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Lots of adult style cartoons such as Family guy, Metalocalypse, Klokblocked, Assy McGee, the Assy Diaries and much more.
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The Adult Swim app comes with "Adult Swim Gold" Episodes so you can watch full episodes you want.... More

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Adult Swim: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 11 Nov 2012


Completely free to download
Watch all the latest adult swim television shows
Available for multiple devices


Some of the games must be purchased
From time to time you may experience slow load times

In this review

Mobile Devices
Ease of Use

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The application is completely free to use and download. Some of the games will cost to purchase but the latest video is always available.



The Adult Swim television channel is based in the United States and partners with the cartoon network. The programs they broadcast are aired between 9 PM and 6 AM in the United States. There are programming focuses on cartoons for adolescents and young adults. The television channel was founded in 2001 in some of its context was known to be a little bizarre or unorthodox for the viewers. It is best known for providing programming that is different than other television stations. Some of the cartoons featured or error in their original states with no editing of mature content involved. Many of the adult swim television programs have included in a dull animation and sketch comedies or a fuel spinoffs and original series. The cartoons provided they speak very frankly, have nudity, strong language, violence, or sexual themes. Most of their programming is experimental and centers on the shock comedy.


The Adult Swim television channel has become very popular and is attempting to extend that popularity by providing a free application compatible with Android, iPad and iPhone mobile Apple devices. This mobile out will allow users to watch their favorite adult swim episodes including robot chicken, aqua teen hunger force, and adventure brothers. Furthermore, there is a separate function within the app to allow adult swim users to play games. Some of the games located within the must be purchased to be played. However, purchasing these games is a very nominal fee of $.99. In some situations, this is much cheaper than the cost to purchase standalone games anyway. But not all games must be paid for. Adult swimís most popular game for iPhone, robot unicorn attack, is part of the lineup that comes with the application. Also, the mobile app comes with a clock, calculator, and updated weather information. The adult swim television channel is only at the beginning stages of developing their application for mobile devices. But since the application itself is available for free from the Apple iTunes store, there is good reason to download the app and wait for new features they promised to add on the way.


The streaming video available within the application show in high-quality with high quality audio also. There is no delay in watching these videos and itís possible to watch all your favorite adult swim episodes on the go. You can experience shooting video from your favorite animated programs such as robot chicken, family guy, and other popular programs. In fact, the popular programs available from within this application are too many to list. We can tell you however, you will enjoy an extremely long list of shows right at your finger tips.

Mobile Devices

As mentioned above, the Adult Swim app is available for both android and Apple devices. The Android app is available for free in the Google apps store. This application will stream full episodes, paid gold episodes, clips and other very videos from their popular television programs. The Android application also provides a complete schedule for when your favorite episodes are appearing on television off-line. It is not available for android tablet devices.
The compatible Apple devices include iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and will also will streaming video clips and full episodes of all your favorite adult swim programs. The same glance episodes available on android are also available on Apple mobile devices. Itís possible to watch all your favorite episodes whenever you like. The Apple version of this application also provides full scheduling for up-and-coming episodes before they air. Additionally, the iPad version of this app has a music player but it also has a clock, weather info, and a calculator just like the android app.

Ease of Use

We found this application very easy to use but at times it is a bit slow. If not for speed, we would give this application a full five stars. However, since sometimes the episodes slow down and the latest episode sometimes will not load at all we canít give this application a perfect rating. However, you will not always experience these difficulties and this is something that will likely be fixed in the future.


While there are some difficulties when the adult swim mobile app, we found them to be rather minimal. In fact, we understand it isnít always possible for all applications to run perfect all the time. While some of the episodes may be slow loading, itís not something you with experience often. The most part, since Adult Swim offers a few programming that is entertaining; we are pleased they extended their reach to the users by creating a mobile application for most popular devices. Additionally, where many television channels only focus on Apple mobile devices, Adult Swim goes above and beyond by creating an application for Android. This application is completely free to download and use for all devices. Users can expect to be further entertaining with the gaming section located within the app.

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