Aqua TV Show Show

Follow the adventures of a milkshake, some fries, a meatball and their neighbor in New Jersey.

Available on networks: adult swim, Cartoon Network, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime

Categories: Animation, Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2000-12-02
Runtime: 12 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 2383
Total Visits: 4583
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Video
Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Dave Willis - Meatwad
   Dana Snyder - Master Shake
   Carey Means - Frylock
   C. Martin Croker - Dr. Weird
   Matt Maiellaro - Err
   Schooly-D - Narrator
   Andy Merrill - Oglethorpe
   Mike Schatz - Emory
   George Lowe - Cop
   Edward Hastings - Announcer
   Chris Ward - MC Pee Pants
   Nick Ingkatanuwat - Tree
   H. Jon Benjamin - Mothmonsterman
   Dana Swanson - Grocery Shopper
   Jay Edwards - Assistant
   Vishal Roney - Cliff
   Jim Fortier - Satan
   Don Kennedy - Assisted Living Dracula
   David Cross - Happy Time Harry
   Patton Oswalt - DP
   Mary Kraft - Computer
   Eugene Mirman - Abortion Doctor
   Scott Hilley - Flargan
   Jon Glaser - Oog
   Jon Schnepp - The Wisdom Cube
   Todd Barry - Romulox
   Brooks Braselman - Ghost
   Shawn Coleman - Paul
   Scott Adsit - Drewbacca
   Faheem Najm - Frylock
   Bill Hader - Der Inflatable Hitler
   Tommy Blacha - Mr. Wongburger
   Kim Manning - Donna Bryson
   Scott Fry - Pawn Shop Owner
   Gregory Alan Williams -
   Brendon Small - Rice Henchmen
   Todd Hanson - Narrator
   Todd Field - Ol Drippy
   Max Willis - Robot Child
   Sadie Willis - Robot Child
   Matt Harrigan - Major Shake-replicant
   Fred Armisen - Poncho
   Isaac Hayes III - The Voice
   Vincent Pastore - Terry
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