Set in the late 1800s, the show revolves around the people of Deadwood in South Dakota the town is full of corruption and crime.

Available on networks: Fox Crime, HBO, Premiere, Sky1, TV6

Categories: Crime, Drama, History, Western
Countries: USA
First Run: 2004-03-22
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1424
Total Visits: 3113
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Timothy Olyphant - Seth Bullock
   Ian McShane - Al Swearengen
   Molly Parker - Alma Garret
   Brad Dourif - Doc Cochran
   W. Earl Brown - Dan Dority
   John Hawkes - Sol Star
   Paula Malcomson - Trixie
   Dayton Callie - Charlie Utter
   Leon Rippy - Tom Nuttall
   William Sanderson - E.B. Farnum
   Robin Weigert - Calamity Jane
   Sean Bridgers - Johnny Burns
   Bree Seanna Wall - Sofia Metz
   Jim Beaver - Whitney Ellsworth
   Jeffrey Jones - A.W. Merrick
   Kim Dickens - Joanie Stubbs
   Powers Boothe - Cy Tolliver
   Titus Welliver - Silas Adams
   Peter Jason - Con Stapleton
   Anna Gunn - Martha Bullock
   Larry Cedar - Leon
   Geri Jewell - Jewel
   Ralph Richeson - Richardson
   Keone Young - Mr. Wu
   Ashleigh Kizer - Dolly
   Garret Dillahunt - Francis Wolcott
   Brent Sexton - Harry Manning
   Pasha D. Lychnikoff - Blazanov
   Gerald McRaney - George Hearst
   Michael Harney - Steve
   Ray McKinnon - Reverend H.W. Smith
   Josh Eriksson - William Bullock
   Franklyn Ajaye - Samuel Fields
   Ricky Jay - Eddie Sawyer
   Pruitt Taylor Vince - Mose Manuel
   Cynthia Ettinger - Claudia
   Brian Cox - Jack Langrishe
   Sarah Paulson - Miss Isringhausen
   Zach Grenier - Andy Cramed
   Cleo King - Aunt Lou Marchbanks
   Stephen Tobolowsky - Hugo Jarry
   Nick Amandos - Jack - Bella Union Bartender
   Julie Ariola - Countess
   Ted Mann - Rutherford
   Richard Gant - Hostetler
   Meghan Glennon - Lila
   David Redding - Davey
   Danielle McKee - Gem Whore
   Dan Hildebrand - Shaughnessy
   Philip Moon - Lee

Review: Deadwood

HBO original production, Deadwood, speaks about the wildest town in the West, a place that was not subjected to any American laws as we know them. In an era of misery and greed, the richest gold mine in American history draws around it unscrupulous and villain people, in a setting where there are no laws, and where everyone and everything has a price. Deadwood is a damn good place to make fortunes.

Deadwood is not a documentary or a drama about a notorious city, but tells the true stories of the citizens of Deadwood in the 19th century, focusing not only on those events, but also on the subtle motivations that led to their actions.

As the creator of this show stated Deadwood's theme is the study of a civilization's growth from a state of pure chaos, with the help of a powerful symbol, symbol which in this case is gold. The action takes place in 1870 in the town of Deadwood, before its incorporation to the United States, and right in the middle of the 'gold rush' era.

Therefore, along its three seasons we assist at the outlining of the city, from every point of view (law, business, relationship with the U.S, architecture, and so on). But the series is much more complex than this. It's a real spectacle of characters, memorable dialogues due to the austerity and their humorous nature, shocking scenes, tragic events, and a plenty foul language.


Deadwood is a well made show in all its aspects. I strongly recommend it to all western, action, and historical themed movie fans
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