Boston Legal

Boston Legal follows a group of attorneys through there daily activities.

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Categories: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Countries: USA
First Run: 2004-10-04
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 2219
Total Visits: 3914
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   James Spader - Alan Shore
   William Shatner - Denny Crane
   Candice Bergen - Shirley Schmidt
   Rene Auberjonois - Paul Lewiston
   Mark Valley - Brad Chase
   Julie Bowen - Denise Bauer
   Christian Clemenson - Jerry Espenson
   Gary Anthony Williams - Clarence
   John Larroquette - Carl Sack
   Tara Summers - Katie Lloyd
   Henry Gibson - Judge Clark Brown
   Constance Zimmer - Claire Simms
   Monica Potter - Lori Colson
   Rhona Mitra - Tara Wilson
   Saffron Burrows - Lorraine Weller
   Meredith Eaton - Bethany Horowitz
   Taraji P. Henson - Whitney Rome
   Justin Mentell - Garrett Wells
   Ryan Michelle Bathe - Sara Holt
   Betty White - Catherine Piper
   Lake Bell - Sally Heep
   Craig Bierko - Jeffrey Coho
   Jill Brennan - Gracie Jane
   Marisa Coughlan - Melissa Hughes
   Cynthia Harmon - Paralegal
   Shelley Berman - Judge Robert Sanders
   Anselmo Martini - Attorney at Law
   Michael Ensign - Judge Paul Resnick
   Currie Graham - A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg
   Takayo Fischer - Clerk
   Roma Maffia - Judge Victoria Peyton
   David Dean Bottrell - Lincoln Meyer
   Anthony Heald - Judge Harvey Cooper
   Ron Canada - Judge Willard Reese
   Armin Shimerman - Judge Brian Hooper
   Gail OGrady - Judge Gloria Weldon
   Mark L. Taylor - Attorney Adam Jovanka
   Michael J. Fox - Daniel Post
   Leslie Jordan - Bernard Ferrion
   John Thaddeus - Detective John Stephenson
   Leyna Nguyen - Reporter
   Kurt Scholler - Bailiff
   Christopher Rich - Attorney Melvin Palmer
   Chuck McCann - Judge Byron Fudd
   Lou Beatty Jr. - Judge Gordon Kolodny
   Glen Walker - Anchorman
   Rebecca Lin - Receptionist
   Laura Henry - Clerk
   Konstantina Mallios - Receptionist
   Kerry Washington - Chelina Hall
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