Breaking In

A security company will do anything to sell their protection services.

Available on networks: FOX

Categories: Action, Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-04-07
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1787
Total Visits: 2894
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Review: Breaking In

The Breaking In series begins its story recounting the lives of several thieves. The show’s cast includes numerous well known actors, and it is a fun ride right from the first minute. It seems that the series focuses on highly intelligent and extremely ingenious thieves that work at a high tech security firm. The team is often sent on missions that include breaking and entering into certain buildings that hold high tech security systems. The point is to try to find weaknesses in the devices that ensure building safety.
Each character in Breaking In has a different personality, so you can find all kinds of human typologies presented in the show. One of the main characters is Cameron Price, a lazy hacker who had other plans for his life. He would have liked to live a happy life in college. But, being a smart hacker, he has 'offered' himself a lifetime scholarship hacking the school systems. Apparently he did not hide the tracks too well because he was caught and expelled. Now he is working whatever his employers are handing him.
Twenty-seven years old genius Cassius Sparks is also a part of the team. Casius is in love with comics, loves Nestle chocolate bars and doesn't miss any occasion to play hoaxes and pranks on his colleagues; he also works hard when needed. He handles the gadgets the others need when breaking-in.
Melanie Garcia is the one who has a key for every lock. The young safe-deposit box breaker, safes and lock opener is always looking for new adventures. It seems that Cameron noticed this and fell in love with Melanie, but there is an impediment in winning her heart: Melanie's friend Dutch is everything a girl would dream of. A sporty and handsome guy, Dutch lives a good live making a business out of selling his urine on the Internet to help those who take banned substances pass biological tests.
Ronnie Mann is the new head of counter-security and Marie Hughes is her assistant. It seems that Marie is a rival of Melanie's when it comes to Cameron. Osbourne Oz is a former professional thief and now leads the organization Contra Security. Oz wants more from life, trying to bring his team as high as possible on the scale of success and he manipulates his employees by giving them too many orders.

Breaking In keeps you hooked in front of your TV from the first minute, each episode. All action series fans should look for Breaking In. Good script, fine actors and action all around, This is Breaking In.

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