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Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) TV Channel and Website where you can learn about living better.
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Oprah (OWN): Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 21 Nov 2012


Full scheduling available on the site
Many helpful articles
Plenty of extras


Not very many full streaming episodes
Most video clips are sneak peeks

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Casting Calls

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

The OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) hosts about 100 programs. There are many streaming videos but very few full episodes available on this site.



The Oprah Winfrey Network, also known as OWN, is a specialty television channel produced by Harpo Productions based in the United States. It was founded in 2011 and has approximately 80,000,000 viewers. It has replaced the discovery health Channel. The OWN television channel offers a variety of original programs, documentaries, and movies they have acquired. It is offered in standard definition and high definition and available through most off-line cable subscriptions.


The layout of this website is very intuitive, easy to follow, and easy on the eyes. Itís actually a very nice design. However, you will find advertisements located all over the website. The advertisements can be found on the right-hand side as well as on the top of every page. You will not find these advertisements intrusive in any way at all. They actually blend very nicely with the site, but you may find yourself clicking on them accidentally. Community is a very large part of the OWN site. You will find many positive comments from all users as Oprah is a very popular personality in the US. The front page of the website focuses on television programs broadcasted by this network. The navigation is very easy to use and will help you find video quickly. It is also easy to find streaming video from the front page. Although there are many advertisements located on this website we did not find they cause any difficulties with navigation or content interruption.


The OWN television network offers a large amount of television programs available to its users. In fact, we lost track of the many programs available by this television network. Between all the original programming, acquired programming, programming that is coming soon, and television movies, our guess would be there are more than 100 available programs on this television network. That is very impressive as most television networks offer an average of 30. Basically, there is no shortage of interesting television to watch on this network or on this website. This website provides all background information and for each program and lets the users know which programs are coming up very soon. Additionally, each program has its own Facebook and Twitter profile where users will find additional information and updates not found on the website. This websites does not waste any time in letting the user know which programs are available to them.


Although there are many streaming videos available, we feel they could have provided more of the latest episodes for their programs on this website. However, you will find the no shortage of teaser clips and behind-the-scenes footage. You will find some of the latest episodes available but not as many as we would have liked. The OWN website does offer video clips not available on the television network. Many of these video clips include behind-the-scenes interviews and user submitted videos concerning their opinions of some of the topics covered in these television programs. The video is very high quality with exceptional audio. Itís possible to view video in full screen mode. The main purpose of the video available on this site is to promote up-and-coming episodes, but they are still worth watching.


Full scheduling for the OWN television network and all their programs is available from the website. Additionally, each trailer video lets the user now when this episode will be on the air. This website goes above and beyond to make sure users know when their favorite programs will become available. Also, each program time is linked to further information for the episode and television program.

Casting Calls

The OWN television network website offers a casting call section. This section gives opportunity for the users to appear on some of the television programs. You will find a list of available topics and characters they are looking for. This television network likes to be sure their viewers are involved in programming.


The OWN television network offers a nice selection of self-help extras to their website users. Oprah offers a life class section that provides additional streaming video concerning important life issues and other help topics. Viewers will also find this section offers a large amount of reading material to provide their users with inspiration and daily motivations. You will find the ability to share your own life story with other users in this section. There are some streaming video available in this section however, for the most part itís in blog format.


This is a very nice website although we were not very happy with the amount of streaming video available. There were many streaming videos available but very few full episodes but it is possible to find plenty of information for all of the programs broadcasted on this television channel. Although the video is of high quality, the bigger purpose of this website is to let users know what they can expect on the television channel. However, there are many helpful articles available.

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