A drama about the rising to power of prime ministers and how the changes affect them.

Available on networks: Arte, BBC One, BBC Four, DR, JTBC, Link TV, NRK, Super Drama TV, SVT, YLE

Categories: Drama, Politics
Countries: Denmark
First Run: 2010-09-26
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 3845
Total Visits: 6143
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Sidse Babett Knudsen - Birgitte Nyborg
   Birgitte Hjort S¸rensen - Katrine F¸nsmark
   Emil Poulsen - Magnus Christensen
   Freja Riemann - Laura Christensen
   S¸ren Malling - Torben Friis
   Thomas Levin - Ulrik M¸rch
   Pilou Asb¦k - Kasper Juul
   Benedikte Hansen - Hanne Holm
   Mikael Birkkj¦r - Philip Christensen
   Anders Juul - Simon Bech
   Lisbeth Wulff - Pia Munk
   Kasper Lange - Dan
   Lars Knutzon - Bent Sejr¸
   S¸ren Spanning - Lars Hesselboe
   Christoph Bastrup - Journalist
   Morten Kirkskov - Niels Erik Lund
   Bjarne Henriksen - Hans Christian Thorsen
   Peter Mygind - Michael Laugesen
   Ole Thestrup - Svend …ge Saltum
   Iben Dorner - Sanne
   Petrine Agger - Pernille Madsen
   Jannie Faurschou - Yvonne Kj¦r
   Dar Salim - Amir Dwian
   Signe Egholm Olsen - Anne Sophie Lindenkrone
   Patricia Schumann - Tanja
   Jens Albinus - Jon Berthelsen
   Jens Jacob Tychsen - Jacob Kruse
   Christian Tafdrup - Alexander Hjort
   Ole Dupont - Journalist
   Alastair Mackenzie - Jeremy Welsh
   Julie Agnete Vang - Nete Buch
   Kristian Halken - Erik Hoffmann
   Ricard Lawrence - Gustav Juul F¸nsmark
   Lars Brygmann - Troels Hxenhaven
   Flemming S¸rensen - Bj¸rn Marrot
   Marie Askehave - Bendikte Nedergaard
   Rikke Lylloff - Lotte …gaard
   Mille Dinesen - Cecilie Toft
   Anne Sofie Espersen - Karoline Friis
   Michelle Bj¸rn-Andersen - Grethe F¸nsmark
   Hanne Hedelund - Jytte
   Lars Mikkelsen - S¸ren Ravn
   Preben Kristensen - Mogens Winther
   Johannes Lille¸re - Karsten Bjerre
   Laura Allen - Nadia Barazani
   Henrik Birch - Dr. Poul Iversen
   Mia Lyhne - Dorte Brix
   Sune Kofoed - Kalle
   Kenneth M. Christensen - Benjamin
   Ulf Pilgaard - Joachim Chrone

Review: Borgen

Borgen, the original title of the Danish series literally means parliament. This is the story of a woman, but certainly not the typical character from Desperate Housewives or similar series, but a political character, Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg, played by the brilliant and charismatic Sidse Babett Knudsen. Birgitte Nyborg, member and leader of a small centrist party in Denmark, is pushed against all expectations for the Prime Minister position.

The 58 minutes episodes in this excellent Danish series picture a woman's life in the middle of a world of men, namely the world of politics. The script is extremely realistic and even though it has a touch of romance it proves to be exactly right to help keep a lively pace. The series offers a lucid analysis of the political world, by presenting captivating and complex political plots, as well as unexpected political attacks. Each chapter of this series begins with a quote from Machiavelli or Sun Tzu which sets the tone for the dilemmas Birgitte will face. There’s always a difficult decision to be made by this married woman and mother of two children leader of one of the biggest European economies, and this makes the series truly captivating. The genius of Borgen is to depict the opposite of what we call politically correctness with its brutal characters, constantly haunted by their own demons and past.


The series follows the drama of a woman Prime Minister that goes through various complex situations while running the country, given that her husband stays home and takes care of the couple's children while she deals with tough political decision making in a world mainly driven by men.

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