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Starz channel has great Disney movies, original content, and HD On Demand.
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Other Starz Entertainment TV Channels: Encore
TV Shows on Starz: Black Sails, Camelot, Da Vincis Demons, Gravity, Magic City, Marco Polo, Party Down, Spartacus Blood and Sand, Spartacus Gods of the Arena, Spartacus Vengeance, Torchwood

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Starz: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 5 Feb 2013


Full episodes available
High video quality
Lots of background information for programs
Plenty of programming in many different genres
Lots of extras for their users


Old episodes expire are when new episodes are posted
No more than three full episodes pros that one time.

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

Starz does a nice job of offering their users plenty of background information. Additionally, there are plenty of streaming videos available for free. Many of these videos are full episodes



Starz is a premium cable subscription channel that is most popular in the United States. It is currently available to 21 million subscribers in the United States. The majority of their programming involves first-run motion pictures and some original programming. It is a sister channel of Encore and Movieplex owned by the Weinstein Company that is also owned by Liberty Media. Its headquarters are located in Meridian, Colorado.


The layout of this website is extremely pleasing and easy on the eye. There is navigation menus located at the top of the website as well as additional links for navigation on each page. Furthermore, additional information for programming can be found within the sidebar located on the right-hand side. Actually, the layout of this website is one of the better features they offer. It is very easy for users to find where they need to go quickly as well as research any program and subscribe to their premium cable services.


This television network website offers full scheduling for two months in advance. Users can easily locate the schedule time for their favorite programs and plan their future viewing activity. Furthermore, each program has a link within the schedule to direct users to background information and full synopsis of all of their programs. The schedule can be downloaded and also customized to suit the needs of each individual user. Additionally, they provide scheduling for their sister networks as well.


The Starz channel has a small selection of original programming available. These programs are very popular with a high following. They include Magic City, Boss, Davinciís Demons, and Spartacus. Each of these original programs has own subsection of the website were users can find background information. Additionally, they provide full photo galleries for users to enjoy. Each of the subsections offers full episodes so users can catch up on programs they may have missed. There are up to three full episodes for each of their original programs that can be viewed from the website for free. Furthermore, their original programs have social media profiles so users can find additional information from their as well.


The stars television network offers a wide variety of programs in a number of genres including action, adventure, animated, children, crime, drama, family, music, documentary, westerns, comedy, sports, science-fiction, and teen just to name a few. Actually, there are many more genres that they offer. There is a nice selection of available programming within each genre. This website does an excellent job of listing background information for every title they offer both past and present. Each run has its own subsection of the website where titles can be researched. Additionally, the stars website offers similar information for their entire line of sister television channels in the title they offer within each of these genres. These can be searched with their search capabilities and they are also listed in is the format. Within each subsection theres information as well as trailers and teasers clips can be found for each program. They also provide full episode guides for all of their original programs.


There is a nice selection of videos available for viewing from there website. These videos include trailers and teasers as well as full episodes. Old episodes expire as new episodes are posted. However, itís possible for users to catch up on their favorite episodes. Video is very high quality in both high definition and standard definition modes. The audio controls are available on the video and users can also expect exceptional audio quality.


Since Starz is the main television channel for their entire sister networks, it offers a nice selection of extras for their visitors. Full shopping capabilities are provided users so they may purchase memorabilia of their favorite programs. Additionally, Starz offers a full newsletter with free subscription that provides users with updates and information through this avenue also. As Starz is the main television network, it does an excellent job of providing extras not found on its sister websites.

Meme Generator

Unlike other television networks, this channel does not stop with a simple newsletter and e-commerce shopping experiences. They also provide users with a fun meme generator for website users to add to their own social media profiles. In fact, each of their original programs offers its own meme generator. Each of the memes available can be fully customized. Itís very simple to use by choosing be a niche, background color, layout, and text. This is a very popular feature for their users. Once generated, the meme can be downloaded and distributed through social media channels. Each meme is branded with the logos for the program and Starz.


We found this to be an extremely enjoyable website. The video offered is of high quality and there are plenty of extras for users to enjoy. Aside from full scheduling available, the Starz website also offers on-demand capabilities.

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