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TLC (The Learning Channel): Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 24 Nov 2012


6000 videos available
All videos are free
Watch the latest episodes and never worry about missing your favorite programs


Videos expire as new episodes are posted

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The TLC television network is home to more than 30 popular television programs. There are more than 6000 streaming videos available to watch from the website for free.



The Learning Channel, now known as TLC, is a cable television network based in the United States. They mainly provide educational programming and have been around since 1991. They were formally owned by Discovery communications; Discovery communications owns many learning television channels. The TLC cable channel is available in Canada as well as the United States. Additionally, they offer a significant amount of programming from the United Kingdom.


The layout of the website is very clean. You will find some advertisements located within the websites as a means of income. However, these advertisements are not intrusive. The main purpose of this website is to promote their television shows. In fact, they do an excellent job of doing just that. Unlike other television channel websites, this website focuses on engaging and educating the user on their television programs. You will find a navigation menu located towards the top that will lead you around the website with no problem at all. Thereíll be no fear of getting lost within the site as navigation is very easy to understand and makes perfect sense. The front page of the website rotates different clips from their top television shows. This provides the website visitor a chance to become familiar with each of their shows before digging further into the website.


The TLC television channel hosts an impressive number of television shows on their network. Information for each of these television shows can be found on the site and they also provide information for all of their television shows that are no longer on the air giving the user an opportunity to further research programs before they decide to become involved in storylines. Most of their television programs are reality-based and intended to educate viewers on important topics such as addiction or entertaining topics such as choosing a wedding dress. Currently, there are about 30 original television programs broadcasted on the TLC network. These television shows cover all topics from cooking to entertainment to more serious life issues. Additionally, each of their popular television programs has its own subsection of the site to obtain background information as well as information on actors for each of the programs.


Video available on the TLC website are created from flash technology. Since these videos are created from flash, they load very quickly with very few interruptions from buffering. You can look forward to enjoying many of the latest episodes in streaming video from this website. Additionally, the TLC website also offers their users a large selection of video clips and behind-the-scenes footage for each of their programs. Currently, the TLC websites is streaming more than 6000 videos that include both full episodes and programs teasers. The video available have exceptional audio and itís possible to switch between different video quality such as standard definition or high-definition. Each video is available for viewing in full screen mode. Also, the TLC website allows each user to share their videos on popular social media profiles. TLC fans can look forward to hours of enjoyable television programming available from the website.


The TLC website offers a nice selection of extras for its users. They have a strong sense of community and encourage website viewers to participate in the TLC social media profiles. This allows users to gain additional information and latest news from other internet avenues. This website also provides a nice selection of games built on flash technology. Some of these games are focused on their popular television programs and others are just for entertainment. The games are very addicting and fun to play. Furthermore, the TLC website offers a free newsletter to each of its website viewers. The newsletter provides each subscriber with the latest information on up-and-coming episodes as well as entertaining articles on topics their programs cover. Subscribers will know when new episodes are available to watch without having to visit the site.


The TLC website offers a full e-commerce store to its users. This shopping experience helps support the website and also the television network. Users are able to purchase merchandise with their favorite program themes. The shopping experience is completely secure and transactions can be made with PayPal or with credit cards. There are a large number of products that can be purchased and all are very entertaining.


We had an excellent time navigating this website. We found they offer their users a significant amount of information for all of their programming as well as many entertaining sections for users to become involved in. There is a large number of video available that will provide hours of streaming entertainment. The community offered by the TLC television network is also very engaging and free to participate in. This is a high quality website that is easy to navigate and provides stunning graphics that do a nice job of promoting their television shows without being obnoxious. We also found this website to be very quick loading and we experienced no wait time while navigating the links or viewing videos.

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