Season 12 Episodes for Cops
Episode 1 - Indianapolis, IN 8
Indianapolis, IN Officer Genae Gehring chases and catches a man in a foot pursuit who claims the drugs found in his pocket are Kool Aid. Marion County, IN Deputy Mark Myler responds to a call where a man drove his pickup truck over a child on a bicycle. Indianapolis, IN Officer Richard Wilkerson enters a house and finds the caller beaten up in the bathroom.

Episode 2 - Indianapolis, IN 10
Indianapolis, IN Officer Robert Cook finds a robber bloody and unconscious on the pavement and the victim sitting nearby. Officer Jon Daggy goes to a house where a man was scratched and beaten when he tried to deliver a VCR. Officer Kimberlee Carmack works undercover in a prostitution sting.

Episode 3 - Indianapolis, IN 16

Episode 4 - Indianapolis, IN 11
Indianapolis, IN Officer Frederick Hamer searches for the driver of a green truck that speeds away when he tries to stop it. Speedway, IN Officer Alan Jones pulls over an SUV on the freeway and the driver admits to possessing marijuana. Officer Bradley Weaver responds to a child neglect call at a motel across from the racetrack.

Episode 5 - Indianapolis, IN 12
Indianapolis, IN Officer John Reichle attempts to pull over a car, but the driver bails out of the car while its still moving leading to a foot chase. Officer Jay Travis stops three shirtless young men who were trying to get a dog away from animal control officers. Speedway, IN Officer Mike Clupper responds to a report of shoplifting in progress to find two women in a car parked with the trunk open and clothing with the tags still attached.

Episode 6 - Indianapolis, IN 17

Episode 7 - Fort Worth, TX 16
Fort Worth, TX Officer John Ost stops a driver who repeatedly asks to have his lawyer present. Officer Jerry Dalton responds to a report of a snake in a womans bedroom. Officer Randy Watkins finds a woman on the hood of a car without any pants while a man is in the drivers seat.

Episode 8 - Fort Worth Chases Special Edition
Fort Worth, TX Officer Antonio Maldonado II chases a silver dual rear wheel pickup truck through a residential area. Officer Carolyn Jacoby joins a pursuit started by the gang unit and a helicopter until they reach a street closed for construction where it becomes a foot pursuit. Officer Ernesto Tamayo stops to find out why a man is sitting in a parked car, but he drives off leading to a chase during which he throws a loaded syringe out the window.

Episode 9 - Fort Worth, TX 17
Fort Worth, TX Officer Jim Grow walks to a former motel to look for drug dealers, but nearly gets run over with another officer in a narrow space as a car attempts to escape. Officer Royce Hearne pulls over a vehicle for failing to dim its headlights only to discover the female driver has 13 warrants after she breaks down in tears and confesses. Officer Ernesto Tamayo II pulls over an SUV for speeding and observes the passenger throw marijuana out the window.

Episode 10 - Fort Worth, TX 18
From Fort Worth, Texas A man accused of stealing a car flees from the police, a suspect hits another man who is asleep with a beer bottle and a car stop in a known drug area leads to a search and a struggle with police.

Episode 11 - Fort Worth, TX 19
From Fort Worth, Texas A man is armed with an assault rifle, a domextic dispute between a husband and wife and a domestic disturbance between a mother and daughter leads to the daughter being detained and then getting loose from her handcuffs.

Episode 12 - Indianapolis, IN 13
Indianapolis, IN Officer Jeff Viewegh responds to a robbery in progress at a gas station. Marion County, IN Deputy Mark Myler responds to a domestic dispute between a mother and a daughter who is suspected of taking drugs. Indianapolis, IN Officer Julie Dutrieux helps serve a search warrant with narcotics detectives.

Episode 13 - Indianapolis, IN 14
From Indianapolis, Indiana. A fleeing suspect leaves marijuana in the car, a driver crashes into a telephone pole and a foul mouthed suspect quarrels with a landlord and harasses his tenant.

Episode 14 - Fort Worth, TX 21
Fort Worth, TX Officer Jim Grow arrests a young woman who stole a mans car from a convenience store earlier in the day. Officer Antonio Maldonado II meets a woman who wants her twenty dollars back when she didnt receive the illegal drugs she paid for. Officer Ruben Hernandez pulls over a car that almost hit him after failing to obey a stop sign.

Episode 15 - Indianapolis, IN 9
Indianapolis, IN Officer Andrew Stradling helps a man who is slow to cooperate with paramedics after being shot in the chest by his brother. Marion County, IN Deputy Dave Whitesell gets called to a trailer park where a fight between two girls escalates to the point parents become involved. Marion County, IN Deputy Mark Myler goes to a house where a womans seven year old boy has locked her out and wont let her in.

Episode 16 - Indianapolis, IN 15

Episode 17 - Fort Worth, TX 22

Episode 18 - Fort Worth, TX 23

Episode 19 - Albuquerque, NM 10

Episode 20 - Albuquerque, NM 11

Episode 21 - Fort Worth, TX 24
From Fort Worth, Texas. Police stake out car thieves, see an alleged drug deal in progress and a man fights with his mothers elderly boyfriend.

Episode 22 - Albuquerque, NM 12
Albuquerque, NM Officer James Badway responds to a 911 hang up call from a known eccentric lady. Officer Michael Riley assists a bicycle officer in the pursuit of a man on another bicycle. Officer Michael Riley goes to a motel where a man was arguing with a woman contemplating prostitution.

Episode 23 - Albuquerque, NM 13
Albuquerque, NM Deputy Leonard Armijo chases a car with occupants that shot at a police. Officer Gary Barboa visits an emotionally distraught woman who called 911. Officer Gary Barboa responds to a disturbance at a motel where they find a man being held down and tied up.

Episode 24 - Fort Worth, TX 25
From Fort Worth, Texas. A man almost runs down officers, a woman pleads not to go to jail and a man hides marijuana in a Bible.

Episode 25 - Fort Worth, TX 26

Episode 26 - Fort Worth, TX 27

Episode 27 - Fort Worth, TX 28

Episode 28 - Albuquerque, NM 14
From Albuquerque, New Mexico. Suspicious suspects in an automobile, theft of a cross dressers purse and cake is thrown in a womans face.

Episode 29 - Fort Worth, TX 29

Episode 30 - Albuquerque, NM 15
Albuquerque, NM Seargent Jeffery Ferner assists other officers in stopping a truck observed leaving a known drug house. Officer Tom Sholtis checks on an abandoned apartment that neighbours say is being used to sell drugs. Officer Timothy Gonterman responds to a disturbance with three juveniles trying to pass counterfeit money at a convenience store.

Episode 31 - Albuquerque, NM 16
Albuquerque, NM K9 unit Officer Rick Garcia commands a man with a knife to get down on the floor. Officer Duffy Ryan and Officer Troy Weekley find two men sitting in a car while patrolling and discover one is carrying a gun. Seargent Clarence G. Davis runs a sting with police posing undercover as band members.

Episode 32 - Albuquerque, NM 17

Episode 33 - Albuquerque, NM 18
Albuquerque, NM Seargent Clarence G. Davis works a sting operation to arrest prostitutes. Pierce County, WA Deputy Jeff Alwine arrests a man in a parking lot who stole lottery tickets. Las Vegas, NV Officer Mike Quick organizes a bike sting.

Episode 34 - Albuquerque, NM 19

Episode 35 - Albuquerque, NM 20

Episode 36 - Albuquerque, NM 21
From Albuquerque, New Mexico. A prostitute solicits an undercover officer, stolen video tapes are investigated, a person is busted for heroin possession and someone is charged with filing a false report.