Beverly Hills, 90210

The rich kids all go to West Beverly High. Follow their lives as they face lifes problems and trials.

Available on networks: CBS, FOX

Categories: Drama, Romance
Countries: USA
First Run: 1990-10-04
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 2219
Total Visits: 4167
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jennie Garth - Kelly Taylor
   Ian Ziering - Steve Sanders
   Brian Austin Green - David Silver
   Tori Spelling - Donna Martin
   Jason Priestley - Brandon Walsh
   Joe E. Tata - Nat Bussichio
   Luke Perry - Dylan McKay
   Gabrielle Carteris - Andrea Zuckerman
   Carol Potter - Cindy Walsh
   James Eckhouse - Jim Walsh
   Tiffani Thiessen - Valerie Malone
   Shannen Doherty - Brenda Walsh
   Kathleen Robertson - Clare Arnold
   Vincent Young - Noah Hunter
   Lindsay Price - Janet Sosna
   Ann Gillespie - Jackie Taylor
   Daniel Cosgrove - Matt Durning
   Mark D. Espinoza - Jesse Vasquez
   Katherine Cannon - Felice Martin
   Jamie Walters - Ray Pruit
   Vanessa Marcil - Gina Kincaid
   Matthew Laurance - Mel Silver
   Jason Wiles - Colin Robbins
   Michael Durrell - Dr. John Martin
   Emma Caulfield - Susan Keats
   Douglas Emerson - Scott Scanlon
   Nicholas Pryor - Chancelor Milton Arnold
   Ryan Brown - Morton Muntz
   Denise Dowse - Mrs. Yvonne Teasley
   Jill Novick - Tracy Gaylian
   Cameron Bancroft - Joe Bradley
   Jed Allan - Rush Sanders
   Hilary Swank - Carly Reynolds
   Myles Jeffrey - Zach Reynolds
   Randy Spelling - Ryan Sanders
   Wesley Allen Gullick - Willie
   Ryal Haakenson - Party Guest
   Cress Williams - DShawn Hardell
   Mark Kiely - Gil Meyers
   Paul Johansson - John Sears
   Dalton James - Mark Reese
   Josh Taylor - Jack McKay
   Dina Meyer - Lucinda Nicholson
   Christine Elise - Emily Valentine
   Kerrie Keane - Suzanne Steele
   Josie Davis - Camille Desmond
   Michael Cudlitz - Tony Miller
   Noley Thornton - Erica McKay
   Matthew Porretta - Dan Rubin
   James Pickens Jr. - Henry Thomas

Review: Beverly Hills 90210

Main focus of this series is on the lives of young Beverly Hills, California people. When a young family from Minnesota, the Walshes, moves to Beverly Hills their youngsters try to make new friends despite the difficulties of teenage life, family tragedies, drugs, romantic affairs, and all life's challenges.

Some of the main characters are Brandon Walsh, Brenda's twin brother, an aspiring journalist. His best friend is Dylan McKay, the most down to earth character of the series. Brenda Walsh, his sister, is a very likeable girl, but she is regarded somewhat as the black sheep in the family. She falls in love with Dylan, and this spurs a lot of drama in the series.

Brenda is very good friends with Kelly and Donna, but because both she and Kelly fall in love with Dylan, their friendship gradually falls apart. Kelly Taylor is the very beautiful popular high school girl and her best friends are Brenda and Donna. However she and Brenda donít get along terribly well after they both develop feelings for Dylan. Dylan McKay is the typical bad boy, rich, rebellious, always ready to take off on his bike. He is the kind of character you can not get bored with. As his father is incarcerated and his mother moved to Hawaii, Dylan lives in a hotel even though he is just in high school

Donna Martin has always been Kellyís best friend and has always been in love with David Silver. Their relationship has ups and downs but ultimately the will get married. David is popular in high school mainly because he is the DJ at the radio station. He is popular with girls, but his heart belongs to Donna.

Steve Sanders is the party boy, always looking to have fun. He is Brendanís best friend and the source of many fun moments throughout the series. Andrea Zuckerman, also friends with Brendan, secretly develops feelings for hi but for most of the show she keeps this a secret.


Beverly Hills 90210is a classic teenage series. If you are looking for a light yet entertaining series that centers on teenagers, than you should give it a chance.

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