A law school graduate Ellen Parsons becomes the protege of Patricia Hewes. But nothing is quite as it appears.

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Categories: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-07-25
Runtime: 50 mins
Show Status: Ended
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Total Visits: 2829
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Glenn Close - Patty Hewes
   Rose Byrne - Ellen Parsons
   Tate Donovan - Tom Shayes
   Zachary Booth - Michael Hewes
   Ted Danson - Arthur Frobisher
   Anastasia Griffith - Katie Connor
   Michael Nouri - Phil Grey
   Noah Bean - David Connor
   Tom Noonan - Detective Victor Huntley
   Zeljko Ivanek - Ray Fiske
   Chris Messina - Chris Sanchez
   Judd Hirsch - Bill Herndon
   Timothy Olyphant - Wes Krulik
   Glenn Kessler - Agent L.J. Werner
   David Costabile - Bearded Man
   Campbell Scott - Joe Tobin
   Martin Short - Leonard Winstone
   Marcia Gay Harden - Claire Maddox
   William Hurt - Daniel Purcell
   Tom Aldredge - Uncle Pete
   Li Jun Li - Maggie Huang
   Philip Bosco - Hollis Nye
   Debra Monk - Deniece Parsons
   Ben Shenkman - Curtis Gates
   Casey Siemaszko - Detective Dan Williams
   Maya Days - Detective Rosario Ortiz
   Mario Van Peebles - Agent Randall Harrison
   Takako Haywood - Lawyer at Hewes and Associates
   Dylan Baker - Jerry Boorman
   Ryan Phillippe - Channing McClaren
   John Goodman - Howard T. Erickson
   Lily Tomlin - Marilyn Tobin
   Gillian Alexy - Gitta Novak
   John Hannah - Rutger Simon
   Michael Pemberton - Intimidating Man
   John Doman - Walter Kendrick
   Janet McTeer - Kate Franklin
   Peter Riegert - George Moore
   Todd A. Kessler - Perry the Doorman
   Donnie Keshawarz - Andrew Vida
   Derek Webster - Anthony Carter
   Peter Facinelli - Gregory Malina
   Ebon Moss-Bachrach - Nick Salenger
   Marlyne Barrett - Felicia Marquand
   Michael Gaston - Roger Kastle
   Jennifer Roszell - Deb Shayes
   Jeff Binder - Assailant
   Kiley Liddell - Catherine Hewes
   Clarke Peters - Dave Pell
   Dominic Chianese - Stuart Zedeck

Review: Damages

In Damages, Glenn Close is one tough lawyer that doesn't shy away from manipulation and is truly unscrupulous but also competent and well known for her qualities. Her firm, Hewes and Associates is set to bringing down a big businessman named Arthur Frobisher, which fooled his employees that everything is going well for their company but then at the right time discreetly pulled his money before the actions plummeted and everyone but him went broke.

The story is incredibly confusing, involving lawyers and all kinds of other individuals, and pre-trial negotiations are so tight that you simply can not guess what will happen. Unlike other series of this kind, Damages follows same story on all seasons, and not separate stories in each episode. In fact, this would be impossible because the threads of the story are so entangled that one episode couldn't shed any light on it.

There are other lawyers in her team, Ellen Parsons and Tom Shayes, but it is clear that their roles are secondary to the one Glenn Close brilliantly pulls. I think this is one of her best roles and she plays lawyer Patty Hewes brilliantly. Ellen is a fresh out of Law School lawyer that gets heavily involved in the company and even puts her family second to this job.


If you want a series to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, then go with Damages because it delivers excellent performances and a brilliant lawyer mystery script to keep you thrilled. Damages is perfect exercise for your brain and a true delight due to the well picked cast.

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