Body of Proof

Dr. Megan Hunt is a medical examiner who was involved in a major car accident. She continues her career solving crimes in ways that put her at odds with her boss.

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Categories: Crime, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-03-30
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 2711
Total Visits: 5297
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Dana Delany - Megan Hunt
   Jeri Ryan - Kate Murphy
   Geoffrey Arend - Ethan Gross
   Windell Middlebrooks - Curtis Brumfield
   Mary Mouser - Lacey Fleming
   John Carroll Lynch - Detective Bud Morris
   Nicholas Bishop - Peter Dunlop
   Sonja Sohn - Detective Samantha Baker
   Joanna Cassidy - Joan Hunt
   Mark Valley - Det. Tommy Sullivan
   Elyes Gabel - Det. Adam Lucas
   Suzanne Gillies - Medical Investigator
   Nathalie Kelley - Dani Alvarez
   Phyllis Lynn - Clerical
   Chuck Slavin - CSU Tech
   Kent R. Williams - Officer Steave
   Jeffrey Nordling - Todd Fleming
   Billy V Vigeant - Officer Watkins
   Christopher S. Porter - Detective
   Jeff T. Buco - Medical Examiner
   Kristi Lynn - Officer Galline
   Richard Burgi - D.A. Dan Russell
   A.J. Rios - Lab Technician
   Luke Perry - Charlie Stafford
   Ronald Boone - Medical Examiner
   Lorraine Toussaint - Chief Angela Martin
   Marisa Ramirez - Officer Riley Dunn
   Ransford Doherty - Detective Tim Bell
   Stephanie Atkinson - Officer Byrne
   Wilbert Berthaud Jr. - Lab Technician
   Gerard Bonchack - Series Detective
   David A. Kirsch - Assistant Medical Examiner
   Jamie Bamber - Aiden Wells
   Adrian Alvarado - Detective Dave Lopez
   Charlie Alejandro - CSU Tech
   Kaitlyn Bouchard - Lab Technician
   Chemi Che-Mponda - Detective
   Charles Matumbi Jackson - Detective
   Teale Kate - Detective
   Josh McBride - Clerical
   Henry Ian Cusick - Dr. Trent Marsh
   Shawn Hatosy - Karl Simmons
   Annie Wersching - Yvonne Kurtz
   Dean Norris - Special Agent Brendan Johnson
   Khandi Alexander - Beverly Travers
   Nick Stahl - Marcel Trevino
   Tony von Halle - Mark McDaniels
   Jolie Jenkins - Julie Tompkins
   Angela Martinez - News Reporter
   Ace Marrero - Dr. Miles Hart

Review: Body of Proof

Body of Proof tells us in a way that our job probably is not all that bad because at least we don't have to work with some decomposing corpses. Forensic work is probably absorbing, but you need a serious stomach to be able to do that kind of work. Dr. Megan Hunt was once a neurosurgeon, but after a car accident her ability to carry out surgery was compromised. Because she can notice a slight tremor in her hands after the car accident, it is clear to her that she might kill someone during surgery, and she needs to consider changing careers.

Because she is now incapable of carrying out surgery safely, Hunt is assigned to taking care of the patient that she can not kill, but whose death is still marked by mysteries. Her job is now different as she has to find out exactly why a person died by checking every part of the body and go to analyze DNA to find out why they died.

Although Hunt dresses as if to go to a dinner party, she actually does her dirty job pretty well and manages to amaze viewers with her knowledge and skills as a forensics expert. Her failed marriage proves among other things that she is dedicated to her work 100%, and her young daughter shows signs that stricter parenting would be useful. So there is a little bit of drama in this series as well.


Body of Proof is a serial, pretty cool TV series that delivers quality humor from time to time but is very predictable due to the topic. However, this is an entertaining TV show perfect for watching when you're not quite in the mood for any conventional series.

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