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Spotify is your new music collection. Your music library, this time your library is huge hundreds and thousands of tracks. The Spotify service is divided into a free and premium service. The paid option lets you share music across multiple devices and listen to tracks offline and on the go.
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Spotify allows you access to thousands of songs on your mobile devices. The Spotify app lets you listen for free, or subscribe to Spotify Premium. ... More

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Spotify Premium online music service Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 6 Sept 2012


Simple interface
Listen music offline
Millions of songs available
Ready made playlists
Premium quality sound sampling


Database not always bang up to date
Only a single user allowed for each account
Offline mode restricted to 3 devices
Free service limited to streaming only and after 6 months restrictions imposed

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Offline Mode
Social integration

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

A great way to access millions of songs across a number of devices and find playlists easy to suit your taste. The free version features ads and certain time-limited restrictions but is still the best free legal streaming music website. For offline music and sharing across devices requires payment though, and latest mp3 releases do take a couple of days to appear.

Spotify Review


The Spotify streaming music service comes in a free version, a $5 monthly charge gets you the unlimited version for unlimited streaming and no ads, the Premium version costs $10 per month and gets you offline music that can be downloaded to up to 3 devices. This review is for the Premium version and was written by a UK member of World TV..

Spotify Premium is an online subscription streaming service which enables you to listen to your favourite music at your discretion through using the downloadable desktop application or via Spotify's application on your mobile phone, tablet or Apple iPad.

Spotify has undoubtedly become extremely popular amongst the worldwide population since it started to offer its the music streaming service in late 2008. Indeed, earlier this year - in January - the Swedish giants publicly announced that it had reached an impressive three million subscribers; which translates to 20% of its aggregate user base now being fee-paying consumers. It's increasing prominence therefore warrants us to duly review whether it is worth $120 (120) of your money per annum for the premium service.


Simplistic interface on all your devices.

At first, upon paying the $10 (9,99), I used Spotify on my desktop computer because it was linked up well to my 5.1 surround sound speakers. If you are anxious about it taking up large quantities of memory, do not worry as it is a small file! In addition, it is very easy to organise your favourite songs and albums, create individual playlists and actually listen to music! While it is a similar story on my Blackberry Bold and Apple iPod in that it is not difficult at all to navigate from each tab located at the bottom of the screen.


The interface resembles iTunes so will instantly be comfortable to most users. Scrolling album artwork, playing and volume features are situated across the bottom for easy playback. At the top of the screen is a searchbox allowing you to type in pretty much any artist or song and have that track or album streming pretty much instantaneously. You cannot sample a small clip though, just the whole thing.

Offline Mode

Arguably the best feature of Spotify Premium is the offline mode. Indeed, it permits you to listen to all your saved playlists off-line which thus negates the need for a Wi-Fi connection! This tends to be more useful when you are on the move - for instance if you are on a train, you could quite simply listen to all your saved playlists on your Spotify account. All you need to do, of course, is to synchronise the music on to your device. I believe it is easier to create your playlists on your laptop or desktop PC rather than your phone. Having got your playlists in your account, connect your Wi-Fi to whichever device you like - such as your Blackberry or iPad - and then select and set the playlists for offline mode then download them. Voila! You now can listen to your favourite playlists wherever and whenever you want!

Ready-made playlists and social media integration

It is increasingly becoming common knowledge to Spotify users that it takes time and effort to compile worthwhile playlists. However, now there are a number of web-sites which provide ready-made playlists made my users available for you to cloud-synch onto your device.! For instance, I personally use where there are over 100,000 playlists that cover a plethora of genres - from classical music to Radio 1's top 40 playlist, there are playlists for everyone. Moreover, you can also link your account to your Facebook and Twitter account, so you can share your music with your friends and download any of their's too!


Music database is not completely contemporary and full.

One limitation of Spotify Premium is the fact that some of the songs I searched for did not come up. For example, if you want to listen to or download a brand-new single that has just been released, you will have to wait at least 3 days for it to be downloadable. In that sense, it is limited as it does not have all the music one could conceive in their minds! Nevertheless, the music which they do have does go back to earlier than the 20th century - so many will nonetheless be delighted at the the fifteen million tracks available.

