A newspaper editor tries to make it in the world of celebrity journalism.

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Categories: Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-01-03
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 838
Total Visits: 1755
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Courteney Cox - Lucy Spiller
   Ian Hart - Don Konkey
   Josh Stewart - Holt McLaren
   Alexandra Breckenridge - Willa McPherson
   Jeffrey Nordling - Brent Barrow
   Will McCormack - Leo Spiller
   Laura Allen - Julia Mallory
   Kyra Oser - Receptionist
   Shauna Stoddart - Terry
   Alexi Wasser - Naomi
   Johnny Drocco - Paparazzi
   Ryan Eggold - Farber Kauffman
   Kevin Wheatley - Kenny
   Ankur Bhatt - Kenny
   Rick Fox - Prince Tyreese
   Carly Pope - Garbo
   Julie Claire - Cheryl Steen
   Glen Badyna - Elliot
   Anil Raman - Anil
   Shannyn Sossamon - Kira Klay
   Johann Urb - Johnny Gage
   Richmond Arquette - Colin De Quisto
   Eric Reinholt - Bartender
   Julian Acosta - Adam Proteau
   Ashley Johnson - Sharlee Cates
   Grant Show - Jack Dawson
   Owiso Odera - Gareth Dasilva
   Danielle Sapia - Danielle
   David Batiste - Adam
   Danny Comden - Ted Rothman
   Pablo Schreiber - Jason Konkey
   Randy Oglesby - Reverend Thomas Sweet
   Paul Reubens - Chuck Lafoon
   Billy Brown - Tweety McDaniel
   Channon Roe - Jeff Stagliano
   Kendahl King - Tami G
   Tara Summers - Abby
   Shi Ne Nielson - Emma
   Nancy ODell - Herself
   Shaun Robinson - Herself
   Michael Perez - Newsman Wayne
   Brandon DeShazer - British Intern
   Andrew Leeds - Alan
   Adrianne Curry - Adrianne Curry
   Mariette Hartley - Dorothy Spiller
   Timothy Bottoms - Gibson Horne
   Mia Cottet - Lynette Ogilvy
   Lukas Haas - Marqui Jackson
   Bret Roberts - Cal
   Mini Anden - Holts Co-star

Review: Dirt

Lucy Spiller (Courteney Cox) is an editor with two tabloids magazines. She runs the two magazines, Dirt and Now, with an iron fist and stops at nothing when it comes to post celebrity trivia in an attempt to make the magazines a success. Produced by Coquette, a company founded by Courtney and her husband David Arquette, the series is tailored to Courtney Cox, which is the executive producer of the show. The role of the beautiful cold editor suits Courtney perfectly.

Behind the mask that she displays in public, and despite how others perceive her, especially her colleagues and the celebrities that make it into her magazines, Lucy has a soft side, and she needs attention and love, but she simply cannot let the guard down and canít afford any other kind of public image, not as long as she is in the spotlight running the magazines.

Lucy is assisted by eccentric photographer Don Konkey (Ian Hart), a funny character that we later on learn that suffers from schizophrenia but manages to keep things under control even though he does hear voices from time to time or has all sorts of hallucinations. He is at times overwhelmed with guilt due to the nature of his job that makes him spy in celebrities and expose anything he manages to get on them. Thereís love, betrayal, jealousy and everything else in the lives of celebrities, and Lucy is set on exposing everything with the help of her photographer Don. Unfortunately, many times careers and even lives are destroyed but Lucy Is not going to step back, and she pursues any scandal to its end.


Dirt is a fun, fast paced and entertaining TV series. Everything seems to fit in perfectly in the show, probably because the whole script was built around Courtney Cox and draws from her experience. You should watch this if only for Courtneyís performance; itís worth it.

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