A fugitive called Ben Hawkins seeks refuge in a carnival.

Available on networks: FXNetworks, FOX, HBO, Net5, VPRO

Categories: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2003-09-15
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1145
Total Visits: 2807
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Michael J. Anderson - Samson
   Adrienne Barbeau - Ruthie
   Clancy Brown - Brother Justin Crowe
   Debra Christofferson - Lila
   Tim DeKay - Clayton Jonesy Jones
   Clea DuVall - Sofie
   Cynthia Ettinger - Rita Sue Dreifuss
   Carla Gallo - Libby Dreifuss
   Toby Huss - Felix Stumpy Dreifuss
   Amy Madigan - Iris Crowe
   Nick Stahl - Ben Hawkins
   Brian Turk - Gabriel
   Craig DeSilva - Promo Announcer
   Diane Salinger - Apollonia
   Patrick Bauchau - Professor Ernst Lodz
   Ralph Waite - Reverend Norman Balthus
   John Savage - Henry Hack Scudder
   Scott MacDonald - Burley
   Robert Knepper - Tommy Dolan
   Michael Stellman - Fire Eater
   John Fleck - Gecko
   Karyne Steben - Alexandria
   John Carroll Lynch - Varlyn Stroud
   Sarah Steben - Caladonia
   Blake Shields - Osgood
   Larry Vigus - Carny
   Nicholas Garren - Roustie
   Linda Hunt - Management
   K Callan - Eleanor McGill
   Bill Moseley - Possum
   Amanda Aday - Dora Mae Dreifuss
   Daniel Browning Smith - Rubber Boy
   Don Swayze - Tattooed Man
   Rachelle Roderick - Carnivale Woman 2
   Michael Massee - Russian Soldier
   Glenn Shadix - Councilman Val Templeton
   Vesper Burnett - Carney Wife
   Time Winters - Wilfred Talbot Smith
   Matt McCoy - Councilman Ned Munson
   Frank Collison - Jasper
   Ted Rooney - Flasher
   Paul Hipp - Bert Hagenbeck
   Bree Walker - Sabina Engstrom
   Valeria Hernandez - Catalina de la Rosa
   Gene Wolande - Clyde
   Mark Ankeny - Announcer
   Kelly Lynn Warren - Volunteer 1
   Eliza Pryor Nagel - Celeste Watkins
   Kim Robillard - Frank Mooney
   Matthew McGrory - The Giant

Review: Carnivale

If you are one of the people that believe Twin Peaks was a bit too commercial, then Carnivale is the right TV series for you. The series follows young Ben Hawkins that one day somewhat by accident joins a travelling show, the Carnivale. We gradually realize that Ben is more than meets the eye; the young man has strange healing abilities and even stranger visions as we will see later on the series. All members of the travelling carnival prove to be more than ordinary tarot card readers, mentalists or mere freaks; everyone plays a part in the great battle between good and evil.

The second story Carnivale focuses on is that of Justin Crowe, a priest that learns about his unnatural powers and is convinced God speaks thru him. The truth about the two main characters is nevertheless more complicated, and darker that is seems and the grand battle between good and evil is about to take place. All characters have a larger or smaller role in the struggle between good and evil while Justin and Ben are the mere avatars of the two sides.

Being an HBO production, Carnivale has the advantage of a fairly large budget, which visible in the cast, costumes and so on. On the other hand, the script may seem a bit chaotic at times and the David Lynch sort of approach demands viewer’s attention. However, this approach has its advantages and makes Carnivale a distinctive series, very hard to forget. Unfortunately, the series had a somewhat abrupt ending. Although being a success with the public at first, the show had dropping ratings and was cancelled after two seasons only.


The series targets a rather narrow segment of the public, and this is perhaps why only two seasons were filmed out of four. However, if you are part of the target audience (among those who enjoyed twin Peaks) then you have to see Carnivale.

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