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PBS Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 25 Oct 2012


Streaming video is absolutely free
There are more than 20,000 videos available
There are plenty of topics to choose from
This website offers additional information by providing other resources to many educational topics these videos cover


At first you may be a bit lost deciding which video to watch
It may take a minute to understand the navigation

In this review

Streaming Video
Science and Nature
Arts and Entertainment
Other programming

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

The public broadcasting system website offers a large amount of streaming video that anyone can enjoy. Programming is available that is both educational as well as entertaining.



PBS, or Public Broadcasting System, is a not for profit organization that provides programming that funded by sponsorships. They also show a variety of different shows ranging from entertainment to scientific; giving them a whole range of educational appeal.


At first you may feel bombarded with tons of information, but that's just because this site has a lot to offer. The navigation will help you find your way and the search option located at the top will add to ease of use. The public broadcasting system is home to almost 60 television programs and is also responsible for countless movies and independent films. The program selection is available at the top of the websites in a drop-down menu to learn more information about these programs. These programs are also laid out by topics such as history, science, arts and entertainment, and a variety of other categories to help you find areas of interest in a much quicker way. You will also be presented with the most popular videos at a glance. Although this website provides you with much information, it is layouts in a very easy to follow manner. You will find no difficulty at all finding programming that interest you.

Streaming Video

The public broadcasting station websites is difference from other network websites because they do not rotates older episodes off the site as they expire. It's possible to do programs that aired over a year ago in some situations. This website offers an opportunity to learn about history, science, technology, humanity, nature, and a variety of other topics by watching the programs. Additionally, as many sites take time to buffer, you will be pleased to find this website offers videos that load very quickly; there will be no lack time or video watching interruption. Furthermore, volume is significant and it is possible to watch videos in full screen mode. Further information is provided for each of these videos by providing links to background, directors, as well as other information related to the topic of the video. You can spend hours watching the programs on this website. Since public broadcasting station is funded by sponsors, viewing their programming from the site is absolutely free and there are hundreds of programs and episodes available.

Science and Nature

The public broadcasting System Company provides almost 500 all like episodes concerning science and nature topics. Additionally, almost 300 streaming video are available as previews and trailers for upcoming shows or programs that have previously been aired. If that sounds like a lot of video, there is still more. This websites offers an additional 500 video shorts so it is possible to view smaller clips rather than full episodes. This is beneficial for learning and only parts of the program you would like to learn. You will be able to watch videos to educate yourself on weather, endangered animals, environmental issues, as well as medical videos.

Arts and Entertainment

Arts and entertainment is another important topic offered on the public broadcasting system website. PBS takes great pride in it offering beautifully mastered arts related programming. In fact, they offer almost 2000 videos related to the arts and entertainment industries. It's possible to watch full concerts from your favorite bands as well as Independent films produced by up-and-coming directors.

Other programming

Arts and entertainment and science and nature are just the tip of the iceberg for the videos offered a on the public broadcasting system websites. They offer a number of popular topics so anyone can find videos of interest. They offer almost 2000 streaming videos in the area of home improvements. These programs cover cooking, gardening, and home repair just to name a few. This website also holds a command is history section to provide warning is in the areas of past events from all over the world. Over 2000 streaming video are available in the history section alone. Furthermore, almost 10,000 streaming video are available for news and current events all of world. You can stay up to date and what is taking place in your neighborhood and across the ocean. They also offer a very nice section on parenting and culture and society. Will program schedules are offered to you can watch programs on your own time or watch them later on the website.


After spending several hours on the public broadcasting system website, we have decided they deserved a solid five stars. The PBS television websites offers so many streaming media use that we lost count after 20,000. You will be able to spend hours were made you on interesting topics such as technology, arts and entertainment, history, current events, nature, cooking, and that is just the two the iceberg. All of these streaming videos are available to you for free at any time and at any place.

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