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Showtime is a US cable television service with the latest movies, premium original series, and live sports events.
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Showtime is owned by: CBS Corporation

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Showtime: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 06 Jan 2013


Descriptions are included for current and past movies
Some of these programs are available On Demand
It's possible to purchase subscription services through the website
They offer a selection of full episodes for users to sample services
Trailers and video clips are provided throughout the website


It would be nice if they offered a few more full episodes. Currently they offer 13 full episodes at one-time
Episodes must be watched quickly before they are replaced

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Full Episodes

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The Showtime television network provides an entertaining and informative website for their viewers. This website does an excellent job of providing complete descriptions for all their programming.



Showtime, also known as Sho, is a premium cable television channel based in the United States. It broadcasts programming such as sporting events, original series, standup comedy specials, and motion pictures. This channel is owned by Showtime Networks, Inc. It is also a sister channel of The Movie Channel. The Showtime brand is used by multiple channels worldwide, but mainly represents 8 multiplex channels in the United States. It has more than 22 million subscribers in the US with main offices in New York.


Showtime is home to 22 original series that cover genres such as sports, crime, drama, and comedy. The original series they broadcast tend to have a huge following. Their website does an amazing job of showcasing trailers for each series for viewers to get a feel for the show's content before watching. Each series is represented by its own subsection of the site. Each series subsection will provide users with additional information for the series as well as each episode. Itís possible to watch behind the scenes clips and also actor interviews. Showtime has a full line of merchandise for each series that can be purchased at the series section of the site.


Showtime offers a number of theatrical movie productions as well as mainstream films in a number of categories. Movies categories covered include: action, comedy, documentaries, dramas, family films, foreign films, horror, musicals, mysteries, romance, sci fi, sports, and westerns. Their website provides extensive information on current and past movies. Some of these movies no longer being broadcast are available on a 'On Demand' basis. Movies can be searched by title, an A-Z listing, or by genre. Each movie description includes the length, rating, and actors involved in the film. Trailers for each movie can also be viewed from the site.


Showtime is known for its airing of boxing matches and events from Ultimate Fighting Championship. The website provides a full schedule of the next event. Users can also enjoy an extensive photo gallery for past sporting events. This channel provides numerous video clips of interviews and highlights that are free to watch. Viewers can find video clips on Football, Nascar, Baseball, MMA, and Boxing. Video clips can be sorted by sport. Showtime even offers a few original series for sports fans including Inside the NFL, 60 Minute Sports, Game of Honor, All access, and The Franchise. Full scheduling is provided for each series and upcoming sporting event.


Currently, Showtime has 6 original series in the documentary category. Additionally, they include onetime documentaries in their programming. These documentaries are included in their list of regular programming. The Showtime website does an excellent of letting users know when these documentaries are scheduled in their time zone. In fact, current scheduling for each of their programs is provided throughout the site at the bottom of each page. Additionally, trailers are provided to give users an idea of show content before watching. Full series descriptions are offered for every documentary series.


Showtime provides subscribers with an amazing list of comedy movies and specials. Much like the rest of their programming, the Showtime website offers users full descriptions as well as trailers for each movie and special in the comedy category. They provide a complete listing of all movies as well as movies they have shown in the past. Some of the movies and specials in the comedy category are available as 'On demand' Descriptions also include ratings and actors involved. They also provide a selection of original comedic series.

Full Episodes

The Showtime website offers viewers a chance to sample services before purchasing subscription by providing a selection of full episodes users can watch for free from the website. These free episodes change frequently to reflect the current episode of the series they offer. They always provide more than 10 free episodes at any given time. Each video is delivered in high-quality format the loads very quickly. Full volume controls are located at the bottom itís possible to watch every video in full screen mode. These video episodes have no commercial interruption as they are intended as a teaser for users to purchase services. Most specials offered on the Showtime television network can be purchased through subscription services or on an on-demand basis. However, there is value in checking the website from time to time for new free video episodes.


Overall, the Showtime television network does an excellent job of providing a useful website to current subscribers and potential subscribers. Itís possible to purchase subscription services on the website from your local cable television provider as well as watch full episodes from some of their more popular series. Additionally, they offer a full shopping experience to purchase memorabilia for each of their popular television shows. Each video provided loads very quickly. The website is also very graphic intensive is very visually appealing to potential subscribers.

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