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TV Land is the place to find original sitcoms and classic TV shows. You can watch full episodes and videos online.
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Date Added: 2012-07-04 12:05:48
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TV Land is owned by: Viacom

Other Viacom TV Channels: Comedy Central, MTV, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon
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TV Shows on TV Land: Bonanza, Boston Legal, Good Times, Gunsmoke, Happily Divorced, Hot in Cleveland, MASH, Retired at 35

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TV Land: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 10 Nov 2012


Latest episodes of programs no longer on the air
High-quality video
Full scheduling for your location


Videos expire
Some of the programs only offer five episodes

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Latest Episodes
Syndicated Series

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

This website offers an excellent selection of episodes for popular television program classics. The video offered is of high quality and completely free to watch.



TV land is owned by MTV (Viacom) and is related to Nickelodeon. In the beginning they show of writing of classic television shows no longer on the air. Today, they focus on classic television shows, newer episodes, as well as movies.


TV land offers a wide selection of popular television programming. There mix includes many classic television series that are no longer on the air. Only the best selection of classic television is offered by TV land. They provide programs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, as well as new classic programs. Melissa these programs are situation comedies but they do provide other dramas as well. The full selection of popular programs offered is provided on the website in list format.

Latest Episodes

To see the land website offers free streaming television were most of their popular television series they broadcast. Since most of these television shows are no longer on the air, they donít exactly offer the latest episodes. However, they do provide many full episodes were each of their programs. Some popular programs offer as many as five full episodes and others will offer up to 10. These videos expire as new episodes are offer. The TV land website will offer users a full schedule of latest video updates. This will give viewers an opportunity to know what will be shown from the websites weeks in advance. They will also let you know how long each video will be available to you can schedule the time to be available before each video expires. This is a very nice feature as most of the other websites we have visited do not offer this one small feature. Many of the websites we have visited do not tell their users when their video will expire, but this one does.

Syndicated Series

TV land broadcast a number of popular television series that are no longer on the air. Their syndication series are generally of the most popular programming available during that time period. They offer popular programming such as The Cosby Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne, Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show, Dick Van Dyke. All of their syndicated series offered are family-friendly and anyone in your family will be able to find something entertaining to watch. As many of these episodes are available online, you can look forward to hours of streaming television all from your computer.


The video provided is of very high quality with high quality audio also. These videos are completely free to watch from the website and no off-line cable subscription is required. Full volume control is available in videos can be watched in full screen mode also. Videos are layout and easy to find manner and can be searched by a popular episode, latest episodes, as well as a search function located at the top. At any given time, the TV land websites offers almost 100 streaming video episodes. But as these episodes expire, new episodes become available making it possible to have a continual flow of television it can be watched from their site.


The layout for this website has done very nicely. The TV layout channel website does an excellent job of directing their users to the latest videos they have available. There is very little advertising located on his website so there is no need to be concerned with being irritated while watching your favorite programs. We found many of the websites offering streaming video use advertising methods that make watching television programs difficult to watch on your computer. However, these issues do not take place on the TV land website.


TV land channel website offers a number of extras each of their users. They offer a full e-commerce shopping the users can purchase merchandise related to their favorite television programs. All major credit cards are accepted from the shop in transactions is secure. Additionally, TV land has a significant social media presence allowing each user to learn of the latest updates are those avenues also. They provide the latest scheduling for their program right from the websites. Itís possible to type in your zip code to find when programs will be aired in your city. You will also find many subsections in a websites of kissing on some of their popular programs to provide further background information and research capabilities before watching shooting video from their site.


This is a very nice websites with excellent streaming video. We find this to be true because the TV land websites broadcast television series that are no longer on the air and may be difficult to watch online from other websites. While a websites focus on programs that are currently on the air, the TV land channel website provides the latest episodes from classic television that you may not be able to watch if not for this website.

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