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USA Network: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 10 Nov 2012


Video offered that cannot be found on television
High-quality video
Completely free to watch


They do not offer free streaming movies
Only the latest episodes of the popular programs are available

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

There is a nice selection of the latest episodes for your favorite programming. You will also find video or digital series and Web episodes that can only be watched from the website.



The USA Network is a cable television station in the United States and was founded in 1971. It used to be a basic cable television station that included in popular programs as well as reruns of popular programs. They also offer a variety of films from the Universal Studios library.


The USA television channel is home to about 30 popular programs that each has a strong loyal following. They offer television programs created themselves but also offer a long list of popular programming creating by other television channels they have acquired for syndication. These programs can be found by using the navigation menu at the top of the websites. They provide additional images and information for each program they offer. Additionally, further information can be found for scheduling in the future and also movies they will be broadcasting. There are many full episodes that can be watched from the website.


The USA television channel website offers a large selection of streaming video available. These videos include the latest episodes for all the popular programs as well as a number of bonus clips, behind-the-scenes but age, and interviews. The website is completely free to watch and does not require an off-line cable subscription. The video is of high quality and does have some advertisements in the form of commercials to support these free videos. They also offer promotional videos for each of their programs and episodes. These videos are very easy to find and can be searched by typing in your favorite program. Additionally, this is an excellent website for watching streaming video because they also provide episodes that are only available through the website. These are presented as digital series and Web original. Furthermore, there is video or additional commentary provided on the website. The video provided cannot be watched in full screen mode however, it is very high quality.


The websites for the USA television channel is done very nicely and will be very easy to use. This website does an excellent job of directing users to large number of streaming video they have available. They provide full background information for all their programs as well add information on movies they will be broadcasting in the future. In fact, they provide extensive sections covering just the movies. Most of the movies on the websites cover popular movies as well as movies only made-for-TV. This website is very nice job of providing background information for these movies.


The USA television channel offers a very nice application for mobile devices. The mobile devices offered include popular iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This application is completely free to download from the Apple iTunes store or from Google. This application makes it possible for users to watch shooting video from their website and also have a conversation with other users of the application. This provides a strong sense of community that will allow each user the ability to connect with other users while watching their popular programs. As many other television channels only offer applications were Apple devices, this websites makes the point to offer an application for android users as well. This application is completely free. Additionally, they offer other applications as well. They provide an application for their popular wrestling program, an application to read graphic novels on your device, and a few other gaming applications. Each of these applications is completely free to download and use. However, not all applications are available for android devices but all are available for Apple devices.


This website provides a nice selection of extras for the users other website. They provide a full law of the beginning different perspectives from each other popular programs. The blog includes commentary from staff and actors, latest news and information on the USA television channel, and latest news and information about the latest programs. The USA television channel also provides its users with a full e-commerce capable shopping section. This will allow users to purchase merchandise revolving around their favorite programs.


Full scheduling for the USA channel programming is available throughout the website. This is offered and more than one location and makes it easy for users to plan their television watching in advance. They offer different schedules for television shows and websites they will be airing in the future. These are generally located on the right-hand side of the website.


We found this websites does an excellent job of providing streaming video to their users. They offer a large selection of digital series videos and Web exclusive videos they can only be watched through the website. Each video is completely free to watch and does not require a cable subscription. Their USA anywhere a mobile application is available for free download to bring these shooting videos to your devices. Devices supported include Android, iPhone, and iPad. These applications are also free to watch.

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Reviewer: Gary Trotter - location: Nebraska - Date Added: 2017-10-16 00:26:15
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Review: i don't know who is in charge of programing at your network but if it was me i think i would taking a hard look at that person. for the last two weeks you have had nothing but that serous messed up show law & order: special victims on constantly, what so you can make all the privets feel special. i think you should go ahead and rename your network to the privets network. and not to mention chesley knows best is just as dumb as most of the stuff you people air. you go and take off good show like NCIS to put on shows for the stupid people who don't have a life and think watching shows of rich people acting like idiots and show filled with privets running around hurting kids and women entertaining. all i know is your network is the last thing in this world i will ever watch til you all start showing some changes in your program scheduling ever.
in closing i have never been so disappointed in a tv network as i am with your, all i can say is you people are totally messed up in your morels.
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