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Founded in 1993, TVI is the fourth of Poutugal's four terrestrial TV channels, and a competitive ratings winner, showing a range of content in a manner similar to its main rivals (RTP1 and SIC). The main regular shows on the network include Espirito Indomavel, WWE Smackdown, and Voce na TV.

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Country: Portugal
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Reviewer: SteveBub - location: Portugal - Date Added: 2020-02-02 21:26:59
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Summary: One of the worst TV Channels in Europe. False unresearched journalism and pathetic broadcast content quality
Review: Having had the fortune of living in several European countries, the quality found with TVI Portugal is absolute dire rubbish and the worst I've witnessed in Europe. Worst is their journalistic quality, pretty much no research, totally bias and in the main unbearably incorrect or just picked up from other channels - Not just a little wrong, but worst than any gutter press - That apart, their day to day broadcasting is beyond low - A very low staff, full of their own importance, spending everything on their own parties and broadcasting it, and very little on broadcast quality.
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