Vince Chase a film star negotiates the landscape of Los Angeles with a small selection of friends.

Available on networks: BNN TV, Comedy Central, FOXTEL, FOX, HBO, ITV2, Jimmy, Sky Atlantic, Sky1, TMN, Viasat 4

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2004-07-19
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1005
Total Visits: 2949
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kevin Connolly - Eric Murphy
   Adrian Grenier - Vincent Chase
   Kevin Dillon - Johnny Drama Chase
   Jerry Ferrara - Turtle
   Jeremy Piven - Ari Gold
   Rex Lee - Lloyd
   Perrey Reeves - Mrs. Ari
   Debi Mazar - Shauna
   Emmanuelle Chriqui - Sloan
   Rhys Coiro - Billy Walsh
   Beverly DAngelo - Barbara Miller
   Constance Zimmer - Dana Gordon
   Scott Caan - Scott Lavin
   Cassidy Lehrman - Sarah Gold
   Jonathan Keltz - Jake Steinberg
   Kate Albrecht - Christy
   Jordan Belfi - Adam Davies
   David J Law - Miller Gold Agent
   Keith Middlebrook - Studio Executive
   Lucas Ellin - Jonah Gold
   Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Jamie-Lynn Sigler
   William Fichtner - Phil Yagoda
   Carla Gugino - Amanda Daniels
   Gary Cole - Andrew Klein
   Malcolm McDowell - Terrance McQuewick
   Janet Montgomery - Jennie
   Autumn Reeser - Lizzie Grant
   Nicolette Nightingale - Es Hot Secretary
   Dania Ramirez - Alex
   Samaire Armstrong - Emily
   Alexis Dziena - Ashley
   Benjamin Steeples - MGA Mailroom Clerk
   Paul Ben-Victor - Alan Gray
   Frank Maharajh - Agent Raj
   Stephanie Vogt - Liz
   Monica Keena - Kristen
   Nora Dunn - Dr. Marcus
   Branden Williams - Branden Williams
   Paul Herman - Marvin
   Melinda Clarke - Melinda Clarke
   Sasha Grey - Sasha Grey
   Joshua LeBar - Josh Weinstein
   Cynthia Harmon - Bikini Model
   Eli Jane - Entourage Actress
   Bow Wow - Charlie
   Jami Gertz - Marlo Klein
   Mandy Moore - Mandy Moore
   Alan Dale - John Ellis
   Mark Cuban - Mark Cuban
   Miguel Sandoval - Carlos

Review: Entourage

'Entourage' is a series unlike any you have watched before. The heroes, if we can call them heroes since they didn't risk their lives so far, are terrific. Life in Hollywood is incredible: strife, revenge, pranks, parties, and jokes – LIFE! - no politics.

Four friends from Queens move to Hollywood because one of them becomes a movie star. The series presents the social life in Los Angeles, where despite the fact that people are always having fun, they all live according to some established rules from which they should not deviate if they want to keep their social status intact. Drama, Turtle, and Vinni survive and successfully handle many extreme situations with a lot of humor. They also face many crises involving women and egos, but mostly because of the close relationship that they have. As a conclusion, it's perfectly watchable for men, but it does not hurt to be followed by women also.

A plus goes to Johnny Drama, without his special charm I believe would have resulted in a  duller and not so brilliant series. Also, Turtle plays flawlessly. All in all, everything about this series is ok! Not to mention the fact that there are so many guest stars on this show: Bono, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon and many others.


The series offers true relaxation especially due to the fact that the action contains no standard stereotypes typical to American soap operas. What mainly fascinates me regarding this show is that some actors and directors appear in episodic roles playing themselves as in real life - wonderful. An intelligent series and, after a few episodes, you'll surely not going to miss any of them.

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