Only one person can listen to music on one device

Another slightly aggravating feature is the way in which only one individual can use the spotify account at any one time. Thus, if another family member or friend wants to share the account, you cannot both use it simulatenously. Although, multiple people can use the service as long as it is in off-line mode and are not connected to an internet service. At the same time, this is understandable since otherwise a situation would transpire whereby we would have one account being shared by five to six people - hardly a good business strategy!

Offline files allowed on just three devices.

You can only have saved offline playlists on three devices. You can therefore only have it, for example, on your computer or laptop, iPod and iPad - so for those of you with a lot of electronic devices, you may well need two accounts!


Having used Spotify Premium for over a year now, I have to say its well worth the small investment! I use it virtually everywhere I go - on the train and interestingly at house parties. If you are hosting a few guests and are worried about supplying music to everyone's taste, you can simply type any song or album in to the search bar and play it without any dramatic issues surfacing! Thus, the pros of Spotify Premium certainly overshadow the cons of the service - particularly since approximately 20 songs off iTunes would amount to the same total cost of a monthly subscription! Whilst, it's track quality surprisngly trumps that of Itunes by 66 kilobites per second. Indeed, if you have any initial caveats, Spotify are offering free trials of the Spotify Premium, you can weigh up the cost and benefits of the service and make your own informed decision!

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User Comments & Reviews for Spotify - Total 4
Reviewer: Jon - location: Worthing England - Date Added: 2012-09-10 10:50:24
Rating: (3.0) - 1 0
Summary: Not impressed, and why do i need Facebook account?
Review: So i thought id try it out, but im not very impressed.

First off, you have to have a Facebook account to use the ****** thing...Why??

After that hurdle you need to install some great clunking software app on the PC..

Thirdly, i look for Pink Floyd and can only find cover bands etc.. No Pink Floyd.

Other than those points it\'s not too bad, but i would never pay for it.
Reviewer: Drago - location: USA - Date Added: 2012-09-09 11:55:36
Rating: (3.5) - 2 0
Summary: Free version good.. $10 monthly version...Hmmm
Review: All music from Spotify is DRM protected, so dont subscribe is you want to share music with friends etc. The service is pretty much iTunes in the cloud. The music available seems to be pretty comprehensive with a library of 15 million plus songs.

You get to choose from 3 Spotify services:

Spotify Free - The free version lets you listen to music in 160Kbps quality and has inbuilt connect with friends using social networks. Downside is you have to watch ads and only get streaming so need to be internet connected at all times.

Spotify Unlimited - Costing $4.99 monthly and giving the free plan service but the ads are killed off and you can sync your own stored music.

Spotify Premium For $9.99 monthly you get to download songs to listen offline (yeah), plus you get to listen to albums before they get released, listen to the songs on your computer, Android, iPhone etc and get improved sound quality of 320 Kbps.

Using Spotify involves a download of local client software on PC(Windows 8?, Windows 7, Vista, XP), there is also a Linux and Mac version available, and apps for your chosen phone or tablet.

Once loaded (during which you get to sync with your Facebook account), you are presented with the main screen showing library, playlist and album art panels.

You get the standard sort options by artist, album etc. just like iTunes. In fact it is almost identical (how did that get past Apple?).

As far as a digital music service goes, its pretty good, but i just feel paying $10 per month is the killer for me. Unless you listen to lots of music and would spend more than this on itunes then why bother? For hardcore fans only, but try the free version and see what you think.
Reviewer: Gemma C - location: Essex, UK - Date Added: 2012-09-09 11:34:52
Rating: (5.0) - 0 1
Summary: Best download ever....
Review: This gets used by me every single day. I have even made the jump to premium (unheard of for a tightwad like me). Now i can listen to as much music as i want when im out and about with no wifi connection. 10 per month gets me a playlist of the entire worlds music with instant download. This service has stopped me illegally downloading, thats how good it is!!
Reviewer: Craze - location: Us - Date Added: 2012-09-06 09:23:57
Rating: (3.0) - 5 0
Summary: Use torrents instead
Review: Why pay $120 per year just to borrow music? There is a high profile case at the moment involving iTunes and the fact that when you die so does your music collection. Better to download your MP3\'s from torrent sites and transfer them to your device of choice for free..
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