Bionic Woman

This is a remake of the 1970s TV series, a female athlete is given bionic strength.

Available on networks: AXN, E! Online, ITV1, NBC, Pop TV, RTL, RTL2, TF1, TV2, TV3, TV6, Viasat 6

Categories: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-09-27
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1353
Total Visits: 3035
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Michelle Ryan - Jaime Sommers
   Miguel Ferrer - Jonas Bledsoe
   Molly Price - Ruth Treadwell
   Lucy Hale - Becca Sommers
   Will Yun Lee - Jae Kim
   Kevin Rankin - Nathan
   Isaiah Washington - Antonio Pope
   Katee Sackhoff - Sarah Corvus
   Mark Sheppard - Anthony Anthros
   Jordan Bridges - Tom Hastings
   Lara Gilchrist - Carly
   Chris Bowers - Will Anthros
   Thomas Kretschmann - The Man
   Aaron Douglas - Prison Guard
   Conrad Coates - Doctor 1
   Erin Karpluk - Robin
   Alicia Thorgrimsson - Doctor 2
   Jenn Forgie - Nurse
   Heather Doerksen - Mother
   Dominic Zamprogna - Med-Flight Tech 1
   Jacqueline Samuda - Med-Flight Tech 2
   Chris Gauthier - Geek 2
   John Mann - Drug Dealer
   Graeme Duffy - Geek 1
   Shannon Christopher Wright - Briefcase Handoff Agent

Review: Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman is a Remake of the popular 70s TV series about a female athlete who is given bionic strength. Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) is a bartender who thinks her life is a real tragedy. She has a sister that needs caring, and the money from bartending is not all that good. She is friends with a scientist that after her tragic car accident saves her with a few bionic implants. Jaime loses her feet, one of her hands and an eye in the car crash but thanks to her friend she is better than before the accident once the bionic implants prove a success.

The technology used on her by Will Anthros (Chris Bowers), her boyfriend, is top secret so Berkut, the agency he works for, asks for something in return. In order to repay her debt to the agency for all the bionic implants that saved her life, the agency asks she helps with their various top secret cases usually concerning national security matters. Another bionic woman named Sarah Corvus, now out of Berkut control, kills Jaime's boyfriend.

Jaime is taught how to use her implants to make the most of them; she gains new skills and gradually comes to embrace her new bionic woman identity. Of course, her sister starts suspecting that there's something strange about Jaime, but she has to keep this a secret and manage to live a double life. She has to take extra care of her bionic features as the technology is both expensive and not yet paid for.


Bionic Woman combines Sci Fi elements with a typical thriller spy story that doesn’t bore you. However, the cast is not brilliant altogether, and the series is best fit for a younger audience.

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