Canterburys Law

This series is centered on Elizabeth Canterbury, a defense attorney who's not afraid to push the boundaries for her clients.

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Categories: Drama
Countries: USA
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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Julianna Margulies - Elizabeth Canterbury
   Ben Shenkman - Russell Krauss
   Keith Robinson - Chester Grant
   Trieste Kelly Dunn - Molly McConnell
   Terry Kinney - Deputy Attorney General Zach Williams
   Aidan Quinn - Matt Furey
   James McCaffrey - Frank Angstrom
   Charlie Hofheimer - Ethan Foster
   David Call - Martin
   Edelen McWilliams - Juror 7
   Keith David - Miles Grant
   Gerry Bamman - Judge Sydney Hanlon
   Jenna Stern - Assistant Attorney General Kate Cooley
   Joel de la Fuente - AAG Upton
   Jeremy Zorek - Sam Fuery

Review: Canterbury's Law

Elizabeth Canterbury is a remarkably tough lawyer that goes to any lengths to protect her clients. You could say that Canterbury's Law is a version of the series Shark staring a female, Julianna Marguiles as Elizabeth Canterbury, instead of a man, James Woods in Shark.  I think Elizabeth Canterbury is a weaker character, and it's no wonder the show got cancelled after the first season. However, that doesn't mean the series is not worth watching.

Elizabeth is a good lawyer that has a talent in reading people. It's like she doesn't even need to see the evidence before she makes up her mind if a client is guilty or not. She always chooses to defend the ones she feels are innocent and she even breaks the law in order to protect her clients from the prosecutors.

Besides Elizabeth and her clients, the series focuses on her colleagues Molly McConnell, the young lawyer striving for success, Russell Krauss, a former prosecutor that now helps Elizabeth win her cases, and Chester Fields who is a somewhat public figure due to his father but that tries to make it on his own. Private eye Frank Angstrom is a close friend and help for Elizabeth and they also have an on and off affair.


The main idea behind Canterbury's Law, the one that we must forge justice with our own hands at times is usually attractive and successful, but after the first few episode Canterbury's Law somehow lacks in action. The series got cancelled after its first season, but it is still a fairly entertaining law and action centered series that you can enjoy. The acting is decent; I especially enjoyed Julianna Marguiles.

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