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SnagFilms allows you to watch free movies, but the range is more indie, obscure, strange and geeky. Around 7,000 movies curated by members (although free, you do need to sign up before you can view any movies).
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Snagfilms Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 12 Sept 2013


Free feature-length documentaries and independent films
award-winning content
Ability to create lists and share


content is generally pretty old
Not suitable for blockbuster and superheroe watching fans

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

It is rare to find anything that is both good and free these days, but Snagfilms is just that, so long as you dont mind your films and documentaries a little old, quirky or off the wall. Luckily a lot of us do.

Arthouse and indie film fans can rejoice that Snagfilms exists. The website has 5,000 and growing independent movie titles available. Titles include 2004 Sundance Prize winner Primer, Morgan Spurlocks Super Size Me documentary and the 1939 John Ford western Stagecoach.

So a diverse range of advertising supported video-on-demand indipendents, older classics and documentaries all forfree. SnagFilms is designed as a community based experience and emphasizes social interaction and community involvement. Members can compile movie lists plus remix and share collections. There are also plenty of recommendations from the editors who are busy compiling lists and adding movies.

In fact, as soon as you login to the site (which is a requirement), you will be recommended a movie.Content is very varied, from a documentary featuring artistic neighborhoods in Beijing to a look at the civil rights movement and tours of museums in Havana, you can amuse yourself for hours. The site makes it easy to explore and look more indepth at particular artists.


Although a niche site, it is great if you don't just want bubblegum content with lots of explosions and gune. A lot of content you may have missed will be unearthed on this website and app. There is no charge to watch both movies and documentaries so you owe it to yourself to check it out

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