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Time Warner Cable (TWC) are a cable TV provider offering several TV bundles, they also provide internet and phone sevices.
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Time Warner Cable: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 7 Feb 2013


Users can pay for services online
Users can begin services online
Full background information as well as history is provided on the website
Full description of all channels they offer with their services


This website is mostly informational. Very little user participation is possible other than paying for services.

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Subscriber Base
Innovation in Technology
Corporate Responsibility
Community and Philanthropy

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Time Warner Cable is the biggest premium cable subscription service in the United States. Currently, they are providing services to 15 million customers.



Time Warner Cable is one of the top premium cable service providers in the United States. Additionally, they offer other services such as telephone and high-speed data also. In most situations, customers can buy these services in bundles for added savings. Currently, Time Warner cable is subscribing more than 15 million customers to their services. They offer different services and packages for business and individuals. Aside from cable subscription services, Time Warner cable offers businesses and other services. Furthermore, this company offers advertising solutions to companies nationally, regionally, and locally.

Subscriber Base

With more than 15 million subscribers in the United States, Time Warner cable service is offered in 29 states. The states include Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. With operations this big, this cable subscription service provider has 50,000 people employed in the United States. Time Warner cable also owns the news television channel in New York, North Carolina, and Texas. These channels are intended to provide viewers with information pertaining just to their local community.

Innovation in Technology

Since the beginning, Time Warner cable has been one of the leaders in innovative technology. In fact, they were given an award for engineering and outstanding achievements in technology in 1990. They are notable for using fiber optics to transmit signals. This is an important achievement as fiber optics was instrumental in transmitting broadband signals it helps develop cable television, and computer and telephone industries. In Cincinnati, Time Warner cable continues to win awards for video on demand in 2011. They also received outstanding achievement in engineering developments for their full service subscription packages.

Corporate Responsibility

Time Warner cable is largely known for their strong community support. They have created a set of policies, known as corporate responsibility; these are used as standards for business operations. These policies were created to strengthen relationships between employees and the community. Additionally, they play a large role in philanthropy. They have implemented strategies to focus on charitable resources were one issue they find most important. Their most important issue is students in America lacking knowledge in the areas of science, technology, math and engineering. Therefore, they have made commitments to provide $100 million in cash to educate tomorrow’s industry leaders. Time Warner cable feels technology and innovation are important for solving problems and are the foundation of our nation’s quality of life and prosperity. This is the number one cause. Based on these issues, Time Warner cable has created a warm feel for their corporate social responsibility program. This program is based on your pillars of responsibility: Philanthropy and Community, Diversity and Inclusion, the Environment, and Corporate Governance and Responsible Business Practices.

Community and Philanthropy

Education in technology is Time Warner cable’s biggest cause. However, this company chooses to actively support communities where this business operates. This has become the initiative known as Connect a Million Minds (CAMM). Further policies they have set in place are their Diversity and Inclusion act that shows Time Warner's commitment to culture of various backgrounds were building connections with employees and customers and inclusive workplaces. Finally, Time Warner cable operates their business with the smallest amount of environmental impact possible. They use a Go Green Framework.


In terms of television websites we have visited, the Time Warner cable website is much different. Users will not find any streaming videos for their favorite programs. However, the website does an excellent job of describing their subscription services. Additionally, Time Warner cable makes it easy for users to subscribe to their services online. A user can enter with their zip code to find the nearest Time Warner cable operation available to them. Furthermore, they offer packages that include more than 200 channels. These 200 channels are described in great detail on the website. Users interested in purchasing services from Time Warner cable will receive full information on the website. Other services included in their Web descriptions are Internet and data services, telephone services, video services, mobile services, and advertising. All of these services can be paid for through their website from any location in the United States.
Users who visit their website will find a great deal of information on the company, the company history, and all of the services provided by them.

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