CSI: Miami

A CSI (crime scene investigation) unit in Miami, Florida make use of their forensic investigators and using cutting-edge scientific technology along with good old-fashioned detective work solve the crimes.

Available on networks: 5USA, A&E, AMC, CBS, CTV, Five, Nine Network, RTL, RTL4, Showcase, TF1, TV JOJ, TV Tokyo, VT4, Viasat 3, Vox, Yorin, NETFLIX, Hulu Plus

Categories: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2002-09-24
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1476
Total Visits: 6130
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   David Caruso - Lieutenant Horatio Caine
   Emily Procter - Calleigh Duquesne
   Adam Rodriguez - Eric Delko
   Rex Linn - Detective Frank Tripp
   Jonathan Togo - Ryan Wolfe
   Eva La Rue - Natalia Boa Vista
   Khandi Alexander - Dr. Alexx Woods
   Boti Bliss - Maxine Valera
   Omar Benson Miller - Walter Simmons
   Sofia Milos - Detective Yelina Salas
   Christian Clemenson - Dr. Tom Loman
   Rory Cochrane - Tim Speedle
   Brendan Fehr - Dan Cooper
   David Lee Smith - IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler
   Brian Poth - Tyler Jenson
   Eddie Cibrian - Jesse Cardoza
   Christopher Redman - Michael Travers
   Wes Ramsey - Dave Benton
   Megalyn Echikunwoke - Dr. Tara Price
   Evan Ellingson - Kyle Harmon
   Brooke Bloom - Cynthia Wells
   Armando Valdes-Kennedy - Aaron Peters
   Johnny Whitworth - Detective Jake Berkeley
   Alana De La Garza - Marisol Delko
   Shelli Bergh - Paula Muro
   Holt McCallany - Detective John Hagen
   Taylor Cole - Samantha Owens
   Kim Delaney - Megan Donner
   Wanda De Jesus - Detective Adell Sevilla
   Christina Chang - State Attorney Rebecca Nevins
   Elizabeth Berkley - Julia Winston
   Amy Laughlin - Erica Sikes
   Leslie Odom Jr. - Joseph Kayle
   Joel West - Officer Aaron Jessop
   Michael Whaley - Detective Bernstein
   Michael B. Silver - FBI Agent Peter Elliott
   Chris Krauser - C.S.I. Tech
   Raniel David Castillo - Police Officer
   Cristi¡n de la Fuente - Sam Belmontes
   Bellamy Young - Assistant State Attorney Monica West
   Kim Coates - Ron Saris
   Stephen Tobolowsky - Assistant State Attorney Don Haffman
   Robert LaSardo - Memmo Fierro
   Ed Begley Jr. - Scott OShay
   Salli Richardson-Whitfield - Laura
   Mohammad Kavianpour - CSI Tech
   Gonzalo Menendez - Clavo Cruz
   Azura Skye - Susie Barnam Keaton
   Andrew Divoff - Ivan Sarnoff
   Rob Estes - Nick Townsend
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