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Oxygen is a TV Channel, video channel and website thats owned by NBCUniversal.
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Oxygen: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 21 Nov 2012


Offers the latest for episodes for each of their programs
There are many video clips available
Users can enjoy many extras such as shopping and community


Videos load automatically and may be irritating
Each video is supported by advertisements with television commercials

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

Watch the latest episodes from your favorite oxygen television programs for free. This website is very entertaining with many videos available.



Oxygen was founded in 1998 by a gentleman who once worked for Nickelodeon television. It was actually launched in 2000. When the oxygen television network was founded, their offices were located in Battery Park near the World Trade Center. During the attack on September 11, 2001, Oxygen was knocked off the air but began broadcasting once more a week later. Since then, their officers are now located in what was once a Nabisco factory in New York.
The Oxygen television network had original programming in the beginning and also aired popular sitcom reruns. Today the Oxygen channel provides programming that is mainly reality-based, reruns, and movies directed towards women.


Currently, the oxygen television network is home to more than 20 original TV series that can only be watched on this television channel. Additionally, they also broadcast popular television programs such as Law and order, Roseanne, America’s Got Talent, and House. That lineup is only the beginning. From time to time Oxygen also broadcasts one-time specials and made for TV movies. The oxygen channel website provides opportunity for users to watch the latest episodes for all of their television programs from the website but not all episodes are available. However, while many popular television websites offer the latest episodes, Oxygen goes above and beyond that and offers the latest four episodes for each of the programs they offer. They provide users with complete background information for each episode before watching. In fact, full oxygen scheduling is available on the website for users to plan television viewing in advance.


The oxygen television network offers an impressive amount of streaming video to its website users. Aside from a large list of latest episodes, users can also enjoy a large number of video clips, video trailers, and much shorter videos featuring their most popular television personalities. You can also find a section called “Oxygen Live” that provides video only viewable from the website. Many of these videos provide makeup tips, advice on living healthy, as well as a few videos with celebrity gossip. The video is extremely high quality with exceptional audio and we were impressed with the amount of video available. All videos are completely free to watch from the website. In fact, the Oxygen website goes so far to provide users with video available that every page of the website offers a streaming video clip of some sort. These videos load automatically and may be a little irritating but it’s possible to shut them off or choose another video with little trouble.


The layout of the website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The colors they‘ve chosen are easy on the eyes and clearly target their largest audience; women. The navigation menu is created in a large type so locating the section of the site you are interested in will be very easy. The Oxygen television channel does a nice job of providing users with an extremely large amount of content without confusing the viewer. We found the layout to be very complementary with all of the entertainment located on this website.


The Oxygen website is very big on building a community with their users. They offer users a blog that is both informative and entertaining. This blog is updated several times a day providing users with the latest information on their television programs. Additionally, users can enjoy bulletin boards to interact with each other. These bulletin boards make it possible for users to discuss their television programs and favorite actors amongst themselves. Both of these community areas are completely free to participate in.


The Oxygen channel website provides a lot of extras for its users. Visitors will find a full e-commerce shopping experience for users to purchase merchandise based on their favorite television shows. Additionally, there is a live chat section where users can talk directly to their most popular actors regarding the television shows and their personal perspectives. Users will also find free horoscopes that Oxygen updates for its users as well as large image galleries available to view behind-the-scenes footage and up close and personal photos of their favorite actors.


The Oxygen television channel offers a mobile application for Apple devices such as iPhones and iPad. This application does not provide streaming video on mobile devices; it is intended to give users another method of chatting and with the popular actors from Oxygen network.


We were very pleased with this website. We found they offer a large number of streaming video available to their users. The video offered is high-quality and free to watch. Additionally, we found the Oxygen television channel website focuses strongly on their users by providing many additional extras that are very entertaining. The Main purpose of the Oxygen website is to allow users to view the latest episodes from their favorite television program; that is very clear from the site. The Oxygen website goes above and beyond what other television sites have to offer by making sure video is their number one focus.

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