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Discovery Channels very own eco-friendly television channel.
Planet Green TV Channel has been rebranded into Destination America.
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Planet Green: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 09 Dec 2012


Videos are free to watch
Almost 2000 video available
High quality video and audio


Some videos are short in length
Videos are advertisement supported

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

Planet Green provides almost 2000 videos regarding environmentally safe topics. Each video is informative and educational



Planet Green Is a television network that focuses on environmentally friendly lifestyles and programming. They were launched in 2008 and now broadcast to more than 50 million homes. The content provided by Planet Green is entertaining and relevant to all viewers interested. They spread their eco friendly ideas through their online communities and by generating conversations that will motivate individuals. They perform an active role in improving t environment. Planet Green is one of the many television networks owned and created by Discovery Communications.


The Planet Green website is home to 20 video categories featuring environmentally safe videos that cover a wide variety of topics. The video on the Planet Green site allows viewers to learn on topics that include futuristic cars, inventions, and cities from all over the world and also topics that cover nature. These videos are created to teach users important information on saving gas, do it yourself projects, biking to save the environment, pollution, composting, storms, exercise, couponing and eating healthy. The content provided in these videos is all educational and entertaining. Any viewer interested in how to sustain the planet will enjoy the videos provided on this site.


We found almost 2000 streaming videos to watch on the Planet Green site. Each of these videos is free to watch and users can expect high quality videos with exceptional audio quality. These videos are searchable by topic and are also grouped in playlists of video with similar content. Each playlist will run about 20 minutes in length. All videos are hosted on the Planet Green website and created by them. Videos created are posted on a consistent basis so viewers can expect the almost 2000 list of videos to grow continuously. Videos are created using Flash technology so users of this site will be pleased to find how quickly each of the videos loads. All videos are advertisement supported with brief commercials aired before each video.


The layout of the Planet Green is very intuitive. Users will have no issue finding the location of available streaming video. The navigation menu located at the top of the site will show users where to find video on the topics they are interested in. They have also included a video link towards the top of the site where other videos can be found in one location. Additionally, in the right sidebar videos can also be found listed by most popular video and most recent videos. Aside from the video, website is also advertising supported. Advertisements can be found in the right-hand side of the website. However, users should find no difficulties with advertisements getting in the way of watching streaming video. Overall, website is created in such a way that will make video watching enjoyable.


The Planet Green website provides its users with several extras that will further their education on environmentally friendly lifestyles. A free newsletter is provided as well as an extensive blog that will keep users informed on issues related to the environment and when new video is posted. Aside from the video, users will enjoy additional website elements created for their entertainment. They have provided a gaming section and a quiz and answer section so users can continue to learn about related topics. Games are also created with Flash technology and very entertaining as well. Each game is free to play.


Planet Green hosts an extensive slide library that holds images that compliment video they provide. The images in these slides shows are breathtaking. Each slideshow provides full information on the images included. Slideshows can be played to run each slide automatically. Planet Green has provided 15 slideshow libraries that are just as educational as the video they have created.


Planet green also participates heavy in Social media that will give users another avenue to receive website and video updates. Additional video can be found in the blog and occasionally there are videos posted to their Facebook page. Planet Green also participates in Twitter and allows users to receive updates through an RSS Feed.


We found this to be a successful website for watching video online. Each of the videos is very high quality; users will enjoy watching videos they have provided. It might have been nice if longer videos were available. Most of the videos are about 3 minutes in length. However, the content available in each of the videos is very informative. With more than 2000 videos available, users of this website can enjoy many hours of online viewing pleasure. The topics covered are very important and Planet Green does a very nice job of offering video that will encourage viewers to respect the environment while still enjoying their time spent watching their programming. There are many extras available that compliment the video provided. If you would like to learn more about the environment while watching television, we recommended this site.

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