Brothers & Sisters

A drama show following five adult siblings of the Walker family through life in California with their dominate and devoted mother, Nora Walker.

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Categories: Drama, Thriller, War
Countries: USA
First Run: 2006-09-25
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 2246
Total Visits: 4639
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Dave Annable - Justin Walker
   Calista Flockhart - Kitty McCallister
   Rachel Griffiths - Sarah Walker
   Ron Rifkin - Saul Holden
   Patricia Wettig - Holly Harper
   Sally Field - Nora Walker
   Matthew Rhys - Kevin Walker
   Balthazar Getty - Tommy Walker
   Kerris Dorsey - Paige Whedon
   Luke Macfarlane - Scotty Wandell
   Maxwell Perry Cotton - Cooper Whedon
   Rob Lowe - Robert McCallister
   Emily VanCamp - Rebecca Harper
   Sarah Jane Morris - Julia Walker
   Gilles Marini - Luc Laurent
   Luke Grimes - Ryan Lafferty
   Ken Olin - David Caplan
   John Pyper-Ferguson - Joe Whedon
   Denis OHare - Travis March
   Peter Gerety - Dennis York
   Isabella Rae Thomas - Olivia
   Emily Rose - Lena Branigan
   Marika Dominczyk - Tyler Altamirano
   Mark Ricks - Evan McCallister
   Josh Hopkins - Warren Salter
   Jason Lewis - Chad Barry
   David Burke - Jack Bishop
   Roxy Olin - Michelle McCormack
   Steven Weber - Graham Finch
   Daniel Oshionebo - Evan McCallister
   David Oshionebo - Evan McCallister
   Tom Skerritt - William Walker
   Ryan Devlin - Seth Whitley
   Nigel Havers - Roger Grant
   Eric Christian Olsen - Kyle DeWitt
   Paul Cassell - Gary Morris
   Will McCormack - Ethan Tavis
   Danny Glover - Isaac Marshall
   Jay Huguley - Whit Peyton
   John Terry - Dr. Karl West
   Beau Bridges - Nick Brody
   Matthew Settle - Jonathan Sellers
   Odette Annable - Annie
   Jon Tenney - Dr. Simon Craig
   Richard Chamberlain - Jonathan Byrold
   Eric Winter - Jason McCallister
   Amy Aquino - Dr. Joan Avadon
   Justine Dorsey - Sophie McCallister
   Matt Letscher - Alec Tyler
   Jeremy Davidson - Jack Randall

Review: Brothers and Sisters

The action of this show is more realistic and more honest than what Iíve seen in many other TV series. Although the events may seem a little extravagant to you, I for one know this kind of things happen in the real world to many families.
In the first episode, we meet the Walker family: William, Nora and their children, Sarah, Kitty, Justin, Tommy and Kevin. Sarah is a businesswoman and mother of two children. Kitty is passionate about politics, and she quits her job at a radio station in order to present a political talk show on television. Justin is the youngest member of the family. He is enrolled in the army and has problems with alcohol and drug addiction. Tommy works in the family business, Ojai Foods and is married to Julia. Kevin is gay and works at a successful law firm. Nora, mother of five, is a housewife that takes care of the entire family and maintains a balance.
This family's tragedy starts at the end of the first episode when William dies following a heart attack. After his death, we'll find that he had a mistress for decades, a child with her and that he had many other secrets. How will the family cope with all these problems that occurred after Will's death? This is what we learn along the way, together with a few harsh life lessons.

I gladly recommend this series as you will not get bored watching Brothers and Sisters. It is an intelligent and courageous series. You will also find a lot of your favorite actors: Calista Flockhart from Ally McBeal, Balthazar Getty, Sally Field from Forrest Gump, and the list continues.

Review: Brothers & Sisters

The action of Brothers & Sisters takes place in Los Angeles and the series follows the lives of the Walker family. After the death of the head of the family, they learn that he not only cheated on his wife for two decades, but he also was a successful embezzler, jeopardizing their business and family wealth. The five siblings are Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin and now they all struggle with these well-known problems and the American public opinion. Sarah tries to save her marriage, Kitty must choose between love and a career in political journalism and the stoic character Tommy is always stressed not to disappoint. Kevin is always looking for the perfect man, and Justin is trying to forget the horrors of war in Afghanistan with the help of drugs. The acting is excellent, and thereís quality humor in this series about happiness, lies, sex, politics, drugs, and most importantly about family.

Brothers and Sisters is a series centered on a crazy family where no one can keep a secret; it is a series with well-defined characters and a fantastic cast. The scandals and the love stories, and especially the idea of an extremely close family, help make Brothers and Sisters a delightful series. At first glance, it seems to be an all American TV show, about a typical large American family that is prevalent throughout the country; the action follows five brothers of whom one is gay, one has a drug problem, and one with marital problems. The head of the family has a secret long lasting an affair, and there is also a black sheep which leaves home at one point. However, in only a few episodes any cliches fade away and the series comes up with original ideas.


Brothers & Sisters strikingly resembles the story of Six Feet Under and the feeling is reinforced by the presence of Rachel Griffiths, which plays Brenda in Six Feet Under, but she's not the only one you will recognize from other series. The list continues with Calista Flockhart you sure know as Ally McBeal, Ron Rifkin from ER, Patricia Wettig from Prison Break, and so on.

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