a cop down. They lost the thief, went back to the 7 11, then spotted thief again, went after him and took him down. He grabbed his arm and the black guy swung at him. The employee is out of breath and they give him a ride back to the store. Officer Marcus Rath was the first one on the scene. He was told the thief was a black guy in a white shirt. He found him hiding in an abandoned car and has him in cuffs. The thief says he came out of the store with the beer and he was going to pay for it. His money was in the car and he went out to get it and put the beer in the car and the driver took off. Hes only known him for 2 months as JJ. It turns out the thief was the man who bailed out of Officer Barnetts car in handcuffs last week and they make sure that wont happen again. They thank the good Samaritan and says without him they wouldnt have caught him. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan PD Southeast Area Command Officer Gibron Smith is on the way to a domestic. He says Vegas is a very small town and its likely youll see people more than once. If you treat them right theyll remember it. Two cops are already on the scene at house 3161 talking to a fat white guy who says he was trying to get his tools. He goes to the house every day, doesnt sleep there, slept at a hotel the night before since hes going through a divorce, he was fixing the thermostats, she ripped him out of the wall and they fought. Officer Tim Riley says she thought he was gone for good and she wanted some cigarettes and was going to sell his tools to pay for them. They have the woman move across the property and let him go in and get his stuff. She doesnt want him to take her things. Gibron says they arent there to decide whose property is whose. The man comes out with the TV and she yells at him that its hers. They tell him to put the TV back and take only what he needs for himself and work. He keeps pulling out his tools and they find a drawing of Art on the wall she made. She throws knives at it and wrote jailbird over it. The cops say thats not normal. The front window is broken from him trying to get in earlier. She says its better to have the picture and throw darts at it instead of throwing darts at him. Shes not worried about the kids seeing it as long as she doesnt hurt Art. Pierce County, WA (710 Stolen Property Call) Sheriffs Dept Mountain Detachment Deputy Walter Kent Mundell says they have 700 miles of land to cover all the way to Mount Rainier. They have a huge meth problem there, but its the greatest place to work because its so beautiful. They find a trailer loaded with stolen property and go to check it out. They find a bunch of messed up tents, garbage, a barking dog and a propane torch going in the tent. Jim and Tom are staying there after they got kicked out of the trailer. A guy who lives there is moving out and lets them stay in his yard. The guys take off and they find a meth lab on the ground with chemicals and bottles everywhere. They bring in a K 9 to track them down and soon after find one guy hiding in the bushes. He says he has no idea why they are looking for him, the meth lab isnt his and hes never seen it before. K 9 Deputy Jerry Thibodeaux hunts for the next guy and says this area is ideal to find people because there are no other human scents out there. Deputy Jennifer Eldridge interviews the man in the car. He says he used old coffee filters to get a high from meth and has to use a whole pack to do it. Jen says if the meth went away the county would lose 70% of their crime.

Episode 35 - Coast to Coast 81
(Pierce County WA 214 AM Officer Assistance Call) Sheriffs Dept. South Hill Precinct Deputy Kris Nordstrom likes the guy he works with, all the squad guys, his sgt, lt, good to have the support, teamwork and camaraderie, they all chase bad guys and go home safely, thats their goal. Fresno, CA San Bernardino County, CA

Episode 36 - Coast to Coast 72