Burn Notice

Burn Notice is an action drama TV series about spies and agents who are fired from their position and the process is often referred to as “being burned”. The main character, Michael Westen is left with no job or job history, money or living standards as his life revolved around his spy job and is from is point of view as he tries to pick up his life and find a job. He moves back to Miami and gains help from his old girlfriend after he realises that his former work mates have abandoned him. A life-threaten decision his chooses to become an unlicensed private investigator for the public so he can make money and find out the reason behind being fired.

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Categories: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-06-29
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 2436
Total Visits: 6371
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Gabrielle Anwar - Fiona Glenanne
   Bruce Campbell - Sam Axe
   Sharon Gless - Madeline Westen
   Jeffrey Donovan - Michael Westen
   Coby Bell - Jesse Porter
   Paul Tei - Barry
   Seth Peterson - Nate Westen
   Lauren Stamile - Agent Pearce
   Marc Macaulay - Agent Harris
   Jere Burns - Anson Fullerton
   Brandon Morris - Agent Lane
   Tricia Helfer - Carla
   Robert Wisdom - Vaughn Anderson
   Christopher De Stefano - CIA Agent Assault Unit
   Arturo Rossi - Sugar
   Chris Vance - Mason Gilroy
   Tim Matheson - Larry Sizemore
   Alex Carter - Jason Bly
   Kristanna Loken - Rebecca Lang
   Michael Shanks - Victor
   Otto Sanchez - Diego Garza
   Audrey Landers - Veronica
   Jay Karnes - Tyler Brennen
   Ben Shenkman - Tom Strickler
   Ben Clerveaux - Black Tie Auction Guest
   John C. McGinley - Tom Card
   Richard Kind - Marv
   Navi Rawat - Kendra
   Zabryna Guevara - Ayn
   Moon Bloodgood - Detective Paxson
   Andrew Howard - Tavian Korzha
   Gary Weeks - Campbell
   Grant Show - Max
   Nicholas Simmons - CSS Agent 1
   David Danello - Cop
   Paul Aldanee - Campos Henchman 1
   Robert Schlegel - Armed Bodyguard
   Mary Elizabeth Bell - Daughter in Pool
   David W. LeBlanc - Bartender
   John Mahoney - Management
   Callie Thorne - Natalie Rice
   Chris Ellis - Virgil Watkins
   Dylan Baker - Raines
   Robert Patrick - John Barrett
   Adam Clark - Tony Soto
   Garret Dillahunt - Simon Escher
   George Tasudis - Oleg
   Ben Watkins - Ricky Watkins
   Silas Weir Mitchell - Seymour
   China Chow - Lucy Chen

Review: Burn Notice - Terminating a Spy Has Never Been This Challengin


USA Network's Burn Notice stars Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen and Bruce Campbell as retired Navy SEAL Sam Axe among others. The show is now on its sixth season, and in 2011 Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe was release as a prequel centered on the life of Sam Axe. Jeffrey Donovan directed the The Fall of Sam Axe, and the movie tells the story of Sam's days as a Navy SEAL. The action takes place before the events of TV series Burn Notice.

Michael Westen wakes up one day in his hometown Miami only to find out that he has been burned. After being seriously injured during an operation in Africa, Michael is sent home to Miami where he is to stay until further notice. The agency that employed them now issued a burn notice on his name. This means he is no longer member of the agency, has no longer access to funds, and he is stuck in Miami until further notice from his former employers. The first season of the series follows Michael as he tries to uncover the reasons and the persons behind this burn notice. We are also familiarized with another central figures of the series including Sam Axe, Fiona Glenanne, Michael's ex-girlfriend and a former IRA member, as well as Michaels family and some of his former employers.


Although Michael's main interest is to find out who are the people responsible for the burn notice, since he is stuck in Miami and has little resources he soon needs to find a job. With his set of skills, workin as a private investigator fits perfectly and although not licensed he immediately starts taking cases. Fiona and Sam Axe are his only friends at the moment, and he relies on their help during most of his cases. As the series unfolds, we find out more about the burn notice and the people responsible for it. Everything about Burn Notice is fast paced and action filled and so the series is sure to keep all thrill seekers entertained.

Review: Burn Notice

Burn Notice deserves attention simply because it is different. Funny and full of action, Burn Notice also has elements of drama and successfully manages to combine humor, hard core espionage stories and plenty catchy lines. One interesting thing about Burn Notice is that everything starts with an ordinary idea, as any regular spy series, which is then twisted on every side and interwoven with various unusual plots thus offering the viewer a whole new experience. This new experience delivers comedy, action, suspense, family problems, a sharp exchange of replies and a really unique chemistry between the main characters.

The premise of the series starts as follows: when you are fired from the special services you are sent in a location chosen by a government agency. There, you are bound to stay without any access to your funds, thus being forced to rely on anyone that can help you. This is the case of Michael Westen, whose purpose is to find out why he was prematurely retired.  In order for him to figure this out, he needs money, and in order for him to get the money, he needs to take different jobs for people who need help. All these jobs require his special talents.

His character is a crossing between James Bond and McGuyver, combining very well his knowledge of science and engineering received when he was trained as a secret agent. In addition he is the kind of agent who would do almost anything to avoid bloodshed and offer his services only to those who really need it.


The city chosen for the series is brilliant: Miami; The long, torrid sunny days by the sea, giving the feeling of a vacation. Not to mention the fact that everyone dresses well and generally quite sexy.

Another interesting fact is the voice-over that explains you, mostly with a relaxed and funny tone, the things that he does or what has to be done by a spy, leaving you the feeling that it can't get simpler than that.

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