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The science channel will show you cutting edge technology and discoveries that explore the world of space, engineering and scientific basics.
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Science Channel: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 22 Nov 2012


Latest episodes are available
Many streaming video clips on the website and on YouTube
Additional educational information for each topic covered


Advertisement on the site may be a little annoying

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The science channel offers a large selection of entertaining and educational programs. Its possible to watch the latest Science Channel episodes from the website.



The Science channel name became available in the United States in 2002; this television network originally began as Discovery science in 1996. It is a part of the group of discovery network channels that were rolled out at the same time. This channel received a new makeover in 2003 to include more up-to-date television programming. The science channel programming has been available in high definition since 2007. Branding of this network has also undergone some changes since the beginning; it changed its logo in 2011.

TV Shows

The Science channel is home to more than 18 popular television programs. Its programming revolves around factual documentaries is as well as some science fiction. If you are a science nerd, you will find the science channel offers television programs that are not only educational but also entertaining. The Science channel website offers full background information for all of their popular television shows. Additionally, you can also find information about actors participating in the shows as well as informative articles discussing all topics covered. Visitors will find full scheduling for each of their television programs on the website. Itís very easy to look through the television schedule and decide which program you plan to watch in the future. This website does offer the latest episodes for all of their television programs. You no longer have to worry about missing the latest episodes for your favorite science and science fiction shows.


Currently, the science channel website offers more than 2000 streaming videos. These videos include full episodes as well as video clips and trailers for each episode available. This website displays their video in easy to understand manner so itís very easy to choose which video you would like to watch. The audio available with each of these videos is exceptional. Additionally, we had no issues with load time video we were watching; each video loads quickly. Furthermore, each streaming video available on the website can be viewed for free and visitors of the site can also look forward to behind-the-scenes footage as well as actor interviews in video format. Each of the video available is supported by advertisements and the website is also advertisement supported. We found advertisements within the video not to be intrusive at all. However, the advertisements located on the website may be a little annoying as the Windows can pop-up when you least expect them. These videos are available to watch in full screen format. The science channel website offers its users full background information for each video they offer allowing viewers to read up on the video before deciding to watch. Videos are easy to choose from as they list the videos in order of latest episode as well as most popular video.


The science channel website offers a nice selection of games to all of their users. Many of these games revolve around their popular programs and you will find them to be both educational and entertaining. The games provided on this website are built using flash technology and we found them to be very impressive with graphics used in the games. Games provided offer a wide selection of trivia games, puzzle games, as well as simple question-and-answer games. Not all of the games revolve around their popular programs but all of the games are science related and plenty of fun.

Social Media

The science channel does an excellent job of building a significant Web presence. They participate in all major social media platforms; these platforms include Facebook, twitter, and YouTube. You will find a large number of video available on their YouTube channel. Since many of these videos on YouTube are different than video available on the website users are presented with an even longer list of available video to watch from their computer. Also, many of their popular programs have their own social media profiles were users can receive the latest updates for these television shows without being interrupted by television programming they are not interested in.


The Science channel website offers a full e-commerce store where users can purchase merchandise and memorabilia for their favorite programming. Users will find they offer a huge line of merchandise not always related to their programming but with a science theme. For instance, itís possible to purchase telescopes, scientific experiments for kids, as well as science related toys. The shop always carries DVDs for their most popular programs as well as science related movies that can be purchased from the website. The items are priced accordingly but also fairly and they will provide users with gift suggestions that cover every family member.


We were pleased with the nice selection of video available on this website and we also feel it important to mention that additional video can be found from their YouTube channel. With both the website and their social media profiles, users can experience many hours of streaming video related to many different science topics. This website also does an excellent job of providing continued discussion for many of the topics covered in their science related television shows. Overall we found this website to be very entertaining as well as educational. We feel that all science buffs will experience many hours of entertainment and education from this website.

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